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  1. I know that I have been dumb lately; but, I need to stop being such a dumb ass on here. So, I need to redeem myself on here. By saying sorry to everyone, that I have awful and annoying to.

    So, can I get another chance?
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    Just resist the urge to troll or feed trolls and you'll be fine :3
  3. No.
    You don't.

    Of course you do silly, who do you think we are.
    You didn't really even need to post this.
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  4. People always deserve a second chance ♡
  5. I don't know what you did, but best advice I can give I just be better next time.
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  6. O.o Well, this topic just got moved.
  7. Just remember this:

    Saying that you're sorry is not enough. You have to prove that you're worthy of forgiveness. Just saying, "Let's forget about it! Water under the bridge! :D" doesn't give you a free pass. If you fucked up, work towards fixing it and improvement.

    Basically: saying you're sorry is step 1, not the end all, be all, of forgiveness.
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  8. - Looks at you seriously - Yeah but you better not act dumb anymore. Otherwise, I'll drop you from my friends list. - Brushes you aside before walking off casually - XDDDD

    In seriousness though, I'm entirely oblivious to your apparent stupidity. Still, you probably shouldn't say it to the world of Iwaku but instead do it, if you are actually known to do and say stupid stuff. No one's perfect in the sense of being perfect so you are bound to make mistakes just like anyone else. Plus, if people have a bad disposition towards you based on a simple first impression, then they are silly themselves for judging a book by it's cover before the book was even read. Now if the book was read and their opinion of you has not changed, then there's nothing much left to do. One person can't appeal to everybody sooo yeaaah XD
  9. Yeah, I get what you all are saying. Don't say just do it. Still, thanks for the advice.

    It will take awhile but, I am changing now than later.
  10. *cough*
  11. Sure, I'm all for giving people second chances.
    More people need to give each other those. :3
    To be fair, a lot of the time if one doesn't voice the intention people are more likely to overlook future behaviours with selective hearing.
    By going out of ones way to say "Hey guys, I'm trying. Give me another chance?" you let people know so you're counter-acting the selecting hearing they might do otherwise.

    Granted some people choose to stick with first impressions anyways and carry bitterness for years, but now I'm going on an off topic tangent and should stop.
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