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    The World Council:

    The World Council is a military and political alliance that is considered a consolidation of the United Nations' power, as well as a reshuffling of assets belonging to the organization. The World Council was formed under the document known as the Winslow Accord, and is based in Paragon City, with offices around the world.

    Formed in 2025 after the UN's weaknesses showed by an inquest into actions taken during the first Galra invasion. The Secretary-general and General Assembly took action to dissolve and change the UN.

    The World Council is run in a similar way to the UN, with three primary bodies, and several other bodies which support it, and a military force called the Peacekeepers.

    The Security Council is the head body of the World Council, and makes world-impacting decisions. The Security Council consists of 18 representatives, 6 of which (US, UK, China, Russia, France, Japan) are permanent. The others serve on a two year cycle and are selected by the General Assembly.

    The General Assembly works as an administrative body of the UN, working on budgetary concerns, and Two representatives from every nation in the world as well as representatives of supernatural beings and a Galactic Garrison representative.

    The Office of the Secretariat is the circulatory system of the World Council, consisting of secretaries who make sure all other departments act properly and make sure that the World Council as a whole is functional, thus fulfilling their job as a government entity.

    World Council Peacekeepers are split into two groups: Logistics and Military. Logistics division hand out aid and other things to impoverished nations. The military division acts as standard UN peacekeepers: deploying to contentious areas, protecting World Council assets, and attempting to bring control to nations in disarray.

    Other offices in the World Council consist of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, which was an organization formed in the wake of rising Bioweapon terrorist attacks as an attempt to curb them. Overwatch was founded by them as an answer to the privatization of Watchtower as well as a response to Omnic attacks. The World Parahealth Organization is a medical organization dedicated to the treatment of supernaturally caused diseases and aid to the Supernatural community.

    Terms to know:

    A list of terms related to the World Council:

    Winslow Accord: A document created by UN Secretary-General Percival Winslow and ratified by most UN Member Nations that dissolved the UN and formed an IGO known as The World Council in its stead. Laid out in a manner similar to the UN Charter and the US Constitution.

    Second Korean War: The conflict that ensued after a nuclear disaster in North Korea that glassed Pyongyang. This caused North Korea to invade South Korea for resources, sparking a war. The World Council was heavily involved, setting up an operations base in what is now Seoul, and drafting troops from the local

    Office Locations:

    A location of all World Location offices:

    World Headquarters: Paragon City, USA
    Far East Headquarters: The Mirror, Unified Korean State
    Middle East Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel
    African Headquarters: Johannesburg, South Africa
    European Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland
    Oceanian Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand
    South American Headquarters: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    There are also many smaller regional offices in nearly every city.

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  7. "She'll just say you got it from me or him."
  8. "Mommy loves us all but she likes Lucy more."
  9. "Wonder if we're all like that." Lyra giggles.
  10. Lyra giggles, "I don't see daddy like that at all."
  11. "You sound like Melissa."
  12. Events Outline
    (Any core missions use Andale Mono font for and write Yuki. N> at the start of the messages so the players can tell them apart from normal jobs.)

    Day 2
    (CORE MISSION 1) Garden - Plants attacking. The players have to shut off their water sources (valves) to beat them / get the core. Maybe 3 valves?

    Cafeteria - Interact with Mikuru who was put on kitchen duty to have a break from nursing due to being stressed.

    Store - interact with Tsurya who will work at the store. maybe there will be a roulette game to win prizes for the characters. idk.

    Social Center - Players will go here to discover the daily jobs. Jobs of the day: Garden / Storage.

    Storage - a job will be to help Taniguchi / Kunikida to carry food and throw it into the “restricted area.” Players will hear movement and noises coming from inside the area.

    By mid-day the voted person will be quarantined in the Nurse’s Station and be given a lie detector test.

    Day 3
    (CORE MISSION 2) Simulation Room - The loki game simulation thing

    Security Department - Those working in this department will find someone pranked them and placed large piles of junk inside. Koizumi will arrive and tell them he placed a job request for people to aid in removing the garbage. Among the junk, will be Wall-E's friend Eve.

    If players try and check to see who pranked them, they will find the security footage was scrambled--meaning someone with decent technical skills had to have done it. If they look into this further, they will find that the Computer Club President was the one who did it. He works in the engine room.

    Social Center - Simulation job (test bugs in the computer simulator machine), Security Department Job, and HELP ME job.

    HELP ME job: When players read this job, they'll see a frantic Wall-E. He will try to explain that something happened to his friend Eve and lead those helping him to the trash dumped in the security area.

    Day 4
    (CORE MISSION 3) Deadfall - will be an event

    Day 5
    (CORE MISSION 4) Restricted Area - Camel crickets will be here. One will escape and will be the mission for the last day.

    Day 6
    (CORE MISSION 5) Store / backroom - track down and stop the remaining camel cricket.​
  13. A'right, folks...I'm going to start once I get one more player. Unlike 2C, this one won't be limited slots, and will probably be accepting new players for the majority of it's run, however long that may be.
  14. Name: Poseidon
    Nickname: Raymond
    ID Code: PM00498B
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14

    Race: Overt Dolphin Moreau
    Class: Tough Hero
    Level: 2

    Str: 16
    Dex: 11
    Con: 15
    Int: 14
    Wis: 8
    Cha: 8

    HP: 12
    BAB: +1
    Defense Bonus: +2
    Reputation Bonus: +0
    Initiative: 0
    Fort: +4 | +2 | +2 | 0
    Ref: 0 | 0 | 0 | 0
    Will: -1 | 0 | -1 | 0

    Hair: Grey
    Eyes: Blue
    Fur: N/A
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Occupation: Military

    Racial Traits:
    Hold Breath: Dolphins can remain submerged for a number of minutes equal to their Con score before needing to surface for air
    Blindsight: Overt Dolphins have blindsight out to 60 ft.
    Skills: Moreaus get 4 fewer skill points than humans at 1st level and 1 fewer at each subsequent level thereafter.
    Feats: Moreaus get one bonus feat at 1st level

    Class Features:

    Simple Weapons Proficiency
    Personal Firearms Proficiency

    Swim (4)
    Navigate (4)
    Concentration (4)
    Climb (4)

    One Beretta M9 (Beretta 92F), 2 magazines ammunition
    One Hunting knife
    One set of green fatigues
    One set of civilian clothes
    One duffel bag

    Personality and Background:
    Poseidon is a very dutiful man, very focused on the task at hand and the overall goal. His versatility and high performances in simulation runs attracted the interest of the military, very much impressed at his progress and eager to have him on the battle field. In addition, Poseidon can take a good deal of abuse and his intelligence only increased his usefulness.

    Despite his intelligence, his dutifulness didn't allow him to relax much, and in times of social lightness, was very awkward and quiet. This amused his trainers, who teased him about being more scared of social events than combat. Rather than be offended, this only caused him to withdraw more, to more of the amusement of the trainers.

    When the order came to clean out the program, Poseidon, upon finding out that all Moreaus were to be eliminated, did not try to resist or run away, merely accepting this as fate and part of the mission. However, the scientists, in awe at his dedication to his superiors, couldn't bring themselves to kill him and freed him. They tasked him with taking care of the other Moreaus, specifically those with weak battle capabilities, and Poseidon holds this task very highly.

    Please inform me of any additional changes.
  15. I had planned to start the RP later on in the story than I actually decided to. Therefore; all the gear in the gear list is either on the Masters at Arms in the hallway or in the lockers Carlos is thinking of. The exception is your fatigues, unless sleep naked and didn't think to grab some clothes. In which case you can probably find a set in the locker room as well.

    (think of it as calling dibs)
  16. A rough map of the area where our story starts:
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  17. Activity Report, pretty please and thank you :)