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The United States, like most superpowers, is always looking for an edge in warfare. Nuclear technology has proved to be something of a weaponry dead-end, and with the recent shift to unconventional warfare, focus has shifted from creating better weapons to creating better soldiers. Thus began "metagenetics" projects in numerous countries.

December 1, 2035 – UN Resolution 2855 is signed, decrying the development of metagenetic species for military applications and discouraging government-sponsored metagenetics research. The international censure brings metagenetics research into the public eye. It is not long before classified details are leaked to the media.

The media coins the term "Moreau" for metagenetic species, referring to the gristly horrors depicted in The Island of Dr. Moreau. Public opinion quickly shifts to outrage and fear. With public sentiment turning against the projects and security leaks becoming more and more common, the US government is soon forced to drastically scale back its metagenetics research

The Navy Metagenetics Research Facility, Los Angeles has just been redacted. This is the story of the Moreaus comprising Development Group B.

Vay - Pantherus [B/M085/LF(H)]
Frost - Wirewhisker [In Progress]
WMD - Nicholai [In Progress]
QuellMyHeresy - [Final Tweaks]

Okay, so we're... Moreaus? Or normal "Human" soldiers? Or we can be either/or? Also, do Moreaus look human, or are they bestial/grotesque in some way? What kind of abilities would they have?
You're Moreaus. Most Moreaus basically look like anthropomorphic animals (a la The Moreau Omnibus) although a very few are predominantly human (a la Dark Angel).

They would have enhanced strength, agility, speed, etc. depending on what animal they're spliced from, as well as being engineered to better withstand combat injuries - i.e. bullet wounds. Some select programs have attempted to code for ESP-like abilities, and while there have been qualified successes, the side effects haven't been pretty.
What kinds of characters are you looking for ?
Just Moreaus?
Government Agents, too ?
And character sheets ? :P
Character sheets would be nice, yes. Also, where we are starting... are we in the government facility? How much, and to what point, will our backstories go up to? Have we (the Moreaus) escaped?
Sorry for the delayed reaction, Frosty, Saku. Haven't been on Iwaku much lately, as I've been busy with work and schoolwork and getting ready for the kid. (and, surprisingly, getting about TWICE as much sleep as I used to even so.)

I would appreciate character sheets, yes. Please use the "Standard" character bio template.

All characters are to be Moreaus in Development Group B. Most of you are fourteen years old (Moreaus, being spliced with animals, mature faster than straight humans), except for any rodents or "mostly-humans" who are nine and sixteen respectively.

As to your backstory, you can go into detail if you wish, but keep in mind that you are, in fact, research subjects with no rights whatsoever. You have all (theorhetically) reached emotional and - more importantly (for research purposes) - reproductive maturity. Your immediate backstory is that your Dev Group has just completed "Short-Term Isolation Trials" and are still in the isolation cells you've been in for the last week or so. You're slated to be moved into "Breeding and Fertility Trials" tomorrow morning, and most of you know this.

Play will begin with a post (from me, obviously) indicating the event(s) that let you out of your cells.

I'll begin once I have enough player bios (at least four) and allow stragglers.

Character Name: Pantherus
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Panther Moreau
Age: 14
Birthplace/World: NMRF-LA
Occupation/School/Grade: Stealth Specialist


General Appearance: Tall at 6'2" and thinly built gives an immediate impression of speed and the well-toned muscle under black fur makes that impression a reality. Pale green eyes with vertical slit pupal look out of a distinctly feline face above a more human body. For the solitary confinement exercise he is wearing the standard green vest and camo pants.
Strengths: High feline agility and extremely soft footed with an immaculate sense of balance combined with excellent night time vision and retractable claws and impressive speed and reaction time.
Weaknesses: Not the strongest moreau especially considering his size with a frame built for agility over power and lightweight bones that break easier than a human's.


Current Goal/Purpose: Find his place/ follow orders.
Talents: Hunting, problem solving, being affectionate.
Inabilities: Laziness, lack of focus, aversion to water.
Fears: Water, mild fear of underground spaces.
General Personality: Generally easy going and content to laze around in the sun he is none the less dedicated when given a task and military training has had a subtle effect dulling his laziness, and tempering his inherent playfulness.
Inner Personality: He is driven by a personal quest to belong. Having no family and none like himself he finds it hard to fit in especially considering the feline monrue's natural tenancy toward self-dependence ans solitude.


General History:
Born in a Development Group B test tube as an attempt to create a special forces stealth specialist he entered trials almost as soon as he could walk he became known for jumping on attending officers' or scientists' backs from out of nowhere, the most notable occasion ruined the uniform of a three star general long claw rends running across the back surprised general's jacket as he has his hat stolen and the ensuing chase through he obstacle course lasted close on an hour. The general was so impressed by the display he personally congratulated the entire staff of the nuclear silo turned research facility.

Present Life: Trials and training are almost completed as he chases his own tail (figuratively and occasionally literally) in solitary confinement and contemplates the test to come excited and nervous of the chance to meet another of his kind.
Allrighty. You have a few minor bits that don't agree with the lore, there, Vay. The facility is in LA, not in an ex-missile silo. The things you have under "Inabilities" are more weaknesses than inabilities, but I like that you point them out. Also, "Birthplace" would be either NMRF-LA or "Development Group B," depending on your point of view. "Project B" would be a different, older project.

I will be assigning ID codes when you finalize your character sheets, but I won't assign names because, frankly, I'm going a more callous route on the part of the government. More on that later.
Edited a bit. Sure Frost will put up his mouse when he gets back.
Hmm. Not bad, all told. I'm wondering where the lightweight bones come in though. Also, your appearance is completely missing.
Most felines (though most notably cheetahs) have lighter bones than other mammals. I'm looking for a picture.
Fair enough, Vay. I'm no expert on feline physiology. Just get your appearance up and you should be ready to finalize your bio.

Warmaster, I look forward to your character!
Picture search turned out either cutesy or more muscle than I wanted, working on a text description.

EDIT!: Can you link the source material for the moreau so i can use them for reference?

Character Name: Wirewhisker
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Mouse Moreau
Age: 9
Birthplace/World: Development Group B
Occupation/School/Grade: Engineer


General Appearance: Standing at a minuscule 4'7", her short body isn't very developed at all - and likely never will be as 'feminine' as other moreaus. Bustless, hipless, and soft of shoulder, she could even be mistaken for a very young male mouse moreau. Only her voice betrays her... Wirewhisker's eyes are a bright red, her fur a soft, downy white - very much like many of the lab-mice that many scientists keep.
Strengths: Flexible, quick, and dexterous. As a mouse, she's also equipped to handle quite a bit of environmental punishment.
Weaknesses: Her size doesn't aid her strength very much, and she can easily be stopped by heavy things. While equipped for environmental punishment, she's not so well equipped for the rigors of battle.


Current Goal/Purpose:
Talents: Mechanically, electronically, scientifically apt... not-so-secret nerd.
Inabilities: While being self-reliant and 'strong', she's very quiet around others. She's perfectly happy being alone with her 'projects' rather than with other people, and it shows. A small streak of pyromania has been noted - she seems fascinated by fire.
Fears: The sound of gunshots, public speaking, large non-moreau predators (non-moreau tigers, sharks). She is also, notably, afraid of non-moreau elephants - she flees from pictures of them, even.
General Personality:
Inner Personality:
Secret: She's really into cosplay, and likes dressing up as various characters - or she does when given the chance (Rikku of FFX being her favorite).
More: While she has not been allowed to handle weapons as of yet, her 'weapon of choice' is likely a flamethrower.


General History: -working on it-

Present Life: -working on it-

(Went with a description rather than a picture - most of the mice I've found had gigantic boobs. Which isn't really what Wirewhisker looks like. I'll flesh out the rest when my head's on right.)
I'm thinking Wolf dude. though he's requested alot of physical surgery to make him look as human as possible.

specialising in close quarters combat, like sub machine guns, pistols, shotguns, carbine variant assault rifles, knives and unarmed combat, though no good at combat at ranges further than 150m
WMD - keep in mind that these folks are test subjects. He can ask all he wants, but he'll just get laughed at.

Vay - I'll work on finding some reference pics for you. For the mean time, look up the book Fearful Symmetries - the main character (on the cover) is a tiger moreau. Your meat-and-potatoes is up to snuff, so ahead and put in B/M085/LF(H) as your ID. You can tweak appearance as necessary right up until we start play.

Frosty - lookin' good so far. Keep up the good work! I am curious as to how she's handled Isolation.
very well. expect ear hackjobs an LOTSA shaving. is interest still here, or what? Talk to me, people.