Red Wolves: Seven Deadly Demons

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  1. Sin City
    Aka, Las Vegas, Nevada

    We are the second team headed to the city to stop the 7 Demons from gaining to much power, the first tracked the Demons to the city. Once they attacked the Gluttony, we lost contact with them, the team is presumed dead.

    As a team, we decide which demon to go after first, and how to approach it.

    This is our story.
  2. Victoria

    'And I always find, yeah, I always find somethin' wrong
    You been puttin' up with' my shit just way too long
    I'm so gifted at findin' what I don't like the most
    So I think it's time for us to have a toast'

    Victoria took the head phones out of her ear as she walked into the lobby of the nicest hotel in Vegas, the Encore Hotel. Looking around the large lobby, she was amazed at the beautiful artwork and designs around the hotel. In her own thought, she jumped when a woman in a nice dress addressed her "Can I help you Miss?" Looking over her, she smile at her and nodded "Actually I'm here with Drake Foresters party, I believe he rented out the penthouse." The lady smiled widely, realizing that an extra expensive customer arrived. "Of course! Right this way." Following silently admiring the hotel, she signed in, got her key card and followed the woman to the elevators.

    Reaching the top floor, Victoria opened the door standing before her quickly, ready to meet the rest of the team assembled for her first hunt! Calling out into the large penthouse, she spoke loudly, happyiness easily found in her voice "Hello? Anyone else here!"
  3. Weave, meanwhile, had been sitting in the room already, checking and rechecking her gun magazines. She had just finished her third check when the door opened. She stood up in case it was to be her CO on the mission, but seeing as it was not, she relaxed some. Her reply was far less enthusiastic, though it was by far more welcoming than one may expect when on a mission. "Just me. Haven't seen our fashionably late leader yet. Are you the new recruit they sent to us?" Weave shifted how the wrappings along her arms and legs sat, changing from a basic circular wrapping to a complex criss-cross pattern. She looked over the rather eager girl as she readjusted. Nodding to herself, she seemed satisfied enough. She should be alright. Shouldn't have to babysit her.
  4. Victoria

    Her eyes widening at the tall girl, she seemed to freeze with her mouth open. Catching herself, she quickly nodding, Victoria shot a smile at her saying happily "Yes ma'am, I am Victoria Carver." Extending her hand, she looked over the girl, then asked "Your the girl that can use magical cloth aren't you? I remember reading that the clothmancer was really tall! What can you do with it?" She said motioning to the cloth wrappings.
  5. The door had opened and Fletcher looked below himself through the glass ceiling to see if their leader had arrived. To his disappointment, the new recruit had finally made herself acquainted with Weave. Fletcher laid back down and returned his gaze towards the sky. Letting his ears flutter to the soft sounds in the room below; he over heard the conversation going on between the present members.

    "Victoria Carver...? Oh well..." he said taking a deep breathe ready to fall asleep up there watching the calming clouds flow by. Out of a nudge of boredem, he raised his hand to the sky and summoned a small ice crystal then let it go, watching it fly high above him and disperse into shards of ice.

    "Heh... pretty..." he said closing his eyes and snoozing the day away till the boss arrived.
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  6. Weave shrugged and took her seat again, popping a mag into her guns and storing the extras on her person. "I can do many things with it. Seeing as how restrictive my medium is, I am quite capable in using elemental magic to transmute and enhance my cloth. I can make it hard as steel or fluid as water. I can cause it to burn like fire or freeze like ice. It can shift to protect my body or I can restrain an enemy. The limits are my imagination, my reserves of energy, and my constraint to elemental magic. My magic also allows me to more efficiently provide field medicine in conjunction with my herbalism. If you get hurt, come to me and I can patch you up." She figured the girl would find that answer acceptable as it did not delve much into the intricacies of magic nor did it leave itself to ambiguous to get a good idea of her combat abilities.