Red Walls, Cold Halls

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  1. So basically, after posting that interest check thingymajig I got several people who expressed interest (Does maybe even count? Hopefully. :P), so I'm opening it up as a jump in roleplay! For those who haven't seen my interest check here is my RP idea! Or well, a loose idea of it. :P

    We all are kept in separate rooms. Sound absorbing, clean, white rooms. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Every day is a routine. People come in, three times a day to give us meals and take out our waste. Every door, a padlock, hung across the entrance, blocking us from our freedom.

    Today started like every other day. I see the sun rising, passing through the bars at an almost 30 degree slant. I know it's time for breakfast. I stand up, hands outstretched and head bowed, but instead of feeling something placed into my hands, I only hear a quiet 'snick' echoing from the door. I look up in surprise, and I look out of my white room of nothing for the first time in my life.

    Basically this RP is set in the future; gifted children are kept in cells since birth, causing them to adopt an extremely apathetic and dependent nature. One day, everyone is suddenly let out of their cells. Chaos ensues, and everyone's world is turned upside down. Though they all are geniuses, they lack EQ, resulting in disputes and many disagreements. This is an exploration of the emotional development of the individuals and the uncovering of the mystery behind the cells.

    Just to clarify, as to how they are gifted, I was thinking of a more mental based specialty as opposed to a physical one. It could be a strong sense of intuition or an ability to sense spirits or 'hear' ghosts and such. It's kind of bordering on a more supernatural type genre, but I think the way I planned it out, it was easier to mark it as a sci-fi.

    Also, (gosh I have a lot to say, sorry for this, we have to get through the boring parts) only the prologue will be first person, the rest should and hopefully will be third person.

    Okay! You think I'm done, but there's rules, so listen up!
    1. Don't troll. PLEASE. JUST. DON'T.
    2. No god-like characters.
    3. Please stick to the plot.
    4. Ask if you want to kill someone's character. Yeah, like before you stab someone with an ice-pick or such, please ask politely. :)
    5. Okay this isn't even a rule and is cheesy as hell, but have fun! :P

    If you want to join, just state your character name, give me a bit of info and your 'gift' and you're ready to go! :D
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  2. Name:Amelia
    Age: 15
    Looks: shoulder length black hair with olive skin and yellow eyes.
    Personality: she is sarcastic just so it doesn't look like she is scared of quite a lot of things. Especially the dark.
    Power: she can see the ghosts or apparitions, whatever you want to call them. She sees one in particular. Her "best friend" a male ghost, she has never seen his face before. Ghosts can come to her at any time, and she would rather see them when they do. Thus she is scared of the dark because she can't see what's sitting beside her. These ghosts ask her to do various things, good and bad. She always listens.

    (Is that okay? I can change if you want!)

    Amelia was watching the ghost of agorl cry about her mother in front of her. She could just listen. It didn't bother her. It was company after all. The ghost girl was going on about a tall man Who was coming to get her, as the girl was moaning Amelia stood up to receive her scheduled food, but instead found the door open. She was shocked. She couldn't remember what anything looked like outside the walls of her cell. She turned back to the girl who was now gone, instead there was the ghost she called Matthew, her best friend. "Go" he said inside her head. She ppeked outside the cell again and took one step with a frown.
  3. Jensen stared curiously at the open door. In all his seventeen years of life, the brunette male had never seen that door open without a person behind it. "H-hello?" He croaked, fear making his throat tight,voice unsure. He sent out invisible tendrils of psychic power, trying to latch onto emotions or simple thoughts of others as his abilities allowed. At first nothing, not the usual warmth of the blonde female caretakers pity, or the cold males dark apathy. And then suddenly there was so much.
    He had never heard and felt quite so many emotions or thoughts at once. Which led him to believe that his cell had been cutting him off from the world on an even deeper level. It was frightening, feeling such overwhelming fear and confusion from so many unknown sources.
    Jensen pressed his hands over his ears, but quickly dropped them when he found it didn't help. He would have to learn to turn his abilities off. But first he wanted to see what was beyond the door. He took a tentative step out of his cell, finding the lack of stark whiteness almost disturbing. There were several other rooms with children emerging. That explained the confusion. Jensen worried his bottom lip between his teeth, wondering if he should say something.
  4. Name: Luna
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Pale skin with curled black hair and dark brown eyes.
    Personality: A kind loving person who is dying to be apart of a group, who is eager to do what the majority wants, and hardly thinks for herself. She is, however, easily jealous and can retaliate if someone ends up trying to be better than her.
    Power: Has the ability to speak telepathically with others around her, as long as the distance between them isn't too long and there is little interference between her and the one she is trying to communicate with. Thick walls, bad weather, loud noises, can make it hard for her to communicate in this manner. But being able to speak to others in this matter has made it hard for her to separate the voices of her own and the thoughts of others, meaning she can often act out of character because a voice in her head thinks something she normally wouldn't.
    (Hope that wasn't too long haha)

    Luna twiddled her thumbs and hummed a tune to keep her head busy with the noise. The world outside was of no concern to her in her private bubble. She could hear voices, their thoughts, but the walls were so thick they were simply muffled and hard to understand. Eventually she stood up, having an internal clock let her know food was coming, but as she stood ready to be served no one came. She rubbed her stomach a bit, the thoughts in her mind sounding rather frantic and rapid, but the words still unclear. Suddenly the door opened, a click, an unlocking noise that silenced all her other thoughts. A noise she only heard when someone was coming to greet her proved true, yet no one came to enter.

    "Hmm... hello?" Luna asked, hopping over to the door, hands behind her back to assure she wasn't a threat in case this was some sort of test. Yet, the door remained unlocked and slightly ajar, her hands eventually prying it open the rest of the way. The world was unfamiliar outside her four walled white room. A sent of the air was much different than the one she knew. Another step came out of her room, her white gown hugging her body, her eyes judging the scene. Others were here, children most of them, faces she'd never seen before. Their worried thoughts penetrated her mind, all wondering the same thing: where am I?
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  5. Name: Daniel
    Age: 16
    Personality: Daniel can be childish but kind. He has a sort of innocent not many people have which makes him prone to be taken advantage of. He can be quite the troublemaker and loves a good adventure.
    Ability: He can move objects with his mind and even heal small wounds. The bigger the wound the more energy he consumes to heal it.
    Appearance: Daniel has medium length chocolate brown hair with bight blue eyes. He is only 5ft 6in, very slender and also has ghostly pale skin.

    The white walls were more like canvas for him as his imagination would play on them everyday. It was all they could do, after all they have been locked in these rooms since he could remember. Daniel stretched on his bed and waited for breakfast as usual but something was quite different today. Today is the very day the door opened and no one was standing at the doorway. Daniel sat up with surprised and made his way to the door. "Was it a dream?" he thought to himself
    as he walked out the door and saw no one down the halls. Daniel tried to sense the nurses and couldn't feel their presence, along with the doctors who usually walked down the halls. Daniel thought for a moment and wondered if it was a test of some sort. That was until he saw a few others exiting their rooms. "Hello there." He said a door away from her. He's never meet another person here, but he was quite happy to see another face. Daniel had a tender smile on his face and tried not to scare others. "Would you mind telling me your name, I'm Daniel." His wish had came true to have someone else to talk to for a change. "I wonder if there are others" Daniel became quite excited and in a way couldn't contain it.
  6. Luna assumed the voice was simply a thought until she noticed a figure not far from her. "Oh, you're real." Luna smiled, walking over to the new figure, rather cautious of the new figure. "Daniel was it? I have never heard such a name, then again... What is it... My name! I am Luna, I think..." she wondered having made the name for herself after being constantly called numbers and harsh words for so long. She eyed his excitement, unsure how to mimic it, but being near another being gave her the company she desired. She tried her best to smile as he did, hopefully to gain his favor, trying to tune out any other thoughts to focus on her own. Another being, another figure. So many beings. So many thoughts. It's... horrible. She patted the side of her head like trying to rid water from her ears, not used to so many voices at once.

    "Others, yes there are, I hear them... Ugh, my head."
  7. Jensen blinked, staring with interest as a pair spoke to each other. He longed to interact with them but he feared repercussions. He had never spoken to anyone who wasn't a caretaker. What should he say?
    They were exchanging names, that could be a starting point. He could feel their excitement and nervousness, the bits of thought he could read did not seem to have ulterior motives. Deciding they were harmless, Jensen shuffled over to the pair.
    "My names Jensen. And you're Daniel and Luna."
    He'd heard them saying their names, committing them to memory. They were dressed like him which further led him to the conclusion that they did not know what was happening. It would be pointless to ask. "I'm hungry..." He sighed, placing a hand over his stomach. But what could they do about it? Food had always come to him, he never had to find it.
  8. Daniel was sort of puzzled when she asked if he was real, but then again he would have asked the same thing. "I'm very real indeed." He said with a child like giggle. "Luna... Luna... In my deepest opinion I say your name is marvelous." He said simply while he took in all of her features. From the corner of his eye a young man came by and he said his name was Jensen. "Jensen... Jensen... You have quite the unique name. This is splendid, now I don't ever have to be alone." Daniel gave his usual tender smile and softened his eyes, but was quite puzzled to see Luna pat her head. "Well I don't know how to help your head. I sorry." He said with a source of sadness. Daniel didn't like being useless to others, he preferred helping the best he could.

    "Hungry you say." He said as he thought of where to get food. "Well we're going to have to find food, but hopefully it won't take long." Daniel like giving hope to others and tried to levitate food towards them, but didn't know where they kept it. As he looked down the hall he tried to decided which way to go.
  9. Luna smiled a bit as the boy patted her head in my rather calming way. But before she could enjoy the touch of one that wasn't abusive, she jumped a bit hearing thoughts of worry nearby, finding the source as this new boy walking over. "I am who you say I am." She nodded quickly, hoping that would somehow calm his nerves. She too felt hunger, it being dinner time, or perhaps lunch, maybe even breakfast for all she knew. She never knew what the time was until,the food came: eggs and pancakes meant breakfast. Some type of meet and mashed potatoes meant lunch. Usually a different meat and her pills meant dinner. The hallway began to be flooded by the children released from their containment, heading either forward or too frightened to leave their rooms. "We should eat." Luna nodded.
  10. Jensen cracked a slight smile at Daniel. He had never been complimented before, and certainly not on his name. It was a creation of his own, after reading a book given to him by one of his caretakers. It had been taken when he had a fit and thrown it at them. "Thank you." He perked up when Daniel said they could find food. That would be nice, though the task seemed daunting. "But we don't know where to go. How can we find it?" Jensen fingered the hem of his shirt, staring at Daniel. He was already growing dependent upon the much more confident boy who seemingly was not afraid of their very new situation. He followed Luna's gaze down the hall, noting that more children had come from their rooms. He shuffled closer to his own little group, not wanting to be separated from them.
  11. "We can head forward." Luna suggested, pointing at the bodies shuffling forward with no real direction. "I've never been 'forward' before." She admitted with a smile, she stood between the two people, holding their hands and walking forward. "So, what do you think it's like?" She asked, "Outside this hallway I mean." She paused as they walked, "I picture the men in their white suits in white rooms just like mine, but bigger, and the room covers the entire world." She led the others forward a bit, peeking into other's rooms, moving slowly to the end of the hallway. She could hear voices, people wondering where the people in white were, not trusting those around them, wondering when food would come.
  12. As more and more people came out of their rooms the smaller the hall felt. Daniel felt uneasy about the others, some had shifty eyes and he was quite protective of others. Soon he felt the warm clasp of Luna's hand suggesting to move forward with the others. "Well if you never went 'forwards' have you ever went backwards?" He said with a chuckle. The moved forward until the can to an intersecting hallway. It was either left or right, and still more white corridors with an abundance of rooms. "If the whole world was a white room then I would hope for paint. That way the walls can be painted with a ray of colors so it wouldn't be white anymore." Daniel still smiled and was leaning to go right instead of left. "I say we should go right, What do you think?"
  13. "My whole life has been backwards, that's what the men told me." Luna sighed, keeping their hands held tight she looked both hallways. The right seemed identical to the left, or perhaps the left was identical to the right. Which came first? Left or right? Forwards or backwards? Up or down? Her mind wondered as she headed to the right. But as her mind began to grow still, she could hear the thoughts of someone new. Angry thoughts. Cursing, yelling, angry, thoughts. She hated those thoughts, even worse than the thoughts of the men in white who'd come to her room. "Horrid thoughts." She whispered, "But the more verbal the thought, the closer it is. Maybe something bad happened..."
  14. "How could your whole life be backwards? The men in white were always weird, they never made any sense to me." Daniel had a puzzled look on his face while he thought of the men in white. As h looked around he tried to think of why they would need to keep them locked in a large building like this. Was there something dangerous outside? or were they the danger they wanted to keep inside? As he thought he hear Luna whisper something about horrid thoughts while she looked down the hall. "If something bad happened it's best to avoid it." Daniel didn't want the two to get hurt in case it was someone the men in white had called in. He decided to go left since it could be safer, "Luna, why were you talking about thoughts?" Daniel said in a curious tone.
  15. Name: Cordelia
    Age: Sixteen
    Power: Corrie can conjure images from her mind. So, items, food, even people. This was her main source of companionship growing up, as she could create characters from books and, her favourite by far, a tall Australian shepherd named Finley. However, she can only create what she knows. That means any mechanical objects she doesn't understand, she can only create a shell of. She can only create food that she knows the taste of, and the characters she conjures are only as developed as they are in the book, with no capability to grow as people.
    Personality: Corrie, having mostly read classic books, is obviously very underdeveloped personality wise. She inhabits the traits of her favourite characters. She is incredibly curious, like Oliver from Oliver Twist. She's stubborn, thanks to Tinkerbell. Her namesake, Cordelia, from King Lear, is where she got her complete honesty, but also her devotion and kindness, and this is who she aspires to be ultimately.

    Cordelia peered out through the door, her thin fingers curling around the frame. Her curly blonde hair cascaded over her shoulder, and she quickly tugged her fingers through it to rid it of some of the tangles. Voices echoed down the hall, coming towards her. Finley whined softly at her side. "Shh, Finn. Quiet." The dog, of course, quickly stopped. It was times like this that she was reminded how none of her companions actually had a mind of their own- they were always controlled by her.

    But that would be different now, she hoped. The voices were getting closer. Summoning up every ounce of courage Peter Pan had taught her, she took one hesitant step outside the room that had been her prison for her entire life. "E-excuse me... do any of you know what's going on?" Her voice came out slightly higher than she had hoped, and her wide blue eyes gave her more of an innocent look than she was going for, but she supposed it was the best she could manage.
  16. While walking down the endless hallway he was deep in thought. Trying his best to figure out whats wrong, until he crossed paths with a young lady. Her voice was high and her eyes were an innocent blue. "I'm sorry, but I don't know what's going on." Daniel was displeased with himself for not having the answer. Sometimes he wonders why he was too hard on himself but that only made him feel worse. "The men in white disappeared and the doors were left opened. Right now were just looking for food, if you want you can come along. The more the merrier as they always said." Daniel kept his kind attitude hoping to cheer himself up, which only helped a little. "Excuse my manners but could I have your name?"
  17. Cordelia tangled the fingers of one hand in Finley's fur to disguise their shaking, running the other through her still slightly tangled mess of curls. She realised then how distraught she probably looked, what with her unbearably pale skin and tangled hair, and forced a dimpled smile on to her face. "I'm Cordelia. My friends call me Corrie." By friends, of course she meant her conjured book characters, and the nickname was so as not to confuse her with the actual Cordelia, from King Lear. Not that that would have been much of a problem, but in her earlier years she had naively thought they had minds of their own. She knew now they didn't, but they were still the only company she had, and it was better than nothing. "I'd love to join you, thank you." She added in a soft rush of words.
  18. Luna rubbed on her stomach, hearing it gurgle and growl, "Too much chat," she smiled weakly, "I must eat. Makes me weak when I don't eat." She alerted, walking down the hallway, sniffing the air a bit the air was a mixture of sweat and cleaning supplies.
  19. "It's a pleasure to meet you Corrie." He said with his usual kind attitude. Daniels ears twitch when Luna said she felt weak without food. "Oh dear, we have to find food faster then." He said a little worried she may not be able to walk much longer. "If you can't walk much longer, please tell me. I can just levitate for awhile." Daniel knew he didn't have physical strength but he had his mental strength to compensate.
  20. Abbie sat in her room, her frustration growing. This was not right. Breakfast was late. The door was open. She jumped up and shut the door, then sat down quickly. The door swung open.
    "No!" Abbie shouted at the door. The pattern was wrong. She beat out a rhythm on her knees. Onetwothree-four. Onetwothree-four. Rhythms were how she had coped with the solitude.

    She had been the second inmate, or resident, brought here, and wasn't sure how old she was. In her twenties first they had simply been taking the brightest new minds, not realizing there were minds with abilities beyond intelligence.

    "Cometothe-door. Cometothe-door." Abbie whispered. There were sounds outside, people talking, but her breakfast did not come. It always came.

    Abbie stood again and stepped to her door (the one with the large "AB" stenciled onto it). She stuck her head through the doorway and shouted, "No!" again, screaming at the world, then shut her eyes and banged her head against the door. One-twothree, one-twothree. But it was too late now. Even if someone had come by with breakfast, everything was ruined. The pattern was bleeding, and there would always be a scar.
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