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  2. Three new figures suddenly materialized from the warp gates, all of which were dragon in shape. One was female, cyan in color, and wore a bright smile across her snout. The other was a dark blue male, who gazed at the extravagant interior with awe and cautiousness. The last one was the largest of the three, male and indigo in color, who didn't seem very willing to step into the room, but did so anyway. The cyan female flashed her pass (which hung around her neck like an ID card) to the human security guard, who then nodded and let the three enter the main hallway. Together, the dragons stopped to leisurely stare at the large, busy corridor that they stood in. Aliens of all kinds busily swarm around the interior, exhibiting a scene that almost looked unreal.

    "We made it!" the cyan female squeaked with pleasure. As always, she was captivated by the display in front of her, though that wasn't what brought her here today. Just a few days ago she received a transmission inviting her to try out the new arcade, free of charge. And, not wanting to go alone, she decided to bring along some of her friends as well. "Well? Danny, Shayn? What do you think?" the dragoness questioned her two companions.

    "...Big. Oh gosh, this is--" the dark-blue dragon called Danny replied, but didn't complete his sentence. He felt a bit too insecure by this new, foreign environment to say anything too explicit, so he simply continued to stare with an open jaw. Being a down-to-earth dragon (quite literally), this was completely different than what he was used to back home, on Aurophia.

    The indigo dragon called Shayn, on the other hand, simply didn't say anything. He was impressed, sure, but the lingering feeling of dread that he felt had blocked out any other feeling at the moment. This usually wasn't the kind of thing he enjoyed doing, so how did his friend even talk him into this? "Crystal, remind me again... why are we here?" he asked, though it was more of a sarcastic question.

    Crystal's expression faltered a bit at this response, getting a faint feeling of annoyance. Trying to push this aside, "We're here to try out the new arcade. You know, live games? Holographic technologies? Red VS Blue?" she answered. "Weren't you listening beforehand? Come on, we talked about this!"
  3. Five figures emerged from the warp gates, two human, one dragon, and two that looked in between. The humans and dragon were male, and the other two, genderless. One of the humans pulled out an ID card and showed it to the guard, who then let them pass.

    "Well, we're here." said the first human, who then looked to the other human,"Don't get any ideas."

    "Are you sure? Please?" said the other human, dressed in an old model of power armor, his voice modulated by the helmet.

    "Yes, I'm sure" Continued the first human. He looked to the other three,"You guys good? We might have to keep Danny out of trouble."

    "I'm sure we can handle him, we're like twice his size!" replied the dragon.

    "Let's go find the arcade before something does happen." stated the first human. Everyone but Danny nodded in agreement.
  4. Within a few moment or so of the groups' arrival, a new voice sounded through an intercom source and softly echoed across the area: "A quick reminder to the selected groups; the next Red VS Blue game will be taking place in thirty minutes. Please make your way to the arcade if you still wish to participate." The voice was feminine by the sound of it, and obviously computer-interfaced.

    This announcement slightly caught Crystal by surprise; she hadn't expected for it to start so soon. Perhaps I read the times wrong, she thought to herself with uncertainty, and then turned to face her other two companions. "Well come on, guys! We need to start moving or else we'll miss the game," the dragoness stated, and without waiting for her friends' consent, grabbed each one by the horn and began to lead them through the bustling crowd.

    "Hey, w-wa-wait! Ow, not the horn!" Danny complained, who had not expected for Crystal to take such a quick and aggressive movement. He hated being dragged against his will, much less by someone who could be perceived as weaker than him. Of course, he'd never say this to the dragoness's face aloud in fear of the horrible rant that would take place afterwards.

    Shayn, on the other hand, had no intention of being dragged along like a child. With a violent flick of his head, he broke free from Crystal's grasp. "You don't have to pull us along like that, you know. We're not kids!" he snapped.
  5. Crystal raised a scaly eyebrow at this remark. "Alright," she said, not wanting to argue and soon released her grip on Danny as well. "Try not to get lost, then. This is a busy place, and it's easy to lose your way during your first time." She left that statement at that, and began once more to maneuver her way towards what looked like a new entrance, of which wasn't there when she last visited. A sign floating above it flashed the word "ARCADE" in many different languages, including her own.

    However, Shayn was soon left behind inside the main hall. His two friends (or more like half-friend and rival), had disappeared from sight as soon as they started moving again. He was lost.

    "Greaaat," the indigo dragon muttered to himself. It was just his luck to go and get lost as soon as someone had warned him about it. Unsure of what to do, Shayn began to survey the area for any sign of his companions, or for anyone that could possibly help him. His eyes eventually locked on what appeared to be a human with an ID pass, and was accompanied by another human, a dragon, and dragon-like beings.

    This guy looks professional,
    Shayn thought to himself. Maybe he works here? And more importantly, maybe I could get some directions from him so that I won't have to admit to being lost. Upon thinking this, the dragon made a quick decision and slinked over to the odd-looking party. "Hey, um... hello?" he began, aiming his question toward the man leading the group. "Could you give me directions to the arcade or something? I've lost my group," he stated.
  6. The dragon looked to Shayn, "Hey, I think I've seen you somewhere before." He thinks for a second, "That's right! I've seen you in Elementopia. Just follow us, we're going to the arcade as well!"
  7. The indigo dragon blinked a few times out of surprise; did this guy recognized him? And what were the odds of meeting someone from back home? Well, if he could even call it 'home'. Shayn wasn't sure whether or not to be alarmed by this, after all, he had made quite a few enemies over the years. Though fortunately, this dragon didn't seem to be one of them.

    Squinting at bit, Shayn began to tug at his memory and to remember this familiar face. "Oh, right... it's you," he said rather cautiously. "Your the dragon that went looking after those Keys thingies, right? Danny told me about that." The dragon wasn't quite sure what else to say, since his knowledge on that particular topic was limited. "Well, if I could travel with you to the arcade, that would be great. Lead the way I suppose." But please don't grab me by the horn...
  8. The lead human looked to the dragon, "Jazek, you know him?"

    "Sort of, I've seen him when I started my search for the Aurora Keys." Jazek replied.

    The human turned to Shayn, "Hi, I'm Safudor, but everyone just calls me Saf, for short. Let's go!" Safudor proceeds to lead everyone to the arcade.
  9. "Alright then, 'Saf'," Shayn acknowledged and followed them to arcade.

    * * * * *

    The arcade room was dimly lit upon entering, with a neon red and blue wall. The floor was black and patterned with silver streaks, whilst the inverted roof was silver with black. Lined up against the walls were what looked small chambers, twelve in total, with a helmet-like device hanging from the inside. This was obviously the room for Red VS Blue. "Is this it? It's kinda... small," Shayn said, feeling slightly disappointed. "How are we supposed to play a game in here?"

    Instead of answering the indigo dragon's question, however, Danny trotted over upon realizing the group's entrance and asked a question of his own. "Shayn, where did you go? I though we lost you there for a second." Not that I cared much or anything. "And... who's this?" he asked, just realizing the group's new entrance. Slightly tilting his head, "Wait a minute.... I remember you!" the blue dragon aimed this statement toward Jazek and grinned. "Jazek, right? Hey, are you here to join the game as well? And who's your friends here?" Danny questioned and guested to the rest of the group.

    Meanwhile, Crystal was having a conversation of her own. She was speaking with her best friend, Gem, who had arrived to the Centre beforehand to get a head start. Fortunately, the pterroct managed to find her way to the arcade on her own. "Alright, so I spoke to the technicians earlier to learn a bit more about this game of yours, and I gotta say that is sounds pretty cool. Oh, and to make sure that it was really safe and all. You know how I feel about machines," Gem stated, who slightly implied about the duo's current situation with a particularly nasty bird. "Though you'll probably have to hear them explain it themselves. I'm still not quite sure how it works.."

    "Red VS Blue starting in 10 minutes," the computer interface announced. "Please stay put until a technician can assist you."
  10. "I can't wait to get in there and and shoot people!"Yelled Danny, who then charged off to find out how to start the game.

    "Meh, I'm sure he'll be fine" sighed Safudor,"For now let's find one of those technicians."

    "I wonder if we'll bump into Nikaan while we're here."said one of the dragon-like beings, "I heard he came here after he left Alopesus."

    "Kulorim, I thought you didn't like him?"Asked Jazek.

    "I don't, I just would like to find him in game so I can have an excuse to shoot him."replied Kulorim.

    "Oookay, let's just find a technician"stated Jazek.

    They then began looking around for a technician.
  11. A door on the other end of the room suddenly slid open, and what appeared to be a yellow Xhokwe walked through. He was holding a virtual checklist of some sort and muttering to himself, though stopped at the sight of the company in front of him. "I assume you're the ones who have been selected to join?" he stated. "Strange, I was expecting more players than this, but I guess you'll have to do. Anyways, I'll be your technician and guide for the game. I'm Nikaan." After finishing his speech however, the Xhokwe called Nikaan casted a dirty glance at Kulorim. He wasn't proud of abandoning his post in Alopesus, and it didn't help that this guy was trying to rub it in.

    Crystal glanced at Gem excitedly, whilst Danny and Shayn looked rather uncertain. "So is this going to work? I don't think there's nearly enough space in here to attack someone, unless you have an extra room or so," Shayn asked.

    Nikaan grinned, though it wasn't exactly friendly. It was more of a "you'll see" kind of smile. "There are twelve chambers in this room, six for Red Team and six for Blue Team. I need whoever wants to participate to select a chamber, where inside they'll find a helmet hanging from the wall. Put on the helmet, and you'll be virtually transported into the game. Don't worry-- the helmets are capable of modifying themselves to fit your heads. And, once in-game, the main rules and objectives will be automatically transmitted into your head," He stopped for a moment, letting this sink in. "I will be participating as well, since the game may or may not have some bugs that need to be sorted. My job is find and fix them... and to win, of course. Now, select your team!"
  12. "I'll be on red team"said Safudor as Danny walked up.

    "I'll also be on red team."stated Danny.

    "I'll be on blue team."said Jazek and the other dragon-like being in unison.

    "I'll be on whatever team Nikaan isn't on" said Kulorim.
  13. "I'm joining blue team. Go blue!" Crystal yipped and trotted over to the nearest blue chamber.

    "Let's mix things up a bit," Danny suggested. "How about Gem and I join Red Team? Come on, you know you want to.." he said and playfully nudged the pterroct with his bladed elbow.

    "Well... ok. But only because I'll be able to hit Shayn without any real consequence." Upon saying this, Gem and Danny walked over to their red chambers.

    "I guess that leaves me on Blue Team, then. I'll never hear the end of it if I leave Crystal on her own," Shayn announced with slight regret, and followed his cyan 'friend' to their side of the room.

    Nikaan huffed in annoyance. "Very well. I'll join Red, since it doesn't really matter to me which team I'm on." The yellow Xhokwe maneuvered his way to a chamber of his own, on the Red Team and entered. "Please put on your helmets and let the game begin."

    * * * * *

  14. In the red control room...

    "These are mine." said Danny picking up four shotguns, slinging two on his back and holding the other two.

    "I'll take a sniper and a pistol." stated Safudor while picking up his weapons.
  15. Danny, Gem, and Nikaan materialized into the red control room, each wearing a set of armor correspondent to their body. The armors for all three of them were rather blocky and red, much like that of power armor, and fit across the top part of their legs, head, and the majority of the back and chest. However, the lower part of their heads, joints, and most of the sides were exposed.

    "Alright, so weapons.." Danny began, not really talking to anyone in particular. This new environment didn't seem to bother him much anymore, as he had already seen a lot today. Examining the rack, though, he wasn't really sure nor used to using weapon-weapons except for the kind that natural came with his body, so this would be an interesting change for him. He decided to go with the one labeled 'Assault Rifle', simply because he thought the name sounded cool.

    The yellow Xhokwe, Nikaan, immediately picked up the gun he was most comfortable using, the Sniper. It was the one he had the most experience with back on Alopesus, and even though this wasn't exactly the same kind it would have to do.

    "Baaah, I don't want a weapon," Gem stated, though quickly changed her mind after seeing the look that Nikaan was giving her. "Oh, alright, alright! I'll at least try to use one. Don't be surprised if I accidentally blow something up, though." After witnessing what Danny (the human one) had picked up, she thought it best to go with a shotgun. "Alright, so what's the plan? I already know the rules and all, so there's no need to explain them to me."
  16. Meanwhile in the blue control room...

    "Whoa, this is some cool armor!" exclaimed Jazek, "Hmm, I'll take an assault rifle."

    "I'll get a sniper." said Kulorim, "What about you, Drehvir?"

    "I'll take one of these kickass looking shotguns." replied Drehvir.
  17. Crystal looked down at herself to find that she was wearing a blue power armor of some sort (same as described above). "Oh," she said to herself, feeling faintly surprised. She hadn't expected to already have equipment upon entering in-game! Looking around, she examined at what everyone else was doing and decided to pick out a weapon herself, choosing a pistol. In a way, the small gun reminded her one one of her human friends who worked here.

    "Not bad, not bad," Shayn grinned. Perhaps this wasn't going to be so bad after all, despite having a rather childlike dragoness on their team. Hopefully these other guys knew what they doing better than he did. Standing on two legs like a raptor, "Hey, pass me one of those shotguns," the indigo dragon said and picked up the weapon. "We are so going to pummel the Red Team!"

    "Maybe," Crystal began. "Statistically, we have one more actual player than them, plus a NPC. They have two more NPC's. I know because of that holographic map thingy over there," she stated, and then gestured towards the map.

    "Okay, that could be useful.." the indigo dragon acknowledged and briefly glanced over the map, looking at the rival team's base. "Well I don't know about the rest of you guys, but I'm ready to go out into the field. Let's go get their base!"
  18. Meanwhile back at red base...

    "I call shotgun!"Danny exclaimed while looking at the LAV.

    "Anyone else here know how to drive? I'm pretty bad at it." stated Safudor.
  19. "It can't be that hard. I'll give it a try," Gem started to advance towards the LAV, but was quickly pulled back by the dark blue dragon. "What was that for?!"

    "Trust me... you're not going to drive this thing." Danny silently face-palmed himself at this silly attempt that the pterroct made. "Leave this to the professionals." Without waiting for anyone's consent, however, he jumped into the driver's seat of of the LAV and turned it on.

    "What do you think you're doing?! Get out of there!" Nikaan screeched.

    "Don't worry, I got this under control." In truth, however, Danny had no idea what he was doing. He pressed his hind foot against the gas pedal (probably a bit too hard), and in turn the LAV instantly wheeled from it's spawn point and rolled downhill, crashing into the base of a tree below. Virtual fumes of smoke poured from the place in which he landed. "Uhh... I'm okay," the dragon's voice echoed from below. Though unfortunately, he had lost one life by doing this. Three more hits and he would be dead.
  20. "And I thought I was bad at driving" stated Safudor, "Well, at least we still have the dropship. That I CAN drive."

    "I still call shotgun." stated Danny.
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