Red vs Blue: The Valhalla Chronicles (OoC)

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  1. Red vs Blue: The Valhalla Chronicles


    A large squad is sent into the middle of the Ring, believing to be fighting in the war. However, upon their arrival, they are separated into teams and forced to fight in a "training simulation", described as a new war. However, each soldier/commander has a certain "quirk" about them that allows for the most dysfunctional "war" ever. Of All Time.

    So basically, this is an RP based off of the hit Machinima series "Red vs Blue". Basically, the RP would be a much more relaxed and fun story of around 6 soldiers just trying to figure out what to do in an extremely pointless war, much like the show. However, that's not all that's going on. There will be drama, mischief, pranks, disrespecting of command, robotic malfunctions, and a crap-ton more of stuff that will bring the soldiers into scenario's they need to get out of, while at the same time trying to defeat the other team. Like any good Halo RP, there will be action and adventure, but that can all come at a non-rushed level and everything can just be calm for a while.

    Still though, the RP would require some storytelling/plot-guiding features from the characters (such as situations, horrible plans, or even just dialogue about why the hell the group is standing in the middle of a canyon instead of being at the base where there's air conditioning). Its a bit of a free-form RP, but mostly just a casual and fun mix of humour, action, and a good sense of storytelling.

    Command Class Descriptions: (open)


    The leader of the squad, the single Sergeant carries short range weapons such as a Shotgun. They also deal with commanding the other officers and issue most of the orders


    There is typically only one Corporal per squad, being the Sergeant's second in command. The Corporal acts as a strategic adviser to the Sergeant and specializes in medium range weaponry (DMR, Assault Rifle, etc.), but are usually more keen to plan the fight than actually participate.


    On the same level as a Specialist, Doctor's have access to short ranged laser-based weapons. However, they are able to fully heal any soldier that is wounded, injured, or relatively near death (but there are obvious restrictions to what they can and can't heal).


    Specialists are the next rank up from Private, and they specialize (as the name implies) in one area, which includes: Marksmanship (Sniper Rifles), Heavy Weapons (RPGs, turrets, grenade launchers, etc.), Demolitions (explosives, both handheld (thrown) and placed) and Mechanics (Spartan Laser, vehicles).


    Privates are the lowest rank of soldier, with no specific skills in any one area, but they can use any weapon or vehicle. Typically 2 per squad, but more if required.

    Character Stuff (open)
    Character Sheet (open)
    Name: (include title. Sergeant, Corporal, Specialist, Doctor, or Private).



    Preferred Weapon(s):
    (Only allowed 2 weapons. If you include only one weapon, your alt. will be a Pistol. You're also only allowed UNSC weapons to start with)

    Image of Character: (feel free to include an image of them out of their armour if you want to. Use the links provided by me to create your armour, or find an image online.)

    Image of Emblem: (again, use the link provided by me)

    Bio: (Short Description, a paragraph or two, four at most)

    Armour Details (open)
    Armor color choices will be first come, first serve (as we don't want duplicate armor colors).

    You have basically four options to choose your armor colors and style.

    Option 1) Use this: It's a basic, in-browser Halo 3 armor generator, with color and style choices (helmet, etc.). Pick your armor and then post the final picture product.

    Option 2) Download this: It's a Halo Reach armor generator, so if you want to get more in-depth with your armor design than the simple Halo 3 generator you can choose to do so, but you do have to download it.

    Option 3) Upload your actual Halo 4 armor set did if you want to use it/have access to the game.

    Option 4: Find an image online (drawn or in-game) to represent your character.

    After you've done one of those three things, you can opt to go here to make a Halo 4 emblem to your character.

    Although we'll be on a Halo 3 map (Valhalla), you can use armor and weapons from any of the Halo games.

    Armor colors you can choose will be based on what team you're on and what colors have already been taken.

    For reference:

    Reds = reds, orange, yellow, pink (white, tan)
    Blues = blues, purple, teal, greens (black, grey)

    In addition to your suit colour, you must also post your dialogue in the same colour as your suit. For example, my CS is done in the same colour as my character's suit.

    Character Roster (open)

    We'll be accepting up to eight players.

    You may may have up to three characters (if you can handle it, that is).

    You are allowed to play a Blue, or a Red.

    Characters like the Freelancer's will be allowed later on, but only once we've reached the introductory point in the IC for their story-arc.

    We may be allowing more people to join later on, but 8 is our starting cut-off number.

    Blue Team

    1.) Private Dylan Robertson - Sora1297

    2.) Reserved for Edge



    Red Team.

    1.) SPC Dick Karman




    ~~ My character ~~

    God Save the Queen (open)


    "Private" Dylan Tiberius Robertson





    Team Alignment:


    Preferred Weapon(s):

    Weapons (open)
    Type-1 Energy Weapon/Sword
    (not yet aquired)


    and a

    BR55HB SR Battle Rifle


    Image of Emblem:

    Emblem (open)


    Dylan was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. He lived a pretty normal life and nothing special really happened to him or his family. Not that he could remember, though. He has a rather vague recollection of his early memories, but he blames the extreme physical training of the UNSC for his semi-amnesia.

    Dylan applied for the army when he turned 14 and began training the following year. He was the 3rd best in his class and managed to get through basic training before he was selected for a special group of soldiers who would be fighting against a team known as the "Reds". The Reds had decided to split from the UNSC and were labeled rebels, and soon after they apparently bombed a peaceful planet, intergalactic terrorists. Dylan was paired up with a commanding officer and another private before they were shipped off to the last known outpost of the Reds. However, upon his arrival to the base, he realized that there were only three Reds and figured that the job of destroying their threat would be simple.

    That was two years ago, and to this day, the Reds haven't done anything violent or even relatively evil towards the UNSC. Meanwhile, Dylan is still waiting for the war to begin, but he's found a few ways to pass the time until it does.

    Dylan is probably the only person at the base who isn't totally wrong for the military, but his aim is described as "nearly total-shit" by everybody he knows. Despite being a poor marksman, Dylan is actually quite skilled with hand-to-hand combat (for reasons he's never really explained). While he's normally a calm and reasonable guy (probably the most laid back in all of Blue base), he also has a bit of a temper and can blow up on people when he is irritated or annoyed beyond belief. He may not be leadership material, but since the Blue's last commander died in a freak accident (if you call a prank involving an active plasma grenade in the toilet an "accident"), Dylan sort of assumes command over the others (wether they like it or not).
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  2. Name:
    SPC Dick Karman



    Preferred Weapons:
    • Primary: M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle H4_splaser_trans.png
    • Secondary: M7/Caseless Submachine Gun H3-M7SMG-LeftSide.png

      Image of Character:
    • PlayerModel.png

      Image of Emblem:
    • maroon_coral_sparthelmet-on-yellow_astar.png

    Born in the back room of a bar in Austin, Texas, many would have expected Richard Karman to be one of those alcoholic babies you heard about every other day. And those people (mostly his mom's friends, family, and Facebook followers) were half-right. Dick did turn out to have a particular taste for alcohol. But he was hardly a retard. All through his schooling years Dick showed a distinct affinity for vehicles, fixing his bum dad's jeep at 10 and disabling 4 police squad cars by stealing several pistons and poking holes in the gas tanks. He also displayed his unique ability to rapidly attract and lose women. In an effort to escape the arms of the law and his angry exes, Dick joined the UNSC at 16.

    He was placed in a squad of soldiers marked as "Reds", called so for their warmly colored armor. They were given orders to defend their base on a specific planet, only to find that there wasn't much to defend against. There weren't even many locals to harass. Sometimes, Dick found himself wishing he was on the front lines fighting the Covenant. Then he would start polishing his pride and joy, a Warthog he dubbed "Lola", and all his boredom and worries melted away. Dick still hunts for old equipment and requests drops from command to continue pimping out his baby.

    One day, everything changed. Command radioed in about a rebel group of insurrectionists and terrorists calling themselves the "Blues". The enemy landed not too far from the Red base and constructed one of their own. However, despite all the things command told them (the bombs, the murders), the Blues stayed in their base and the Reds stayed in theirs. No war has been fought yet, and it doesn't seem one ever will be.

    Dick's days are typically spent lounging about on a couch he'd managed to salvage on a scouting mission one day while watching sitcoms and dramas he manages to catch off of public television, polishing and maintaining Lola, and otherwise dicking around the base. He isn't terrible at shooting, but is hardly a sniper. As such, he favors spray-and-pray or one-hit-kill weapons, thus the Splaser and SMG. Dick is often the one ordered about the most by the sergeant, but rarely gets the job done, instead opting to bully the privates into doing the work.
  3. Name: Doctor Raphael Daan
    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'7"

    Preferred Weapon(s): Battle Rifle, Pistol (alt)

    Image of Character: [​IMG]

    Image of Emblem: [​IMG]

    Bio: Raphael Daan (pronounced Dah-Ahn) was descended from Filipino-American refugees from Earth and grew up as a space colonist. He enlisted in the USMC in order to pay for university and medical school and grew to love fighting alongside his fellow soldiers on the battlefield. Relatively young and naive, Dr. Daan now serves the Reds faithfully and loyally. He is a brilliant scientist and physician with a nearly photographic memory. However, he is an abysmal fighter despite being a rather accurate marksman and has been called a "team-killing fucktard" on more than one mock battle exercise. He has actually managed to score a higher kill count than most Spartans...too bad his kill counts are usually from his own side. He usually takes everyone at face value, trusts everyone from the get-go, and is generally a friendly person to be around...just don't put him in a squad with you with a gun in his hand.

    It is quite likely he was assigned to the Reds because the Blues can't afford more losses....
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  5. and ever since monty oum joined rooster teeth, great fight scenes

    oh yeah, then RWBY came along

  6. Yeah, its fun. If Edge joins, then we'll have even teams. Which side did you want?

    Still there, its one of the most popular shows on the Internet. RWBY wants the fame and praise that RvB has gotten over the course of 10+ years.
  7. dude. idea.

    RvB vs RWBY

    that should be an RP

    just sayin'

    rabid fanbase war!
  8. You know who would win.

    The Reds and Blues would get their asses kicked while the Freelancers took down the cast of RWBY

    At any rate, love how all of our characters are still lazy/incompetent. Now we just need a moron, a sadist, and a douchebag and we'll be set.

    Make this happen, people.
  10. *raises hand*

    Douchebag/Asshole here

    And we have a Caboose character coming (hopefully?)

    But I don't even like RWBY...
  11. We have the Blue moron reserved, I assume the Blues could get a sadist, but the Reds NEED a douchebag Sergeant.
  12. well, let's see if someone joins up as one

    if not, i assume sora will do like he always does and allow multiple chars to a player

    OR because the reds lack a sergeant one of the non-sergeant chars is forced to be an acting leader...and a douchebag
  13. Also, Raz: if he's got grey armour, he's part of the Blue team. Just saying.
  14. i can't even see the image because i'm using a work computer; firewall pretty much shafted any means of me seeing the final result

    i'll correct it when i get onto a non-work computer
  15. Yeah, but I'm editing the role so it only applies under certain circumstances. But I'll allow multiples as the RP goes on (ex. Alien babies, Freelancer-esk characters, etc).
  16. Get back to work, you slacker. Come back when you're off the job.
  18. Just for that, you're getting a babeh.
  19. Oh, wonderful. Now when I get married and I'm in the delivery room I can say "Honey, for God's sake shut up! I have every notion of what pain you're in right now, and IT IS NOT THAT BAD!"
  20. that dialogue up there?

    that should be in the IC

    because that shit happens in RvB
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