Red vs Blue: The Valhalla Chronicles (Fan RP)

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  1. Red vs Blue: The Valhalla Chronicles


    A large squad is sent into the middle of the Ring, believing to be fighting in the war. However, upon their arrival, they are separated into teams and forced to fight in a "training simulation", described as a new war. However, each soldier/commander has a certain "quirk" about them that allows for the most dysfunctional "war" ever. Of All Time.

    So basically, this is an RP based off of the hit Machinima series "Red vs Blue". Basically, the RP would be a much more relaxed and fun story of around 6 soldiers (maximum of 8) just trying to figure out what to do in an extremely pointless war, much like the show.

    However, that's not all that's going on. There will be drama, mischief, pranks, disrespecting of command, robotic malfunctions, and a crap-ton more of stuff that will bring the soldiers into scenario's they need to get out of, while at the same time trying to defeat the other team. Like any good Halo RP, there will be action and adventure, but that can all come at a non-rushed level and everything can just be calm for a while.

    Still though, the RP would require some storytelling/plot-guiding features from the characters (such as situations, horrible plans, or even just dialogue about why the hell the group is standing in the middle of a canyon instead of being at the base where there's air conditioning). Its a bit of a free-form RP, but mostly just a casual and fun mix of humour, action, and a good sense of storytelling.

    Command Class Descriptions: (open)


    The leader of the squad, the single Sergeant carries short range weapons such as a Shotgun. They also deal with commanding the other officers and issue most of the orders


    There is typically only one Corporal per squad, being the Sergeant's second in command. The Corporal acts as a strategic adviser to the Sergeant and specializes in medium range weaponry (DMR, Assault Rifle, etc.), but are usually more keen to plan the fight than actually participate.


    On the same level as a Specialist, Doctor's have access to short ranged laser-based weapons. However, they are able to fully heal any soldier that is wounded, injured, or relatively near death (but there are obvious restrictions to what they can and can't heal).


    Specialists are the next rank up from Private, and they specialize (as the name implies) in one area, which includes: Marksmanship (Sniper Rifles), Heavy Weapons (RPGs, turrets, grenade launchers, etc.), Demolitions (explosives, both handheld (thrown) and placed) and Mechanics (Spartan Laser, vehicles).


    Privates are the lowest rank of soldier, with no specific skills in any one area, but they can use any weapon or vehicle. Typically 2 per squad, but more if required.

    All right, here's a more detailed idea of what the armor choices will be like.

    Armour (open)
    Armour color choices will be first come, first serve (as we don't want duplicate armor colors).

    You have basically three options to choose your armor colors and style.

    Option 1) Use this: It's a basic, in-browser Halo 3 armor generator, with color and style choices (helmet, etc.). Pick your armor and then post the final picture product.

    Option 2) Download this: It's a Halo Reach armor generator, so if you want to get more in-depth with your armor design than the simple Halo 3 generator you can choose to do so, but you do have to download it.

    Option 3) Upload your actual Halo 4 armor set did if you want to use it/have access to the game.

    After you've done one of those three things, you can opt to go here to make a Halo 4 emblem to your character.

    Although we'll be on a Halo 3 map (Valhalla), you can use armor and weapons from any of the Halo games.

    Armor colors you can choose will be based on what team you're on and what colors have already been taken.

    For reference:

    Reds = reds, orange, yellow, pink (white, tan)
    Blues = blues, purple, teal, greens (black, grey)

    In addition to your suit colour, you must also post your dialogue in the same colour as your suit. For example, my CS is done in the same colour as my character's suit

    A taken colours list coming with the OoC!!

    Anyways, I'll take this opportunity to claim the role of a Lime Green clad, cynical and sarcastic asshole as a Private for Blue-Team (Church-esk)

    Post below if you're interested and don't forget to claim your armour colour! We'll only be accepting a maximum of 8 people, but we'd need 4 to start (two members for each team)​
  2. Yes, a Red vs Blue rp! Though sorry to say, it is bothering me. Machinama is nowhere close the makers of this show. Roosterteeth made this show when Halo first came out to mock and make fun of the Game, but it turned out to be popular and Bungie even began to fund the show and the show developed to have a story.


    The blue Private that is clueless (Caboose type, but will have more common knowledge)
  3. A Caboose type and a Church type?


    I smell best friendship.
  4. "Time line? Time isn't made out of lines, time is made out of circles! That is why clocks are round!" -Michael J. Caboose
  5. "My name is Micheal J. Caboose. And I. Hate. Taxes!"

    "Its TEXAS, you idiot!"

    "That too!"
  6. I shall take... A MECHANICS Specialist. (I call the tank)
  7. But the question is: can you pick up chicks in a Tank?
  8. Of course! They all love my big guns.
  9. I killed this whole RP with that one comment, didn't I?
  10. Nope, I was thinking about uploading the CS so we could get working on them before the OoC.

    In the meantime, anyone have requests for plot lines/comic issues we'll deal with?
  11. We interacting with the AIs and Freelancer?
  12. A new group who will be replacing the Freelancers, yes. And A.I's.

    Also, aliens and robots, all the good stuff. And potentially the UNSC and the Chief himself. Still thinking about those.
  13. Anything you want to see done that hasn't already been done?
  14. Weeeeell, shall I post the character sheet so we can begin thinking about stuff?

    If we don't get another red by tomorrow, we can just work with the whole "Hey, there's only one red. This war is gonna be easy!" Idea
  15. Chief shows up. Expects.... Something. Finds nothing. Meets Tex. Both ride off into the sunset.
  16. Aha, yes. But I was thinking more of like we actually get drafted into the war after we basically initiate it.

  17. Something along those lines?
  18. Exactly that.
  19. So, you mean we are the ones who piss off the Covenant and are actually fighting? So would we be on one giant floaty ship the whole time actually fighting the aliens?
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