Red Velvet

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  1. It was night fall alright, where a few dim street lights lit up the inky night sky. Very few stars were coating the sky. The half quarter moon shined in the sky. A young male, around the age of eighteen years of age stood outside. Only wearing a red, long trench coat that exposed his bare chest. He was wearing a pair of olive-tan pants and boots on his feet. Upon his hands were black finger less gloves. His hair was silvery white colour and his eyes were a pale blue. He stopped at one of the lamp posts and looked up at the sky. There were some clouds coming in. Rain clouds.

    "Looks like rain..." He said. "Best get movin'"

    Letting off a sigh, the male started to walk. It seemed like the clouds were rolling in very fast. Some thunder was starting up as well. This was not a good sign. He then felt his stomach rumble. Letting off a sigh and placing a hand on it, the half-demon gave a groan.

    "Man... I am starved. I have the case of the major munchies.." He said. "Plus, it's about to rain! Aren't I the unlucky one?!"
  2. out of the shadows comes a girl with long blonde hair, wearing a dark red tank-top and black shorts. She looked to be about 15 to 17 years old. "I need your help,there are people after me. do you know any where i can hide?" she looks behind her and she hides behind you "if they ask im your girlfriend named rita."
  3. [[I am too nice not to reply.]]

    The demon in the read long coat raised an eye brow. Was this young girl who was random and someone he did not know just confront him? Was she in distress? He crossed his arms across his chest, ignoring his belly rumbles. Heaving a heavy sigh, Dante felt like helping this young female. He extended his hand to her.

    "Well then. I know a place we can go for now. Let's go, okay? Then we will talk."

  4. You could tell that she was re leaved that you would help her."Thank you so much!" she says and inter twined her fingers on yours."where to now?" she asks, trying to get you to hurry up and go."By the way i'm Isabel,what's your name?" she asks with kindness in her eyes.
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  5. [[It's fine. We all learn. It doesn't matter how large it is. You gave me enough to work with.]]

    The Half Demon smiled at the young female as he held his gloved hand to her. His gentle expression remained on his face as his blue eyes focused onto her eyes. He wanted to help this young woman out. He was too nice not to do that. His expression faded as he looked up at the sky again, feeling some rain drops fall. Pulling his coat close to him, he pulled Isabel, close to him.

    "I'm Dante. You can say I am a bit of everythin'." He said. "But it's about to rain. Let's go some place dry and maybe get our bellies filled." Nodded and showing a rather reassuring smile, he put his one free hand in his pants pocket. His stomach emitted a small rumble again.

    "Hungry?" He asked. He took her to a small bar where he liked to hang out.
  6. "So tell me about yourself." I says trying to keep up the conversation. "As you know i'm Isabel,the clowns that are after me are these crazy phyco dudes that work for my dad." I say quickly so no one over heard me." My dad is a scientist that just loves to experiment on me, so I ran away." I say continuing on
  7. After a while, Dante and his new friend, Isabel sat inside a bar. He pulled up a bar stool as he rested his arm on the table. He smiled at her, pointing to a seat next to him. He leaned back, smiling his typical smile, his blue eyes focusing onto his new friend. The rain pelted outside on roof of the bar. His smile faded when he heard about her being used as a guinea pig.

    "He did, eh? That sounds pretty disgustin'!" The half demon scoffed. "Why on earth would he want to test on you? Are you hidin' somethin'?"

    His tone sounded rather curious now. As soon as the bartender gave him his pizza, he grabbed a plate and placed a slice on it for Isabel.

    "Well, I can ya one thing. "I'm Dante. A Demon hunter. I hunt demons. I'm the son of Sparda."
  8. "No i'm not hidin' anything!" I ex lame. "So your a demon hunter eh? that is pretty cool!" "I'm actually a vampire, but I won't hurt you unless you threaten or attack me." I say hoping you won't kill me. "the funny thing is, the last person I bit was my dad and only because he almost killed my during an experiment." "Do you think I could stay with you tonight? I have no where else to go." I ask. "Oh and by the way i'll pay for the food."
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    Dante gave his new friend a wink as he leaned back, holding a bottle of cola. He un-popped the cap that was on it that the bar tender handed him. He tipped back the bottle as he brought it to his mouth and drank the contents inside. He set the bottle down as he smiled at her. DDid she just ask him if she could stay at his place? The "Devil May Cry" building of his? Sure, his place was a mess. With all the pizza boxes and bottles thrown about. As well for his clothes that were worn for a few days. He didn't mind company.

    "Sure!" He happily said. "I wouldn't mind ya at my place." He smiled. He was also surprised that she was going to pay for the food. What a treat!

    "Why don't we eat first, so we can talk more. I wanna get to my place before the weather worsens."
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    "Ok! So what do you do as a demon hunter?" she asked. She wanted to know what you do because she was, to put it simply curious. She had never heard of a demon hunter before,and wanted to know what they do. she knew they hunted demons, because that wasn't obvious enough, she wanted to know the details of it. How do they do it, what do they use to catch them,stuff like that.
  11. The half demon drummed his fingers in the table as he was humming to the upbeat jazz music in the pub. His smile remained on his face. Was it a smile? More like a smirk. He laughed a bit as he rested a hand on his lap, grabbing another slice of his pizza. He put the slice in his mouth as he took a bite out of it. He swallowed the piece as he leaned back.

    "Ah. Hunt demons. Keepin' the human world safe. Y'know. Same crap every day. Day in and day out."

    HE wondered if she would understand this or even get it. He hoped she would.
  12. She looked into your eyes as you finished the sentence. "Wow that must get really boring after a while." She said with a smile on her face. She reached for the can of soda and took a sip of it. "Why do you keep doing the same thing every day? I mean it must get tiring after a while,so why do you keep doing it every single day?" She asked. She reached for a slice of pizza as she waited for you to answer the question.
  13. "Eh.." He gave a simple wave with his hand as he finished a slice of his pizza and whiping his chin off of the crumbs and sauce. "It does get borin', until some random hot babe comes by. Sometimes that said hot babe would be armed with a weapon or two and point it at my own head."

    When she asked him why he does it, he gave a smirk and a wink.

    "Keepin' the human world safe from demon attacks. Though.." He paused for a moment as he rubbed under his nose. "I do miss someone I know deeply..."
  14. She felt sorry for him and gave him a hug. "I'm a hot babe, and I don't have a weapon pointed at your own head now do I?" she was hoping that you would notice that she is flirting with you. "we should probably get going to you house before you have to carry me home."
  15. He gaves a small laugh as he smiles at her. He tapped the tip of her nose with his index finger. He waved his hand a bit to her as finished his pizza. The bar tender shook his head, laughing at the two. He slipped Dante his bill. Dante shrugged and pulled out his wallet, fumbling for his change. He then remembered that his friend was going to pay for dinner.

    "You was gonna pay, right?" He asked. He crossed his arms across his chest as he let off a yawn.
  16. She rolls her eyes and lets out a sigh as she pulled out her wallet."Yes I am gonna pay,so where to now?" She asked curiously.
  17. Dante gave a small laugh as he rubbed the back of his head. Would he want to show this girl his 'humble' home? The Devil May Cry? Sure, the place was a mess. With bottles of booze and pizza boxes strewn about the floor. Maybe he could take her to it. Let's hope she didn't mind a messy area.

    "Follow me.." He said. "Just follow me."
  18. [ sorry for short reasponces,but im having writers block lol]

    " ok..." she said as she got up and followed you out the door. " So what is your place like? and don't worry about messes, I had to live with three of the slop-est brothers alive." She said with a smile on her face. She wondered how big the house would be and what it looked like. " So you never told me about your parents...I told you about mine,so you should tell me about yours. What are they like? she stated questioningly and tilted her head. She held her hand out to him as if suggesting something...she won't realize how much she really liked Dante until later