Red Strings Of Fate

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  1. ~Red Strings Of Fate~
    A soft spoken Secretary or a law firm and a cocky millionaire franchise owner. Normally, the two would never meet. She would be just another person passing by in a crowd to him and he would be just another person on TV.

    But after one night when they happened to be in the same hotel with their dates, the two were drugged by the millionaires opposing company, the soft spoken Secretary winds up pregnant with the millionaires child, and the scandalous word gets out of the millionaires one night stand.

    While they try to figure out what to do with the child and how to fend off the millionaires enemies, the millionaire struggles to keep the secret from his longtime girlfriend while the Secretary tries to keep the secret from her flirtatious boss who's interested in her.

    Will the two of them figure out how to work things out? Will they develope feelings for each other, or go their separate ways?

    -First of all, yes this is loosly based off of a Korean Drama..
    -I don't mind swearing. It's fine.
    -There might be sexual themes, fade to black for those. This isn't a libertine roleplay.
    -Two to three paragraphs please.
    -If you want to drop out, please say so.
    -if you can't post for a while, let us know here.


    Secretary: Hana Yoon @MiraiNikki021209
    Millionaires Girlfriend: Kim He Yi @Lady Chess
    Secretaries Boss:
    Enemy 1:
    Enemy 2:

    Character Sheet:



    Hana Yoon
    Hana is kind and soft spoken. She doesn't like sticking out or having attention drawn to her. But despite that, people notice her but for one reason only. She can't say no. If they tell her to do work for them such as clean up their desk or run out to get coffee she will do it with a smile on her face. The people at work think of her as a push over and even though she knows she should get a back bone, she's afraid she will make someone feel bad if she says no.
    Hana has always been a kind person, ever since she was a child. The other kids would often take advantage of her when she had something they wanted. And she was always too nice to refuse. Growing up, she was close to her father who had sadly died by the time she was nine in a car accident. Her mother, who owns a small restauran, raised her. Hana loves her mother deeply, but she didn't want to stay in the small town. So when she was old enough she moved to the city and took up the job as a secretary at a law firm. Everyone has her do things for them even if it's part of their job, except for her boss who she knows likes her, but she's too shy to ever accept a date from him.
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    Name: Kim He Yi
    Age: 30
    Personality: Business like and book smart. She is always trying to find a good opportunity to exercise her intelligence. She doesn't like being demeaned or being underestimated. She doesn't enjoy drama or gossip and is known for being forward and confronting people.
    Role: Millionaire's Girlfriend
    Bio: Kim, like her mother, was raised in a medical family. She studied for several years earning a degree for dermatology. She has had a hand in developing several popular face creams and serums. Most of her wealth comes from her parents, although she works hard to earn a fortune of her own. She barely ever sees her family, but her father is very protective over her.

    (I feel like it would be better to edit this if/when the boyfriend shows up. Also, I love 'Fated to Love You'. I was addicted to it for a while!)
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  3. @Lady Chess Accepted, thanks! And I love it too!! >~< It's so cute..
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