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  1. There are already several zombie threads but I felt like making my own version. All iwaku rules apply and cnstructive criticism is appreciated as this the first RP I have created.

    As humanities population grew it settled into more hostile environments. One of these was the antarctic. Soon the over population created a serious problem. Disease. Patient zero was a scientist in the arctic. The disease quickly spread by means of blood transfusion, skin contact and it thrives in freezing air. Symptoms include, decaying skin, nose bleeds and extreme homicidal and cannibalistic tendencies. It takes about 2 days to fully turn. Walls and other security measures were put in place prevent the disease from spreading outside the confines of the arctic circle. This RP takes place 3 months after the walls were built.

    Zach shivered inside his crude igloo in the middle of the night. His flashlight grew dimmer as it ran out of battery. Shit, guess its another trip to that hell hole of a city for more supplies. Better not leave until morning though. He pulled his sleeping bag tighter.
  2. Alexandra trudged through the snow with soft growls, tugging along a younger boy at her sides. He shivered, squeezing his sister's hands nervously. "A-are we gonna-"

    "Shut up, Matthew!" She hissed, eyes narrowing. "You'll attract them again, and we need to rest! I'm not going through that experience again!"

    "..." Matthew's head dropped a little and he sniffled. A tear slid down the eight year old's cheek, landing onto his crimson red scarf tied around his neck. Quickly, he wiped away the tear with the back of his gloved hand, refusing to look up at the older female. "It was just an accident..."

    A silence fell over the pair for a moment or two, only being broken by the crunching of the snow under their feet, before Matthew got fed up. "... I hate this..." He grumbled, sounding like a three year old having a tantrum.

    "Yeah? So do I. But who's the one doing the work?"

    "... I hate this..."

    "You said that!" Alexandra scowled.

    He shrugged. "But it's still true."

    "Don't be a smartass, Matty."

    The siblings stopped for a moment. The older female quickly looked around for any incoming danger before relaxing once she saw no zombies. They needed a break. She quickly turned to Matthew, a gentler expression on her face. "How about you finding me a good place to set up camp, yeah?" She asked him softly, rubbing his shoulder. He nodded, a determined glint in his eyes. "Mhmm! I'll go see if anyone's around!"

    "You do that."

    Alexandra turned her back for a second, releasing a yawn, but that was all it took for Matthew to screw up. He cupped his hands over his mouth, immediately yelling at the top of his lungs, "Hello?! Anyone have shelter out there! We need some!" He took a breath, about to continue when the female lunged at him, covering his mouth with her hand. Her eyes were wide as she surveyed the area, fear bubbling in her stomach. He had gone and done it now...
  3. Zach sat upright thinking he heard someone yell something nearby. He picked up gun and threw the bolt back 3 cm before it jammed. God damnit frozen again . He thought as he threw it aside. He poked his head out the top of his igloo and scans for anything or anyone.
  4. "You idiot! This is what fucking attracts them!" She snarled into his ear in a whisper, pulling out the ice pick by her side.

    "Mmhm gmmjh mmm!!" He protested, but immediately fell quiet by the glare she sent him.

    "Someone might see us, we need to go..." She murmured, unknowingly heading in Zach's direction, dragging Matthew with her.
  5. Zach sees the two and ducks inside to grab his gun. " It may be frozen but they wont know that." He thought. He exits the igloo and walks towards them, gun raised.
  6. Alexandra was lost in her own thoughts, almost so engrossed that she didn't notice the male walking towards them with a gun. She frooze, shoving Matthew behind her. She glared at him, lips curling into a snarl. "You know, I don't like guns pointed at my face, mister."
  7. "And I don't like people shouting into the night and attracting every goddamn infected within a few miles." He sees Mathew behind her. " are either of you infected?"
  8. "Do we look infected?" She rolled her eyes. "No, were are not. Now lower the gun." She kept up her glare, not wanting to show any signs of weakness despite her heart beating wildly in terror.
  9. He thinks for a minute. "Don't do it Zach, they'll just kill you take them inside. "He thought. "I have shelter. Put all your items on the ground so I can make sure you don't have any weapons." He keeps his gun up.
  10. Alexandra groaned. "We're gonna be killed if you keep this up!" She argued stubbornly, keeping a tight grip on her ice pick.
  11. "Do you want help or not? Give me the icepick" He says growing frustrated.
  12. Knowing stubbornness wouldn't help with this dick, Alexandra gave up. "Fine! I'll put it down!" She snapped and threw it a few feet in front of her, her backpack following suit. She folded her arms, "Wanna feel me up so you can make sure I'm not holdin' anything else, hun?" She spat, venom and sarcasm dripping from her tone.
  13. He ignores her tone "No need for that. Just gotta make sure you don't have anything in here." He said. He holds his gun at them with one hand and with other the other he searches thir stuff to make sure there are no weapons. A growl is heard in the distance.
  14. She opened her mouth to make a witty remark, but her jaw hung midair at the sound of the growl. Her breathing hitched and her eyes widened, her body frozen.

    Matthew whimpered, burying his face in his sister's side. Desperately, she stared at the man in front of them, not sure if he'd shoot if they moved.
  15. "Well, you're all good." He says and quickly hands it to them. "Inside, now." He points to his igloo and walks as fast as he can without making crunching the ice beneath his feet and making noise.
  16. 'Thank fuck he didn't check Matthew...' She exhaled and quickly tugged the stuff back on. Quickly, she turns to the youbger boy, pressing a finger to her lips- which he replied with a nod- and they sped after the other quietly.
  17. He ushers them inside the small ice structure. It's big enough for about 3 large people so they are cramped with the gear in there as well. "I have to be honest." He points at the ice around the bolt of his gun. "It doesn't even work."
  18. As soon as they're in, the siblings collapsed on their knees onto the ground, grateful for the break they had been deprived of for hours. Alex glanced up at the gun, swearing under her breath at ger own stupidity.

    "... Would have been nice to know that earlier..." She mumbled, throwing her things beside his gear. Matthew followed suit, throwing his backpack.

    "But... Thank you. For taking us in."
  19. "No problem. One, or should I say 2 people saved is two less zombies to fight." He said. "But that shouting you did attracted several of them. We'll be here for awhile before they leave."
  20. Matthew looked away bashfully, nibbling on his bottom lip.

    "Sounds okay to me. Better in her than battling hyperthermia out there." Alex shrugged.
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