Red Snow

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    (Task Force Head-Quarters)

    A large screen showed the picture of a desolate, abandoned town. A man stood in front of four seated people who, though young, were the best of the best. Cracking his knuckles, the man at the front called attention and gestured to the picture.

    "This is Red River. The last picture ever taken of the little town. It was taken a few days ago, before traffic cams and security cams went awol and stopped working. We lost contact with the town, no one is going in or out. We have no idea what's going on, which is why you're here," the man said. He clapped his hands and looked at the group. "Ladies and gentlemen, you're to go into this town and find out what happened, find citizens, find whatever there may be to find."

    The man headed to the door. "You'll be heading off in ten minutes, there are two trucks waiting outside with anything you might need. Pack up a few other things and get out there fast," he explained. With that, he left the team to do their tasks.

    Hours later, in Red River

    Lily peeked out from behind a tree. Two large black trucks were coming into the town and she could sense the humans, even from that distance. With a small smile, she headed off to find her big brother. When she found him, she jumped on his back playfully.

    "Big brother, can you smell them?" she asked. "There are humans."

    Meanwhile, Thomas was wandering around, oblivious to the events about to take place. The two trucks went past him, stopping a short distance away. The sudden sight made Thomas jolt, though inwardly he smirked. He stood his ground, waiting for the humans to come out and question him. He looked around, wondering if any of the others had seen them come in. They probably had, but he assumed they were all in their own dark corners. They would show up soon enough.

    These humans would last as long as a keg of beer at a frat party.

    Or so he thought.
  2. Lutecia sat on a branch in one to the trees near the road as she watched the two trucks drive into town. From her position, she could tell the occupants of the two trucks were indeed human.

    “It appears as though things may have just gotten much more interesting around here.” She said quietly to herself before leaping down from the tree. She landed with a quiet thud that wouldn’t have been audible to a normal human and then made her way towards the town in search of the others.
  3. Emma adjusted the gun on her holster as she glanced out of the window. Her brows furrowed in confusion and wonder. To say this place was a ghost town was an understatement. Ghost towns were old and empty, rusting and decaying. This town was like any other small town, minus the people. It was as if they just vanished into thin air. Yet how could such a large amount of people vanish all at once in such a short amount of time? More questions were rising up in the task force member's head, that she managed to tamper down for the moment.

    She glanced out the tinted window again, her eyes not noticing anyone, but truly not expecting anyone either. Emma wasn't even sure there was anything left to find in this town. But still, she hoped. Even if she couldn't bring whoever was responsible to justice, Emma just wanted an answer as to how so many people were just lost.
  4. Feeling a presence familiar to him, Sammael's body shivered at the blood shed that was to come. He had been in a small supermarket looking for various items to keep him from starving. He had walked out when he felt the presence, then his little sister jumped on his back.

    "Yes, indeed I feel the presence of much wanted blood. Little sister, what's going through that delightful little head of yours? I would like more fun. You provide the best."
  5. "Well," Lily said, hanging on her brother's shoulders. "I'm tired of having to take or your blood or take blood from the hospital's supply." She smiled a little, resting her head against him. "Let's go find some of the others, I want to play with the humans before we eat them," she said, jumping down.

    Lily started walking off, expecting Sammael to come with her. "Let's go big brother," she said, smiling and laughing gently.
  6. "Of coarse little sis. I guess you could never cure your thirst for blood and my hunger for blood shed. We should have someone scout and see who they are. I don't want for any of our people to suffer casualties."

    Even if he wasn't the leader of their group, no one really was, he knew their numbers shouldn't go down anytime soon before they could get get them back up. Maybe they could attempt to turn these people. But that'll be a hassle. "What kind of fun are you thinking of sis?"
  7. The truck Emma was in suddenly stopped and she looked out the window. "Why would we stop?" she mumbled more to herself than to those around her. Cautiously and despite the warnings she was given of being careful in the town, she stepped out of the vehicle, only to note that it was completely empty in the area around the truck. Though she figured the whole town was like that too and not just the area she was in. The roads were clear, so why did they stop?
  8. Lace and Victoria sat against one of the walls closest to the hospital. Lace groaned at Victoria who was painting her nails blood red. She loved the color red as did everyone else in this town, she was glad the supermarket sold nail polish or her life would be over. Today was such a wonderful day and she stayed out in the open, while her brother Lace, stayed under the shadow of the rotunda for the hospital, his eyes closed in an evil stare, he was thinking hard and she wondered why. They would be thirsty soon and couldnt wait to bite some humans, if they wanted to leave that is. the town was perfect for them, quiet, deserted by an incodent they had caused. Lace hated bei9ng a vampire and didnt enjoy his life before, Victoria was jsut happy to be away from her crazy fiance yet her brother made being a vampire worth not killing herself. She had tried, but her brother was always the one to hide the secrets and hold the memories. Victoria stopped and lifted her head from teh wet nail polish and glanced at her brother "Lace, are you okay?" no answer. Something was bugging him.
  9. Alex got out after Emma and stood a little off to the side away from the others. Staring at the town, he noted that the town looked deserted, just like in the photos, not to his surprise anyways. He took out a notebook and pen and started to write down observations about the buildings around them and the rest of the little details of the town that he could see. "Well there isn't much to learn from this place..." he spoke a little quietly, talking to himself, then leaned up against one of the trucks. Frowning a little, he pulled out his headphones and put them on, but kept the music low so that he could still hear what was going on around him.
  10. While making her way back into town, Lutecia noted that the trucks had come to a halt. “Hmm, I wonder why they’ve stopped.” She said to herself before quietly making her way over to them, making sure to stay in the shadows as she did so. When she was close enough, she watched as two humans got out of one of the trucks and look around. Not seeing the reason as to why they stopped, she did the same. Seconds later she saw that Thomas was standing on the side of the road not far from her. “So that’s why they stopped.”

    Knowing that Thomas would be able to handle the humans himself, she decided to continue her search for the others and tell them what little information she had gathered. Moving quietly so that she wouldn’t alert the humans to her presence, she was able to quickly make her way through the small town and locate two members of their group.

    “Hello Lily, Sammael.” She said as she made her way over to them. “I take it you have notice our towns newest visitors.”
  11. Isis sat comfortably in the truck, one leg crossed over another and eyes closed as the truck moved. She appeared to be sleeping, though the moment the truck came to a stop she was up and alert, soon hopping out the vehicle behind Emma and Alex. In the nearly stark white environment, the guy standing not far off stuck out like... well, like a sore thumb. Her gaze moved away from him for a moment though, scanning over the surrounding buildings.

    When she found nothing concerning, she focused back on the guy in the dark clothing... he was more of kid really, and though they could called kids themselves, it'd be a mistake to do so. "You there," she said, calling out to the kid, "where are the other residents of this town? Are you alone?" she asked, figuring she'd start with the simple questions.
  12. Thomas smiled as he was approached. Though, his smile could've been mistaken for an ominous smirk. He shook the smirk away though and plastered a nice smile to his face. "Oh? I was hoping you could tell me," he said. "I just got here. No one's here though." Thomas lifted his head up a little taking a deep breath. "You can tell something freaky happened," he said.


    Lily smiled, her fangs gleaming. "Maybe I can get them into a dark area and you can attack them," she said. "Let's have more fun though. It's been a while and simply killing them won't be enough." She thought for a moment. "We'll talk to the others."

    She turned as Lutecia approached them, grinning. "Yes, we've noticed them. Do you want to play with them?" she asked, laughing gently. "We were just talking about what we should do with these humans. Do you know how many there are?" Lily asked.
  13. "At least 5 I believe" Lace stepped out of the shadows, he wasnt one to get into the conversations but as his sister called him, he was a pretty boy and liked to be nosy when he wasnt supposed to be. His sister had to dry her nails so she left him alone. He glance at everyone and rested his eyes on Lily who the real answer he gave matched. He nodded to all of them before he spoke once more "Should we play with them? Make them want to stay here than dispose of them while they have their back turned?"
  14. "We should pick them off one by one. Make them beg for mercy. To see their fallen comrades and torture their minds. Once the last one begs for mercy, we'll grant them their wish." He smiled warmly at his little sis. He knew she'd like to play for a while.
  15. Emma didn't get to her position by being ignorant. She was an observant person, and she could tell there was more to this person than he was letting on. She supposed that she was suspicious of everyone not in the task force right now though because looking a round, she found it a miracle that anything living could be in the area and yet here was one person. One. Yes, Emma did find it quite odd.

    Despite her suspicions, she didn't voice any of them, instead nodding along to what the man had said. "You're right, it's just like a ghost town," she said simply, before approaching the stranger. "I'm Emma by the way," she introduced with a soft smile as she held out her hand.
  16. She suspected her teammates held the same suspicions she did about this boy. Even if he did just arrive here, would a non-suspicious person just hang around such an eerie place on their own for long? Very unlikely. And a non-suspicious person surely wouldn't be smiling calmly after finding a ghost town. But like her teammate, she didn't voice any of this directly... and unlike her teammate, she didn't bother introducing herself. It was unnecessary.
    "Well, however you got here, you should leave now," she warned, turning back towards the truck to retrieve the rest of her gear.
  17. He could feel their suspicion and see it in their eyes. They didn't trust him at all, but that was fine. Thomas could tear them apart, but he knew the others had probably sensed them by now too. They would be angry if he killed these humans on his own, so he may as well hide in the shadows and watch. He'd get his turn soon.

    He smiled and took the woman's hand, "My name's Thomas." He turned to the other and nodded. "Yeah, I suppose I should leave," he replied, his eyes gleaming. He started walking away, but turned back to them. "Oh... Actually, mind if I go with you?" he asked, "My cousin lives, or lived, in this town. That's why I'm here, but I haven't seen him. Maybe you could just drop me off at his house?"


    Lily smiled as Lace came over as well, greeting him warmly. She went back to Sammael's side and grabbed his hand, pulling a little. "Maybe we should show ourselves," she suggested, "We could tell them about some fake, strange disaster and invite them to investigate in some place. There we could make our move." She turned to Lace and Lutecia, still grinning.

    "We could treat them like hamsters and trap them somewhere, let them run around for a while and tease them while they look for a way out." Lily sighed a little. "When they get to the end, if they get to the end, we'll kill them in one swoop. Or play with them more."
  18. "But sis, its better to pick them off. Have them feel the fear of not only losing their lives, but knowing they could've prevented it if they were together. It's the thrill of the hunt lil sis,that'll bring us great pleasure." Giving her a kiss on her forehead, he morphed his body into a golden retriever. Then he began walking over to the humans. Acting as if he had a limp, he began to whimper. Trying to draw them in. Knowing that they couldn't resist, he made his eyes look sad.
  19. "going in and meeting them all at once will lead them to think this is an ambush" Lace added, his voice monotoned and his eyes showing no form of emotions. "Humans arent stupid, they will know if we find them at once. They need to find us on their own, that way they will stay here" Lace wasnt into just playing with them like lab rats, he used to be played with like a lab rat and knew the feeling like he knew his own mind. It was a horrible feeling and he wanted it to end.
  20. Alex looked at the boy, they appeared to be about the same age, but there was definitely something off about him. After looking around once more, he noticed a dog limping with a sad look. He felt sorry for the dog, but was too cautious to go near it. He looked at the other, then back at the dog, "First the kid, now the injured dog," Alex felt slightly annoyed, "I don't like anything about this town, it's weird." Ignoring the dog and boy, he went and got his gear out of one of the trucks. Alex knew there was something really off about this town, it was bad enough that it pretty much had vanished from the world. The thing that really bothered him though, wasn't the fact that there was no one but the kid and dog around, it was the fact that it had a creepy feeling to it.