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    Several weeks ago, the small town of Red River experienced it's first snow storm. Surprisingly, after the snow storm, the town also saw a drastic increase in population.

    Then, three days ago, something strange happened. The entire town seemed to shut down, breaking all contact with the rest of the country. The small town, in the center of a large forest, seemed to have disappeared off the map completely within a few days. A task force was formed, with four to six people, by a secret agency to go investigate. They weren't given much information, aside from the fact that contact was lost.

    The task force is to go in and talk to locals.

    But upon arrival they'll discover that, despite the drastic increase of population, there are only a few people. Approximately eight to ten people left in the town.

    So where did the other citizens go? On average, the town had a population of up to four hundred people.

    Unfortunately for the task force, the citizens who are left aren't as mundane as they appear. Little does the force know, they were sent into the hunting grounds of a migrating group of monsters. These monsters vary from vampires to shape-shifters. This is a group responsible for several other incidents like the one of Red River, though those stories were covered up quickly.

    Now, the task-force must fight to get out of the town or die trying. Outnumbered and outmatched, will they make it?

    •Please wait for approval~ Only *I* may add names to the list below
    •People may or may not die
    •Once we get 4 people for the task force and eight people for the citizens, sign-ups will be closed (though if more people than that sign up, that's good, but once I see that amount of people *at least* I'll start the IC)
    •If you have an idea for another monster you'd like to be, please PM me~
    •Thoughts and ideas are always appreciated~
    •*No*, task force members may *not* be a monster, may *not* know about monsters (until later), may *not* have weapons that can kill monsters
    •I do encourage romance, and I'm all for forbidden romance, but don't "fall in love at first sight". *Remember* these monsters are supposed to be ruthless and merciless!

    Task Force Members:
    1. Emma Florence (dulde)
    2. Gavin Hellbrook (Adries Summerset)
    3. Isis Lange (Shiny)
    4. Alex Kammerer (Ichigo)

    1. Lily Brenan (Clockwork)
    2. Sammael Brenan (Ashaekin)
    3. Evelina (Paige)
    4. Milla St. Claire (Lily of Ice)
    5. Victoria Schmer (Leucothea)
    6. Lace Schmer (Leucothea)
    7. Thomas Freat (Clockwork)
    8. Lutecia Avenir (Fate)

    ~Character Sheets~
    Monster or Task Force?
    Race (Monsters only)

  2. Name Lily Brenan

    Age 16 (vampire years)

    Gender Female

    Monster or Task Force? Monster

    Race (Monsters only) Vampire

    Show Spoiler

    Personality Very eccentric and somewhat hot-headed. She's ruthless though, killing anyone just to get what she wants.

    Bio Her young appearance makes her look innocent and sweet. Which she is, to the other monsters though, not so much to humans. She usually plays a quiet child, someone that people approach to ask if she's alright. Look out though, good-samaritans have a better taste, according to her.

    Name Thomas Freat

    Age 18

    Gender Male

    Monster or Task Force? Monster

    Race (Monsters only) Shape-shifter

    Show Spoiler

    Personality A nice guy (most of the time). He's a trickster, sometimes for fun, sometimes to get revenge, sometimes to get a meal. Looking at him, you would think he's a sweetheart, which he is sometimes, however, when involving humans he's rude and very deadly.

    Bio Tommy grew up in a very lonely enviroment, all alone to be exact. Not in a 'lone-wolf' sort of way, but in a 'no one wanted him' sort of way. His parents were killed when he was younger, the reason for his ruthless killings against humans, and he was taken care of by his pack for a while.

    However, Tommy always found himself getting into trouble. Ultimately, this caused his abandonment by his pack, leaving him alone at a young age. He moved along, killing and eating as he pleased. When he reached Red River, he found that there were others there that weren't humans and decided to stay and continue the killing of the Red River citizens.
  3. Name: Emma Florence
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Monster or Task Force? Task Force
    Race: Human

    Personality: Emma loves a good fight. She has a huge sense of justice and genuinely cares for people. Therefore, she's willing to risk her life to protect the people of Red River. If she fails, she feels an enormous sense of guilt, but she is always willing to improve. She has intense determination and focus on her goal to bring whatever troubles to justice. Though this is admirable, when mixed with her impatientness and short temper, it can allow her to get angry, act without thinking, and develop tunnel vision.

    Bio: She's trained in several forms of martial arts and multiple types of weapons since a young age and when offered a position in the task force took it immediately and left home. She was living on her own anyways so it wasn't like she lost much coming to join. In fact, that's the big reason why she's so willing to risk her life, she's got nothing to lose after all. Her parents are still alive however, but she keeps scarce contact with them, if any at all.
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  7. Name Gavin Hellbrook Age 20 Gender Male Monster or Task Force? Task Race (Monsters only) Appearance Personality Calm, quite and capable Bio Raised to fight and survive, orphaned at the age of 15, quickly learned how to handle any situations, he prefers the night time and darkness.

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  9. Name : Sammael Brenan
    Age : 18
    Gender : Male
    Race : Shape-Shifter
    Appearance : images.jpeg
    Personality : Typical silent type, major bloodlust, cocky, and loves to seduce others.
    Bio : Sammael has always lived in the city of Red. He didn't know what had changed when the town went desolate. And eventually, he began to change. Into anything he wanted. He soon to exhibit bloodlust, always wanting to drink from his victims. He feels it is his curse, and will always live with it.
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  11. Name: Evelina
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Monster or Task Force? Monster
    Race (Monsters only) Vampire
    Personality: Very secretive, sly and will risk her life to protect her history. She loves leading people on and uses seduction as a tool to get what she needs. Tends to stay away from her own kind.
    Bio: Evelina has one thing more important to her than herself, and that's a tattered brown book. After leaving Italy in the late eighties she arrived in Red and settled, for reasons only known to her. It was a small enough town so that she could remain in hiding without drawing attention to herself. You can usually find her in the back of bars, hidden in a row of books. If not there, her own place, studying her history and all supernatural phenomena.
    Appearance: (People can view her as beautiful until they get a closer look. The majority of her body is scarred, her neck and back are the worst.) [​IMG]
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  14. Name:Milla St. Claire
    Age:19(monster terms)
    Monster or Task Force?Monster
    Race (Monsters only):Shape-shifter
    Personality:Milla is a very snobby woman who looks down on those younger than her. She has a bias against those not as polished as herself, and hates humans with a passion. Though standoffish, she enjoys having somebody close so she's not completely alone.
    Bio:She has been traveling for years, hunting and killing, usually practicing a particularly malicious method: act as an abandoned child or innocent girl to get invited in, then kill in their sleep. She lives with a pack occasionally, only whsn her companion dies so she can find a new one.
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  18. [size=+1]Name: Isis Lange
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Monster or Task Force?: Task Force
    Race: Human
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Rather cold and uncaring about other's feelings, she always states whats on her mind even if its considered rude. She doesn't believe in giving special treatment and that people can only learn through hardship.
    Bio: Her mother having passed when she was too young to remember, she was raised alone by her militaristic father, who long had been discharged due his borderline crazy and over paranoid views. He believed one should be prepared to fight against threats at any time and raised her to be the same way. Although she wised up to her father's madness long ago, the training that was forced on her lead her to receiving a position on the task force.
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  20. Name Victoria Schmer
    Age 1200

    Gender Female
    Monster or Task Force?Monster
    Race (Monsters only) vampire
    Personality Victoria is a bubbly vampire, she has had some time to practice acting a happy cheery human. But she cannot control the lust for blood. She never refrains from killing and draining. Her personality is very akward, she seems to have two personalities, the vampire itself and then her from before she changed.
    Bio Victoria was a happy teen, born in Arizona where snow is rare, she seeked another town to hade from her murderous fiance. And to find the perfect snow. Her fiance had never found her and in worry about him finding her she became a vampire to protect herself. Unable to control the blood lust she stayed in the town. Fully out of fear to leave, but she is happy living in the town which now she calls home.

    Name: Lace Schmer
    Age: 1300
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Personality: Lace is calm and collected, he still has the power to control hois blood lust, unlike his sister. When Lace meets someone he uses the upmost respect, he is a true gentleman. Opening doors for girls and bringing them roses on occasions. He wishes to love and to be loved, despite his blood lust when his control ends, Lace is a gentle beast. Over protective and tends to lash out for no reason. He tries hard to keep the human side of him still there. He doesnt like to suck blood from others so he has his sister do it for him and he drains her. He flirts alot! He has an endorphine that is released when he bites, that gives his victim sexual pleasure instead of pain. So he rarely bites from males.
    Bio: Lace had a straight forward life. He was farely perfect, perfect job, wife, A+ children. He hated his life, hated everything about it even the children and wife whom he was forced to marry. Until his sister told him about a place where they could start new and he accepted. He has been in the same town for about half his human life, he became a vampire when his sister bit him.