Red Snow: Preying Shadows (OOC & Sign-Up)

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  1. ''Never let the light fade or they will come for you and strike. They are always watching, hoping that one day you'll forget about them and enter the darkness. Always fear the dark, for it only wants to harm you.''

    In the war of 2018, during the winter months, brothers waged war for resources and their own person reason. The weaker are forced to retreat to a town they had burned and pillaged days earlier, most of the houses destroyed and holding the frozen remains of the unlucky. The only building untouched was the church. Seeking warmth inside they huddle together and all eventually fall asleep until they all wake up in a pitch black room with screams of their fellow man surrounding them.

    Unable to move their feet are grabbed by hands and held to the ground as they are taken to a large pitch black room under the church where they are thrown into a pile of rotting bodies. The person who had put them inside closed the hard metal door as they were just beginning to stand up. With them pounding at the door he laughed and knocked on it mockingly. ''The door is thick and strong, there is no escape.'' His laugh trailed off as he left to wherever.

    Every minute they heard the sound of flesh ripping and the bloodcurdling screams of another man. The 1st day was the hardest, but that was not the ending. Water was never a problem as it flowed down the walls frequently, though food was another problem. Forced to eat another man was cruel and inhumane, but they had to do it to survive.

    The shadows were only watching for now, but all would fall in the end.

    The idea of this whole ''Red Snow'' thing came from my interest in warfare during the winter and a certain Creepypasta that I really enjoyed reading. I have different ideas for the series, but this is one I'd like to try first. This is in no way meant to be sexual, but pure gore and brutality. I only put it in the mature section to see if anyone is interested, and then if no one is, I shall put it in the miscellaneous sign-ups.

    Join if you are interested, please. Oh, and no OP characters or powerplayers.


    I am okay with descriptions as looks, as I have come to like that more than pictures.
    Ahum- Sorry for my enthusiasm, but it is hard to find a non-childish roleplayer nowadays.
    Also, if I made any mistakes in interperting the situation or if you'd rather I play as a male then please, do not hesitate to tell me!
    //I admit I haven't roleplayed in a month, so pelase, bear with me.

    Name: Eline Starkenburg
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Eline is a silent listener and tries to stay out of people's way, unles they need help. Honestly, she's a bit of a coward when it comes to fighting, but when attacked she'll bite/scratch or atleast attempt to stop you.
    (I'm keeping it short) Her father came from the Netherlands and her mother from Gemany, which is why she holds such an odd name, but due her parents their timely death she does not speak the language. She is a certified nurse, graduated and everything, but a graduation does not get you a job(sadly). Then with the war starting and her sister wanting her to get a job Eline signed up for special forces. After harsh month of camp she was deployed to fight- Well, heal. It wasn't even that bad, the boys at the ward were happy to see her and she could finally apply her education, but when teh enemy took the offence and drove back the forces the camp was attacked and she was forced to flee.
    Young. She has a slender figure, with petite curves and long legs. Her hands and feet are both small and thin, covered in mildlly toned rough skin, with small scars around her wrist and upper-legs. She has an oval/egg -shaped face, with two dark grey-blue eyes and both thin eyebrows and eyelashes. She has a dent in her nose bridge, from back in the time when she broke her nose and thin blood-red lips. Keeping the hair out of her face, she had dark-brown twin braids reaching her breast and a nurse's cap to pin back her fringe and match her used-to-be white dress.
  3. Nice character. Accepted.

    I like playing as a male, so it's fine. But I do not plan that much romance, this roleplay is highly disgusting and gorey as it goes on. More blood.. inhumane things..
  4. Yes, you mentioned that much and as my enthusiasm might have shown, I'm glad! Psychotics , obsceneries, gore, cannibalism and so on are my favourites, but sadly hard to find in a roleplay. *swings cane* Kids nowadays don't know what real gore is!
  5. This is going to be cray-cray.

    Know anyone else that would be interested I dare say?
  6. Hmn, I'll try and get someone I know to join. . . .

    That's the only one actually, since I joined yesterday or something?
  7. Actually, I think we could start without others. Does that sound find with you? I'm playing a bunch of side characters and my main guy (making his character sheet right now), do you think you could play some side characters too?
  8. Ofcourse! Any specific characters you'd like me to add?
  9. Just a soldier would work. :3 Unless you want to make another nurse, then go ahead!
  10. Allright, I'll make some more apps, when you are done you can go and start!
  11. Btw, you can use real life pics instead of descriptions all the time.
  12. Name: Vincent Mars
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Vince follows orders and obeys his commanders, unless otherwise he is told to do something suicidal that endangers his whole squad. He doesn't have bravery, only pure willpower and courage. Besides all of that, he is a loving person to his family and does anything he can to help them and on his time off spends most of his time out with his friends and family.
    Biography: His mother came from the U.S. to Russia and this is how she met his father. But when he was born, his father had been drafted into the war and for many months there were no letters from him or anything! Until one day they had gotten the message that he had died in the war. A hero they said. Even though he was only 2 at the time, he still cried for his father and while the years passed on, he began to forget. His mom had married someone else and eventually his last name was changed to Mars, legally. Nearing the age of 18 he had hoped to join the military, his mother told him not to and begged him, but he still joined them. After a month of boot camp he was kicked into a long war full of senseless fighting. Years later they ended up here, little did they know this would be the end of the war...
    Show Spoiler
  13. . . . I'm never satisfied with the pictures I find ; _ ;
    Oh, so we're in Russia.

    Name: Jonas Kladikov
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jonas is a stern looking man, with an aggresive edge now and then. He doesn't mean any harm, but due his aggresive nature he accidentaly hits people when frustrated. He's a bit stubborn, causing him to loosely follow the commands given by his superiors, yet nobody really hates him despite his bad points. Jonas tries to help people and has allot of discipline in training.
    Jonas grew up in rural areas with only his mother and his dog. What happend to his father was something hsi mother never spoke about or cared to explain, neither were there any pictures or items of him. But having a son was not something she was proud of, it scared of men away who were interested in her beauty. She was young and delicate, something that didn't appear much on that part of town, but having a son at her young age labeled her as a whore for everyone. It made her lonely, although she had her son. She hated him, because he was wat blocked her path, her joy and it made her angry. Aggression and alcohol became a way of expressing her emotions and that emotion passed on to Jonas. Dropped out of school, sick of his mother and scared that one day he'll kill her by accident, he signed up for the army. Maybe that way his agression coudl be usefull.
  14. Accepted! And yes, we are in Russia. I did hint it was in somewhere snowy. ;P

    Anyway, let me start up the thread. And are you okay with your characters dying?

    P.S: Where do you get your anime pics? Got a desktop and lost my anime pics, don't know where I got em.
  15. Duh, but snow falls in allot of places. Sweden has snow too!
    And I'm fine with dying. Die for the sake of food, for the sake of warmth , not just because someone had to die.
    Everywhere and nowhere honestly. Deviantart, Zerochan and so on are sites where I get my stuff from.

    Ps. My friend might be joining? I'm not sure wtf he's doing.
  16. Alright! By the way, don't expect your character to escape untouched by the horrors they see. They're gonna be in there for MORE than a few months.
  17. Else it wouldn't be fun, wouldn't it? Tsk- Let's make it years for extra traumatising effects. :3
  18. Just what I planned~ ;D

    They wont be pretty young people after that though, haha.
  19. No
    They'll be beautiful young people after that.
    [sadism/cannibalism/sociopathy intensifies]
  20. HAHAHAHA. And if it interests you, after this roleplay ends, the Red Snow story can continue. That's why this is titled like that. I plan a whole story. xD
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