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  1. Imagine a role-play system where you were told you could make anything you wanted for your character. Something more than just choosing what humanoid template you would like your character's race to be, more than your character's fighting prowess entirely determined by how many points you've dropped into 'Strength and Dexterity', and more than choosing everything your character can do from a bottomless list of pre-designed motions and mechanics.
    Imagine a system where anything actually means anything. Where who or what your character is, is just as free-form as what your character can do. Where your character's physical aspects, social prowess and capabilities are determined solely by your creativity as a player.
    Save your imagination. You're reading it.

    Well.. we hope anyway…

    The above is about 'Red Sky - In Mourning' a tabletop roleplaying system me and a couple of friends have made, and the reason I have created this thread is we want to test how true the above statement is.
    At it's simplest I am asking for you all to come up with characters using the information and parameters below. I want to see some really wild imaginative crazy stuff here, the system is made to accommodate any and all characters (in theory) and this thread is designed to be a test of the limits. Hopefully by seeing what people come up with, and more importantly what they cannot make we can understand what we can put in and maybe change to allow as wide a range of characters as possible.
    There will be no numbers or stats in this test, it's entirely based on concept and ideas.

    So the character sheet.

    Name:- Please name your character
    Concept:- What is the character you want to make? Maybe it's a lovecraftian horror, or a human who's ended up with the power to control sound. Perhaps a demonic mage who holds dominion over the shadows or a ghost of a human from ancient times. Please explain the character you set out to create, the more interesting or left-field the character the better a test of the system. But please make whatever you want.
    Race:- Please see below for the list of races and choose one.
    Class1:- Please see below for the list of classes, and choose your primary class.
    Class2:- Please see below for the list of classes, and choose a secondary class for your character.
    Combat rolls:- Please see below for information on how to formulate your combat rolls (don't worry no numbers or stats involved). You may have as many of these as you like.
    Traits:- Please give a list of all the traits you would want your character to have. As many as you like. If you have any ideas for new traits please put them here but change the colour or bold them or something to make them stand out.
    Abilities:- Please give a list of all the abilities you would want your character to have. As many as you like. If you have any ideas for new abilities please put them here but change the colour or bold them or something to make them stand out.
    Rhapsody Form:- Most characters in Red Sky have what we call a 'Rhapsody form'. There is more information n this below. In this field I would like to know the type of Rhapsody form you have and the concept for it.
    Rhapsody Traits:- Please give a list of all the traits you would want your Rhapsody form to have. As many as you like. If you have any ideas for new traits please put them here but change the colour or bold them or something to make them stand out. If you are a magus type you will not have any Rhapsody traits.
    Rhapsody Abilities:- Please give a list of all the abilities you would want your rhapsody form to have. As many as you like. If you have any ideas for new abilities please put them here but change the colour or bold them or something to make them stand out.
    What could you not do?:- This is perhaps the most important bit of this. If there were any ideas you had, or any parts of your character concept you felt you couldn't create adequately I'd like to know. It'll help us to figure out what's missing.

    If you feel you cannot complete every field that is fine. Everything and everything people do for this will be useful.

    Now before I give you the details and information needed to create your character I'd like to give some disclaimers and incentives.
    First of all, we reserve the right to use any ideas that are posted here. if you do not want us using any ideas then please do not post them (though it'd be great if you did) depending on the number of people who post (there may be a few too many) We would like to put you in the thanks section of the book. If you would want to be exempt from this please say.
    Also an incentive.

    If we really like any of the concepts posted here we would like to place them in the finished book as an example character, or maybe use the concept as the basis for some art or something. If this happens you will be told and fully credited. If you do not want us to use your character in this way then please say in your post.
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  2. Ok so here's all the info about that character things.

    First you need to come up with a character concept. I can't help you with this however.

    Races (open)


    Conduits are your standard meta-human race; humans who've tapped into the Rhapsody in some way and have learnt to surpass their human limitations or bend the laws of physics. However, Conduits have to control it to avoid becoming corrupted by the power use. They are human after all - and they intend to stay that way.

    Fullbloods are the 'aristocracy' of the demon race, beings born from the sin of men given form and drastically varying in size, shape and power as a result. Former human souls or direct creations of the Rhapsody which have formed into the temptations of sin given form. That said, the amount of 'sin' varies on a case by case basis. Not all Fullbloods are bad people (comparatively speaking as far as Hellspawn go), but they've all got their vices and they're sticking to them.

    Half Demon
    Half-Demons are humans descended from a demonic lineage, or vice-versa. While they don't have to worry so much about being reserved with their powers, since the Rhapsody is a far more inherent part of their being, ones who favour their human side have greater strength of spirit while more demonic half-demons have more physical strength.

    Homonculi are demons created in the guise of humans to blend in with their society. Given that they're creations of the Rhapsody, they have much higher affinity for it than humans do, but they're imperfect beings and tend to be rather physically frail as a result.

    Shadowborne are demons without a shape, taking the form of an ethereal black mist that exists as either an ever shifting void of darkness, or possessing an inanimate object as a vessel. What Shadowborne lack in physical strength (given their lack of...well, physicality) they make up for in spades in Rhapsody affinity, and their ravenous hunger for power and souls is known even to demonkind.

    Alto can be described as a lot of things; a mutation by most, an ascension by others, and an abomination by others still. Alto are humans or demons who've had a trace amount of angelic power or blood introduced into their system, and have gained a surge of power as the Rhapsody trying to fight it like a surge of white blood cells. The end result has mutated them into a twisted 'angelic' form, with all the delusions of grandeur and divine precedent that come with it.

    The so-called Lost are human souls that have managed to avoid being consumed by demons or absorbed into the 'soul trade', and gradually developed an affinity to the Rhapsody to the extent that they're riding the line between clinging on to the human they used to be or becoming a fullblown demon themselves. They're generally ethereal in appearance, or have crafted themselves a demonic 'shell' to occupy with their powers as the Rhapsody 'scabs over' their spiritual self.

    In most cases, the term Framework does not refer to your character, but to artefacts, mech-suits, weaponry, and other assorted equipment that your character draws power from, or channels power into. Many Frameworks are typically unable of tapping into the energy of the Rhapsody directly themselves. As far as survival and combat goes, the Framework is a necessity rather than a choice. They would likely be powerless if they were ever unfortunate to find themselves stripped of their equipment, outside of more conventional attacks and weaponry – which is to say, far less potent.

    Spurious, much like Homonculi, are also created through Rhapsody manipulation. They're the 'minions' of the demon world - mooks, imps and the like created to perform the menial jobs. A Spurious is born for one specific task. They live for it, and as such they excel at it in a way someone with a lifetime of experience would struggle to match. (Sorry for the lack of picture, i somehow deleted it.)

    Feralkin are creatures that have given themselves fully to the Rhapsody, which has morphed themselves into a more carnal, animalistic forms. Demonic beasts and humans pushed much too far fall into this category. They're on par with Fullbloods for Rhapsody affinity, but lack the 'politics' of them. If Fullbloods are temptation, then Feralkin are instinct, and as such, they're all about survival of the fittest and sticking to the food chain.

    Animus Arcana
    Animus Arcana are a twisted perversion given shape between the elemental forces of nature and the Rhapsody, twisting them and giving them consciousness. They're your elementals of the world given thoughts and feelings, but by nature, they're a competitive bunch, with many wishing to upset the already distorted 'balance' of nature in the world to favour their type.

    Maledicts are either Conduits who pushed themselves too far, or had too much power for them to handle in the first place. By luck or practice, they have far too much Rhapsody than their physical form can contain, and they ride a tightrope between controlling their powers or letting their powers explode and running the risk of becoming a Feralkin themselves.

    Classes (open)

    Specialists in at fighting in hand to hand combat, Duelists are especially proficient at taking out enemies in Melee duels.

    Specialists at range, Marksmen know their ranged weaponry like the back of their hands. They specialise in keeping enemies at distance, and making sure they are dead before they get a chance to close the gap.

    Specialists at casting Magic.

    Masters of speed. Opportunists and show-offs, a Trickster knows how to make the best of a good situation.

    Puppeteers control and manipulate their fallen enemies into their own minions, whether it be through reanimating them, persuading them or some other more creative means.

    Experts of Defence. vanguards specialise in protecting themselves and their allies from harm.

    Berserkers are terrifying foes, throwing their own safety to the wind in order to do more damage to their foes.

    Summoners command and lead terrifying creatures known as Eidolons into battle.

    Masters of the more delicate arts of combat Assassin's specialise in both dealing more critical strikes, and getting more out of them.


    Some have never been trained in the arts of combat and thus do not really have any specialist skills. Untrained cannot be taken with a second class but gains experience quicker than other characters. Untrained should eventually be replaced with another class.

    Combat Rolls (open)

    The combat system we've created for Red Sky is a little different to most, but I'm going to give a highly simplified version of the way character utilise it for the purpose of this thread.
    What follows is a list of what we call 'tier 3s' Each combat roll is made up of two of them combined.
    Tier 3's are split into three types, Melee, Ranged & Magic. you must use two Tier 3s from the same tree (so 2 melee, 2 ranged etc) unless you use a Magic Tier 3, which can be combined with a tier 3 from any of the other trees.
    I would like you to use the following list and display your combat rolls as follows:

    Name of attack - Combat type - First Tier 3 - Second Tier 3 - Range (short, medium, long)

    Some examples:-
    Karate chop - Melee - Technique - Body - short
    Sniper Rifle - Ranged - Calibre - Precision - long
    Force Lightning - Magic - Elemental - Kinetic - medium

    Tier 3s
    The Melee tree is used to represent the use of a character's close combat weapons. The main defining feature is them short range, with even the longest range melee weapons rarely outranging the shortest Ranged weapons. Melee weapons can range from the obvious swords and polearms to more obscure concepts such as bladed roller-skates or poison barbs.
    Blades is related to the use of bladed weapons and implements, anything that can cut, tear or slice would likely fall under this category. Obvious examples are swords and knives.
    Energy signifies an implement with some damage capabilities beyond simple steel or stone. Perhaps a blade made of light or electricity, perhaps an ethereal gauntlet.
    Blunt relates to any damage dealing tool with no specific cutting edge. Clubs and staves are obvious choices along with hammers and knuckledusters.
    Mind refers to those who can use their Mind to deal damage. Perhaps a psychically charged punch or some sort of psy-shock transferred through touch.
    Body refers to the use of one's body as a deadly weapon. In it's most basic form it refers to punching and kicking but depending on the user's form could relate to claws or fangs, or barbed spikes on a tail.
    Soul refers to the ability to use soul and spirit against enemies. Some can manifest physical manifestations of their own umbra to attack, while some are able to charge their own spiritual energy through weapons they wield.
    Speed relates to those using a style of combat based around moving fast or striking fast, or both. Those who use speed tend to be masters of positioning and ambushes.
    Technique refers to those while a very skilled and particular style of combat. It tends to those with a specific fighting style or martial-upbringing. Technique often stuns and frightens those of later skill and thus can be used to weaken a target's psyche when wielded skilfully.
    Some people eschew any finesse or technical acumen when fighting and prefer to just hit people as hard as they can.

    The Ranged tree is used for ranged weaponry. This would typically be firearms but in the world of Red Sky could be anything that extends beyond a certain range (roughly about a meter minimum) or fires some sort of projectile. Naturally magically generated projectiles will likely use the Magic tree, or a combination of Magic and Ranged.
    Calibre refers to chemically propelled firearms. The obvious examples are human firearms, pistols and rifles and shotguns and the myriad variations they boast. This could also refer to weapons of more arcane or demonic origins.
    Projected refers to mechanically propelled projectiles and devices. These tend to be more antiquated weapons than those covered by Calibre, but this by no means suggests they are any less deadly. Good examples are crossbows and catapults. Though more exotic examples would be magnetic rifles (railguns) or muscle-propelled spikes.
    Thrown refers to projectiles that reach their target by the good old fashioned technique of throwing them. Knives, grenades, rocks, playing cards, the projectile could be any number of things.
    Sensory refers to the manipulation of senses. This usually requires a character to use his senses to affect the target in some way. Sensory attacks often aim to addle a target or otherwise impair their ability to perceive the world.
    Precision refers to the endeavor of accuracy when dealing damage. Regardless of your tools Precision suggests you would like to avoid collateral damage and hit exactly what you want to.
    Psionic refers to the use of psychic and mental abilities or tools to augment a ranged attack. The use of mind-shattering bullets or the ability to charge a psychic shock into a thrown knife.
    Putting points in Explosive does exactly as you might think - your ranged weapon(ry) or ammunition will physically explode on impact.
    Ammunition or weapons that cause an opponent to be somehow incapacitated could be classed as "disabling" ammunition. This covers a wider range than you might think, from shots of psychic energy that cause confusion, to simply smoke bombs laced with a potent psychotic drug. It can also be cleverly combined with other effects such as Explosive to physically disable someone for Body damage, or Spectral for Soul damage.
    Spectral ranged weapons or ammunition are conjured from ones self to strike an enemy at their core essence - bypassing mental barriers and physical armour.

    The Magic tree is used for attacks of a magical nature. As such the Magic tree is far more adept at dealing soul damage than the other two trees but is not very adept at dealing Body damage. The Magic tree presents perhaps the most options for offensive styles, especially since it can be combined with both the Melee and Ranged trees.
    Temporal magic refers to any spell or ability that affects the flow of time. Pausing, rewinding or forwarding time, whether as an area effect or with a living target in mind, falls under this category.
    Magic which affects one's perception of reality falls under this tier. Whether it is all in someone's head, or whether they have actually just lost feeling in their hands - it all falls under the tier of Distortion. Additionally, spatial, gravity and many other types of warping are classed as Distortion.
    Perhaps one of the broadest in possibilities, Elemental magic not only covers the powers of fire, water, rock and air but also aspects such as gravity, or sound, or crystal, or even magnetism. By using this tier of the Astral tree, you are tapping into the core energy of these elements at their source.
    Ritual magic comes from a specific material action you perform - mostly requiring preparation. Drawing a magic circle, setting up an altar or general use of "magical" paraphernalia, chanting or verbally casting the spell... these are all types of ritual magic.
    Psychic magic channels your inner power through your mind. Mental projections, mind-control and telepathy are good examples of how you might use this tier.
    To heal a wearied soul or battered psyche, Rejuvenation is your best bet. It can be used to great effect in conjunction with the Terrestrial magic type of Restoration, but it can also be very powerful alone.
    Kinetic magic affects the physical world around you, allowing you to manipulate and move objects and the environment with magic or force of will.
    From mending broken bones or weapons to (metaphorical) broken hearts, Restoration is king. It can be used to great effect with the Spiritual magic type of Rejuvenation, but can also be very powerful alone.
    Sonic magic lends itself to the manipulation and conjuration of sound waves and audio frequencies. Want to mute someone? No problem! Want to make sure no one else hears your conversation? Easy!

    Remember Magic Tier 3s can be combined with a second from any of the types, but Melee and Ranged cannot be mixed with each other.

    Traits (open)

    The following is the list of Traits characters can take. As stated above, please choose as many as you like to represent your character.

    Armour Clad: Natural - Your skin naturally has an armoured quality – whether it be from Chitin plating or being literally made of metal.
    Armour Clad: Element - You have an elemental covering or effect to your armour or skin that shields you in some way from harm.
    Armour Clad: Knight - You are wearing some form of heavy protective armour which gives you a leg up from most protection and looks mighty dapper.

    Good Looks: Handsome - You are more attractive than most in a handsome way.
    Good Looks: Beauty - You are more attractive than most in a beautiful way.
    Good Looks: Cute - You are more attractive than most in a cute way.

    Heritage: Profession - You have a lineage in a specific job or role, giving you the perks and benefits that come from decades of experience and training.
    Heritage: Royal - You are Royalty, either by blood or by election. You could be a distant relative or next in line for the throne, but you can expect people to know your name.
    Heritage: Skill – As Heritage: Profession but more specific. Think of it as the difference between someone growing up into the family's automobile business and someone growing up on a junkyard and becoming a prodigy in tinkering with cars.

    Transport: Wheels - You have wheels and have increased mobility because of them.
    Transport: Powered - You’ve got a little trick up your trouser leg – or maybe just a car – either way it’s an externally powered boost to your speed.
    Transport: Four Legs - You are a quadruped, with hind quarters that provide excellent propulsion.
    Transport: Momentum - The further you go, the faster you go, and you know better than most how to utilise this.
    Transport: Blink - You are extremely swift and can move small distances in the blink of an eye.
    Transport: Flight - You are capable of flight, whatever the means; wings, jets, magic, you name it.

    Anti Presence –Youare unremarkable and unnoticeable. Perhaps you are capable of, at will, appearing so ordinary most people overlook you even while looking for you. On a supernatural level, perhaps you are in such total control of your aura that you have means of simply turning it off.

    Tactile Effect: Toxicity – Your touch is toxic, applying a deadly venom or contagion if in contact with another.
    Tactile Effect: Rebound – In the least metaphorical sense, your rubbery nature or armour allows things to bounce off you easier than most.
    Tactile Effect: Corrosive – Your touch is acidic, burning through all you come into contact with at an alarming rate.
    Tactile Effect: Element xxxx – You have an element (or perhaps more) literally at your fingertips.

    Vision: Insectile - You have the compound eyes of an insect, giving you a large view angle and an ability to detect extremely fast movement (and, possibly, the polarisation of light).
    Vision: Extra Eye(s) - You have one (or more) additional eye (s), giving you, among other things, excellent depth perception.
    Vision: Spectrum - You have vision on an entirely different spectrum of reality and light around you – ultra violet, infra red, and/or others.
    Vision: Spectral - You see, but cannot interact with, spirits and ghosts. Perhaps they are glimpses of a parallel reality, overlapping with Purgatoria, or echoes of memories of those long gone.
    Vision: Aura - You can see the true aura of those around you, shrouding them in truth.

    Aura: Calm – There is an aura of calm around you that others cannot deny. Raging emotions are easily soothed in your gentle presence.
    Aura: Dread – You make people uneasy and on edge, perhaps even fearful, simply by being in their vicinity.
    Aura: Heat – The air immediately around you is noticeably warmer than it otherwise would be.
    Aura: Chill – You bring with you a cooler atmosphere, a low temperature obvious to others.
    Aura: Darkness – Wherever you are, the world is a little gloomier.
    Aura: Element xxxx – A manifested aura surrounds you of an element you are innately aligned with.

    Traverse: Wall – You have the power to move along solid surfaces regardless of their incline, allowing you to perform incredible feats of parkour and giving you access to routes not available to others.
    Traverse: Phase – Architectural and geographical obstructions are a thing of the past. You have the power to phase through solid matter, like walls, giving you additional movement options.
    Traverse: Element: xxxx – Whether by specially designed apparel, magic or natural resistance, you have the ability to traverse using a specific element. Perhaps you can walk through fire, glide with the wind or even move as one with your own shadow.

    Tail: xxxx – You have a tail, providing you with excellent balance.
    Centaur form - Your lower body is that of a horse, giving you a boost as from Transport: Four Legs as well as hooves and a tail.
    Naga form – Your lower body is that of a snake, and you move by slithering and sliding instead of walking or running.
    Wings: xxxx – You have a set of wings, natural, mechanical, or otherwise, though this trait does not mean you can use them. See Transport: Flight.
    Animal senses: xxxx +1 Awareness CAP – One (or more) of your senses are that of an animal – for example, the nose of a dog or the eyes of a hawk.
    Extra Limbs: xxxx – You have one (or more) extra limbs to add to your arsenal. These operate as any other would.

    Element Forged:- one tier 3 for ranged or melee has an element but not a frequency (What does this mean -Steph)

    Unnatural Charm – You carry an otherworldly presence which many are in awe of. People tend to agree with you without questioning why. As such you have a leg up on performing social interactions.
    Shield – You carry a shield, (I have no idea for this one, its just TOO self explanatory. Why is it a trait instead of a weapon thing? -Steph)
    Digitigrade - Unlike most humanoids, who walk on the soles of their feet, you walk on your toes, like a dog or bird.
    Claws - At least one of your appendages end in vicious claws to rip apart your foes.
    Fangs - You are definitely not a herbivore, with razor sharp teeth
    Metal Parts - Perhaps a part of you has been replaced with metal, or you are some sort of android - either way you will always have trouble at airport security.
    Extended reach - Your unarmed range is far bigger than most through some forced extension of your limbs, or maybe you naturally have freakishly long arms.
    Soul Form - You have no physical body and exist purely on a spectral level, manifested through the strength of your own soul.
    Emotional Suppressants - You chose to sacrifice your emotions to be less influenced by them and have clearer thought, though this makes you a real killjoy at parties.
    Dashing - You are attractive in a roguish way, and able to grin your way out of tough situations.
    Charming - The gift of the gab is yours to command, with a wit most find hard to resist.
    Psychic - Your consciousness is powerful enough that you are able to glimpse into others minds and perhaps more.
    Stoic - You have emotions, but you don't express them outwardly very often - whether through choice or social ineptitude - which can keep people on their toes around you.
    Living Armour - Your armour is a separate being to yourself, a parasite or a symbiotic, or perhaps just a good friend. It doesn't have to be capable of conscious thought, like a tree or fungus, but it is definitely alive.
    Psy Resistance - You have exceptionally strong mental barriers in place to protect you from psychic attacks.
    Spirit Resistance - Your soul is tough and can withstand a beating.
    Pain Resistance - You are able to shrug off physical blows that might seriously hurt anyone else.
    Undead - You aren't quite alive anymore and have joined the ranks of the undead. What this means for your character is up to you.
    Digital Mind - Your mind works like a computer and you can understand and interface with code.
    Amorphous form - You are able to shift and warp your bodily proportions and shape at will, with no physical restrictions normally caused by having a skeleton.
    Liquid Body - For better or worse your entire body is made of a liquid substance of your choice. Be wary of grates.
    Possessor - You are able to jump into an object or individual to forcibly assume control of its body as if it were your own.
    Animator - You can animate otherwise inanimate objects (including corpses) through some means you have devised or discovered. Luckily, this does not give them sentience.
    Invisibility - You can warp light particles away from you to assume total invisibility to the naked eye.
    Shapeshifter - You can shift your appearance into that of another. How easy or difficult a task this is and how you go about it is up to you.

    Elemental Null:- You are exempt from having to pick a Rhapsody Frequency.


    Multiple/Versatile weapons

    Heritage: Angelic
    Heritage: Bloodline

    Self Restore: Assimilation:- You may assimilate material or creatures similar to yourself to heal.
    Self Restore: Regeneration:- You can regenerate damage.
    Self Restore: Repair:- Using materials appropriate to your being you may heal yourself.

    Self Restore: Sustenance:- A certain edible or consumable substance heals you.

    Abilities (open)

    As with Traits above, please choose as many abilities as you think would fit your character.

    Beacon of Light
    Almost being Hell is no excuse. There's too much darkness around this place. Brighten things up a little.

    You heat the air around yourself or a part of your body, causing the air around you to flux and wave.

    You can create a sound for a number of uses.

    Static Field
    Create a field of static charge within your vicinity

    Gravity Warp
    You are able to warp your own personal gravity.

    You can create a polarity to your body to attract or deflect metal objects.

    Wind blast
    A blast of concentrated wind, strong enough to knock people back.

    Darkness descends
    Some denizens of the hellplane dislike the light, so much they seek ways to blot it out.

    Buster Strike
    Sometimes you need to make a bit more of a bang than usual, however it usually takes a little bit of preparation. Whether it be from storing up energy, focussing your mind, or revving up some mechanical device.

    Iai Blow
    Having mastered the skill with your melee weapon to target their weakest points you are capable of dealing a killing blow instantly if the attack goes without a hitch.

    You have the quick reflexes to push your allies out of harms way. Do you have a reason to though?

    Shield Master
    You have skill with a shield and the many ways to utilise it.

    Shield Bash
    You are capable of taking advantage of successful defences to take your enemies off guard. The character must be using a shield in order to utilise this ability.

    Combat Medic
    Sometimes you don't get chance to rest if you or your allies have got a wound that needs patching up. You've got to be able to fix that on the go.

    Put a little kinetic force behind your next blow.

    Raise Dead
    Waste not want not. So long as there's something left to animate, might as well put it to use.

    Over Here!
    Now you see me, now you see a crater where your friend used to be. Your aim needs work.

    Agent of Chaos
    Sometimes the natural order of things is so trite. Throw fate a curveball.

    Luck of the Gambler
    Sometimes you catch them right in the sweet spot. Sometimes you blow it entirely. Your every action is a spin of the wheel.

    Unseen Strike
    If you attack from an unseen position you can take advantage of your target's unawareness.

    Strengthen Resolve
    Through force of will and perhaps a little bit of magic you can strengthen your own defences.

    You are able to cast a defensive spell on one of your allies.

    If the situation calls for it you are capable and willing to sacrifice a good measure of your own wellbeing, to really hurt someone.

    Summon Steed
    You call on a trusted steed to carry you, and maybe even your allies.

    Whether through enchanted blades or extra limbs, or arcane arts you can strike more times than most in a single flurry of swings.

    Summon Familiar
    You can summon a familiar to your side to aid you. Your familiar gets it's own sheet and will be created before the session. You may have multiple of this skill however you may only summon one Familiar per turn (always as a free action) and may only have one Familiar attack with you per turn. All active Familiars take damage when you do.

    You may increase the forces at play on an object. This can result in a bullet flying faster, or a plant growing faster. The possibilities are potentially unlimited.

    Temporal Cadence
    You can accelerate time for inanimate objects, fast-forwarding them to a state it would take many years to reach. However this effect is fleeting and will revert shortly after.

    Rousing Speech
    Sometimes the battlefield is the perfect place for you to get up on your soapbox. Especially if you think it'll lead to the enemy dropping their guard for a second.

    There is no better show of force to your enemies when going that little bit too far when tearing their friends to pieces. Stylish, too.

    Spacing blow
    You have the ability or skill to put space between you and your enemy immediately after a blow. Whether this be by pushing them away or by your own retreat will depend on your technique.

    Martial Prowess
    You've studied enough martial arts in your time to not even need a blade or a gun to break someone.

    An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth - and in this case, a blow for a blow. You'll make them regret picking a fight with you.

    Dark Slayer
    You're a specialist at quick, fast strikes, capable of lopping off an opponent's head without them even knowing you've drawn your sword.

    Blessed Silver
    Your weapons have been forged in the most divine fires from the purest silver, baptised in the holiest of waters and are ready to draw more demon blood than any weapon before them.

    That kill felt pretty good. You wonder if the next one will feel better.

    Siphon Excess
    You have an innate sense for when someone is generating too much power for them to handle. And if they're not going to use it, you may as well.

    Savage Spirit

    You have a feral appetite for combat, willing to throw away your own safety for the chance to deal more damage to your opponents.

    Rhapsody Form. (open)

    The Rhapsody form is a special ability unique to Red Sky. It's essentially a transformation into a more powerful form. Think of things such as the Devil Trigger form from Devil May Cry, or Limit breaks from several rpgs.

    Rhapsody forms are a pretty dramatic transformation a lot of the time and to reflect this each character's Rhapsody form has it's own pool of Traits and Abilities that add on to their normal ones.
    There are 3 kinds of Rhapsody Form:-
    Invokers build their Rhapsody up to its maximum limits, at which point they release it in one solid burst to enter Rhapsody Form. Invoke type rhapsody users tend to have much control over their Rhapsody form and are often Frameworks with a button to Invoke or demons with a lot of experience and familiarity with their own Rhapsody.
    Triggered type rhapsody users tend to have forms with more raw power than those utilised by invokers but pay for it with a lack of control and reliability with the Human races, most notably Maledict, being the most obvious choices for this Rhapsody Type. Typical triggers will be physical or emotional trauma, such as a certain Health value being below 50% or a close friend or ally being attacked.
    Magus type characters are different in the sense that they do not have a Rhapsody form, but rather use the Rhapsody on Abilities instead, and can do so whenever they please so long as they have the appropriate amount of Rhapsody gathered.

    Choose one. If you choose Magus you may not take any Rhapsody Traits.
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  3. Reserved for sample sheets
  4. Name:- Mice
    Concept:- A spirit of filth and decay, that primarily interacts with the world through possessing disease bearing vermin, and using them to take control of larger creatures.
    Race:- Animus Arcanus
    Class1:- Puppeteer
    Class2:- Berserker
    Combat rolls:- Rot Bite - Magic - Elemental - Body - Short
    Trample - Melee - Force - Body - short
    Tactile Effect: Toxicity
    Vision: Extra Eyes
    Tail: Rat
    Senses: Rat's Nose
    Soul Form
    Self Restore: Assimilation
    Raise Dead
    Agent of Chaos
    Savage Spirit

    Rhapsody Form:- Magus

    What could you not do?:- I felt that having a character that acted mainly through possessing in theory, some of the abilities I chose seemed contrary to what the sheet represents. The idea is for Mice to possess mainly mice, rats, and other vermin, yet I was describing both his ethereal self, and how he acts as the vermin. Perhaps an extra section to address a favorite type of person/creature to be possessed/controlled by a puppeteer would be a good addition?
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  5. Name:- Iophite

    Concept:- A human turned by their own ambitions and need for power, morphed by their need to be stronger. They are not a hybrid, but a personal science experiment.

    Race:- Maledict

    Class1:- Trickster

    Class2:- Assassin

    Combat rolls:- Portrayal - Magic - Sonic - Disable - Medium
    Silver Strike - Melee - Blades - Force - Short

    Name of attack - Combat type - First Tier 3 - Second Tier 3 - Range (short, medium, long)

    Traits:- Armour Clad: Natural
    Good Looks: Cute
    Heritage: Skill
    Transport: Blink
    Vision: Spectral
    Aura: Calm
    Aura: Chill
    Traverse: Element: xxxx
    Tail: xxxx
    Animal senses: xxxx +1 Awareness CAP
    Self Restore: Sustenance

    Abilities:- Buster Strike
    Iai Blow
    Over Here!
    Unseen Strike
    Strengthen Resolve
    Spacing blow

    Rhapsody Form: Triggered

    Rhapsody Traits:- Pain Resistance
    Vision: Aura

    Rhapsody Abilities:- Vengeance

    What could you not do?:- There wasn't anything lacking as far as the character I created went, as I could tell.
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  6. Name:- Relix Correl
    Concept:- A sly demon-human that can use magic to summon specific species.

    Race:- Half-demon

    Class1:- Trickster

    Class2:- Summoner

    Combat rolls:-
    Lost Cause - Magic-Distortion-Sensory -medium

    Armour Clad: Element
    Good Looks: Handsome
    Heritage: Skill
    Anti Presence

    Gravity Warp
    Luck of the Gambler
    Unseen Strike
    Summon Familiar

    Rhapsody Form:-Invokers

    Rhapsody Traits:-
    Same as other list plus:
    Tactile Effect:
    Element xxxx
    Vision: Aura
    Traverse: Phase
    Unnatural Charm

    Rhapsody Abilities:-
    Same as but with:
    Summon Steed
    What could you not do?:- Was pretty content, not really anything I couldn't do.
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  7. The game is great, may we please play this?
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  8. Name: Uzumasuta

    Concept: Skirting the lines - every line. Line between sanity and madness, humanity and machinery, life and death, reality and ethereal.

    Race: Maledict/Framework

    Class1: Trickster

    Class2: Incarnate

    Combat rolls:
    Scorchwave - Magic - Distortion - Elemental - Medium
    Coldsnap - Magic - Distortion - Elemental - Medium
    Thermal Shock - Magic - Distortion - Elemental - Short
    Pressure Wall - Magic - Distortion - Sonic - Short
    Vortex Glitch - Magic - Distortion - Kinetic - Long
    Last Laugh - Ranged - Spectral - Sonic - Medium
    Ripper Slash - Melee - Speed - Energy - Short
    Mania Needle - Ranged - Psionic - Distortion - Long
    Spiral Clockwork - Magic - Temporal - Restoration - Short
    Wind-up Panic - Melee - Blunt - Force

    Armour Clad: Alchemic - Was used as a test subject for procedures, and as a result character has most of his body becoming mechanic, granting innate reinforcement
    Bad Looks: Chimera - Extensive testing left character barely recognizable as a human being.
    Transport: Arachnomobilia - Has eight legs which improve mobility
    Inhumane presence: Due to extensive experiments, living beings feel the character's presence from a great distance.
    Tactile effect: Distortion - A dangerously high level of Rhapsody contained in the body and machine force sporadical discharge, which cause anything in contact with character to be randomly altered while it happens
    Vision - Spectrum
    Aura - Dread
    Aura - Chill
    Traverse - Wall
    Traverse - Element Gravity
    Metal Parts
    Extended Reach
    Digital Mind
    Self Restore - Repair

    Static Field
    Gravity Warp
    Buster Strike
    Over Here!
    Agent of Chaos
    Luck of the Gambler
    Loaded Dice - While every action is a gamble, character is able to tilt the tables slightly in it's favor
    Temporal Cadence
    Spacing Blow
    Excess Production - Dwelving too deep in Rhapsody left character as a magnet to the energy

    Rhapsody Form: Triggered

    Rhapsody Traits:
    Standard traits plus:
    Armor Clad: Ethereal - The sheer rhapsody overload during transformation forms some sort of nautilus-shaped protective shell around the body of the character
    Aura: Blizzard: What was a chilly breeze before now feels like a glacier, freezing moisture on surfaces.
    Traverse: Distortion - Character can bend matter to form a passageway
    Tail: Scorpion - A large mechanical scorpion tail spouts, allowing a venom strike
    Extra limbs: Pincers - Two large pincers spout.
    Spirit Resistance

    Rhapsody Abilities:
    Standard abilities plus:
    Chillmist - The cold surrounding the character is enough to freeze airborne moisture, forming a mist that follows it.

    What could you not do?: I feel this sheet could benefit from an 'appearance' field, as my character's most peculiar traits were in it's appearance.
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  9. Name: Phegoru

    Concept: Angel of Madness. Mostly physically harmless, but a spiritual and psychological juggernaut.

    Race: Lost

    Class1: Puppeteer

    Class2: Vanguard

    Combat rolls:
    Forgotten's Glare - Magic - Psychic - Psionic - Medium
    Shivering Rain - Magic - Psychic - Spectral
    World's End - Magic - Psychic - Sensory - Short
    Old Man's Curse - Magic - Temporal - Distortion - Long
    Leader's Touch - Melee - Mind - Psychic - Short
    Mania's Lullaby - Magic - Sonic - Psychic
    Shard of Psychosis - Ranged - Spectral - Psychic
    Mind Shatter - Ranged - Spectral - Psionic

    Evasion: Mist - Character is surrounded by a thick mist which allows greater evasion skills as it hides it.
    Aura: Discomfort - Character makes people uneasy and paranoiac just by it's presence.
    Aura: Unnerving Mist - Character carries around a mist that causes nervousness and stress when in contact with.
    Traverse: Mist - Character can plain disappear in thick natural mist, allowing near teleportation anywhere where the fog is thick enough and in contact with the mass of mist character is in.
    Naga form
    Unnatural Charm
    Tactile effect: Indoctrination - On touch, Unnatural Charm's effect is doubled for every slice of 20 seconds that the contact lasts.
    Psy Resistance
    Spirit Resistance
    Amorphous Form
    Self Restore: Regeneration

    Raise Dead
    Over Here!
    Agent of Chaos
    Rousing Speech
    Siphon Excess

    Rhapsody Form: Magus

    Rhapsody Abilities:
    Standard abilities plus:
    Shivering World - Character is able to bend the rules of physics and nature to change the world in order to induce insanity.
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