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—————————— ∅ed Skies
∅ ——————————
- Short Summary -
Red skies is a modern time based roleplay set in Tokyo, Japan in the middle of winter. This roleplay will focus on the life of the secrets hidden by social media and the government such as Black Markets, Underground Cults and Groups, And even Money distribution. The world is covered in secrets and the only way to know them is to be amongst it and that is exactly what your character will be doing. Even amongst the secrets there are even powers so concealed and visually blind that not even room mates know about them. Not only is this roleplay a modern theme but also a fantasy theme. This roleplay has a vast amount of categories that it can be associated with, however it can be mostly associated with the following categories:
♠ - Modern
♠ - Fantasy
♠ - Action
♠ - Adventure
♠ - Romance
♠ - Slight Gore
♠ - Supernatural
♠ - Realistic
♠ - Anime
♠ - Non-Anime
♠ - Character Death
♠ - Universe
If any of these categories interests you then this is the roleplay for you. Your character will start off anywhere in the city of Tokyo, may it be a hotel or your own apartment or even a store you own or work at. Every character will either be introduced into the secret world by his/her's own means or will automatically be in whatever secret the individual wishes to be apart of from the start of the roleplay. According to whatever secret you know will determine where your base of operations are and what outfit and what equipment you possess. If you wish to be apart of no secrets at the start of the roleplay then either you can find one to join later on or a secret may find you if you put your name out there in the city. Everyone will be against each other in accordance to what secret you are apart of you can decide either to be peaceful and supportable or be aggressive and blood lustful. Everything will be determined on every move your character does and even a wrong flick of the finger may cause a dramatic after effect in the future that might be the death of you or the people amongst the same secret. The whole purpose of the groups is to keep your secrets concealed to not be known by any other secret organization out there, if another secret finds out what another secret organization is hiding then it might cause your whole team mates to die later or sooner determined by the actions of the other organization that knows your secrets. As a character your able to be either civil or rebellious, you are also given a choice of a secondary secret that is a lighter version than a organization. A secondary secret may be a underground gun smith or a drug dealer.

- System -
There will be a minimum of 2 secret organizations and a maximum of 5. The current Secret organizations are ''The Yakuza'' and ''The Hattori'' Which will be fully customized via the leader and the members of the secret org.

There will be a minimum of 1 store and a maximum of 3. Due to the fact that no one wants a money system then the shops are merely for show and to just give the characters more character.

Contracts are given by the leaders of the secrets and contracts are basically called ''Death Wishes'' amongst this roleplay. The leader has the choice of giving a Death Wish to a actual Character or a NPC.

Powers are determined by the you, may it be a huge power or something small. Only rules to these powers is that it can't be rule breaking or god like. The biggest power you can have is explosive lasers for example. The hugest the power the more weakness you have to have for it and the more big it is the harder it gets to keep it a secret.

If you have any questions then i am online most of the time so i can reply to your question at anytime.

There is also a poll on top of this thread to easily show your thoughts on this roleplay.

{this is a fixed thread that was needed due to others demanding change}
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