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Year 72 - Red River Weyr was founded in the foothills above the temperate tablelands in the central northern continent. The first Weyrwoman was Fiora of gold Ravath. The first Weyrleader was M'lel of bronze Duseth. Their first clutch consisted of 31 eggs with one queen, Jugrenth.

Beginning during the Second Pass, a trend developed amongst the Pernese. Though green dragons would Impress to male and female Candidates, fewer and fewer women were being Searched to Stand on the sands for the new babies. This was due to several factors -- holders were unwilling to send their daughters to the Weyr, preferring to keep them home to marry off to establish alliances or for personal gain. This move was also influenced by the commonfolks' interpretation of the Weyrs as an unwelcome draw upon healthy young men and women, (even a bastion of immorality).

Red River Weyr alone seemed to be immune to this trend. Their dragons still Searched out boys and girls alike, and female greenriders were given equal rights as their male counterparts, permitted to fly Threadfall with the wings. This perturbed many Holders, and even some of the other Weyrs. After all, a queenrider was a woman of upstanding virtues, inner strength, ensurers of Pern's future. Greenriders were promiscuous, emotional... the stigma attached to female greenriders grew and grew, and while Red River Weyr enjoyed pleasant (if cool) relationships with the other Weyrs, its relationship with the Holds suffered.

Currently, Red River Weyr is seen as the 'bastard child' of the Weyrs -- the last founded, a place to send riders that do not necessarily fit into the strictly stratified society that Pern has developed. It is a forward-thinking place, interesting in that it is actually perhaps the last Weyr to hold to the Old Ways.

Year 515 - Current Pass (6 Turns into the 3rd Pass)
Grananth's last clutch produced Gold Kessuth, as well as three odd-colored dragons: the two Rose-Golds, Hectith and Trelilith, and a Pewter, Tecsolth. Red River has fought its first Threadfall, which came the night that Kessuth's clutch hatched. Though there were several losses, the Weyr gained personnel in the form of Sari of Gold Aurath and a band of riders who had been kidnapped as Candidates for a hidden clutch 50 turns ago. These riders, dubbed the Foundlings, Timed it back to Red River just in time to fight Thread. Their kidnapper recently returned to claim what he thought was his, but his brown jumped between, leaving him an empty shell. One of the Foundlings, Aineva of Rosegold Divinith, betrayed her fellow riders, taking T'mii's body and disappearing.

Shortly after, A plague left Red River Weyr weakened, a shadow of its former self. And considering that the Weyr is a small Weyr, with few numbers to begin with, to have their numbers cut anymore is proving to be devastating. Among those lost in the plague were the Gold Weyrling, Conlan, and the WeyrHarper, Jasika. Rose-gold Hectith rose not long after, providing the Weyr with ten new blues and greens. With another of the rose-golds, Foundling Tiamath, having taken to the skies above Red River Weyr and being caught by Bronze Faramorth, a weyrling barely old enough to take to the skies in chase, the Weyr hoped for redemption and rebuilding. Fort sent a fire-tempered barely-graduated goldrider to Red River as an answer to their desperate plea, a plea they did not expect to be answered. It would have been much easier for the other Weyrs to let the bastard Weyr die out.

But Red River just two turns ago went to war against T'mii and his followers, finally defeating them. But it was at great cost to Red River Weyr, losing nearly half their strength either to death or severely crippling injury. The Weyrleader's own bronze, Bannith, lost a leg in the battle and so many lost much more. But the Weyr would move forward out of necessity and a new queen was Hatched, Amitath, who Impressed to Faveonn, at the same Hatching where gold dragon and gold wher shared the Sands. As Amitath nears her graduation date, Faveonn has recently become pregnant and a weyrling green rises just before she can chew firestone. Will her flight result in a clutch of her own, the first green to clutch at Red River since Xiadeth transferred from Fort so many turns ago? Rumors fly that the Weyrwoman grows crazier by the minute and her new Weyrleader, a brownrider who is in love with her enemy and rival, Weyrhealer Naria of Rose-gold Hectith, can only hang on and hope that they all retain their sanity.

Red River Weyr has many open spots for brown, blue, and greenriders, as long as any crafter you can possibly dream of. And Candidates. We always need Candidates. Especially with a dragon Hatching coming up July 1st. We have 20+ active members, all of which have many ideas for posts and are friendly to boot. Rumors, romance, hardship and'll find it all at Red River Weyr.