Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf

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  1. This is a 1x1 Roleplay between myself, Tisiphone; Slave 2 Beauty and @UnicornBunny. We are not currently accepting other players to join our RP. Feel free to read but do not comment. Thank you!
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    Character Name: Lilith Scarlet Caldwell
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Fairytale Character
    Age: 18
    Birthday: May 14th
    Birthplace: Her cottage in the Enchanted Forest
    Occupation: Goat farmer.



    Strengths: Stamina running and anything musical.
    Weaknesses: Meeting new people and keeping quiet during a controversial conversation or event.
    Scars and Blemishes: She has a long scar down her right thigh from being dragged through a fence by a horse when she was a child.
    Handedness: Right


    Current Goal: To make herself into the person she wants and find a way to escape the boring life she is inheriting.
    Talents: Singing
    Inabilities: Speaking to a lot of people at once.
    Fears: Wolves (according to her mother, they killed her father.)
    Personality: Lilith is a shy girl. She doesn't say much to the people she doesn't know but she's always a loyal friend to those she does know. She wants more from life than she is being given and she's willing to do just about anything for it.
    Secret: She likes to spend her time in the enchanted forest- an area forbidden to her by her mother.


    General History: Lilith grew up as the daughter of goat farmers. When she was 8 her father disappeared and her mother told her it was a wild pack of wolves in the enchanted forest who ate him. Her mother and her father's mother raised Lilith. She took over as soon as she could and started to raised and milk the goats to sell in town. However she hates the life she has and always stays in town as long as possible hoping she'll find the thing that she's missing most in her life.
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  3. Character Name: Nathaniel Wulf Webb
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Fairytale Character
    Age: 19
    Birthday: November 9th
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Occupation: Witches pet but is trying to get away



    Strengths: Stamina anything involving athleticism
    Weaknesses: Being pulled towards people. Eagerness to please.
    Scars and Blemishes: Three two on his upper back and one slashing down his side.
    Handedness: Right


    Current Goal: Find someone to give him a reason to stay away from his mistress
    Talents: Protecting.
    Inabilities: Lying to people.
    Fears: Being alone and hated
    Personality: Wulf is a rather serious man but at the same time he could be childish at random. He hates how people fear him or are awed by his mistress. He is very protective of those he feels needs it and those he cares about. He does not know personal boundaries well.

    General History: All he rememberedd was waking up in a cage as a wolf. Then he was her toy to play with. He was to do as she asked, and only shift back human when told. He was her hunter her goon. Told to kill and devour people though it made him sick.He never understood how he knew he was human first but he just did.
  4. Morning dew still soaked the tips of leaves and petals, their cold moisture raining down on Lilith as she pushed branch after branch aside, her feet walking determinedly toward town. Typically, her route was boring.

    "Follow the path Lillie!" Her mother always yelled after her, as the young girl scampered off into the woods.

    Rumor had it there were all kinds of creatures in the forest; witches, ogres and goblins among the already dangerous bears and wolves. But Lilith was late, and she new the way to town like the back of her hand. Well, she new the already beaten path like the back of her hand. As she stumbled over logs and rocks it was becoming pretty clear that she was absolutely lost.

    "I'll be lucky if I even make it home before dark." she grumbled to herself. A glance over her shoulder proved that her carelessness was once again going to be her salvation. She had made a fairly obvious path of her own, tearing down large stalks of grass and breaking small switches off trees.

    The hairs on the back of Lilith's neck stood up. Someone was watching her.

    "H-hello?" she called out, the hairs on her arms quickly joined by goosebumps. "Who's there?" she yelled louder.

    Stupid girl, it's probably an animal. She swallowed the lump in her throat and shook her head, starting slowly for home. Her trip would have to wait another day.

    She snapped a twig under her large clumsy feet, startling herself. Lilith whirled around with a high pitched yelp and there he stood. She shivered as she looked in his eyes. It seemed the world had suddenly cooled several degrees.

    "Who are you?"
  5. It was a typical day for Wulf, running around the forest making sure everything was as his mistress liked. Nothing seemed to be amiss until in the distance he heard crashing like an elephant was possibly there. His ears twitched as he then turned off his normal slowly growing loop to run there. Ignoring as the dew drops from the tree's coated his nose. He dodged around a few goblins giving them a low growl, all knew of the witch and her massive pet wolf, 16 feet high to the shoulder fur black as night with red running through. Making him look like he was stained by the kills he made. Eyes grey and looked as cold as ice, which now stared at the girl in his human form, standing silently behind her. Head tilted to the side slightly when she turned yelping and stared at him.

    " my name... Who are you?"
  6. "I- I- my name is- I was just-," Lilith swallowed the lump in her throat and took a step back, the shift of weight on the stick beneath her caused it to break again, startling the girl. "I'm sorry if I'm trespassing I was just trying to get to town." she scratched the back of her arm and glanced down, finally able to tear her eyes away from his.

    He was incredibly good looking. Lilith had been courted by boys before but never by one as clearly fit and handsome. If it wasn't his eyes she was trying to avoid it was the clear lines of firm muscles that rippled across his body and made her breath catch.

    She cleared her throat and muttered another apology before picking her bag back off the ground where she dropped it.
  7. "I was just.. Odd name. Would you like me to walk you out of the woods?" Wulf walked towards her being slow as to not spook her. He scratched his abdomen feeling odd in this form. His wolf inside wanted him to claim her now. She was gorgeous, his eyes roamed her for a moment and he bit his lip. Stopping right in front of her, a little to close since he isn't used to human customs.

    The scent of her was making his mouth water and he tilted his head looking into her eyes. For some reason she called to him but he was unsure if she could be the way he could leave his mistress.
  8. "My name is, uh, it's Scarlet." Lilith Lied,cstanding a little straighter to seem more confident despite his closeness. he smelled earthy- almost fresh like spring. "And if you could just take me to town that would be good." she nodded as if that action affirmed her braveness.

    She took another step back, her ankle threatening to give out from under her as she stepped over a thick tree root. "I've got some errands to run and I'll take the path back home so you won't need to worry about me tresspassing again." she tried to say in a matter-of-fact way.
  9. "Trespassing? Oh uh no I just heard you walking and was worried something was injured. You are allowed to walk through here." He nodded and held out his arm for her. Feeling proud of himself for remembering from the shows he smiled slightly. "I know this is old school but you might hurt yourself and I do not want you to fall."

    He then looked around and listened nothing else seemed to be around them. He found that interesting normally goblins would be all over this.
  10. "You thought something was injured?" she demanded indignantly as he continued to speak. He offered her his arm but she jerked away, her foot slipping off the root. She fell into the tree behind her, her elbows scraping against the stiff bark. "Ow!" she yelped.
  11. "Normally things walk quieter here.. Since all the dangers. I didn't mean too. See you hurt yourself!"

    Wulf looked down at her with his hands now on his hips. Though his eyes narrowed slightly his mouth just went in a hard line. Holding out his hand to her he sighed softly.

    "Are you okay? Scarlet?"
  12. "I'm fine!" she shoved off the tree, the bark biting into her skin. "can you just show me how to get to town? I won't be bothering you any more."
  13. "You are not bothering me..." He narrowed his eyes then started walking through the woods. His footsteps were silent and he looked back motioning her to follow.
  14. Lilith's nerves were going crazy. His close proximity made her heart flutter and then he was walking away.

    "Hey wait up!" she stumbled after him, dusting dirt and tree moss off of herself. "um, did you say your name was Wulf?" he was walking quickly and she couldn't help but wonder who this man was. He walked like he knew every tree and fallen branch as if he'd placed them there himself.

    "do you live here in the woods?"
  15. Slowing down he was now confused. Did she want him close or far away? She literally fell trying to get away from him. Now she wanted him to wait.

    "Yes to both of those. I live out here.. I can only bring you to the edge of the forest.."
  16. Lilith was so focused on where she was putting her feet she nearly ran into her traveling companion.

    "but where do you live? And the village is through a few fields. Perhaps you could take me to the last hill so that it's still itching sight but you don't stray to far from home?" Lilith kicked herself mentally. She had just moments before been rudely demanding he leave her at the edge and now she was requesting otherwise.

    Her grandmother would scold her harshly if she knew.

    "I just wouldn't,want you to stumble on me again in some strange part of the forest."
  17. He looked back at her and gave a small smile, seeing she had almost ran into him.

    "I can take you the whole way. No need to be concerned." Running a hand through his hair he was getting confused by this girl. Were all females like this? His mistress was normally just very demanding, always sticking to her word. "I live on the other side of the forest, I can get there fast I know short cuts."
  18. Lilith kicked herself. He lived so far away and she was being extremely rude! Time for some damage control.

    "So, Wulf, have you lived in the forest long?"

    That's right, draw the attention to him and away from you. She thought a little triumphantly.
  19. He froze trying to think of an answer to that.. His last memory of this was about five years ago.. so he guessed that was a long time.

    "As long as I can remember. How about you how long have you had to do this back and forth thing?"

    Shaking his head accepting his own answer he began walking again.
  20. (I never got a notification you posted I'm so sorry!)

    Lilith panicked a little, "What back and forth?" she had to walk quickly to keep up with the attractive, half naked man. "I'm just trying to keep the conversation going." she huffed, the half jog half walk tiring her a little.
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