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  1. ((Read everything before posting, please))

    Jazmine stood silently, leaning against a tree in the middle of the woods. She tried to hide her amusement at her two friends' silly conversation behind a mask of boredom. After a few few minutes, the two boys were still at it, so she decided to get comfortable, taking a seat at the base of the tree she'd been leaning against. She soon lost interest in their bantering and looked up, the tree leaves obscuring her view of the sky. It was really a nice day to be out here. It wasn't too hot, but it was just warm enough to where you could feel the Sun on your face. A nice and gentle breeze stayed constant, the sound of rustling leaves a soothing rhythm to her ears. Her eyes closed of their own accord, and besides the sounds of the wind and rustling leaves, everything else seemed to melt away and her mind wandered in the peacefulness of it all. Until, that is the two boys she forgotten addressed her at once.

    "Jazmine!" they exclaimed, effectively causing her to jump as she was shocked back into reality and her eyes flew open. As the initial shock wore off, a low, annoyed growl escaped her. It didn't faze the two boys as they simply stared at her. Jazmine blinked, tilting her head to the side a bit. They looked like they were expecting something from her. She frowned, raising an eyebrow at the two as she realized they probably wanted her to decide who was right in whatever debate they were having while she was zoned out.

    "Mmm... What were we talking about again?"


    And this is where you (the first two players who are one of the two boys) comes in.



    Alright, so I guess there are some things you'll need to know before posting. This is a "werewolf" or "shifter" roleplay. What I mean by this is that there are different packs which are made up of people who can shift into wolves that are slightly bigger than normal wolves. They are more "shifters" than "werewolves" as they can shift whenever they want after the initial shift.

    Chain of command:

    Alpha: He's the big guy in charge. The dominant male wolf in the pack. There are different Alpha bloodlines, and the next Alpha is always the Alpha's son, unless the Alpha is challenged and defeated. This starts a new Alpha bloodline if the ancient rules are followed in the challenge. Respect him.

    Beta: He's the second in command under the Alpha. A Beta can be chosen by his Alpha, or by bloodline. Respect hm.

    Omega: He/She is the third in command and the pack trainer. Usually determined by fighting ability and Alpha's choice. Respect him/her.


    Other things:

    White wolves are extremely rare. AKA no white wolves, please.
    Black wolves are less rare, but still are rare. Usually powerful wolves like Alphas and their kin *hint-hint*
    Red wolves are unusual, but more common, especially in the Red Rain pack.

    Wolves first shift on their 13th birthday

    There are two packs in this roleplay. The main pack is the Red Rain (obviously) and the second pack is the Blood Moon (which is an ally of the Red Rain)

    Some werewolf etiquette: Don't wander into another pack's territory without permission unless you want to chance being either punished or killed for trespassing.

    Also, you grew up in the pack you are affiliated with.

    Wolves can communicate telepathically within their own packs if they form a 'link' (Alpha can contact anyone at any time)

    Feel free to ask any and all questions you might have :)



    They will be between the ages of 16 and 19.

    One person can be the Alpha's son in each pack. (if they want siblings, okay)
    One person can be the Beta's son in each pack. (if they want siblings, okay)
    Omega's daughter in Red Rain pack has been claimed by me.
    Other than that, create your own wolf

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  2. Kayden couldn't help but tease his companions. It was a beautiful day, the perfect sort of day to start silly arguments. So when the tired topic of a years-old fight had come up yet again, about whether or not kicks were fair in "hand to hand" combat, of course he had to set his friends straight. Kayden HAD NOT cheated by using his feet-- his opponent, now friend, had merely been woefully underprepared for a fight, and that certainly wasn't Kayden's fault.

    When the boys had looked to Jazmine for her say on the subject, they found that they had failed to hold her attention.

    "Mm... What were we talking about again?"

    "Geez, I see how important we are to you," Kayden said sarcastically, shaking the shaggy hair from his eyes and shooting her a disarming grin. He took up a seat next to her by the tree, tossing an arm around her shoulders. "Hand to hand combat means no weapons or superpowers or whatever, right, Jazz? Not LITERALLY only hands." Kayden playfully sneered the last two words and gave the other boy an antagonistic smirk.
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  3. Will thought Kayden was all wrong. Definitely all wrong. Hand to hand. It was called it for a reason. He probably seemed whiny, but he honestly didn't care. He was competitive, and didn't like losing. If he didn't use his feet why should his friend? But when Jazmine was asked, she was clueless. Not listening at all. He sighed. "No, it means hands. Just hands. If it was feet, it'd be foot to foot combat," he scowled at the smirk, his arms crossed in frustration. "Doesn't it?" He tried to sound insistent. Unfortunately, it was not very persuasive. Will rolled his eyes impatiently. Kayden was getting on his nerves, which wasn't all that surprising. He was cocky in Will's eyes. His mind wandered, what did Will think of him?
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  4. "Geez, I see how important we are to you."

    Jazz rolled her eyes at the comment and was about to bite back at him with some sarcastic remark of her own, but was caught off guard by his sudden grin and the sarcastic thought flew out of her head. Annoyed that she'd lost her perfect comeback, she crossed her arms and gave him an equally annoyed expression as he sat down and draped an arm over her shoulders. As soon as the next words left his mouth, Jazmine's face when blank. They were arguing about this? Again!? And apparently they wanted her to decide who was right, as they both seemed to push her to agree with them.

    Instead of giving an answer straight away, Jazz asked, "And who brought this up again?" After looking Will over once and seeing how frustrated he seemed to be, she cast a half suspicious, half accusing glare at Kayden. After a moment, she sighed, knowing they would bother her until she took a side. Reluctantly, she said, ".....Well, hand to hand combat is the same as unarmed combat, so," she rolled her head lazily to rest on Kayden's shoulder as she looked apologetically at Will, "Kayden's right. Feet are legal."

    She picked her head up again to look at the boy sitting beside her, raising an eyebrow and giving a small smile. "However, someone should stop being a pain in the ass." She leaned forward before standing up, so that Kayden's arm slipped off of her. She clasped her hands behind her back before going to stand with Will. "Right, 'Kay'?" she mimicked Kayden's earlier words as she looked back over her shoulder at him with a somewhat playful expression, though she was obviously still annoyed at him for starting the whole thing up again.
  5. Will muttered, "I still think feet is a stupid thing to use." He got a bit louder so Jazmine could hear, "But I brought it up. The first time." He continued to scowl at his friend. Will thought he was right and he wasn't backing down just because Jazmine said he should. Though he decided he shouldn't bring it up because that would mean more arguing that Will couldn't be bothered for. "Hey, where you going?" he asked.
  6. Appearance (open)

    Talia, a brown wolf from the Red Rain pack, was out for a walk and was heading nowhere in particular. She had nothing else to do, nobody needed her around, and so she was just exploring for what had to be the thousandth time. ​
  7. Kayden's toothy grin grew as Jazmine took his side-- as usual. Though Will had plenty justification for disputing old arguments, it almost always ended the same: Kayden's winning on some technicality or loophole. Had they exchanged places, Kayden knew he'd be just as agitated as his friend was.

    "Kayden's right." Ohh, how he loved hearing those words. Jazmine had said something else but he was a bit too distracted to hear. She stood up and walked over to Will. "Right, 'Kay'?"

    Kayden laughed. She had meant to annoy him with the nickname, but her plan was about to backfire. "You're totally right, Jazz. Whatever you say." He shot Will a conspiratorial grin, trying to get him to call her "Jazz" as well... The only thing Kayden liked more than teasing his friends, was getting one friend to tease the other.

    The boy then jumped to his feet, not wanting to be the only one sitting. He stretched and clasped his hands behind his head, lazily gazing around the sunkissed woods.

    "Why are we out here anyway? Re-marking the borders?" Kayden loved marking the pack's territory-- racing through the forest, scratching up trees, doing one's business wherever one pleased... Kayden would be a full-time wolf if he could get away with it.
  8. "Jazz, Kay and Will. Can't shorten mine all that well," Will smiled teasingly. "I think it's your permanent nicknames." He realised what Kayden was doing and he was surprised Jazmine hadn't noticed. Unless she had noticed.

    Will shrugged as Kayden asked about what they were doing. He glanced around. "Even if we aren't supposed to, we could do it and save everyone the trouble," he suggested, wondering if perhaps that wasn't a good idea. He didn't want the pack to flip thinking someone was stealing their territory. But then, what if it is what they were supposed to be doing? "We aren't very good at this following instructions thing, are we?" He didn't know why the alpha would even send them to do jobs together.
  9. Selene stood against a tree, piercing, icy blue orbs scanning the area. It was the edge of the end of her pack's territory, and the beginning of Red Rain's territory. She was told that there was rumoured to had been some.. unwanted activity around these parts. Perhaps another pack? Selene wanted to stay and watch for just a little longer before finding something else to do.

    Selene was quite slender with snowy pale skin with just enough color to look alive and well. Dark raven colored hair fell about halfway down her back in gentle waves that matched her fur in her wolf form. Between the two packs, well, a few of the packs in the area anyways, she was one of the only black wolves, and one of only two females that she knew of. This was a big reason for her consideration for being the next Omega, other than the fact that the current one happened to be her father. Her ears perked slightly as she started to hear the rustling and commotion of people, though it was likely just members of Red Rain. One sounded like Jasmine, who held the same position as her, only in Selene's ally's pack.
  10. Jazmine rolled her eyes before sticking her tongue out at them childishly. "If you need a nickname, we can always lengthen yours, Will." It didn't really bother her when they called her 'Jazz'. The only nickname that really irritated her was 'Jazzy' but she wasn't about to mention that.

    Then she smiled before sighing dramatically and placing an arm over each of her friends' shoulders, trying to steer them ahead. "Patrol," she said, "We're supposed to be on boarder patrol." Will was right. They weren't always great with instructions because they always seemed to get sidetracked on their jobs, but at least they always ended up getting them done.

    Then a familiar scent hit Jazz's nose, causing her to glance to her left in the direction of the boarder. Selene must be nearby. She obviously hadn't crossed, and Jazmine wouldn't have much of a problem if she did, but she was close. That made her wonder if there was something going on. She hadn't really been paying much attention to things in the pack meetings... The fault of her daydreaming tendencies, a bad habit of hers.
  11. "No thanks," Will replied quickly. He did not need a nickname at all. It would probably annoy him if someone called it him. He nodded as if he didn't know how he'd forgotten about border patrol. "Nothing interesting happening. I'd call that a job well done then," he grinned. Border patrol was perhaps the easiest job, because you just had to stand there. "Anybody else smell that?" He asked after a few moments. A familiar scent, but who's he wasn't sure, mixing with the other scents already present.
  12. Kayden marched ahead comically, placing an arm back on Jazmine's shoulder. "Onward, then!"

    Kayden loved border patrol. The pack had few territorial disputes, well at least not any he knew about. So patrols were usually pretty relaxed, meaning Kayden always volunteered.

    But then suddenly his companions were sniffing the air. "Anybody else smell that?" Will asked. Kayden had smelled it too.

    "Let's check it out," he said, starting off in the direction of the scent. It did smell vaguely familiar but Kayden couldn't place it. Either way, better safe than sorry.
  13. Will shrugged. Let's check it out. That sounded like a plan. He followed after Kayden, not wanting to rush ahead, but not wanting to be ambushed from behind. Kayden and Jazmine seemed to be natural leaders, but Will felt more of a follower. (Unless there was an argument, in which case, turn against the people who were wrong, and don't back down even if you're proven wrong). He knew he wasn't going to be a pack leader, but he didn't really mind. Jazmine was most likely the next omega, and Kayden could probably be the beta if he wanted to (and if he was chosen). "Don't you think someone should stay behind and carry on patrolling?" Will suggested, hoping he'd have a good excuse to go back. Walking into trouble, he decided, was not a good idea.
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  14. Kayden stopped short and turned around, a mischievous grin twitching at the corners of his mouth.

    "Yeah Will, go back and tell the others, whoever it is might use their feet if we have to fight them."
  15. Will scowled. He counted to three under his breath. Then he smiled. "I wasn't asking you. I was asking Jazmine." He crossed his arms in mock anger, but really he wanted Jazmine to tell him to leave. As omega's daughter, she knew what was the best idea (she was literally born to rule). "Besides, we don't need the others. We can take care of ourselves." He wasn't very happy that he couldn't think of a decent comeback to throw at Kayden, but no matter. Perhaps his reaction would work just as well. Avoiding the argument.
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  16. ((Jazmine is the Omega's daughter.))

    Jazmine tried not to laugh, but couldn't help it and punched Kayden lightly on the arm, "Hey! Drop it already, will ya?" Will's seriousness, made her pause though. That quip probably ticked him off, and he didn't seem too thrilled about checking out 'whatever' it was. She was silent for a moment before sighing and shrugging.

    "Relax. Do you remember a wolf named Selene? She's the daughter of the Blood Moon's Omege. It's her scent, so it's nothing to worry about." Though she was still curious. About Selene and about whatever it was that was making her start to feel uneasy.

    She glanced around slowly. No unusual smells or sounds came to her. Maybe she was just being paranoid.
  17. ((Oh. Sorry...))

    "That makes sense...thought I knew it," Will shrugged, sounding happier. It meant he didn't have to check it out as much. Then why are you still looking around? he wondered in his head. "Well, then, no fighting," he smirked at Kayden jokingly. He was definitely happy about that, it meant there was nothing else Kayden could take the mick out of. "Oh well, more sitting around doing nothing then." He sighed. "At least we're not doing real work."
  18. She smiled at Will with a light laugh, "We still have to walk the border, so we can't slack off too much." She thought something didn't feel right. She wondered if Selene would meet them if they headed towards the border... It was possible. She was far closer to becoming an Omega than Jazz, though they would both probably fill the positions eventually, so she might know if something really was going on. She started to move closer to the border as she walked forward.

    "Well, let's go. We could stop by the falls after our patrol. If you're both up for it, that is."
    She stretched her arms above her before resting them behind her head.
  19. "Walking? We do that all the time. That's not work," Will replied. Realistically, it was if you were doing it for hours on end. But there was no point in not being optimistic. The falls sounded good. Will wanted to go right then, but of course, that would be neglecting his responsibility, and that was not really good. "Yeah." He continued to walk, following Jaz and finding himself at the back. Which was possibly the worst place. Bored he began humming the tune to 'Ten Green Bottles' (it was more catchy then you'd think).
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