Red Rain Sign-Up and OOC

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  1. Check out the IC thread to see if you're interested :)

    Go ahead and jump into the roleplay. This is simply a place where characters are RECORDED, so we can keep track of them. Plus we can just talk about whatever.


    Jazmine (Ketsuki)
    Kayden (Vales Velvet)
    Will (OlympusBlood)
    Selene (Zella Celeste)
    Talia (Nightfall)
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  2. There is a reason this area of the forums is called jump-in roleplays... They're jump-in, you don't have to create a character sheet. Move this to fantasy or something
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  3. Hello! I've made a post. I'm Kayden, the impish, under-achieving brown wolf of Red Rain :wave:
  4. I've posted too, I'm Will, a red wolf from Red Rain.
  5. Hello! I was interested in making Omega's daughter in the other pack, but I saw the etiquette section, does that include blood moon? Are they allied enough to where it's okay to wander/communicate freely, or would I have to post and wait for others to join the other pack?

    I'm fine with playing a regular wolf in Red Rain, I was just curious, though~
  6. Am I allowed to join in? cx
  7. @Vales Velvet
    Awesome! Thanks for taking interest!And perfect first post, lol.

    Thanks for joining! And great response :P lol

    @Zella Celeste
    Well, getting permission is easy enough. The other wolves just need to be aware of your presence, and because the Blood Moon is an ally, the Alpha will almost always give permission for one of their wolves to cross the boarder.
    It would be fun if you did play the Blood Moon Omega's daughter :P Or you can play another Red Rain wolf, or even Jazmine's sister, lol. Just whatever you wish.

    Of course!
  8. Huh. I guess I should mention that Jazz has dark red hair (and fur) and violet-blue eyes.
  9. Sorry, I know that was a quick response, but I couldn't resist!
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