Red Oak Apocalypse

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  1. It was safe here. They'd run from the aliens when it all started, made themselves a safe haven in a small town someplace south. Built it back up from dust. Nobody thought it would go bad; the aliens had taken nearly every other human besides the twenty of them, and carted them off to space. They were long gone. Nobody counted on 300 people storming the town and its severely outnumbered citizens.
    Twenty years later and Red Oak is effectively a cult. A group of teenagers fight against the Shane-ers, trying to restore peace to a tired town.
  2. The bicycle barely ghosted over the cracked pavement. The boy on the bike was trying his hardest not to slip into a crack or hit a rock that he didn't see stray cat in his path.
    "O-JESUS FUCK!" The cat darted out of the bike's path just as he swerved, the asshole. Now Night was in a ditch, possibly the worst place to be when running from someone.
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  3. Sammy paced nervously as he waited for Night to come back. The frustration and worry almost made him yank out tuffs of his brown hair as he waited. Horrible thoughts ran through his head, as he peered out from the window of the building that was effective Red Oak's headquarters. Oh no, what if he ran into trouble, or what if he got lost and couldn't find his way back, or worse of all...what if he fell into a ditch and couldn't get out!
  4. Night could just hear the officers running towards him. They weren't far back, not at all, so he pulled his legs out from between the handlebars, grabbed the notebook, and gunned it.
    Headquarters wasn't far.
  5. As Sammy saw Night being chased up the road that lead to headquarters, he shouted for them to be ready to open up the doors. The officers wouldn't follow him into the building, at least Sammy hoped they wouldn't. He twiddled his thumbs and peered anxiously out the window at the rapidly approaching runners. What had Night done that had caused not one but three officers to be chasing him like that?
  6. Night could almost feel the breath of the three (rather large) men on the back of his neck. If he gets caught now, with the notebook, so close to headquarters...
    He shook his head. The cultists hadn't caught him yet.
    "Open the fucking doors!" Night shouted. Sammy pulled open the door just as Night slid in, nearly taking the both of them to the floor. He closed it and watched the officers run pass. They hadn't seen him go in.
    "Alright," Night started, "time to see what's so damn important about the notebook."
  7. "Y-you risked your life for a notebook!" Sammy flailed his arms around, "You could have died!" he shouted. Grabbing the notebook from Night's hands, he began to examine the cover. It was a simple black notebook, with nothing special about the front or back. Sammy began to flip through the pages and a small sheet of paper fluttered to the ground.
  8. "It's not my fault th-," Night stopped while they watched the paper fall. With a quick glance at Sammy, he picked it up and began reading.

    I'm writing this to tell you that I can't make it. They caught me, old boy. The cops saw me running into the House. I managed to lock the door before they busted in, and you know I keep the other entrances boarded up. It's only a matter of time before they get the ram.
    You need to go to Lakeville. Charlotte will be there. Give her this.


    Both Night and Sammy stopped.
    "I knew it looked important!" Night shouted.
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  9. "Moon? The House? Maskman?" Sammy sputtered, "And someone wanted to go to Lakeville? From here? Thats almost suicide!" He passed the notebook back to Night so that he could look through it. "Do any of those words mean anything to you Night? If we can't understand the letter it's of no use to us...who gave you the information about the notebook anyways?" He was curious, it hadn't been him, and he was the group's usual information gatherer.
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  10. "I was out spying, you know, when I saw it just lying there! And a spiral too! So I stop my bike-," He stopped. The bike was probably broken. "So I stop my bike and pick it up. Then I heard the cops comin'-I was being chased still. You saw the rest."
    He walked over to the map pinned to the only standing wall.
    "Lakeville is only 20 miles from here, Sam. We could do it!"
  11. "The bike?" Sammy deadpanned, "And where is that now?"

    He walked over to the map and traced the route to Lakeville. It would be an adventure...and he had always loved adventures. He shook his head, what the hell was he thinking! "20 miles Night. Thats 20 miles of forest filled with bandits, robbers and who knows what else!" Sammy thought about all the bad things that could happen, "We could be eaten by wolves or, or. We could fall into a well and be stuck down there! Forever!" He knew that all his fears were pretty illogical, but he couldn't help himself.
  12. "C'mon Sammy! We've faced worse than a few trees. Besides, I don't think the Shane goes that far. As long as we can make it passed them we'll be home free."
    He wiggled his eyebrows and faced the map. In a much quieter mumble he added, "In a ditch."
  13. "The Shane still scares me," Sammy muttered under his breath. "And we'd need supplies, and headquarters doesn't have much to spare."

    Then trying to change the subject he added, "Weren't you supposed to be going out to get supplies anyways?" He waved Night into the kitchen and showed him the empty fridge and cupboards. "There's barely any food left, and I still haven't eaten today,"
  14. "I can't go out for a while, Sammy. If we're really gonna do this we might have to take what we've got."
    They happened to be the only branch of Anti-Shanes in this part of Red Oak, so there isn't anyone else they can send out.
    "Fuck." Night sighed.
  15. "D-do you think that going will help..." Sammy looked around nervously, "shed light on the weird things that have been going on?" He scratched the back of his head, "I mean, I know you told us not to talk about it but...Did you figure out anything new?"
  16. Night paled. "I-I saw something while I was out last week. I didn't wanna tell you. Th-they've been burning people, Sammy." Night was stuttering. "The Shane-ers. Burning them at the stake. Like the fucking Protestants!"
    He paced to the 'bedrooms', nothing more than four blankets, two on the floor and two on top of those.
    "We're going. Tomorrow. I bet this Charlotte'll know something about the Shanes."
  17. Sammy's eyes widened and he stammered, trying to get the words out, "B-burning them?" He plopped down on one of the blankets and curled up. "I don't wanna get burned," He muttered into his hands.

    He thought about how terrified it would to be tied up and b-bur- but then he thought about how much of a coward he could be if he didn't go find this Charlotte girl who could help. Sammy really wanted to stop being such a coward! He raised his head, locking eyes with Night, "Okay, let's go,"
  18. Night was surprised. He was leaving, Sam or not, but he didn't expect the tiny boy to agree.
    "Fine," he said, eyes still locked on Sammy's, "We leave at dawn. Start packing."
    He busied himself in the kitchen after that.
  19. Grabbing his backpack, Sammy wandered around the base throwing in the essentials he needed. Water, change of clothes, and his weapons. A small handgun and a box of ammo, coupled with a couple of hunting knifes that he would slip into his boot or belt.

    He slept fitfully that night, having nightmares about creaping flames and peiring screams.
  20. Night woke Sammy up at three. When he cracked his eyes, Night was hastily stuffing cans into a battered backpack.
    "C'mon, Sammy, we need to get out of here quick. The Shane officers' shifts don't start until five. We could get pretty damn far if we leave now. Do you have everything?"
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