Red meat is poison!

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  1. *eats more red meat*

    If everything is bad for me (Beer? Wine? Chicken? Pork? Fish??), then I might as well die happy.
  2. I counter with Braveheart

    "Everyone dies, not everyone truly lives."
  3. Now let's do a study of people that eat poorly raised cattle in conditions that are reminiscent to nazi interment camps vs people that eat cattle that aren't pumped with tens of anti-biotics in their lives and raised on pasture land.
  4. -stares at picture.-
    I see a 'y'.
    Not the devil.
    I also see a goat.
    And a ram.
  5. I see a scorpion -> poison

    I won't go as far as to say that I agree with this statement, but I will say that my tummy feels a lot better after eating meats of other colors rather than red meat.
  6. I say cows are delicious.
  7. I say: I was raised in a red-meat loving family and am still alive. Deny me my bacon ... or porkchops.. I'll deny you your head.. :D
  8. <img src="">
  9. I thought it looked like a nine...
    Anyway, it's a certain amount of red meat. Humans are omnivores, etc. etc.
    Personal preference is fish and chicken anyway. XD
  10. I eat meat.

    I eat steaks, tri tips, etc rare. My burgers medium

    I do not eat said meat every day of my fucking life.

    Now get me a plate so I can consume this burger.
  11. Stuff it. I'm going to eat a balanced diet of all types of food, im not going to cut something out.
  12. Anyone tries to deny me my meats and sumbitches gon' die.

    And that is definitely a charred baby elephant head.
  13. Nobody tells me what I can and cannot eat.