Red Hood Vs. Deadpool (Minamoto Thunder and Nightwing)

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  1. Jason sat at a bar counter in his under armour shirt red bat symbol not showing due to his red hoodie . Long shaggy black hair hanging in his face.

    A man tried to take Jasons drink and Jason took his oppurtunity. He flipped his hood on his head and grabbed his switch blade in hand and shoved the man outside."What the hell!?" The man blurted .

    Jason grabbed his helmet from his pouch on his motorcycles backseat and put it on before kicking the man into an alley."You know scum like you are the reason this city is all sorts of hell. After all its a dog eat dog world." He said before using his higher strength level due to his technology in his gaunltets by picking him up and slitting his throat.

    He hopped on his motorcycle and rode off onto the highway.
  2. Meanwhile, Deadpool was just going out for a walk, being his usual self. Often saying hi to those around him starting with a Police Officer. "Good Afternoon, Officer. Lookin' good." The Officer waved at him before he continued walking.

    "Damn, Gotham sure is a cool place. Wonder when I'll get to meet Batman. Maybe Batgirl! Oh wait...Robin! How about the Joker? Bane? Or better yet, what about the great Bruce Wayne! Oh I have so much to do, I don't even know where to start." Deadpool came to Gotham for a much needed Vacation.

    "Hmmm, maybe Wayne Enterprises? Nono, Wayne Mansion!" He started dancing around.

    When he walked passed a bar, he saw a man bleeding from his throat. "Hey buddy, you okay? You don't look too good. Tell ya' what, I'll call 911." He pulled out his Cellphone.

    "911, what's your emergency?"

    "Hi! I just wanted to let you know there's a man bleeding from his throat an Ally by the Bar? I think someone slit his throat." His tone of voice, as usual, was comedic and cynical.

    "Okay, dispatching an Officer now."

    "Great, I'll be here, see what I...can do." He put his phone away.

    "Hey, you're gonna be okay, help's on the way." He out a thumb's up before grabbing something out of his first aid kit to see if he can help the man in need.
  3. Jason got home and had a message left on his house phone - Hey Jason its Babs are you alright from what Bruce said you were still killing. I really wish youd just stop killing people i mean at least shoot them in places they wont die. Anyways Ill talk to you later-

    "Maybe shes right-" unloads gun"-i need to actually do justice im not helpin much with the whole killing schtick . Its making me just as much scum as them."
  4. After the man was loaded into an Ambulance, Police thanked Deadpool for his fast thinking. He then continued on his happy jolly walk, mumbling and singing. Finally, a Newspaper flew into his face. "Oh what's this?"

    He grabbed the newspaper, which is currently talking about the recent killing sprees inflicted by a Vigilante. The headline was 'Has the Red Hood returned?'. "Man, that guy stole my mask? What is this? Halloween!?"

    Deadpool got angry because the Red Hood's mask was very similar to his. He then tossed the news paper into a trashcan and stomped away like an angry little boy.
  5. The next morning Jason got up out of bed and decided he would go see Bruce. Jason missed the bond they had, he missed Tim and Damian too of course. Jason put on his suit then put his dress shirt and shit over it. He drove his mustang over there. He rang the door bell.

    Alfred answered and his eyes widened "Dear Master Jason youve been gone for terribly long. "

    "I missed you too Al."

    Bruce came to the door and scowled as he hit Jason in the face"Barbara said you killed a man last night. "

    "Ow you son of a bitch... yea but im going no kill for the rest of my life unless needed." Jason replied back."I came back because i wanna be part of the Batfamily again...if youll have me?"

    Bruce smirked and nodded.
  6. Deadpool woke up on top of a bench. He was tired because he had trouble sleeping. What else was the Red Hood going to steal from him? His Swords? No...His entire costume! "Man, I'll show that Red Hood a thing or two messing with Deadpool!"

    He got up and started walking again. Thirsty, he just stopped at a Restaurant so he could grab something to drink. Maybe eat Breakfast wile he was at it.
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