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    The town of Greach was hustling and bustling and the snow was falling steadily down, making the shopping slightly more treacherous than it would have been otherwise. The late afternoon sunlight was weak and unsure of itself, the snow was definitely winning. Lamplighters were already about their duty and shopkeepers were cursing the weather under the breath. Well, not all shopkeepers. The tavern masters and innkeepers were positively gleeful. Just enough cold and wet for people to want to get out of it and not enough to keep them at home!

    That's where Conri came in. The innkeeper of the Red Frost Inn, a newly remodeled inn and tavern that sat squat in a section of the town that was definitely on the rise. The brass was exceptionally … brassy and gleamed oily in the light from Conri's determination. The floor was clean with a healthy and hygienic assortment of sawdust. The first few guests were already in the dinning room being waited on by none other than Conri's own daughter, the winsome and beautiful Alexis.

    The tanned Innkeep certainly didn't match his fair skinned daughter with her golden blon d hair and certain 'fullness' about her. No, Conri was lanky with brilliant red hair that if un-braided would have hung to at least his buttocks. Most possibly lower. Alexis wore her hair braided too, spiraled on her head with a few paper flowers in it.

    “Papa! More people are coming in soon!” Alexis bounced in place, her skirts rustling as she peeked out a window at the snow filled streets. “I hope!” She added before going back to refilling mugs of the customers who were already in.

    Behind the bar, Conri was instructing his kitchen staff and making sure all the taps were ready. The holiday season was the busiest of the year and he was incredibly excited. The sight of snow always filled him with a childish glee and he couldn't want to nip out and get some. For now though, he nearly vibrated in place as he filled mugs and for Alexis to retrieve.
  2. Despite the snow and the chill in the air, Lindel found himself laden down with not only his pack and weapons and of course his lute, but also with bags from the shops they'd stopped into along the way. Of course most of them were Losa's but as he glanced over his shoulder at this sister, he could easily spot the several bags she was carrying as well and she had a happy little smile on her lips while she did so. Some would scoff at him and tell him not to spoil her so much, but he couldn't deny that seeing Losa smile was one of his favorite things.

    And so he trudged along.

    The further they traversed, the more he wondered if they were even heading in the right direction. Or perhaps they were on the wrong street? More than once he'd had to stop for directions and everyone insisted that they weren't far and that they only needed to walk a little further. The last time hadn't felt nearly as helpful or assuring as the first few had.

    But finally the runaway duo found themselves standing before a sign that read "Red Frost Inn" while snow silently fell about them and laden down their clothes and bags of goodies. "Well I suppose this is our temporary home until the festival is over, sis," Lindel muttered, to which he got no reply. Which of course wasn't out of the ordinary. Losa wasn't big on talking and he understood her just fine anyway.

    With a gentle sigh, the young man reached out a gloved hand and pushed open the door, stepping inside and holding it until his sister passed through. There in the entryway they shook snow from their cloaks and Lindel pushed back his hood, revealing a youthful face with silver eyes and hair and pointed Elven ears that peaked out from his locks by just the tips.

    Losa preferred to keep her hood up for now. Lindel knew she disliked people staring at her glyphs.
  3. The door had barely closed when it swung open again, revealing a girl of about twenty, her features and hair nearly like the snow itself. "Sorry I'm late --" Leila started, but was cut off by the sight of customers. "Pardons." She said with a smile. But then she caught sight of elven ears and her eyes widened.
  4. White flakes of frozen rain fell from the sky. The air was thin and crisp, enough to nip at the exposed skin of the shammed temple maiden and turn her fair complexion rosy. Despite her light attire and numbing fingers, Tempest couldn't help but enjoy the feel of the fluffy precipitation as it coated her hair and kissed her cheeks. She had experienced all types of weather upon leaving her temple, however, this was the first time she had experienced snow. Oh sweet freedom; oh sweet bliss! The taste of solitude could never feel better. The liberation of her past could never give her more courage than it had already granted.

    From behind, someone one shoved the short filthy girl, oblivious to her presence until it was too late. She had been standing in the middle of a street basking in the wonders of snow, but now she turned to the culprit with blazing green eyes. An apology stuttered out of the man before he disappeared into the crowd. Bags weighed in the man's hands as they did for the bulk of the crowd. Festive everyone was, though Tempest could't quite figure out why. She had been jolted out of her fanciful thoughts and was now keenly aware of her surroundings.

    Lamps glowed a warm yellow light upon the crowd of people that seemed unusually gay. From shop to shop people went and each time they emerged they held a new bag. Only then did Tempest realize that it was the holiday season. Insignificant things like time and dates had ceased to follow this ignorant child once she left her home kingdom. She had been traveling without a care in the world and time seemed to be nothing but another restraint that was trying to hold her down. The weather told her the season but never the date, however, now she knew.

    A wicked smile curled onto her lips as she squirmed through packs of festive people. Tempest stole pieces of the conversations that were being thrown around and she had just happened to hear something promising. Luckily for the denounced temple maiden, there was to be a festival in Greach. Though festival or no festival, the holiday season seemed to be a blessing to this thief. Under her dark worn over coat was a once beautiful dress that had been tattered throughout her journey. Even though Tempest had stolen boots and an oversized over coat, she could never seem to find clothes that would fit her figure, but now she was bound to find something.

    Tempest pushed through the unruly crowd. The sound of gold coins clinked with each step she took - they were winnings of her last scheme. The air seemed to grow colder as the girl got wetter. Sleeping under the frozen stars was no longer an option when considering the dropping temperature and the beautiful yet deadly precipitation. The former temple maiden had been saving the money she swindled and had slept under the stars night after night, however, she would have to watch her health if she wanted to keep her freedom and never catch the slightest glimpse of burden.

    With a heavy sigh and irritation rubbing against her spine, Tempest sought shelter. Into the crowds she went, eyeing store signs in search of an inn. She passed under the warm street lamps and bumped into people every so often to examine their pockets. She turned corner after corner, left and right until she happened upon an inn that glowed with warmth. The words "Red Frost Inn" curled on a sign above the building. This would have to do, Tempest thought, curious as to the security on each of the rooms. She wondered if her new pick locking skill would come in handy this holiday, but that idea was soon fleeting as she imagined the fun she would have at this inn.

    The light clinking of the few coins she had stolen fell into her pouch of coin as she stuffed the pouch back into her coat pocket. With out further adieu the exiled temple maiden entered.
  5. Leila heard someone come up behind her, and decided she had done enough gawking. She stepped past the elves, siblings? and headed towards the bar. "Welcome and come on in!" She invited with a wave of her hand,putting on a professional face. There was work to be done and she was far from the luxury of just standing around.
  6. The mountainous countryside was blanketed in white, interspersed with evergreens and the occasional farmhouse or barn; dark shapes that struck an angular contrast to the rolling drifts. The air was crisp, but not unpleasant, and still enough that the only sounds were the mare's hoof steps crunching through a thin layer of frost underneath the few inches of snow, as D'Arci led the horse along a narrow trail toward Greach. While the main roads would surely have permitted a faster pace, and were undoubtedly more traversable given the numbers that traveled them daily during the festival season, the winding path she'd chosen was too beautiful and serene in winter to miss. As the pair neared Greach, she drew the mare to a halt at the crest of a low ridge overlooking a small valley, within which could be seen the rural outskirts of the town proper. A broad stream carved its way through the snowy center, flowing near Greach at one end and the other stretching out into the distant horizon. A wagon below made its way across a covered bridge, and just beyond it a large wheel turned in slow revolutions, pushed by the stream it dipped into, powering the grinders of a small mill.

    Blushed by the cold, D'Arci's rosy cheeks drew upward as she smiled excitedly. "I think we're going to like it here girl. A ligean ar théann, Isil Gan." With that, the dun-colored mount started forward at a slow trot, not stopping until the pair edged around Greach, ending up at the stables adjacent to the Red Frost Inn. An eager stable-hand, a small tawny-haired boy of no more than fourteen, hurried to secure the mare a stall matted with fresh hay and struggled to haul the weighty saddle bags to a vacant room on the inn's second floor. Though a tad spartan in its decor, the room was comfortable and the young woman allowed herself to sink against the mattress, nearly drifting off once or twice before nudging herself upright again. She had high hopes for Greach and there was much to be done to make herself presentable and in top form for the evening.

    Some time later ...

    Throwing caution to the wind, D'Arci sat atop a large, and seemingly unstable, cask set upright at one end of the bar in the inn's main room, legs crossed and swinging a foot back and forth to vent her fidgety nature. With lofty expectations, she'd spared nothing and favored a full-length corset bustier, its shimmering scarlet silk adorned with a multitude of silvery eyelets and buckles; and a loose, flowing laced skirt that fell just above her booted ankles. While the bustier sufficiently exaggerated D'Arci's slim figure and modest cleavage, it came at the expense of bared shoulders that, despite the roaring fire at the hearth, were very chilly. However, that state could be easily remedied by a sufficient level of inebriation. While she considered purchasing a swig or two for warmth, but the young gypsy struggled with the notion of paying for things others would gladly surrender for free. To that end, a ruddy-complexioned, well-built young man stood next to her, staring longingly into her deep green eyes as he droned on incessantly, hands waving about for emphasis, and unfortunately staying within his conversational comfort zone.

    "So most people just think it's all the same, but there are different kinds. I mean, obviously there are different kinds, but they're all special in their own way. Some are good for growing and some can be used for ..." With a disapproving frown, D'Arci tipped her mug upside down, with nary a drop spilling out, to signal that she was ready for another round and causing him to pause momentarily to fish more coin from a tattered, soil-stained trouser pocket. "I'm not boring you am I? I mean, you seem interested, but ... well ..."

    "Love, you're talking about dung. Nobody's as interested in it as you, but I'll pretend as long as you keep buying."

    The hand holding the coin hesitated, as a defeated look came across his boyish face. Muffled snickers could be heard from across the room where, at another table, were seated a trio of young men roughly his age and similarly attired in dungarees and loose-fitting shirts, all in the stained earth-tones one would expect from those who work with livestock and the land. Unsure which way to cast his eyes, he diverted them downward and started to back away from the bar. Sensing the impending end to her line of credit, D'Arci stopped him with a gentle touch on the cheek, lightly running her fingertips along the line of his jaw. Her expression was one of soft caring, or the condescending sympathy one might give to a puppy who'd just piddled himself, as she nudged him back toward the bar. "It's not interesting at all, and I'm still here. Think about it."

    He did, and evidently arrived at a favorable product as evidenced by his pronouncement that they'd have another round. Having witnessed her encouragement, the largest of the trio slid his chair back and rose to approach the pair at the bar. His swagger was overplayed to make it clear to all that he was the most experienced of the group, as he sauntered over and leaned toward D'Arci, partially edging out the manure-enthusiast, and his apparent friend. "Hey, so, maybe when you finish that drink we can go someplace more private."

    With a wink, D'Arci tipped back her freshly filled mug and dabbed at her lips daintily with a pinkie to clear any remnants of foam, not that the tepid beverage possessed any appreciable fizz to begin with. Head cocked to one side, her tone was chipper but projected a sharper edge, "That sounds great! How about you go find a mirror, or something else shiny, take a long look, and guess how drunk I'll need to be first. Then you can figure out if you have that much coin." The remaining pair of farmhands burst into laughter, while their fallen captain stammered out a series of incomprehensible syllables before returning, red-faced, to their company. On his departure, she encouraged her patron to continue, "So, please, I have to know what else you can do with it."

    The boy resumed his treatise on the various properties of dung, with D'Arci smiling and nodding along, as a handful of soldiers entered, recently released from their watch, followed over the next several moments by a handful of locals and travelers like herself. With business picking up, D'Arci placed a finger to the boy's lips to shush him. "I need few minutes, but don't forget what you were saying. I can't wait to hear about the beetles. If you please." D'Arci placed her hands on his shoulders, and he slipped his around her waist, helping her down from atop the cask. For his part, he returned to his friends where congratulations were had and machismo was brandished. She, however, took her drink and began to circulate among the other patrons, searching for the jingle of coins, the slurring of speech, and listening for potential opportunities. Of one thing she'd become certain - she would never, ever, ever suffer another seminar on the various types of dung for a damn drink.
  7. The sight of customers had Conri waving at them happily. He liked people, after all if he didn't then why was he running an Inn? The redheaded man enjoyed the clink of coins too of course. "Leila! I was wondering where you had gotten off to." The newest hire was interesting to Conri. Definitely someone from Wintersgate. Or with that Northern blood flowing through her veins. "Leila, help Alexis. I think we're about get even more swamped!" Yet Conri was cheerful. The kitchens in the back were producing delicious scents that wafted through the air.

    Conri was glad he'd gotten the rooms for rent sign up that explained the prices. They were doing a brisk trade this afternoon even! The holidays were definitely bringing people in.

    Alexis whirled about and set the latest group of drinks down before she approached the silvery haired and pointy eared young man. She gave him a bright smile. "Do you and your guest need any help, sir?" He was really cute too! "I'll check you in if you've got the coin, you certainly have the luggage for it!" She chuckled warmly, everything about Alexis was sunshine. The impish smile widened. "If you're just here for dinner, you couldn't find a better one tonight! And our rooms are nice and clean." She spotted Leila then and waved at the other girl cheerfully and then another new person entered the tavern! So busy and exciting!

    Another employer shooed her away from Lindel and Losa ad tried to be of better help. Alexis though was a whirlwind of cheer as she spotted the new guest that had just came in. "Welcome to Red Frost Inn!" Alexis called out to Tempest as she entered. The girl was gathering drinks and plates of food off the counter and delivering them excitedly. No man hit on her or flirted with her, no matter that she was sixteen and cute as a button. Her Daddy was much too scary for the local boys to even consider catcalling her. Much less courting.
  8. Leila watched the girl at the bar scam the pathetic man out of his drink money. She wasn't fond of either drinking or scams but she decided if this girl was going to hustle their customers she would alert Conri. Leila felt she had better ways of catching attention. She was trying to find a way to gain a life of wealth and privilege, not merely charm it from someone for a night. This Inn was the place to do it. Plenty of wealthy people came through, and maybe someday she would spot someone with real connections and status. As it was she was busy manning the bar while Alexis ushered guests to their rooms. In between pouring drinks she wiped down glasses and scanned the crowd for anyone looking lost. She smiled to herself at Alexis' exuberance.
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