Red Frost Inn. (A winter festival tale)

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    Welcome to the Red Frost Inn in the lovely town of Graech. Pull up a chair, buy a mug of mead and sit for a spell by the fire. Didn’t you know that the Winter Holiday is upon us? Of course! We’re having a grand festival here at Graech, it won’t be as big nor fine as what they’ll be having at the Capital but it’s enough isn’t it? Besides, it’s not like you could get there in time for it anyway! I heard that this will be King Chariton’s last Winter as King! He’s stepping down and Prince Phillip will be taking his place on the throne.

    Winter in the kingdom of Erastrae is met with much fanfare and excitement. Especially for the winter festivals! This is a very generic sort of high fantasy by the way, you’ve got your usual sorts. Knights. Cursed Princes. Rogues. Don’t forget the homely inn keepers and their lovely daughters.

    Erastrae isn’t the only Kingdom on the continent though.

    So here is a brief run down on the various lands. (open)

    To the North we have Wintersgate, an Empire run on magic and misdeeds. Queen Octavia of Wintersgate is a notorious Sorceress who has ruled the land for three quarters of a century and shows no sign of stepping down, dying, or even aging. The empire is a cruel place, slavery is common and they make covert raids against the other kingdoms for fresh blood.

    To the West, we have Jyndel, Vynalris, and the Kingdom of the Elves

    Jyndel, a kingdom obsessed with religion. It is said their Capital has more temples and Churches than any other city in any country. Their ruler is Queen Adrianna, formerly a temple maiden who was divinely appointed to her throne five years ago. Jyndel also has the Swordbound, an elite group of women warriors trained to protect and to serve. The Swordbound undergo a ritual which magically and permanently bonds them to a single charge, they must protect their charges and cannot escape this geas even in death.

    Vynalris is a deeply mysterious nation. Aside from the presence of dragons, very little is known by the people of Erasrae. Vynalris has very little contact with people outside it’s borders.

    In the midst of the continent and one of Erastrae’s closest neighbors is the Kingdom of the Elves. A very strange group of pointy-eared people, elves leave their homeland even less frequently than their southern neighbors the Vynalrisians. That being said, it’s said that there is a moderately-sized elven population in Erastrae as well as a number of half-elven citizens

    To the immediate south a region known to the citizenry of Erastrae as “The Wastes” is home to numerous bands of bloodthirsty and exotic bandits Once again, the average person of Erastrae has very little knowledge of what actually is there but do know that every so often soldiers are sent to maintain the borders.

    I would suggest being from Erastrae, where the roleplay is taking place would be the best as it is the most generic of the kingdoms. It’s easy to fit into and is a mostly peaceful kingdom with mostly peaceful people. The town of Greach is a mid-sized town towards the Northern border, within two days hard ride from the mountains that separates Erastrae and Wintersgate and week or more’s ride from the Capital, frequently just called ‘The Capital’ because the name Anaenos is a mouthful.

    A little about Erastrae and it’s Nobles. The who and what and the rumors.

    The current king in Castle Tempest is Chariton. He’s been ruling for at over thirty years and has been a rather good king. His oldest son is Prince Phillip who has been groomed to be the next king. Phillip is a stricter and harder man that Chariton but he is well suited for the throne. The youngest is Prince Dominic, the former blacksheep of the family. Dominic was trouble and the rumors are that he is a lazy man who doesn’t value hard work and he is a playboy, spending every evening with a different woman, a sharp contrast to Phillip and his devotion to his loving Wife. Dominic recently left the Capital and has gone to the Green Thorne Lodge at the base of the mountains that separate Erastrae and Wintersgate. Rumors abound about Prince Dominic’s leaving of the Capital. Everyone has their own ‘truth’ that they heard from someone who knows someone who knows someone and – You get the picture.

    So the big question is WHO are YOU playing? Being from Erastrae is the best option but the rest is totally up to you! Minor Noble? Peasant? Diplomat not staying in the Capital? Lady on the run to escape a forced and loveless marriage? The only thing that is really important is that all the characters are staying at the Red Frost Inn! It's one of the best Inn's in Greach after all. It's busy and has good food and clean beds and the owner is apparently fearsome when crossed and friends with all the right people in town. If you want to be from the town of Greach, you can but the roleplay is taking place around the Inn.

    Let's do a bit of random information about the Inn! The inn has always been called 'Red Frost' and it's been in the community for at least twenty years and gradually fell into disrepair before Conri bought it and had the entire thing refinished. It looks better than it has in years and because of Conri being an ex-Mercenary, the Inn is a popular place with Mercenaries, Soldiers, and the men and woman of the Guard! You don't see too many 'civilians' unless they are somehow attached to one of the above professions.

    The Inn has two main levels, the ground floor which has the dinning hall, kitchens, bar, two private rooms and a joined bathhouse. Upstairs is given over to the bedrooms. The attic is where Conri and his daughter stay. There is of course a cellar under the Inn, it's surprisingly spacious and is being used used to hold all the cold foods and anything else that Conri can stuff in there.

    The Stables for the Inn are a good size with plenty of room. There's a horse yard that's kept swept. It doubles as a 'training' yard for the various mercenaries and soldiers that end up at the Inn.

    Character Sheet (open)


    Description: (Please include all the pertinent details. If your character looks in their forties, please put that in! And their race if it's incredibly clear.)



    Goals: (What are they doing in Greach? What do they hope happens this holiday?)


    Extras: (If you have anything else to add that might be useful or entertaining to the other players and me!)

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  2. Let's reserve this for more information and the GM's characters, yes?

    Conri (open)

    Name: Conri

    Description: A lanky red headed man nearing thirty years of age. Conri has very little distinguishing features other than his red hair and even that isn’t especially vibrant. Conri doesn’t look like much with his braided hair and soft smile and tan skin.

    Personality: The Innkeeper Conri isn’t much like the young Lord or the hired Thug or even the Mercenary. Easy going and nice and always with a kind word and a doting Father to his Daughter.

    Young Lord Conri was a cold youth and that part is definitely still inside the Innkeeper. He’s been freezing for years and the closest he’s come to breaking that frost is when he chose to abandon his group and save a little girl from a terrible fate.

    In the service of the Mercenaries, Conri was hot and ice in equal measure. Good enough to make a name for himself and a mark.

    History: Conri was born to a Noble family and didn’t get along with his family at all. Once he hit puberty his Father stopped ‘going easy’ on him and demanded that he conform. Unable to conform or get anywhere near the level of expectations his Father had for him, Conri was sent away to a Military school in hopes that it would ‘fix’ him. Conri never made it to the school.

    Instead the boy ran away from his keepers and fell in with a bad crowd. The leader of the little group showered Conri with Fatherly affection that he had long been denied. Conri stayed with them from the time he was fourteen to the time he was twenty-four.

    A hostage situation went terribly wrong and Conri was asked to hurt a small child. The leader that Conri had grown up with was long retired by this time and the man now in charge was his son. A cruel man. Conri refused and stole the child away, running from his former ‘family’.

    Conri found himself working at an Inn. After a season there he left the girl there, promising he’d come back, and went to join a Mercenary company. Refinding himself and his honor, Conri did well and stayed with the Company for four more years. Spending the off-season every year working at the tavern with his ‘daughter’.

    Conri recently bought the tavern where he worked and has retired from being a Merc. He’s trying to do good and make good on his previous life as a hired thug and killer. He’s trying to raise his girl up right.

    Goals: A comfortable life for him and his girl.

    Quirks: Conri is still freezing. Some mornings he feels like his body is hard to move and frost cracks across his skin. This might be a minor magic or it might be that Conri has lost his mind.



    Alexis (open)

    Name: Alexis

    Description: Easily tangled golden hair crown this sixteen year old girl. Honeyed, sun kissed skin that glows even in the darkest of winter months, Alexis is like a stray beam of sunlight. Years of working in the Inn and working outside in the yard has left her with a lean body that is hardier than it looks.

    Personality: Appearances can be deceiving but in this case they aren’t in the slightest. Alexis is just as happy and friendly as she looks. She’s nice to the boys that chase her and she’s a good friend with a good steady head on her shoulders. She’s fond of the Staff at the Inn and enjoys working with them. She likes to give people little presents and with the holidays coming up, she’s nearly giddy with joy.

    History: When Alexis was ten years old, her family was going to Market and were waylaid by a group of bandits. Scared, Alexis was given to one of the men for him to take care of her while she was going to be ransomed. Her Father and Mother reacted badly and were killed by the bandits, the one holding her feeling guilt. She stayed with the group of bandits for a week while they tried to figure out what to do with a worthless girl. Insinuations were made and one of the captors realized that he had to save this girl or lose what was left of his humanity.

    So he fled, taking Alexis with him. Conri and Alexis traveled across most of the country and settled down at an Inn, Conri leaving her there and promising to come back as he joined a Mercenary group. Alexis did well working for the Inn Keeper and always looked forward to when her ‘Papa’ would come back.

    Eventually Conri stopped being a mercenary and bought the Inn… Now Alexis helps out more as a favor to her Papa than any real reason. Plus, someday it’ll be her Inn.

    Goals: Someday Alexis will own the Inn and she wants to be a good business woman.

    Quirks: Alexis was raised by a variety of people, she takes on a little bit of all of them. Mostly her ‘Papa’ though and she’s learned the sword from him. As well as the staff, daggers, and makeshift weaponry…


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  3. Losa.jpg
    Sylphs are easily identified primarily by the swirling, glowing blue symbols all over their body and secondarily by their pale skin and seemingly frail build. Losa's symbols are most often stationary and glow very subtly unless she's in a state of agitation. Her skin is indeed pale and her build is fragile. However, her knowledge of the arcane arts more than makes up for her physical disposition. Her hair is long, reaching to the middle of her back and usually left down, near-silver in hue and without much body. Her eyes are a vibrant, inhuman blue to match her skin glyphs. She has brought with her naught but traveling clothes - tunics and breeches and appropriate undergarments. She refuses to wear a dress. Her traveling cloak is a golden brown to match her calf-high boots and gloves. She's eighteen and although her youthful features are prominent, her serious expressions and mysterious aura are enough to make a person think that she is older than she actually is.
    Highly aloof when specifically addressed, Losa dislikes attention and will do all that she can just to put the spotlight on someone else. She's not an interesting person! Or so she'll claim, but that's because of her racial tendency to be more interested in what everyone else is doing.
    She's nosy, to the point that she has no regard for personal space and privacy. She disregards all sorts of rules, viewing them as unimportant things that only people with morals abide by.
    She is a meddler. She WILL meddle in your affairs.
    She secretly worries that she's troublesome for her brother.

    Born and raised in a closed-off little village, alongside her older brother, Losa was subject to near constant attention. No, it wasn't because she was one of the most fair and fetching girls in the village, but rather because her defining physical features would not allow her to hide what she really was: a Sylph.
    Born to human parents, through the result of an air elemental somewhere in her ancestry, Losa was treated as a delicate and rare possession. And while Sylphs are indeed rare, they are in no way comfortable with the spotlight being on them. Losa was no different, so she often locked herself away, pouring her attention over the many tombs of her ancestors, learning about magic in all of its forms. Everyone expected her to become a Sorceress or a Cleric. Instead she embraced the way of the Witch.
    She's just come of age, and after eighteen years of having unwanted attention and not being able to do what she desires the most, she's convinced her older brother that it's time they left the nest and experienced the world for all it's worth. They've been traveling for just over a month now with Vynalris as the destination in mind.

    This is a good chance for Losa to ditch her brother, not because she finds him troublesome, but because she figures they'd both be better off apart. She knows she's a trouble-magnet and if she's capable of caring about someone on an affectionate level, it's going to be her brother. It's her belief that inns would be filled with lots of handsome mercs and knights, especially because of the festivities. She plans to toss a handsome stud at her brother and escape while he's distracted!
    Her brother is Lindel!
    Her Patron as a Witch is "Winter" and her familiar is a snowy owl.

    Being a Half-Elf, some of his mother's traits were passed onto Lindel. Above all else, the trait that stands out the most is unarguably his beauty. But despite his face's effeminate features, the twenty-five year old man has a slightly strong build just like his father. He's not burly, but he's definitely fit and muscular and strong. Standing at five feet and eleven inches, he often gives off the image of a man not easily messed with. Or he would, if it weren't for the warm, friendly smile that usually graces his lips, and if you be friend, that smile will reach all the way to his charming silver eyes. His shoulders are broad, his hips defined. He walks with an air of confidence but never arrogance. His hair is a silver-grey, though similar to his sisters only by mere coincidence.
    He carries with him a hatchet, a bow and quiver, and his lute.

    Despite his Elven blood, Lindel is a friendly sort of man. He is kind and rather accepting of non-Humes where others might not be. Strongly believing that one should never judge a book by its cover, Lindel is also wise enough to retain a bit of wariness when dealing with strangers. He is of mixed blood, so of course he doesn't quite feel like he belongs with Humans nor Elves, but strangely enough he gets along well with the other races, especially the less liked ones, such as the Half-Orcs or the Dwarves. His sister is by far the most important person in his life and although he knows full well that she's not particularly the nicest, sweetest person, he understands her more than she realizes. But it's not just Losa; Lindel has talent for understanding people, especially their feelings. He is very good at reading between the lines. Some might even describe Lindel as "charismatic" which isn't all that surprising considering he's a bard.
    If his sister is ice, then he is heat - a soft, cozy warm type of blanket for those who deserve it.

    At first Lindel was an only child, born to a Human father and an Elven mother. But with his father having three wives, it was just a matter of time before he'd have a sibling. It was the Human wife who birthed the second child nearly seven years after.
    She did not survive the ordeal.
    And although he'd lost one mother, and his father a wife, some good had come from it. The baby girl had survived and Lindel's mother took up the role of caring for her. For this reason, among many others, he and the girl became close, as though not half-siblings, but pure blooded. Lindel was older by seven years, so he grew to be protective of his sister, whom had received her Elvish name from his biological mother, her adoptive one.
    As Losa grew older, Lindel was able to see how the village's worshiping of her made her very uncomfortable. It was he who suggested they leave on her eighteenth birthday, mostly for her sake, but also for his own. He'd realized upon hitting puberty that he found the other boys attractive rather than the girls. And, living in such a small village, he knew that if he was ever going to find a mate, he would need to leave.

    Having been on the road for at least a month now, a little pause is in order, never mind that the roads are difficult to travel at this time of year. There's so much hustle and bustle because of the festivities, it's just easier to ride it out and get back on the road when things have settled back down.
    His sister is Losa!
    Lindel is not just a bard. Though he grew up with a natural talent for song and dance, and not without encouragement from his mother, he also grew up to have a strong build like his father. So when he was old enough, he joined his father in the business of wood cutting and thus, he is adept with handling weapons, especially axes. Living in the woods also taught him to hunt for meals, so he is also quite skilled at the bow.

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  4. *deep breath* dat crisp smell of a freshly made thread <3

    Hello, I'm interested~ I'm thinking of playing as a resident of Erastrae, who's grandparents were refugees from Wintersgate, so she's got a bit of Wintersgate blood in her. What sort of population does Wintersgate have? Can my character be one of the workers of the inn? I was thinking of janitor, cleaner or something.
  5. Wintersgate has a mostly human population but like Erastrae it's a bit cosmopolitan in it's people. You'll find an assortment of ethnicities. Wintersgate isn't a loved country by it's neighbors so that is definitely something to consider when choosing to be from there. Cook, Serving Wench, Cleaning Girl, all those are open and you're welcome to one. :)
  6. Name: Adrian Lyntel

    Description: (I do not own this picture.)
    Adrian is a taller man with a medium build. His shaggy chestnut hair often hangs in his blue eyes. This hair continues down his face into a full beard. Adrian is in his mid twenties with an appearance of wisdom that still remains youthful. His most noticeable feature his his charming smile (which he will share with any pretty girl).

    Personality: Adrian has the appearance of a hard worker with determination. This is misleading. Adrian is incredibly lazy and self centered. The only thing he really puts effort into is making money or wooing women. He is a little heavy on the bottle. At any given moment he is probably at least a little drunk. Every time Adrian sees a beautiful woman he will start flirting excessively. It's not that he is hoping to win their hearts, but just enjoys the act of flirting itself. However, Adrian's top priority is money. He is a merchant of "rare" curated items from across the continent. Often he will exaggerate the story and value of his item to make more money. Over all Adrian is nice and friendly, but his priorities lie with in himself.

    History: Adrian was born into a lower class family in a small village in Erastrae. Like him his father was a merchant and Adrian would travel with him from an early age. When Adrian was 15 years old his father was arrested for selling counterfeit goods. The young merchant then inherited his father's cart and loyal donkey Barbar. He traveled across the continent buying and selling goods, though most of his business remained in Erastrae. Adrian was sure not to stay in one town to long, for he had a habit of angering town folk with his cocky attitude and the far less than perfect quality of his items. Still Adrian made a steady profit (which much was spent on ale) in his travels.

    Goals: Winter was a big profit season for merchants. All the festivals and events meant lots of buyers. Adrian arrived in Graech in hopes of making a wealthy sum. Also a cold pint wouldn't be bad either.

    Quirks: Despite all of excessive flirting, Adrian has yet to find a love interest. And honestly he doesn't really want to.
    He won't admit it, but Adrian can be frightened easily. He also tends to make stupid decisions when in a crisis.

    Extras: Adrian often talks to his donkey Barbar, like full conversations.
  7. Name: Ranstin Ash

    Description: If there was ever a poster child for a mercenary company, it’s Ranstin. The human male’s dark brown hair hangs to his shoulders, carrying a slight wave. Deep chocolate eyes have no hint of gold to them and are fringed by long lashes. He is square jawed and broad shouldered, standing at six foot two. His jaw is covered in two days growth of beard, but it is not enough to hide a thick scar just beneath his ear. That same ear is notched in two places from old wounds. If anyone were to see him shirtless, the shoulder on the same side is also covered with horrid old scars. His skin is deeply tanned from his work outdoors. He appears to be in his late thirties.

    Clothing wise, he tends to favor greys and deep blues, though will settle for brown. He carries a rather hefty array of weapons, but these are only on him while working. For daily life, he carries a single dagger, it being more than enough to defeat most back alley assailants.


    Ranstin, aside from seeming perpetually tired, has a good sense of humor. He’s not unapproachable, though he also isn’t the type to bubble over with good cheer. He carries a deep sorrow at the loss of his wife and their son, but tries not to let this interfere with his daily life.


    Born to a ferrier and his wife, Ranstin had a rather unremarkable upbringing. He was the only child his parents were able to conceive and thus was given a great deal of attention. He also had the advantage of having a mother who was able to read and who taught him letters and numbers early on.

    Despite all this, or perhaps because of it, Ranstin found he had few passions in life. He was bored, constantly, with everything available in town. Later, in his teen years, he traveled the world. It was a wonderful, exciting place but it wasn’t quite what he wanted. He found himself moving through it passively, a tourist who did a bit of work here or there, never getting to know anyone, never finding a real home.

    It was only one night as he left a tavern and happened upon a poorly scrawled want ad on the board that his life changed for the better. He found his way to the address mentioned on the ad and met with a man named Argrim. Argrim was a tired, older looking man with keen eyes and nicer clothing than anything Ranstin had ever seen so closely. Argrim turned out to be a recruiter for the Hawk Stalkers, a band of mercenaries that was currently based just outside of the town he was staying in. He agreed to meet with the leaders of the mercs and, before the week was out, he was training with them.

    He found adventure, challenge, and love of life working with the Hawk Stalkers, but after eighteen years of combat and climbing the ranks to third in command, he has grown a bit tired of the mercenary life. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really see much alternative that won’t put him right back on the front lines, combat being most of what he is trained for.

    There are also the matters he doesn’t speak of. The woman he loved, their marriage, and her death in childbirth to a stillborn son. Though it has been fourteen years, he mourns the loss quietly.

    Goals: Ranstin has come to the his old friend’s Inn to relax, enjoy the holidays, and wait for the cold to clear so that battles can once again be waged.

    Quirks: He plays with a ring on a cord around his neck when thinking. Doesn’t like to have his back to the door. He’s fidgety with his hands and when he can’t take the ring out, he will find something to busy his hands with.
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  8. Name: Imre
    Description: (open)

    Standing around 5'6", Imre has a slender and seemingly frail build, but he's stronger than he looks. His hair is as white as the falling snow and, as is common for his Dhampir race, his skin is incredibly pale. He has pale red eyes that tend to eerily reflect light from under the cloak he often wears while traveling, so he tries to avoid eye contact entirely. He prefers being able to move in silence, so his armor is minimal. He carries twin short swords.

    Personality: Aloof and seemingly uncaring about most happenings around him. Imre's nature is a bit... complicated. He finds the company of most people annoying, but still craves a little companionship, all while pretending he doesn't. He would probably never admit it, but Imre has a deeply seeded fear of hurting loved ones or being hurt, so he keeps everyone at arms' length. This is due to his dhampir race, as he is used to being feared or even hated by those who learn of him. At his core, he's a generous person, but he's likely to leave a person in need to their own devices unless interfering seems absolutely necessary to avoid bloodshed.

    History: Quickly orphaned after his birth in a small village, Imre was taken in by close childhood friends of his deceased parents. He naturally thought of the two as his parents, but came to the realization, at a young age, that he differed very much from his rosy cheeked guardians, who could walk in the sun's light without feeling the discomfort he felt from its rays. After being told the truth about his real parents, many things made sense to him, such as the other villager's fear of him, and their disdain towards the couple who had raised a dhampir child. Even with those hardships, Imre continued living as peacefully as he could with his family, which gave him a younger sister, and then brother, as the years went by. But, once he was old enough, and confident enough, he selfishly left home to both follow his desire to travel, and save his family from more years of the ever building stigma against them.

    Goals: Imre is looking to relax for a bit after a long journey. He hasn't spent much time thinking about holidays, but while in town he just might partake, to reminisce.


    Extras: (If you have anything else to add that might be useful or entertaining to the other players and me!)
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  9. This looks interesting; I shall sign up soon.
  10. Everyone's characters look great so far! :D Keep 'em coming! Let's get this thing going!

    Onwards! To the Red Frost Inn!

    I added more Information about the Inn itself! Enjoy!
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  11. Name: Hollis Rvien
    Description: [​IMG]
    Hollis stands at about 5'6". He doesn't appear very muscular but he hides his strength beneath baggy clothing and a non-threatening demeanor. In fact, Hollis has a very lithe-like body because of his blood. He is 1/3 Elven. This accounts for his silvery hair and the tips of his ears which are slightly pointed.

    Personality: Hollis appears to be a stand-offish and quiet when first met, but he is actually a friendly and warm individual. Hollis tries to be a positive force wherever he goes but sometimes he gets too excited and scares people off. Despite his good-natured tendency, he is also fiercely loyal and protective, ready to step up and defend people. He doesn't take to mean or evil acts lightly and will stand up for those in need. Hollis has a bit of childlike wonder still and is very curious of the world. He may be naive at times as well.
    History: Hollis wasn't born in Jyndel but he spent most of his life there. He doesn't recall living anywhere else and his parents never talked much about their pasts much. All Hollis knew was that they came from money and they found the religious nature of Jyndel much more satisfying than where they had lived before. Hollis had a pretty boring childhood of schooling and learning various skills, but nothing too extravagant. Hollis didn't really enjoy the rich life much but he never complained. He would sneak out sometimes to play with friends but he mostly kept to himself.
    It was when Elissandria became his Swordbound that he began to wonder about his family. With her protecting him, Hollis started to travel and see more places. He developed an easy friendship with her and enjoyed her company a lot. He knew she worried about him a lot, but he never brought it up. Things were going fine until his family starting pressuring him to marry. The more they pushed and intervened in his life, the farther Hollis moved from them both emotionally and physically. He thought to leave Jyndel when he was almost attacked. He was startled by the death of the stranger but agreed leaving the Kingdom was the best option.
    Goals: To live a life free of pressure. Hollis wants nothing more than to live life the way he wants to and not the way others tell him. He also wants to separate himself from the past and live life with a clean slate.
    Quirks: Sometimes laugh at inappropriate times. Taps his fingers when thinking.

    Name: Elissandria
    Description: [​IMG]
    Elissandria is an unusual sight. Her skin is pure white and she believes that she has something other than human in her history. Her long blonde hair falls to her waist and her eyes are a pale blue color. She stands at 5'9" and has a sturdy built from years of fighting and combat. Her ears, which she hides, are ridged at the ends.
    Personality: Because of the way she grew up, Elissandria is a quiet person, always standing by in the background. She has no need to protect those in need and is only loyal to those she believes deserves it. Elissandria has a hard time trusting people and opening up as she was taught that this would get in the way of her duty. She is very focused on her goals and can be resistance to change. Elissandria has trouble letting loose and enjoys quiet moments more than anything. Elissandria, though, is a very caring person and has nothing but adoration for children and Hollis.
    History: Elissandria does not recall her parents. She was brought up in an orphanage in Jyndel and it is all she remembers. Elissandria always felt a disconnect from the others at the orphanage and from the religion practiced there. She never told anyone and never showed signs of her lack of faith due to the fear of what might happen. Elissa was bullied in the orphanage due to her unusual appearance and at first she told but after the Headmaster discredit her incident after incident she stopped.
    Once she was old enough, Elissandria became a Swordbound. She felt this was the right path for her and during the years it proved to be. She became bonded to Hollis and developed a strong friendship with him through the years of serving him. Things were well until a year ago. Elissa accidentally killed a man after he threatened Hollis. Worried about what this might mean, she and Hollis fled Jyndel, hoping for a chance to start over. They are at the inn to have a place to stay as they try and figure out their future.
    Goals: To find a new place for herself and Hollis to escape from the past. She is driven by keeping Hollis safe no matter what.
    Quirks: Whenever she is holding something small she tends to move it from hand to hand constantly. She also has the habit of biting her lip.
    Extras: Elissandria is trained in spear and staff fighting mainly and carries around a spear that was given to her when she first became a Swordbound. She is skilled in other areas of fighting but not as well as spear/staff.
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  12. I will post a character soon
  13. I think that is enough people for this game but I'm willing to take more into consideration should you have a really entertaining character. Everyone who has posted interest, you're fine and dandy. Just get your characters up soon! :D To my invitees; woohoo!
  14. I finished my characters finally.
  15. Yay! :D Everything is coming along!

    I'm excited to start this soon!
  16. I need to finish Lindel's bio! Sorry about that!
  17. It's okay, Dawn! I'm still waiting on several bios! You aren't holding anything up.
  18. Hi everyone! I guess I'm not getting more Character sheets after all. Oh well. Is everyone who has already posted their character sheets still interested in this game? Now that the holidays is over, I hope everyone will have enough time to play and plot. :) Please post if you're still interested!

    If you've been invited and you still don't have your character up, that's fine just get them before the end of the week please!

    If no one is still interested in this game, that's okay too. I know it was a long wait. :)
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  19. Still interested!
  20. So interested :3
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