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  1. Hello, this is a little something that came out of my head after bawling my eyes out after having watched the Story of Evil trilogy on Youtube tonight, I hope that interest someone!


    The red threads of Fate are felt all over the world, their crimson hues deepening with a mixture of lifeblood and carmine passion. No one escape their hold, as those currently linked to another will feel an irrepressible, unending pull to their Fated One, leading to their destruction should they resist. No one is unlinked, as as one thread lead to another, and another... an eternal dance of deep emotions and raw feelings. You may hate your Fated Ones, you may love them, but never, ever would you ever be indifferent to them. Should they die you will feel the pull to one day meet them again, should they leave you will both feel the despair of separation.

    We are all born with empty hearts, and we shall all die when full to bursting with feelings. This is what Fate prepared for those who live in this world called Amora, and this is the reason we go on, no matter what. Love, hate, live to the fullest, child of Fate, for doing otherwise would condemn you to a cold and lonely death, your tale unsung and forgotten. Remember that you live, and by living you are destined for someone, that they may be a sole wretched soul or a multitude of lonely and glum individuals. You are not alone, will you seek your Fate, child?

    Today is the start of your destiny, you, who is but sixteen and fresh for you Fated Ritual, you will soon start to feel the pull of your first Fated One, and they you. Go boldly, and keep your heart open to all you may feel, that they may be soft and light or dark and heavy, feelings are now part of your life, of your gift of Fate. Enjoy this Spring, and any that you may experience in the future, for it herald a brand new start.

    Basic Information:

    Fate may be fickle a Mistress, but she look fondly upon the inhabitants of Amora. Each of those over the age of sixteen will have a small thread of their Tapestry of Fate entwined with another at that age, a few days after their last childhood ritual. Both Fated Ones will start to feel a strengthened pull towards the other then, and that pull will intensify until either the thread reach its satisfactory conclusion or when the force snaps the threads, instantly killing the two unfortunate Fated Ones.

    For a pair to be complete a total of three stages cementing their relationship must be overcome, the first being the Name, where they must find the other and get acquainted, the second being the stage of the Seasons, where they must know each other as much as possible for at most a whole year, the following Spring unveiling who they are Fated to be to each other depending on their degree of understanding and closeness, and finally the stage of Blood, where that destiny is sealed and the thread tied, the pull finally ceasing until the next Spring when another Fated One will be linked to the recently freed child of Fate.

    The number of successful threads one posses during one's lifetime is said to be the price to pay to either go to heaven or to reincarnate once more in this world, those that were left unfulfilled said to be trapped in an unending void for eternity.

    Each season of the year is separated threefold, and each third hold a spark of Fate, should you seek it and strive to unlock the mystery of what link you to your current Fated One.
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