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  1. A young man by the name of Miles Krell had always been a fan of the popular fairy tale "Pinocchio". The idea of a puppet coming to life just fascinated him, and the uses that could come of a real life doll person. They could be servants, pets, slaves, or a replacement for a family member or loved one! The possibilities were endless!

    Then he decided, one day, why not begin his own collection of dolls? But none of those porcelain ones made to look human... Real human dolls... The most lifelike dolls, so real that anyone would mistake them for a real person! Miles knew then and there that he must make his dream come true. All he needed was some synthetic skin, some wires to hold it together, hair he could purchase from a wig shop or something from a costume store... Anything, money was only an object at this point.

    He got to work on his projects. One by one, his dolls started coming together... Each ones took about 2 years of his life including his day job and whatnot, but they were a labor of love. He had no favorites, he adored each of his dolls and cherished them as if they were his own children. Miles took photos of them, and kept a blog about it. Though it was only available on the Deep Web. After the Surface Web began antagonizing him by calling him creepy and needing a job, he decided he wouldn't keep it where needless criticism was the only thing commented. Some had even phoned the police to his house, believing that his dolls were actually him inconspicuously showing off his work of taxidermy on his murder victims while others continuously asked if he used the dolls for sexual activities. Disgusting...

    The people on the Deep Web, however, praised his blog and his work. Miles loved his work too, but... he had also expressed his dreams of one day his dolls coming to life as real life Pinocchios, minus the nose growing and such. The dolls were his children, and he wanted to see them walk and talk like they deserved.

    That all changed when an anonymous message came to his inbox, sharing a ritual that, if he so dared to, could bring his children to life. Miles was pleased, overjoyed really, to receive this ritual, and decided that he would give it a try. However, this included taking the beating hearts of individuals who shared the desirable personality traits that he wanted his dolls to have. Some of which included stealing them from children, if he wanted an energetic and bubbly doll... And the hearts would have to remain fresh and alive if the ritual were to work. Hearts from corpses would only result in absolute failure and heartbreak.

    So, Miles did his research on the Dark Web and around his state. He stalked his victims, took pictures, and wrote down valuable information on them, which would be the first part of his plan. The second, he ordered most of his savings in bitcoins and hired hitmen to murder these people and steal their hearts, then deliver it to him personally.

    The damage was done and the payment was made. Miles received the fresh hearts and performed the ritual... And it worked. His dolls were alive. They rose, they walked, talked, everything! There was no need to wish upon a star, when the righteous ritual could bring him and his children together!

    Miles posted his work on his blog and took pleasant photos of his dolls, now living children. His work had given him the nickname "Dollmaker", and soon, people were beginning to ask that he create dolls for them, at a price of course. And so, he did. It was not an honest living, but Miles was making a profit with his work. The hitmen made profits as well, so long as the customer was willing to pay 40,000 for a live doll, even though a hitman service was only 10,000.

    With the dolls being made, airplane tickets purchased for the living ones, and them flying out to see their new owners, Miles was able to upgrade his home, move to finer neighborhoods, and continue his profits and work in secret.

    The money did not change him, his original children were still his and his alone. His work and personality scared away any potential girlfriends and boyfriends, but he still had his children. Sure he had built them with sexual parts, but he was not going to lay a finger on them in such a way! That would be disgusting, and he wasn't like those men on the Deep web! He loved his children like any father would, and they would remain by his side...

    When Miles tried to screw over unknowingly what was an infamous gang trying to order living dolls, it was only a week before he was found, beaten, and his children were taken from him. The gang was incredibly powerful, with more wealth than Miles, and had territories all around the world. They called themselves "Red Dawn".

    Red Dawn stole the order listings and past successful payments of every doll Miles had created and sold. The living ones were assassinated first, and the ones that did not undergo the ritual were simply left alone. Miles, with a gun to his head, began upgrading his children with built in weapons and a special feature so that they were each unique in combat. The Red Dawn wanted to take them into training, and have them become agents for them. They were the most experienced dolls, and the most stable and realistic over the other "works" Miles had produced. His children would serve the gang well... But if one dared to disobey, their father would have one bullet between the eyes...

    Unless these children can find it within themselves to turn against the Red Dawn.


    The Rundown:

    Miles Kells is a young engineer that creates realistic dolls because he is fascinated with the book "Pinocchio". He creates them, and shares his work on the Deep Web. Someone gives him a ritual to perform that would bring the dolls to life, but require the beating hearts of people that share traits he wants them to have. So he pays hitmen and does the ritual, which works. He starts an at-home underground doll making company and slowly becomes obsessed with his work and children. Miles tries to screw over a huge and infamous gang called "Red Dawn", and becomes their bitch. His doll children have to do the dirty work as agents or risk their father getting murdered and themselves possibly killed, unless they want to take the chance and turn against the gang.

    Okay! So, a lot of typing. This would be using Anime pictures rather than real life... because I'm not fond of using real life people (and Anime would work better for this). I would like to know if anyone would be interested in this?
  2. This sounds like a fun rp to try out ^^
  3. I could get into this!
  4. Knowledge is knowing that Frankenstein wasn't the monster

    Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein was the monster

    It's time to rev in.
  5. Heyy, this sounds pretty interesting.
  6. Cool~ I'll start working on the OOC today and let you guys create your characters
  7. One quick question! I'm aware that anime pictures are preferred for FCs, but do these dolls have to look similar to human beings? No heterochromia or unnaturally dyed hair, etc?

    If it's somewhere on the first post and I've completely missed that I'm really sorry.
  8. They can have heterochromia or dyed hair. Miles wouldn't stop his children if they wanted to dye their hair ^^ It is modern times after all.
  9. Thank you! I'll make a character sheet right away!
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  10. Omg! This sounds amazing!
    Count me in :D
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