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  1. A figure could be seen standing next to a tree this figure had no definite shape the only thing that could be figured out from the shadow was that it had long hair that was blowing in the wind and that this shadow danced and change as the sun came up. Sara leaned against the tree watching the sunrise she had been up for over an hour already just to watch the sunrise it was a tradition that she had started when her younger brother was born but he had to help out there father know so it was just her. Saras hand rested against her gun that was holstered at her hip she had never had to use her gun and prayed that she never would but just in case her father had taught her how to fire it. She never carried it around until recently when her father John told her to he had been on edge lately worried about a man named Dutch coming and trying to rip his family apart. She repeated that one word in her mind over and over again "his" it wasn't our, or us it was his family and it was a family that she wished she could leave.

    Sara had never had a good relationship with her mother they had been fire and ice ever since she was little they saw things differently and had different opinions about the world her mother thought that the world was full of evil Sara thought the opposite yes there where evil things in the world but there where greater things than just evil in the world. Sara sighed and turned away from the sunrise she started to walk back towards the cabin where they lived but as she got closer to the home she started to walk slower dreading what was going to happen the moment she stepped foot into that house.
  2. A young, Native american man sat on horseback, waiting for the others outside a saloon in the town of Blackwater. He pulled the cowboy hat down, shielding his eyes from the sun and dirty looks he got from others. He was starting to get anxious, he could almost feel the law coming down on him every minute he sat there. He felt a pair of eyes staring at him from his right. He turned and saw a young white boy, corn golden hair and emerald green eyes staring back at him. The man, none by his gang as Goose, glared at the kid and scolded him, "What the hell you looking at?" he barked. The boy couldn't say a word before his mother swooped in and grabbed him.

    She scolded him about talking to a Redskin, Goose just rolled his eyes and chuckled, "That is why I hate white people." He said to himself.
  3. Sara decided to go into black water and she shock her head not daring to listen to her mothers voice screaming at her she grabbed her horses rain and she got on its back and she took of heading towards BlackWater she decided that she would have a drink to calm down her nerves and she would see if she could buy some new horses her dad would like that. As she arrived in BlackWater she slowed down her horse to a walk and she looked around her making sure that there was no danger in site. Once she made it to the salon she got of her horse and tied him to the post. "I'll be back in a little while friend."
  4. Goose grew tired of waiting and headed inside. He noticed the gang messing around with a couple of the prostitutes that hung around the bar alot. Goose rolled his eyes and sat down by the bar, sitting right next to Sara, avoiding contact. "One gin please" Goose said queitly, sliding the money onto the bar.
  5. Sara drank her whiskey and she glanced over at the man sitting next to her 'an Indian how interesting maybe I should say hello.' She took a deep breath downed her drink on one go and ordered another one before turning to the Indian "Hi I'm Sara."
  6. Goose arched a eyebrow in . This totally random girl had just greeted him. The gang had turned silent, seeing what would happen next. "Goose" Was all he said.
  7. Sara downed another whiskey before she got up "put his on my tab." She looked down at Goose and raised her eye brow to him after being told his name "whats your real name Mr. Goose." She glanced around her realizing that the whole salon had gone quiet. She rested her hand on her gun just in case something happened.
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