Red Dawn: Rise of the Spartans

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    Global economies are failing, North Korea, with its Russian allies, invaded the United States, effectively beginning World War III. Within Months, the Russians had taken the entire Eastern Seaboard, and the Koreans had taken the Northwestern Coast.
    In the Early onset of World War III guerrilla units, mostly made of children, rose up against the invaders, taking the name of their high school’s mascot, the Wolverines staged numerous attacks in the hopes of taking back their home.
    Their patriotism and courage, in turn inspired other factions to rise against their aggressors, and soon, all over occupied America guerrilla warfare has slowly pushing the invaders back.

    Player Notes:
    This is the story of the Spartans, a group of teenagers from the backwoods of South Carolina, a state under Russian occupation, during the invasion, their families forced them to hide in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and that’s where our story will begin... One year after the Invasion...

    Character Sheet:
    Personality/Bio: (Bio is Optional)
    Weapons: (Can be stolen off of dead soldiers or weapons from their homes)

    My Character:

    Name: Ryan "Mac" McDowell

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Skills: Knowledge of Survival skills, resident military and science fiction nerd, excellent Marksman, has an unrefined aptitude for the Martial arts (These skills were gained by his diverse studies.

    Personality/Bio: Connor was not born nor raised for the most part in Spartanburg, and as such has often been called a yankee by the resident southerners he went to school with, despite his being from California. As such, he displays a bit of an outcast's perspective towards the southerners he's hid out with in the woods for the last year. He does his best to keep his cool, and isn't bad at keeping composure under duress, outside of combat, he's quiet and will lend a helping hand to people when he needs to, but can also be cold when he needs to, and will do anything he has to to protect what and who he cares about, mainly a pretty, young, native american classmate of his whom he'd had a crush on since 9th grade.

    Weapons: USP45 Handgun he managed to loot during the invasion (Will steal an AK74 off of a dead Russian)

    Appearance (Optional):