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    They say a curse befell the village of Juniper.

    Once a year, the village holds a dark ritual. A young lad or lass is marked with three slashes across the face, I heard. Ne'er know what from or who dunnit... they just appear there right in the morn. Now them scratches weren't no ordinary scratches: no medics could ever make 'em go away. Ain't nobody know what to do at first, so the priest sent the first lad off into that creepy forest across the Ashen River. The boy ain't pure, he said. The river ran red that night.

    It was all fine and dandy for a while, 'till the next year came 'round. Sure enough, a little lass woke up with three scratches coverin' her face. Her mama knew that the priest would send her away jus' like the lad before, so she locked that girl right up. All that day a crow, black as death itself, hung outside the house. That door stayed shut for three nights, until the entire village was there tryin' to figure out what's the matter. When they finally opened it up, they saw the girl hoverin' over her mama... blood everywhere... and not a single breath of life left in the lady.

    That's when the story gets all blurry. I heard the lass went and killed half the village before running into the forest and ne'er coming back. Somebody else told me that the priest drove a cross right into her heart and sent her body floatin' down the river. All I know for sure is that every year, that crow comes back and sits right outside the house of whomever gets them marks. That's how the villagers know that the curse is upon them.

    They call it the Red Bird.

    The Cast


    Carlisle Riddle Lockwood
    Priestess Adira


    Eleanor Rose Sliverstein
    Zaleria Cilivern
    Lee Stonewall
    Kellington Elijah Lurant
    Anna Maria Blackwood

    The Setting


    The Village of Juniper

    It is the night before the exile. Following tradition, the entire village is invited to the chapel, where the local priest will hold prayer and finish with the Feast of Remembering. The villagers prepare for the morrow, bonding and whispering goodbyes hidden behind the recounting of memories, and heartfelt compliments. It is customary for the villagers to exchange gifts on this night.

    This is a fantasy setting. Magic is prevalent in the more populated parts of the world, but in a village like Juniper it is met with much suspicion. The majority of people in the region are human, but a few mixed breeds (half-elves, half-dwarves, etc.) can be found.


    2-5 paragraphs per post (at least one post per week)

    Active OOC posts, keeping the GM informed of extended absences

    No god modding, or excessive arguing - the GM's decisions are final

    If you have any questions, ideas, or plot candies feel free to speak your mind! I'm all for the betterment of the story

    Have fun!

    Character Sheet

    Appearance (brief description and/or picture):






    Relations (this can be figured out later):

    At-a-Glance Personality:

    Brief Backstory (remember the more is less principle):

    Gift (for the Feast of Remembering):


    Quote or motto:

    Distinguishing characteristics:


    The Feast of Remembering is upon you, as you ready your hearts and minds for the morrow. Although there is plenty of food and gifts, fear and suspicion always hangs in the air. But few things could prepare you for this year's coming of the Red Bird... and your world might turn upside down.​
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  2. I'm really interested but what exactly is the plot of this rp? Like what's going to happen when a kid gets the mark?
  3. I am also very interested!
  4. That will be revealed right after the IC launches... trust me on it. I just wanted the characters to orient themselves before... hrm... throwing them for a loop, I suppose?
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  5. @heliacalRebirth
    Okay but about the pictures do you want real, fantasy or anime?
  6. fantasy or anime are okay.
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  7. This seems interesting. It's a bit off putting not knowing exactly what the plot is but I'm assuming it's going to be good
  8. Carlisle Riddle Lockwood, #008000


    An undeniably fair looking child with spotless pale skin and a head of silky black hair. The most prominent and noticeable feature however is his two pairs of glowing red eyes. No one knows for sure what caused the irises to become such a distinct color but most overlook it in favor of his overabundant charming qualities.



    Human Sorcerer

    Currently taking magical lessons from Zaleria.

    Older Brother ~ Anyone up for playing the role?

    (Open for collaboration ^^)

    At-a-Glance Personality:
    A very approachable and agreeable young boy with an air of fast blooming maturity. Wit and charm are definitely part of his strong suites and seem to add to his ability of being able to shift the emotional climate of a room (and individuals).

    Brief Back story:
    A child of Genevieve and Dorian Lockwood who both tragically died when Carlisle was naught but a toddler. Currently he is living with his older brother whilst attending private schooling.

    The villagers, except for his brother, do not know of his magical abilities as of late.

    A pure silver locket with intricate engravings and a charm of protection to those who wear it.

    Quote or motto:

    "Just because its possible does not mean its wise"

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  9. I am greatly intrigued there a list of available races? I don't wanna choose something that is like not permitted or too out there for the game.
  10. Eleanor Rose Sliverstein
    lol (2).jpg

    Eleanor Rose Sliverstein,
    A.K.A Ellie




    None, Helps Around Her House and Tries Helping With Chores of Other People.

    None yet.

    At-a-Glance Personality:
    Eleanor is a strong-willed girl. She is mostly very kind and sweet, but has a strong backbone and is will not stand for rude or wrong behavior. Ellie has a good sense of humor and is a happy girl. But, she can go 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.

    Brief Backstory:
    Eleanor grew up in the Village of Jupiter, her parents were very low-key in the village, unlike Ellie who is know by everyone. Some people let it go, and people have not but, when Eleanor was about 17 years old, she had gotten in a fight with another, which was Carlisle's older brother. Since he was a male, and she was a female, he couldn't really fight back without consequences, on the other hand, Eleanor had a another idea. She had hit him hard a couple times, almost knocking him out, she was seeing red and not thinking straight. She couldn't even remember why she went at him. Ellie had been stopped before she could do too much damage. Ever since, people have been terrified of her, but Eleanor is trying to get back her good name. (If you don't mind, her having to do with something with the brother @Moon Child or if anyone chooses to be the brother.)

    A Special Gift of Enchanted Roses (Brings Joy to Whoever Smells Them)

    Quote or motto:
    "When life gives you something that makes you feel afraid, that's when life gives you a chance to be brave."

    Distinguishing characteristics:
    Her pointy elf ears, her bright unnaturally green eyes, and Ellie's swift personality changes.

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  11. Absolutely a-ok with it ^^ (if I do end up playing as Carlisle's older brother). Interesting way of geting to know one another other ;P
  12. Yay! Yeah, I felt like a little twist was needed in her story with another character. ^^
  13. Oh hey~

    This looks fun. I love me some dark fantasy settings. I'll get to work on a CS~
    I'm gonna make a somewhat enigmatic/witch/alchemist/Sorcerer, if that's alright with people~
    If not, then, I can always make another~
  14. Sounds like the type of mentor Carlisle needs ^^ If it wouldn't be too much of a bother (and if it doesn't mess with your characters background story), care to have a younger brother? ;P
  15. And someone who beat you up when they were younger? XD
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  16. Well, I was going to make my character a 'she', if I recall your character has an older brother, not sister xP
    I'm not so good with male characters. I find playing them kinda boring >_>

    a mentor though? Yeah, sure, I don't mind making her a mentor-type character for you.
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  17. That would be great :D Although it may have to be in secret as no one else kind of knows that he's a sorcerer. I'll update his history after you make your character then ^^
  18. Think I'm going to work up a charrie - healer student who struggles with using magic (not wanting to use it at all) and her little brother...
    IDK...probably just the the healer.
  19. Just PM me about the race you want to play and we can certainly work something out!

    @Moon Child - your character is approved, and I like the fact that he keeps his magic a secret for the most part. It's definitely not something one would want in the open in Juniper. I do have a few questions though. How does he get to and from his private schooling, and how often is he in the village? Juniper is about a days ride from any large town. (oh, and the age thing is entirely up to you... as long as it fits the personality. 13+ is not what I consider a child, though).

    @Phi Chisym - we are going to stick with one character for now, I forgot to put that in the first thread o.o sorry! But do go ahead and make your CS. Magic is found within a child, and it is not their choice whether they have magical capabilities. It'd be an interesting mini plot to your character.

    @LalaTokyo - your character is approved! Good work~ I really like her
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  20. Yesssss! xD