Red Band Society (or whatver color we'd prefer)

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  1. First off, hai there~! :3

    So, the new show, Red Band Society, had given me this RP idea from the very first episode.

    Usually people wait until it gets further with the episodes, but I basically got the gist of it. [I still watch it.]

    This RP would be like an 'anything-can-happen' kind of RP, but still realistic. The basic plot of it would be: A hospital full of teenagers who live life to the fullest as best as they can. [You don't have to see the show to join. The workings of this RP would be pretty simple.]

    You could add anything you'd like to it! New rooms, new doctors, anything! It's all up to you!

    Also, instead of it being the Red Band Society, I'll probably change it to the Rainbow Band Society. I'd explain the reasoning for that in the OOC, if I make one. I think this would be in the Modern Roleplays??? Maybe? Maybe not?

    [Another GM for this might be nice and helpful as well. I'd pick it later on.]

    Interested? Or, not?
  2. Sounds interesting :3 though quick question; is the hospital for mental cases, or physical cases which require rehabilitation/care (or is it both :S not sure if I communicated that right)
  3. i'm interested
  4. I think that either would be interesting! So both!


    You wouldn't have to make your characters look as sick as they actually are. They can seem perfectly healthy until you actually meet them and they let you in on their life. But, since this is a hospital full of teenagers who aren't healthy, they'd probably tell/ask right off the bat what 'someone's name' is in for. >.<
  5. X3 probably... But personality types are a thing so who knows :P
  6. True. They might feel uncomfortable asking/talking about it.

    That's two people interested, woo!
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  7. Oh my goodness this show is like my life right now! I'm totally in!
  8. Yay!

    I believe that four is enough to get started.

    I will make the OOC soon!
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  9. I saw the commercials for this show and it seems super interesting, and I admittedly thought of doing an RP based on the concept too for a bit ^ ^ I'm totally down for the RP. Probably gonna start watching the show too, but I already have way too many things I "need" to watch x_x
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.