MISCELLANEOUS Red Balloon Melodies - Art, Poetry, and more

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    Contents Poetry, creative writing, acrylic paintings.
    Artist RedWillow
    Why Red Balloon Melodies? Mostly just reminiscent of my first blog in '07
    New content? Possibly!

    I've recently re-found some old (2007) blogs I had when I was a teenager, on which I put a lot of my art and poetry. I was pretty much of the "emo" phase I suppose, but it was a rough period for me. I suffered from depression, self-mutilation, isolation, and emotional abuse. Read at your own risks, I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    The first part will feature my old stuff. Almost all of my poetry will be translated from French to English - it might sound a bit off, but I'll be putting the original there for those who are interested.

    Also, I write free-form poetry that usually don't even rhyme. Honestly? I kinda hate forced-rhyming poetry.

    Some drawings / paintings will have terrible quality as they were taking in 2007-2008 without a camera phone or a scanner, but a good ole digital camera.
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  2. A Family of Ghosts
    August 2007

    The ghosts fly away in a deafened melody
    They've forgotten me, leaving me behind
    As if they they knew it, but I'm ignorant of it all
    Sarcasm wraps around me, and I smile

    The picture frame breaks and the heart explodes
    As the night, the ghosts are silent
    A grudge eats me but what can I do?
    If everything started over like before, and him?

    Should I forgive them and forget it all
    Or should hatred remain as my poison?
    Questions reaping more questions...
    But what happens with the answers?

    Crowned silence, and the ghosts applaud
    I'm the only puppet of this show
    So how can I explain to myself this family portrait
    When I do not even belong in it?


    Les fantômes s'envolent dans la mélodie sourde
    Ils m'oublient, me laissent derrière eux
    Comme s'ils le savaient, mais moi j'ignore tout
    Le sarcasme m'enveloppe et je souris

    Le carde de la photo se brise et le coeur éclate
    Comme la nuit, les fantômes sont silencieux
    Je leur en veux mais que puis-je faire?
    Si tout recommençait comme avant, et lui?

    Dois-je leur pardonner et tout oublier
    Ou est-ce que la haine doit rester pour m'empoisonner?
    Des questions, toujours des questions...
    Mais qu'arrive-t-il aux réponses?

    Silence courronnée, et les fantômes applaudissent
    Je suis la seule marionnette de cette scène
    Alors comment m'expliquer cette photo de famille
    Si je n'y appartient même pas?

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  3. The Doll of Time
    August 2007

    The verbal platitudes of my puppets tire me
    I am no longer their ventriloquist, I abandon myself
    He takes my place, too cold to understand
    The ice is already leaking in my eyes

    For too long, he forces me to forget
    But I just keep remembering more and more
    Do I really know all, really all of it?
    Is this the moment where the unforgivable isn't anymore?

    My doll has abandoned me, the dirty rag
    I no longer wanted her, but see how she left
    This bitter thing that I have become
    When she only wanted to save me, I stabbed her...

    I know it's too late, but the time has stopped
    Incorrectly, it reaches its paradox as it looks at me
    Am I in my world, where imagination no longer reigns...
    Like the ice in my eyes, reality makes me coldly distant...


    Les platitudes verbales de mes pantins me fatiguent
    Je n'en suis plus la ventriloque, je m'abandonne
    Il prend ma place, trop froid pour comprendre
    La glaçe coule déjà dans mes yeux

    Depuis trop longtemps, il me force à oublier
    Mais je ne fais que me remémorer encore plus
    Est-ce que je sais tout, vraiment tout?
    Est-ce que le moment est venu où l'impardonnable le sera ?

    Ma poupée m'a abandonné, cette sale chose
    Je n'en voulait plus, mais voilà qu'elle est partie,
    Cette chose amère que je suis devenue,
    Elle voulait me sauver, mais je ne l'aie que poignardé...

    Je sais qu'il est trop tard, mais il n'avance plus le temps
    Incorrectement, il atteint son paradoxe en me regardant
    Suis-je dans mon monde, l'imagination ne reigne plus...
    Comme la glaçe dans mes yeux, la réalité me rends froidement distante...

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  4. The Mirror of Shadows
    November 2007


    Once again, my blood tears fall, and I can't stop them from falling.
    They go further, further down my cheek and onto my chin.
    They flow, and go across my throat.
    Finally, they've reached my bloodied heart.
    I know it is more of something, but what is it?
    My black and white reflection is fading away, and it becomes dark red once again...
    Before becoming completely translucent.
    I failed.
  5. Raining in Me
    October 2007


    The rain continues to fall,
    Even with all the torn umbrellas
    Tip, tip, tip, tip...
    I am drowning within my dripping face

    The remorses are still here too
    Like flamboyant dresses, they are imprinted in our minds
    My fingers drum on the clouds as I listen to thunder
    I scream... but no, I roar

    I tear away my own skin, selling it to the lonesome
    With the ignorance of my fate in my hands
    Cry, repressive little vermin
    They don't see your tears in this thunderous rain

    My fears stand firmly before me
    I know I must face them, in this rain so heavy
    Just like tears in the rain, I become invisible
    Just like the sun behind clouds, I stand stripped alone

    La pluie continue de tomber,
    Même avec tous les parapluies déchirés
    Tip, tip, tip, tip...
    Je me noie dans mon visage d'eau

    Les remords sont encore là eux aussi
    Comme les robes flamboyantes, ils nous restent à l'esprit
    Je tambourine sur les nuages en écoutant le tonnere
    Je cris... mais non, je hurle

    J'arrache ma propre peau, la vendant aux solitaires
    Avec l'ignorance de mon sort entre les mains
    Pleur, petite grenouille regréssée
    On ne voit pas tes larmes sous la pluie tonitruante

    Mes peurs se dressent devant moi
    Je dois leur faire face, dans cette pluie si lourde
    Comme les larmes dans la pluie, je m'invisible
    Comme le soleil derrière les nuages, je me cache à nue

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  6. A Remedy to Forget
    December 2007

    I do not know anymore, I do not want to know
    Ignorance is a vile self-indulgent sin
    But in ignorance I am happy
    Bottle of vodka, help me to forget

    The cries are never-ending
    Even if my doll keeps consoling me
    I want to let my mask fall, however thick it is
    I can no longer hold out on this staged life

    Naughty little smile, trousers unbuttoned
    The need is there without the will, the pleasure
    My ears yearn only for those words
    Must I truly get so low to hear them?

    I do not want to know anymore, but it's too late
    Ideas fly out like headless arrows
    The Forgetfulness slips down my throat
    And the red balloons burst into the wind...


    Je ne sais plus, je ne veux plus savoir
    L'ignorance est l'ignoble péché de soi
    Mais dans l'ignorance je suis heureuse
    Bouteille de vodka, aide-moi à oublier

    Les pleurs n'en finissent plus
    Même si ma poupée continue de me consoler
    Je veux laisser tomber mon masque, si épais soit-il
    Je n'en suis plus capable de cette mise en scène

    Petit sourire coquin, pantalons détachés
    Le manque y est sans la volonté, le plaisir
    Mes oreilles ne veulent que ces mots
    Mais dois-je me mettre si bas pour les entendre?

    Je ne veux pas savoir, mais il est trop tard
    Les idées volent comme des flèches sans ailes
    Les oublieurs coulent dans ma gorge
    Et les ballons rouges pètent au vent...

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  7. A Child's Dream
    May 2016

    Thy hands of thorns
    Desperately grasping, clutching
    Leaving roads of crimson
    For the child, thy kin, to bear

    Masqueraded playgrounds in summer
    Dusk hiding the seeking heart
    Blinded by kindness til dawn
    Withered petals in the shadows

    Hungry for a gentle voice
    Guiding hands of thorns
    Clutching for a crimson smile
    To hide the roads of scars

    For the child... For I to drown
    Inside a shattered sea
    To stumble upon thy playgrounds
    For dawn is but another dream

    I haven't written free-form poetry in a really long time. Forgive me for the presumptuous thy. I felt like it.
  8. A Storm at Shore
    May 2016

    Rusted anchors at my feet
    Washed out by the shattered sea
    Locked onto my ankles, loosely
    Yet I must not be unchained

    Lips frosted with salt, cheeks fissuring
    I grip the jagged knife, unnerving
    With every moment of sorrow and grief
    Thrust upon myself, alone, deep into the flesh

    Crystallized in a pose, on my knees
    Helpless under your storms of thunder
    The knife caressing the bone
    Cutting through your desperate grip

    The rusted anchors mold ruthlessly
    Asleep on a bed of crimson, again
    Incapable of standing, limbs ironed hard
    Into the chains, afloat in the sea
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  9. The Lost Ship
    May 2016

    Her compass seemed broken
    The glass cracked, the arrow uneven
    Heading north, set course with high sails
    The shattered sea raging on the wood

    She sailed without certainty
    Her map ruined by endless storms
    The arrow pointed north
    But stars were shining south

    Carelessly, she moved yet further
    Leaving devastation and brightness
    The ship creaked and protested
    But the waves had long deafened her

    Her heart soared beyond the horizon
    Fire burning her eyes and soul
    Her broken compass lead her astray
    Yet she pushed the fatigued sails

    As the fire died, her soul shattered
    In the sea without certainty
    Her maps withered away, today
    And still she grips the sinking ship
  10. The Puppet Show
    May 2016

    She's a broken toy, ragged doll
    Bent into habit by love and loss
    She staggers off the stage
    Her strings flimsy and unmoving

    Locked back into her shattered mind
    Maybe tomorrow will be better
    But her tomorrows never come
    They pity her, though she is blind

    The golden shrine has faded
    She hopes it will be dawn again
    It is so dark in this closet
    Even her eyes cannot discern him

    Her stitched arms are always reaching
    For whom is holding her strings
    She is not hopeless, knowing the tale
    Perhaps her stage will be lit again
  11. The Stars and Moon
    May 2016

    On the verge of the cliff
    She stares at the moon
    Unyielding in its beauty
    Inebriated and breathless

    Her burnt soul, a lump of ash
    Doesn't disappear in the summer breeze
    It stales the air, suffocates her
    She reaches for the stars again

    Her back scarred by fallen wings
    The grass feels sharp now
    Anchored in place, she smiles
    Her blind eyes weeping tomorrow

    Another endless night, starlit
    Not even a cloud or shadow
    To make her feel again
    Like a beast mocked by her savior
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  12. Soaring in the Night
    May 2016

    She chokes on her sins
    Desire deep down her throat
    Hands bound behind her back
    Unreachable, yet so calm inside

    Another hit, another chain broken
    She is left begging again
    Be free, he says, he chants
    He pulls her hair for an encore

    Inebriated on an endless night
    She could care less about dawn
    Like an animal rattling its cage
    She roars alone at the stars

    He is her, she is him
    For but a moment they smile
    So calm and free, in their hearts
    Until the candle dies out, they soar
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  13. Warning: contains sexually explicit scenes.

    Roleplay: Sundered Chains, with Jorick

    "It has been a pleasure meeting you as well, Sin.". She gave him another curtsy, fully aware (and slightly embarrassed) at how her breasts fell forward with her motion. Another tug on the shirt didn't seem to help them stay in place, so Rhel pulled back up with a nervous laugh. The princess was definitely warming up to Sin, and his authentic affirmation about helping her with anything warmed a little place in her heart for him. Maybe he wasn't such an indecent man, after all. The thought was almost comical, but Rhel reached for Tari's hand and pulled her along outside of the extravagent tent. "Ah, hmmm... Forgive me for my forwardness, Miss Sunshine, but... Perhaps I need a change of clothes." Casting a quick embarrassed but lustful look at Tari, Rhel held her hand still and moved in the direction of the woman's tent, fully intent on satisfying the urgent need that had built up in her loins for the past hour or so. She didn't stop until she was at the entrance of Tari's tent, she finally let go of the hand she was holding, and glanced over her shoulder at her.

    "Those panties are suddenly very constricting, perhaps I should hang them out to dry?..." The last few words were almost whispered and before Tari could respond, Rhel was almost in the tent and dropping her skirt.


    Tari let herself be pulled along without any resistance, just chuckling about the change of clothes comment, although normally she would have been the one doing the pulling. She wasn't sure if Rhelvienne was being dominant and assertive, or if she was just extremely horny and would turn out to be less aggressive in bed, but the mystery was part of the fun. Tari had played with all sorts in her time with the Grey Hoods, and she'd found enjoyment with all of them. However things developed here, she was so worked up from all the teasing and playing with Sin that she was sure she would enjoy it quite thoroughly.

    She followed Rhel into the tent with a pleased grin, just watching for a second. "You could do that, sure, but be careful where you hang them. I've had some well-used pairs go missing when I was careless, and I've heard the same from other ladies in the camp. I'm sure someone has a secret fetish and naughty little collection built up, and yours could become the newest piece of it." As she spoke she kicked off her shoes and worked her fingers quickly down the front of her blouse, untying the fastening strings with deft hands and absolutely no shame for undressing in front of a stranger.

    The shirt came off and was dropped unceremoniously on the ground, leaving her bare from the waist up with already hard nipples on display, and Tari started working on her trousers as she watched the princess. There was something fun about seeing clothes being shed, seeing all the fun bits and pieces being revealed before getting her hands and mouth on them. "Gods, I think I need to put my own panties up to dry as well. I've never gone so far with teasing Sin, and if you hadn't been there and receptive to the flirting I probably would have mounted the man right then and there out of desperation." That came with a rather vivid mental image that hurried her fingers along, propelled by her eagerness to relieve the tension built up inside of her.

    Soon enough the trousers came off too, kicked to the side to join the shirt, and Tari was left with only her panties. They were a faint red color, almost pink, and had only a little bit of lacy trim for adornment; they'd been taken from some noblewoman's clothes when the Grey Hoods had relieved her and her husband of their wealth, and they were probably the nicest pair she owned. They didn't last long either: Tari hooked her fingers into the waist and tugged them down, but rather than just kicking them away she held them up to take a look and let out a low whistle. The crotch was totally soaked, and she could feel more of that same wetness had trickled down one of her thighs a bit. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd gotten that horny before dragging someone off to fuck the need away.

    The panties joined the rest of the clothes with a flick of the wrist, and Tari looked to Rhel with eager anticipation, holding herself back from quite literally jumping on the woman immediately. "We didn't really have time to talk through the whole preferences thing, and frankly I think I might explode if we take the time. I'll tell you what, I'm open to damn near anything, just tell me how you want me to fuck you, or how you want to give it to me if that's your preference, and I'm game." It was a blunt and not very sexy way to ask the question, but she hoped Rhel was in a similar state of dire need and would appreciate the straightforwardness and the offer to choose whatever she liked. It wasn't often that she made such blanket offers, but today was a special occasion: it wasn't every day that Tari got to fuck a princess, after all.


    As Rhel stepped out of the borrows skirt, she let one of her hands dip in front and inside her panties, caressing the soft thatch of hair before pressing a finger past her swollen labia. Oh, shit... She was a lot more aroused than she thought, her finger sliding along her slit without meeting any dry spot. The princess turned around just as her hand escaped from the panties. Tari was standing there, shedding her clothes and talking about some pervert collecting panties. The idea that someone was actually doing this in such a huge camp brought a grin to her face, and the deviant part of her mind thought they would be amazingly lucky to collect the soiled panties of the princess of Farenthaes.

    Once Tari was nude from the waist up, Rhel found it increasingly difficult to keep her eyes on the beautiful woman's face. She seemed to be sculpted like a painting, the perfection of her feminine curves right out of the mind of a seasoned artist. The hard nipples caused her mouth to salivate in anticipation of having them under her tongue, and all of it was amplified tenfold when Tari removed her trousers. She felt like the outlaw was giving her a nonchalant show, which of course excited Rhel even more. She wanted to see the other woman squirm and moan and scream in pleasure beneath her touch.

    There was so much on her mind, from the injured Nord to the political coup that had caused her entire belongings to be burned to cinders. Watching Tari's hips being revealed and then her womanhood as she took off her panties finally put a stopper to the incessant mental whirring.

    "You are the most divine woman I have ever had the honour of setting my eyes on." Her own boldness caused a slight blush on her cheeks again. Taking a deep breath, Rhelvienne untied the also-borrowed blouse and undid the strings with surprising ease. She let it drop in the same pile as her skirt, and imitating Tari, she hooked her thumbs and removed her panties as well. A dark moist spot was left on the crotch of the panties, but she couldn't care less -- she straightened her back and stood straight in front of the shorter woman.

    They could not have been more different. Rhel was taller and with a fuller figure, her hips wide with a thick backside. Her breasts with larger as well, the areolas swollen with her nipples similarly hard and inviting. Rhel devoured the sight that Tari was offering her, from her blond pubic curls to her svelter figure, and her bright hair cascading along her shoulders. Her breath quickened when she finally set her eyes on Tari's to notice how hungry they looked, much to the princess's pleasure. After what seemed an eternal minute of admiring the woman, Rhel finally extended her arm and tugged Tari to come closer. Once she was in reach, the princess slid her hands along Tari's sides, caressing the soft pale skin slowly, her eyes still locked with hers, and she let them explore towards her hips and lower back with her face inching closer to Tari's.

    "I happen to prefer discovering things on my own, Miss Sunshine." With an apologetic smirk, Rhel leaned down a little bit to press her lips on the other woman's. They were soft like silk and when she responded positively, Rhelvienne slipped her hands down on her ass and dug her fingers into the tender flush. A low appreciative moan escaped right before she tugged on her lip, her tongue gently prodding towards Tari's. The princess was growing impatient though, and the sweet smell of the other woman's sex was filling her mind.

    With a playful groan, Rhel broke the kiss and smiled widely. "I think I should thank this tremendous hostess who so kindly let me sleep in her wonderful scent." Taking Tari's hand once again, Rhel pulled her towards the bed and ushered her to lie down on it. "Miss Sunshine, please spread your legs, this princess is so very thirsty."


    Tari quite enjoyed the way that the princess was hungrily eying her body. There was something about knowing that another person desired her that excited her, like her own desires were rising to meet theirs. Rhelvienne's compliment made her grin, and she murmured a quiet response as she looked over the other woman's body, her luscious curves that sparked Tari's imagination with little thoughts of how it would feel to run her hands over every inch of that smooth, dark skin. "The most divine, is it? More true than you might know."

    She might have elaborated on that comment, but then Rhel was pulling her forward and into the reach of curious and roving hands. Tari took full advantage of the opportunity, placing her hands on the taller woman's hips and finding that her little thoughts about how it would feel hadn't done it justice. Tari's fingers trailed downward, onto Rhel's thighs, as the use of the new nickname made her chuckle. She would have said something in response, but a kiss kept her mouth occupied with things far more interesting than mere words.

    It was a kiss full of need, and Tari understood the feeling well. She felt fingers pressing into her ass, and of course she couldn't resist joining in the fun so she brought her own hands up and around to get a couple handfuls of the princess. Rhel's ass was more than enough to fill her hands, but that came as no surprise since she'd gotten a couple looks at it already, and she could definitely see how someone obsessed with asses could come to find themselves entranced with the princess. Tari herself was not so singularly focused, but she could quite happily stand here kneading the inviting flesh and kissing Rhel all day, if not for the burning desire for more that was even now nagging at her.

    The princess obviously felt it too, as she broke the kiss and started moving toward the bed. Tari had no objections, of course. She felt like a bit of an idiot, grinning so easily at Rhel's little compliments, but that last bit drew a full on giggle from her. Rhel was no master of the art of sensual words, but she was pretty good and her earnest desire was more than enough to make up for what she lacked. Tari knew she had probably been spoiled by Sin's artful declarations of desire, but... She dismissed the thought, focusing on the here and now and the gorgeous woman asking to lick her pussy.

    Tari got on the bed, quickly getting herself into position on her back with her legs spread wide, shamelessly showing everything to Rhel. "How could I deny a request from such a beautiful guest? If you enjoyed the smell, I think you'll love the taste." She ran a hand down her stomach and through her pubic hairs, and further still, drawing a little gasp from herself as a finger brushed over her clit. Tari had intended to go on with more playful banter, but just that little touch had ramped her desire up a couple notches. She looked to Rhel with eyes full of need, and her voice was thick with the same. "Drink up, princess."


    The sight offered by Tari was the last little push that Rhel had needed to put the thought of her being promised to the prince of Islamyria at the back of her mind. He wasn't here and she needed to be with someone now, and Tari was more than suitable for such a fling. Once this little adventure was over and she'd be on her way to the capital, either for answers or for her marriage, there was no telling when the next time she'd be with a woman would be. And the princess loved the taste of women above all else.

    Grinning back at the outlaw, she got on all fours and crawled slowly forward, her breasts pressed together and swinging with a similar flow as her hips. "if it pleases you, Miss Sunshine." Instead of stopping at her lower body, Rhel continued forward until she was right over Tari. With another crooked smile, she kissed the woman softly, her bossom resting on Tari thanks to gravity. A free hand slowly trailed from her knee to her inner thigh, moving excruciatingly slow with fingernails leaving little delicate scratches. Rhel could feel the heat emanating from the other woman's pussy, and her eyes popped open once she reached the soft blond curls.

    Breaking the kiss, the princess went for Tari's neck instead, kissing along her jawline and below her ear and giggled lightly when her fingers caressed the dripping wet labia. After a few moments of simply stroking the outer parts, Rhel bit her earlobe with a groan and slipped her fingers into the welcoming wetness. She didn't go directly for her clit though -- instead, she simply ran her fingers along her slit, the base of her palm applying a slight pressure on her pubic mound. Her goal wasn't to make Tari orgasm as soon as possible -- and she would make sure the other woman knew that as well.

    After a few minutes of the playful torture, the princess finally moved her face lower and kissed her way to Tari's breasts. She gave a few slow, long licks between them, her eyes looking up to catch the other woman's, her hair tickling her nipples on the way. With a devilish grin, Rhel immediately turned to attack one of her hard nipples, tongue swirling slowly with the intention of matching the cadence of her teasing fingers. She caught the hard little bud between her lips and tugged on it, and the more she pulled, the further her middle finger slipped inside Tari's womanhood. She wasn't thrusting, simply pushing her finger in as slowly as humanly possible. Her lips let go of the nipple and kissed their way to the other one, giving it a similar treatment with her tongue and sucking on it. Without warning, her finger hooked hard and directly on what she felt was Tari's g-spot. She was still keeping her eyes on Tari's face, revelling in all its delicious contortions of pleasure and listening for any indications of a particular attention that she might enjoy more than the rest.

    "And now for the main course." She ponctuated her statement with a second finger pushing inside, a wild smile on her lips before they left blazing trails down Tari's stomach. The angle of her fingers shifted slightly, and instead of hooking back and forth, she began moving them in and out of her glistening depths. As soon as they were almost out, the delicious sweet scent was everywhere. Rhel nearly lost focus but she continued to kiss her way down.

    With a smirk, the princess half-licked, half-kissed the outer side of Tari's pubic mound, her hot breath purposely following thereafter. She chuckled softly and moved to the other side, applying the same soft licks and kisses while her fingers moved slowly still. Without warning once again, she pushed as far as she could, touching the very end of the woman's vagina, her eyes focused on catching every bit of her reactions. After a few seconds, Rhel pulled out both fingers and cleaned them roughly before placing her tongue directly on her soaked labia. A few teasing licks later, she finally delved past the lips, catching all of that delectable taste. Rhel couldn't suppress the string of moans that followed, and giving in to her own desire, she let herself fall on her stomach and hooked her arms around Tari's thighs.

    While most of her mind was focused on tasting and pleasuring Tari, Rhel was already thinking about what would happen once they went to investigate the burned caravan. Nord was still out of it, and no one knew where she was. The possibility that she had been ambushed and was the target of an assassination attempt was terrifying in itself, but Sin had promised to help them. She would hold him to that promise, she was determined about it now. Her attention re-focused on Tari just as she pushed her tongue into her depths, swirling it and drinking up all of this sunshine. As humourous as this description was, there was something about it that reminded Rhel of the smell of rain during sunlight, and she thought there would have been no other way to call it that "taste of sunshine".

    Even as her face was already half-covered in those lovely fluids, she finally moved her tongue up to tease and play around Tari's clit, covering it needlessly with her saliva, and puckering her mouth around it to apply a gentle suction. Fingers found their way again into her womanhood, and Rhel used that combined assault in hopes of making the most gorgeous woman of Farenthaes sing her pleasures loud enough for everyone to hear.

    Roleplay: The RoyalToy

    "Hey sleepy head, bath is ready." Relief washed through Valindra as Nalan interrupted her crazy train of thought, and she nodded with a smile before opening a bedside drawer to take out her emergency indoor slippers. There was nothing she could do about it for the moment, so it would have to be dealt with later. Grabbing a cotton robe to wear after her bath, Valindra made her way to the small bathroom.

    It smelled of lilac and fresh soap, and Nalan had placed a small stool on the side of the large basin. The two women had seen each other naked countless times, but never had Valindra came back with wounds of her own after a night of sexual adventures. She felt a pinch of self-awareness as she removed her night dress and stepped into the warm water. Once she was sitting completely in the basin, the maid sighed deeply and let herself sink completely underwater. Nalan simply watched her, discreetly admiring Valindra's perfect body as always. Compared to the older woman, she had not entirely inherited of the beauty genes from her elven parent. Her skin was just as pale, but nothing about her screamed elegance or graceful femininity. She was fine with it, but whenever she saw women like Valindra gloriously naked, she couldn't help but feel a bit envious. And this particular case, quite attracted.

    Once Valindra emerged from the water, Nalan already had hair soap in her hands and was stretched out to grab the heavy wet curls. Without speaking, she began lathering her hair and combing the soap across her scalp. She hummed softly, waiting for Valindra to break the silence and explain where she got all the scratches in her back, and the strange wounds in her neck. She was aware of the kind of lifestyle Valindra lead, but never had she come back looking like she had had a fight with some kind of large animal.

    "I have been seeing a man. Someone new." Valindra was looking at her hands sitting on her knees under the water. She had calmed down significantly, and Nalan's gentle touch was exactly what she had needed. "He... He was supposed to be like the others. Submissive and scared of me, but I would have worked my magic and he would have wanted me again and again. Something came up though, he... Saw my scars and he looked concerned, not disgusted. He knows about my barrenness and yet he still took me like I was a whole woman." Her eyes closed tight when Nalan took a jug of warm water and rinsed her hair, her delicate fingers massaging her scalp and sending pleasant shivers down her spine. Once she was done, she leaned even more forward to give the other maid a better access to her back.

    "Wow, you told him about your secrets after only two days?" A soft cloth was caressing her back and washing the scratches.

    "He brought up the pregnancy risk, and I had to tell him not to worry, but he wouldn't have listened if I simply said it was fine. Unlike most men, he is not so foolish about spilling his seed in the bellies of other women. So I told him that I no longer bled."

    "So... You didn't tell him the whole story."

    Valindra grimaced and shrugged. She had planned on telling him tonight, but she probably wouldn't bring it up unless she thought he might be interested in knowing. "No. I trust him, Nalan. So I let him... Take over, and relinquished some of my power to him. I loved it, and I think he enjoyed it too." Both women giggled and it took a good minute before Valindra could compose herself back into seriousness. "He seems to trust me too. Something's happening to me, Nalan. I don't understand what it means but it gives me a scary feeling, like I shouldn't be doing this."

    "Why, is he married? That's never bothered you before." Nalan discreetly reached along Valindra's sides with soapy hands, her fingertips brushing the outer side of her breasts. She instantly spotted the bite marks on one of them, but she kept quiet. When Valindra lifted her arms absentmindedly, she reached further and took handfuls of soft flesh and had to stifle a groan when her nipples hardened.

    "Not yet, but in a few months he will be. Nalan, he is so... He is perhaps the best lover I have had in years. You see those scratches and these bite marks? I didn't even ask him, he just... He just did it, and he took pleasure in it. I have not someone who matches my, ah, ferocity in a very long time." Before she could continue, Nalan interrupted her.

    "Wait... Lover? Did you just call your pet or toy, whatever, your lover?"

    "There are no other words to describe him. I yearn to spend my nights with him, and he said his bed would feel terribly lonely without me in it... Surely he wants me just as much."

    "Lin... He'll be married in a few months, like you said. You can't have those feelings for him, my dear friend." With a sad smile, Nalan retreated and rinsed her back before applying some healing oils to the still wet skin.

    Valindra remained silent, idly washing herself and taking some time to properly watch her pussy the best she could. When Nalan finished oiling her back, she began braiding her hair in tight lines, but the pressure of the pulled strands felt good and relaxing. They remained in silence until she was done. "Let me see your neck, Lin."

    After washing the deeper bite wounds, Nalan finally sighed and stretched her back. "You might want to give these a few days to close up and heal. The oil should help, I'll do your back the next days if you want."

    Valindra turned around and gave Nalan a warm smile, her eyes sparking a new kind of life that the younger maid had never seen. "He is so wonderful, Nalan. He loved the punishment. I hit him with the crop and it made him hard. I dripped wax all over him and he moaned. Then he fucked me so hard I nearly cried, and he makes me scream of pleasure with little effort. I had had my eye on this man for quite some time, and I decided to be bold and impose myself on him... And it worked."

    Valindra then started giving more details about her time with the prince, trying her hardest not to give any hints that it was in fact the prince. Once she was done, Nalan has a mildly shocked expression on her face, and her mind was swirling. While the queen's maid had been asleep, new rumors about the prince had started. They were even stranger than the ones about him fucking a mysterious woman. He had undressed in front of servants and put on his finest clothes, while it was known that he underdressed almost all the time. Today he had looked like a true prince, and what had happened in the throne room was on everyone's lips.

    "Is your lover the crown prince, Lin?" Before Valindra could respond, Nalan told her everything she knew about the rumors and what the prince had done and said, and that he had blew everyone away with his attitude. She also told her what Senna and her gossip bees had whispered to every female servant... That blood, wax, and all kind of body fluids had been found in the prince's bed and on his floor. All the pieces were coming together in Nalan's mind, and it felt like the only truth here was that it had been Valindra whom the prince was caught fucking this morning.

    The older woman remained quiet, but on the inside she was paralyzed with dread. All sorts of horrible scenarios popped in her mind, and Nalan must have felt her become rigid because her hands were back on her shoulders, caressing and rubbing the tensed muscles. "It's okay dear, I won't tell anyone, you know you can trust me. Besides, you know my deepest secret too..." Nalan's hands lowered down Valindra's chest, questing for her breasts again, and this time she did not restrain herself and took them in her hands with the full intent of groping them. Her breath was quiet in Valindra's ear when she tweaked her nipples, and before one of them could make it stop, one of Nalan's hands ventured further down. Given Valindra's sitting position, she quickly reached her destination -- her fingers caressed the other woman's pubic mound the same way they had massaged her scalp, and Valindra let out a low groan of pleasure. "We haven't been together in a long time, Lin..." She gave a soft nip on her ear, her whispering voice sending pleasant shivers down Valindra's back.

    "Nalan... Promise me you won't tell anyone about him. Please." Before Tassarion, Nalan had been one of the only people with whom Valindra abstained her more dominant side. The two women had shared some nights of pleasure in the past, mostly when she had trained the younger woman when she started as a kitchen maid. Nalan didn't seem particularly interested in men, as she had confessed to Valindra, and the two had shared many secrets since then.

    With a nod, she whispered again, "I promise." Her lips planted a few soft kisses below her ear and down her jawline, her lower hand descending until it reached Valindra's slit. Fingers slipped in and gently explored, and both women moaned when her clit was gratified with a few slow strokes. Valindra spread her legs and moved back to give her friend a better access, her eyes closing with her face leaning against the other woman's. Taking that as a cue to continue, Nalan swirled her fingers a little faster and applied more pressure. The water began splashing around as Valindra moaned and squirmed, but Nalan was persistent and squeezed her breast with her nipple between her fingers while her other hand changed angle to have her thumb on Valindra's clit and her middle finger easily slipping inside her.

    "Nalan..." Valindra's voice was low and hot, containing nothing of her usual assertiveness like when she was being pleasured by men. She moaned again and behind her closed eyes, she imagined a scene with both Nalan and Tassarion taking turns pleasuring her, and when a second finger was pushed inside her, she gasped and bit her lip, pressure building much more quickly between her hips. Nalan kept the same slow stroking on her clit, and her fingers were sliding in and out at a painfully slow pace all the while hooking on her g-spot. She was growing wet herself, and she could feel the dampness of her panties sticking to her crotch. "Ohh... Ohh! Yes!" Before Valindra could scream out in pleasure, delicate lips pressed on hers and swallowed the delicious sounds. The kiss was surprisingly chaste considering how Nalan's thumb was still rubbing her clit, but she slowed down to a complete stop.

    Recovering from the impromptu orgasm rather quickly, Valindra turned around and got on her knees with her elbows on the edge of the basin. Without saying anything, Nalan lifted her skirt and spread her legs slightly. The older maid's mouth quickly came in contact with the damp panties, using her teeth to pull the front part aside until her lips came in direct contact with the glistening wetness behind the soft blond curls. A low growl of hunger resonated on her skin when Valindra's tongue prodded forward and licked everything in her reach. A hand on the back of her head ushered her forward, and quick enough her nose was pressed in the thatch of hair while her tongue caught Nalan's clit and swirled around it, catching the delightful intimate taste.

    Valindra kept her eyes closed and concentrated on pleasuring Nalan, even though the younger maid's soft moans were arousing her and making her pussy ache for more attention. She ignored her own need for once and gave her friend everything she had with her tongue. Nalan was easy to please, and her squirming and moaning were adorable, encouraging Valindra to slowly move one hand up the back of her thigh and slip it along the curve of her ass. With surprising dexterity, she pushed a finger inside her without hindering her mouth's access at all, instead causing Nalan to shift her hips forward greedily. Her lips wrapped around the little sensitive bud, and she began sucking it gently while her finger simply curved back and forth. As she felt her approaching climax by the clenching of her inner muscles, Valindra suddenly increased the pace and slipped in a second finger followed by her tongue rubbing in every direction between the suckling.

    "Oh, yes!" Compared to Valindra, Nalan was usually quiet when she orgasmed, and this time was no different -- her hand gripped her hair tightly, pushing her face as close as possible to her cunt as her muscles took a torturous grip around Valindra's fingers. She whimpered and her brows arched in pure ecstasy as Valindra gave her everything she had and lapped at the dripping cum while she kept flinching her fingers to bring Nalan to the highest state of release. The woman trembled under her touch and let out a long, breathy sigh as she finally began her descent. Nalan released her head and let her hand lower to caress Valindra's cheek, a small giggle rippling out of her. "Still as insistent as ever, I see. You best wash your face my dear."

    Valindra finally looked up at her friend, pulling away and smiling satisfyingly. She sat back down in the basin and splashed her face with soapy water, then got up and stood completely naked in front of Nalan. She still felt a bit self-conscious, but her body was lingering in the pleasant after-glow of contentment. The other woman admired her with a sly smile, and got up herself to remove her dress and panties. Valindra stepped out of the basin and grabbed Nalan by the hips, pulling her close until their bodies were pressed together, and she kissed her. They rarely kissed, but today she felt like it was appropriate, and Nalan seemed to welcome the surprise show of affection. Her own hands found their way on the other woman's waist, resting there rather than exploring further. The kiss lasted a few long minutes, with the only sound in the room being their quick breaths and the soft sound of their lips parting and pressing back together.

    "Let me wash you." Valindra whispered against her lips. With a nod Nalan got in the basin and Valindra went right away to wash her. They kept quiet for the remaining of it. Once they were both wearing their robes, Valindra pulled Nalan in a tight hug and kissed her cheek. "Thank you for listening to me, and... Everything else. I don't know what I would do without you, my dearest friend." Nalan simply smiled and nodded, and together they left the small bathroom after getting rid of the dirty water. They held hands discreetly until they reached Valindra's room, and exchanged a quick little kiss before parting.
  14. Deliverance

    A tale from the past featuring Helena Torres, 1660.

    Since she was a child, Helena's parents told her about the dangers lurking in the night. They always kept their doors locked, and they were luckier than most of the other aboriginals in the town. Her family had been in servitude to one of the white Señores for two decades and they were lodged in an underground hut not far off the main property. Even as a child, Helena felt like this was glorified slavery, her parents were never paid and she didn't have the liberty of running on the beach or in the fields with the other kids her age. But her mother kept reassuring her that their lives were much improved thanks to Señor Diego del Mar. He provided them protection (from what, she wasn't sure until much later), food (rotten or spoils were not very tasty in her opinion), and a place to live. The last bit was the only advantage that had ever made sense to little Helena.

    Her life changed just as her second husband died of a fever, in a particularly hot summer of 1660. He had been writhing for hours, moaning and not recognizing anyone and himself. Helena hated this sickness that consumed so many of her people, her mother blaming it on the creatures that roamed the night. The young woman herself had never encountered any, but azemans were most definitely to blame for this recent wave of death. The town smelled foul, the bodies not being buried properly and sometimes hight tides drifting them away.

    The advantage of being married for Helena was to finally be out of this damned underground house. She loved feeling the sun on her skin and watching the stars, none of which were possible when she was locked up with her family or locked up in the white man's house. Her husband had passed just the night before, and her things had already been gathered to be brought back over there. She hated it, but unless she wanted to join all her husbands and unborn children in the graves that floated away, she knew it was wise to obey Señor Diego del Mar; he owned her, after all.

    Helena was a grown woman, she no longer truly believed in the tales of the azeman, those creatures that hunted in the night in the form of bats. A little part of her was still cautious, but not against creatures that did not exist.

    It was nearing midnight, she could tell by the intensifying buzzing of the bugs and the way the tide was changing. The waves were crashing particularly loudly and it allowed the young woman to sit at peace and pray that she would be married again soon. Deep within her thoughts about finally having her own family and be rid of premature deaths, Helena did not hear the heavy steps in the wet sand beside her. No, all she was paying attention to was the swishing and washing of the shore. It was all very hypnotic, so it would almost be understandable that she did not react when delicately sharp teeth sank in the tender part between shoulder and neck. It was a hot summer, it was probably a particularly large bug trying to get a little taste. Only when the waves were retreating from the shore did the breathy groan reach her ears.

    It was too late.

    Helena span her head in the direction of the pain but something warm and wet hit her jaw. Another breathy groan, another hit and this time it made contact with her mouth. An instinctive reaction was to bite down on the aggressor, and it was perhaps at the moment that Helena sealed her fate. A disgusting metallic substance dripped down her throat and just as her neck snapped, Helena felt a strange moment of euphoria that carried with her over the veil.

    But there was no veil. The young woman had seen enough deaths to need something to reassure her when her loved ones passed. The white men had brought with them their God and religion, and it was conceivably the only part of their culture that she partook in. Her immortal soul would join el Dios en el cielo. Suffering would be over, she was free, her loved ones would be waiting for her. Helena waited for something to transform before her, for the proverbial gates to open. But there was only darkness. No pain to remind her that she was alive, only a drumming numbness that spread through all of her limbs, replacing all of her blood with something colder, and older. The hunger would not come until a few minutes later, but for that torturous moment she lingered between death and a new life. Her body remained immobile when everything else fractured and blew to the wind like ashes.

    Suddenly Helena was aware she was half-submerged in salty water when a wave crashed on her and washed all of the blood away. Her hand went to her shoulder, but the skin had healed. Scars that had previously been on her hands due to rough labor were smoothed over as well, and a phantom weight had been lifted from her lower body. Everything felt different, there was a clear disconnection between her mind and her body and there was nothing else that mattered right this moment save for the lavish smell of blood. Disgusted with herself Helena slapped her right cheek and pushed herself to her feet, a weird exhilarating sensation in her limbs. Without delay her legs moved by themselves towards the tantalizing smell. Her chest began heaving from dry sobs and the remaining piece of lucidity that had remained within her mind was snuffed out like a candle in the rain. Someone had left the corpse of a child on the beach, or maybe it was a recently deceased one that got out of its floating grave. Regardless, Helena screamed into the night and plunged her face in a gaping wound.

    Once the new vampire had gorged herself on her very first human feast, a strong yet small hand pulled her away from the carcass.

    "¡Darse prisa! Por favor, apurarse, Helena." (Hurry up! Please, hurry, Helena.) The voice was assertive but kind. The mystery hand pull her up and forced her to run. Helena was still heaving and growling uncontrollably.

    "What is happening?!" Her voice was hoarse and high-pitched, and truthfully she wasn't sure the other person heard her. Everything was so loud, the ocean sounded like it was in the middle of a wild storm, but it was moving calming in her peripheral vision. Helena was running full speed now, and still it did not feel like any extra effort was being exercised.

    "You are one of us now, girl. Your existence has cursed many others, all die at your touch. You belonged here with us." Helena realized it was a woman pulling her along, and sharp yellow nails were digging in her flesh. But it did not hurt. She tried to stop running but the woman turned her face back at Helena, showing her the most grotesque visage she had ever laid her eyes on.

    "You! You are an azeman! A bat, creature of the night, bloodsucker!" Helena waited for terror to paralyze her, to blank out her mind, but it did not come. She wasn't feeling anything now, except for the strange satisfaction of a quelled hunger like she had never had before.

    She was one of them?

    "Yes, we are azeman. Not a bat, silly girl. We will teach you, child, and you will be thankful for this deliverance. Better this than eternal hell and damnation." The azeman woman laughed and finally slowed down. To the younger woman's surprise, they were way out of the town now and in a denser part of the forest. "This is your new home, Helena. Welcome to your new life." In the dim light from the moon, Helena saw the horrifying beauty of the woman, something out of another world surely meant to seduce even the chastest of priests. Was this what her life would be now? All she had ever wanted was a family, and with sharp bitterness she cursed el Dios for his cruel sense of humour.
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