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  1. [align=center]Red As Crimson
    Chapter 1: A New Power

    Contractors – A contractor is an individual who uses special powers in exchange for a price. The power is usually related to the price paid and in some cases a price can be paid in full but this is a rare case. In addition to them obtaining new powers they seem to lose all sense of emotion and act rationally rather than being guided by emotions.

    Dolls – A doll is a being who does not do a single activity unless told to do so. Much like contractors Dolls were previously humans who have lost emotion. The difference between a contractor’s powers and a Doll’s is that a doll can use specters to see long distances through a medium. This medium could be anything from water to brick to glass.

    Specter – Specters are controlled by dolls. They are like secondary eyes for a doll. These can only be seen by contractors and other dolls. To them it appears as a few bits of black material surrounded in a blue aura.

    PANDORA Files Latest Events

    The Gate Incident – During the sun’s latest sun spot cycle there was an incredible surge of energy from the center of Hell’s Gate caused by BK201 and the Meteor Shard. The energy surge was then transferred into that star and used to end the destruction of all contractors. After news of this plan was released to the press, along with the existence of contractors and dolls, the public had a field day pointing fingers at PANDORA.

    With the Director of the Tokyo Police involved in this situation it was almost a total breakdown of the high ranking research government positions. Now with new and younger members filling in the spots PANDORA struggles to recuperate as the Syndicates battle it out for control of the Tokyo City.

    Tokyo is down to three factions in the streets. The first, of course, is the Tokyo Police. They try to keep the order and take what advantages they got against the other two forces. With their restricted gun power they are forced to rely on hired contractors to settle larger and more intense affairs.

    The second is an American mobster group called Pike. Their biggest claim is the resources they have backing them. Although they are a prominent group in the city it does take awhile for them to have “resources” shipped over to them. Seeing as most of those items are illegal and the distance covers a lot of checkpoints they tend to arm light and recruit many contractors. Sticking with the group you are assigned to has been something of a trademark in the Pike group.

    Finally there is the New Chinese Syndicate. This group of gangsters, unlike Pike, are operated out of a counsel of families. Each control their own men and discuss things together. With different people controlling some of the power there have been inner squabbles before. To prevent any kind of devious plans being concocted they thought it was best if each team was strictly assigned and changed on a regular basis. Each team usually has one human, one doll, and one contractor. The time they work together varies on the job they are assigned to. Sometimes it is just a day and sometimes it is a month.

    With all three constantly fighting each other there was no way anyone could tell what was to happen next. In one day the city would go from a quiet place to a battlefield. The one question that was asked the most…what started it? Well it was early that morning a certain Syndicate member was found dead in a hotel. His name was Mao Xai and the calling card left by his assassin was the ace of hearts with a knife through it straight into his heart.

    The time is eight in the morning, and the day shift for the Tokyo Police is just receiving word of his death. Things have to be kept under control so what are you to do?





    Entity: (Contractor, Doll, or Human)

    Star Number: (Contractor Only)

    Power & Price/Medium/Weapons: (This will depend on what you are.)


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    Name: Song Mei

    Age: 24

    Appearance: ((original link failed so i guess this is her new appearance since i can't find another similar one >>))
    Show Spoiler

    Faction: New Syndicate

    Entity: Human

    Power & Price/Medium/Weapons: She prefers bladed weapons but is also known to use guns (generaly rifles or pistols) but she is quite adaptive so she can turn almost anything she needs into a weapon of choice

    Personality: She really doesn't seem to talk much and has what some might call a serious personality. Very rarely will she be found smiling though she does exhibit some amount of sarcasm. Despite this generally distant personality she gives off if you are lucky enough to break through her barriers she is actually quite the affectionate individual with a well rounded personality (she just keeps it hidden for her own reasons)

    History: Mei never really lived a 'typical' life. She lived and grew up as a member of the new syndicate, her father being a prominent member. Thus from a young age she was taught to fight and defend, soon rising in skill level to be able to go out on various 'jobs' for the new syndicate by the age of 15. Mind you through all of this she had a great dislike of her father and still does, but she doesn't really disclose why to anyone. Being on the job a lot she's traveled around much but recently they've been keeping her around Tokyo.
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    Name: [Originlly Emmaline Bowen] Emmaline "Emma" Griffin

    Age: 15

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Faction: Pike

    Entity: Contractor

    Star Number: EG101

    Power & Price/Medium/Weapons: Emmaline has the power to manipulate people's minds through touch for an amount of time. After she uses her ability, however, she is forced to turn into a sparrow for the same amount of time.

    Personality: Emmaline seems to be an emotionless, brooding young girl. She's impulsive, doesn't think twice and takes people and danger very lightly. She can be rude and hateful and although a precocious child, she doesn't care much for what other people say or think. She's prone to break the rules and leave them broken without so much as the slightest guilt and she'll do anything to get her way, even if it means crossing forbidden lines. Emma wishes she could remember her life before Pike; if she could remember, she believes, she could possibly enjoy her life now. But the only things in her memories are brief flashes and blurry images, all that remains of Emmaline Bowen.

    History: Emma was fortunate enough to live a normal life until she was almost nine years old. Her parents were driving home from a party one night when a freight truck collided head on with the car. Everyone except Emma was killed. An unconscious Emma was rushed to the hospital where she lay lifeless in a severe coma for several days. During this time, she was spotted by Pike members who had been looking for new recruits. One of the upper members, seeing that the child had little chances of adoption otherwise, decided to take the girl into her own custody, changing her last name from Bowen to Griffin. When Emma awoke, suffering from amnesia, it was Pike that welcomed her. Her new surname, Griffin was now a symbol for her miraculous recovery as well as a pet name with Pike members. She grew up with them, with no memory of her past, and around her eleventh birthday, discovered her powers as a contractor. From then on, Pike trained her to become one of their stronger members and sent her on special missions.
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    This is the same old character, just changed the name a bit and the past made a bit different.

    Hmm..Hope the others rejoin soon.

    Name: Kane Lai

    Age: 23

    Show Spoiler

    Faction: New Syndicate

    Entity: Contractor

    Star Number: AX909

    Power & Price/Medium/Weapons: Gravity Manipulation, he can adjust gravity to send targets flying or crashing down. The issue with this however, his price is having to drink juice made from blended rotten whale flesh. This is both disgusting and not easy to come across, thus Kane has to plan out when he'll need to activate his power.

    Personality: Kane is calm, almost care-free and rather lazy. Kane is taking things easy to compensate for how hard he had to work in his childhood and early years. He is loyal to the New Syndicate but he does intend to rise up in the ranks one day, whether it requires back-stabbing or not. He plans ahead and always seems to be thinking, to size up his comrades and to think his actions through before he proceeds. He is not very greedy or selfish.

    He isn't very friendly or social but he tries to get to know those he works with at least. He's also not violent, he will only start a fight/kill if it's part of his current mission or if it's a situation that calls for it such as a rival syndicate attacking or if Kane himself is attacked.

    History: Kane grew up in China. His family was rather poor and thus throughout most his life, he had to work very hard, getting a part time job to help the family with it's money troubles. However at the age of seventeen, because his cousin had connections to the New Syndicate, he was able to join and became a rather well known and successful contractor in his own right.

    He left China to aid in the New Syndicate's expansion plans. His family no longer has money troubles and thus he just wishes to maintain his spot and eventually rise up to become a top class Contractor in the New Syndicate.
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    So far everyone is accepted. I'll have my character up pretty soon. I'm thinking perhaps Monday we'll get this thing started.
  6. Take a look at @Ringmaster 's character in the current prologue RP! That's pretty close to what he did! So... since he has a character like that, I'd work closely with him to figure out how you were going to tie it together, since we have some similarities there.

    Check out our Joint Discord Server too, for more real time answers. :)
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    Name: Kotone, Airi

    Age: 19

    Show Spoiler


    Airi rarely wears anything but a simple pair of cream colored slacks and an orange blouse. Her hair is often held back by orange bands that keep it from her face. Her eyes are a softly reflective brownish yellow and she stands at five feet six inches.

    Tokyo Police

    Entity: Doll

    Medium: Water

    Gentle and soft-spoken, Airi is an overall meek creature.

    Airi and Aimi were raised together by their parents, taught love and understanding. When the twins were twelve, their parents were both killed in front of them by a robber seeking their money. The pair were horrified, withdrawing from the world.

    Airi became distant and timid, afraid of people and wishing to help others while Aimi became vengeful, closing her heart to anything save the eradication of all she despises.


    Name: Kotone, Aimi

    Age: 19

    Show Spoiler


    Aimi wears dresses of pale blue with blue barrets in her hair. Her eyes are a light sky blue shade and she stands at five feet five and a half inches in height.

    New Syndicate

    Entity: Doll

    Medium: Metal

    Cool and professional, Aimi can seem sweet and is a wonderful actress but beneath it all is held the ember of pain and bitterness, the tears and fears of a little girl no one could help.

    Airi and Aimi were raised together by their parents, taught love and understanding. When the twins were twelve, their parents were both killed in front of them by a robber seeking their money. The pair were horrified, withdrawing from the world.

    Airi became distant and timid, afraid of people and wishing to help others while Aimi became vengeful, closing her heart to anything save the eradication of all she despises.
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    ((not to double-post but... PIRO!?))
  9. " Try the stew Lady !"

    I have just started with mine. My large bowl is two thirds full and I have a plate of hot rolls. Nearby a giant cup of hot chocolate is steaming.

    " I find it invigorating personally !. You are Lady Sif if my memory serves. We've met I believe. I am Hercules, once of Olympus "
    I stand and slowly pull out a chair for the newcomer.
  10. About three seconds went by before Sif tore her gaze from the menu and raised them to look toward Hercules.

    For a moment her gaze darted to one side, toward the waitress. "I'll trust the Olympian's judgement. Bring me this stew he speaks of. And bread."

    One long, almost pained looking breath later, she returned her gaze to Hercules. "Yes. We have met. You are a respectable warrior, although your prior reputation for wine, women and song rivals the tales told of the Warriors Three."
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    Edit: Eh maybe Saturday will be a more reasonable day to get my post in.

    Hmm well I'll get onto making my post sometime tomorrow. It's good to see this back but Pike still is a bit short hmmm...
  12. "My flame and power apparently has a sense of humor."
  13. So....have you seen my character yet? And is it good enough for RP?
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    Well for now we'll see if Miru joins up. I'd rather have players than NPC's. I deal enough with NPC's when writing for ICSYL. *inward sigh* Anyway if it comes down to it you can create an NPC to use Sakii-chan. I'm going to give Miru until Monday to create a character. That should be enough time for him.

    P.S. If you are reading this Miru Monday is the deadline for the Sophismata character too.
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    Alright here's the scoop. I originally thought Miru was going to join but apparently he's been having some problems. So this is how we are going to solve it.


    Yeah we'll have to post so if you can get a post in I suggest you do that. As for Sakura, I'd like to see a post from you as well. You will have to make NPC's outta the rest of your time so you will have pretty free dialogue. Roy will join with you rather shortly. From there we will approach the election for the New Syndicate which happens at noon. That will be the first dramatic event and I think everyone will like how it plays out.

    If you are wondering how far we are going to take this RP I was thinking along the lines of either 9-10pm or midnight to add some drama to the situation. Either way it is bound to be a fun chapter and the second chapter will only be more interesting.
  17. I shall spare you the details, but, put simply, A. I like the culture of Japan better and B. My Experiences in this country so far have been awful at best.
  18. So, visit then! Many people do it all the time here in Tokyo :D
  19. yea the storm passed us by
  20. He chuckled and started walking to the kitchen.
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