Recycled - Guilds and Faction RPing?

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  1. Recycling Thread Time. 8D (Because two topics in here from me is enough. -__-)

    So I had an idea while I was posting something in the World-Builders. I think it would be neat if we had one of those RP's here wherein there's a giant community RP, but it's branched into factions and guilds. Sort of like a Group, I guess if you wanted to make one specifically for it. This is a little complicated, and I don't know how much else a way to impliment it, but it would kind of go like this:

    For a short while, there would be an event in which the guilds and factions would open. Staff members would be the "guildmasters" so to speak that would hold a specific thread dedicated to a kind of quest, in which people would post and respond to. There would be a couple different kinds of guilds and quests, each with their own staff guildmaster.

    So like this:

    Mages | Fighers | Assassins

    Mages: Staff Member = Guildmaster
    Fighters: Staff Member = Guildmaster
    Assassins: Staff Member = Guildmaster

    Each would have their own small forum where folks would join up, and carry out quests. Depending on how you would want to do it, you could have everyone only choose one guild, or choose however many they wanted so long as they wanted to RP it all.

    There would only realy be one "quest" (RP) at a time to get a specific goal done, and everyone would be interacting with each other, given that the quest would be an RP to complete a goal. This could even revolve around the world as it's being created right now in the World-Builders, and make these guilds actually a part of the universe that the members can choose to join.

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    Are you allowed to just post a thread? Just.... randomly out of the blue? It seems like the folks in there are regulars, and I'm not sure if an idea needs to be approved first or not. I don't want to spam it up with my thread if it's a specific group of folks in charge of it. D:
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  2. You can post a workshop, exercise, or thread at any time! <3 No permission needed. 8D
  3. OH. SWEET. 8D
  4. In fact, it's encouraged! You can check the suggestion box for a big list of stuff people want to see! I also am posting workshops there that I don't have the time or knowledge to post, myself. I'd be totally jazzed if you did some!
  5. Awesome, I will definitely look into doing that. .D I really wanted to get into there, because I love building world's from the ground up... I have a 680 page RP, technically which is broken into two novels. >w< I've gotten pretty detailed at world-building, and wanted to share some knowledge about things. I'll dig around and post some more stuff. .D
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