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  1. We all dream, whether we remember them or not. ...although I guess if you never remember your dreams, you're not going to remember a recurring dream, and that is what this topic is about! O_O

    Have you ever had a recurring dream or nightmare? What do you think it means?
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  2. I usually remember my dreams, especially if it was a nightmare. My nightmares fuel my horror plots. >:3 However, after a while, I tend to forget about them if I don't keep thinking about them. :/

    The most reoccurring dream that I can remember right now is of the shadow man. I also often dream of zombies and/or nuclear war.

    As for their meanings, each "Dream Interpretation" site says something different so... *shrugs*

    As for what I think it means... Well, it's my belief that the shadow man is an omen. The zombies are probably because I think about zombies a lot and usually go to bed on an empty stomach. The nuclear war, I think, has something to do with my hesitance in life in general. I always think "not yet, I haven't done everything I need to" when I dream of the mushroom cloud.
  3. I can never tell if my dreams are recurring or if, in my dream, I believed that I had the dream before with some creepy deja vu sense. Like in the dream I'll be someplace that I could swear I've seen before in another dream, but can't remember. My dreams are really weird cuz I'm lucid, sometimes, but I can't control the dream or wake up, so I tend to have some knowledge that I'm dreaming, but the rest of me is so into the dream I can't tell the different until I'm about to wake up. Very weird.
  4. I used to have reoccurring dreams that I wish to keep to myself for many reasons, but today I find myself having continuations of dreams that I had years ago.

    I wake up remembering the dream from years ago but forgetting the one that had just took place. This has been happening for almost two years.

    Sometimes I do remember the present dreams but the dreams of the past seem more prominent.

    My actual reoccurring dreams happened when I took myself off of my anti-depressants. I didn't like the way they made me feel. So for about a two/three week period I had some insightful, personal, reoccurrences in my dreams. It has not ever happened again since then.
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  5. Every couple of months I have kinda the same dream. I mean, it's not exactly the same, but it's pretty obvious it occurs in the same worldspace. I first got it when I was 7. It didn't last very long, but I (at least, I assume it's me) was trapped under a burning wooden beam that had fallen down from the roof. I remember it as being stupidly realistic too. Little cinders were coming off and the wood was flaking where it was burnt, something I probably wouldn't have seen before at that age.
    The next version I remember seems to be when I was about 9, as it featured an object I only had for a short time at that age. It was roughly the same, except this time I was standing in the corner of a burning room, staring at a little kid trapped under a burning piece of wood.
    These continued up until I was 12, just random, short clips of various parts of what I had started to piece together as being a mansion that had been set on fire. I know they were all the same place, I recognise the same corridors and rooms every time.
    Then around christmas of my 12th year on earth I started regularly getting those kind of dreams in which you can control what happens and you're not just watching. The amount I got that specific dream increased too.
    Now, every time I get the dream, I walk around and try to explore a different part of it. There are many closed doors, which I assume lead to places I wouldn't usually have gone at the age of 7 - the attic, a basement, a servant's quarters, an office. The last 2 of those had partially open doors but if I tried to look around them, the rest of the room was just flat and fuzzy, as if my brain had only been able to remember the parts of those rooms that were visible when just walking past their open doors.
    In the last 5 months or so, things have started getting interesting. One time I found myself in the original room, but from another perspective, and I could see the 9 year old me and the 7 year old me. That was the first time I saw someone other than me in one of these dreams. In the corridor outside the room, a mysterious, silhouette of what I think was a woman was also looking into the room, but then runs away inexplicably.
    The most recent one, last thursday, finally let me go outside the building, into the main courtyard infront of the mansion. There was a horse and carriage on one of those huge circular things you sometimes get outside mansions.

    While I'm not superstitious or religious, it did get me thinking for a while that reincarnation was real. I often get other dreams about fires, volcanos etc, and I was talking to my friend once and she gets a lot of dreams in which she drowns, many of them being the same one. She had the theory that it was the deepest part of the spirit remembering the events of its death in it's last life. She's not religious either, although she does support the theory of reincarnation more than I do. I also came up with the idea (just a few weeks ago after watching Angel Beats) that what if reincarnation is real, but the spirit is tied to certain other things, so in every life you are destined to befriend the same people, and lead roughly the same life, and as such, what we think of as us dreaming about our current situation is actually our brains trying to tell us about our previous life...
  6. Scientists rationalize that dreams that seemingly come true may actually be a suggestion or guide for you to follow, thus making it seem as if the dream is coming true. You are willing it to be true. They do not believe in psychic powers and such. Another argument is that you may have a tendency to self-edit your dream to match the outcome. Because dreams are so easily forgotten, your memory of the dream may not be accurate. Yet another theory is that your dreaming mind is able to piece together bits of information faster that your conscious mind. Your mind is able to see what will happen based on information that it has already collected.

    You can force your own dreams to happen again through manipulating your subconscious, in other words. If you secretly will the dream to happen again, whethre it be out of enjoyment or curiosity, it could very well happen again... using MY THEORY ABOUT QUANTUM THEORY
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  7. I have one dream, one in particular, it's very lucid very real. Be careful should you read, it is slightly disturbing.

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    I am bored, tense and I'm in a duplex looking over the valley on top of a hill. A valley of some sort, like that of L.A county. I'm alone but shadows shift and moving around me as time moves forward. I move to shower, like any normal human does I go through the motions turn on the water and the next moment everything is crazy. I'm laying on the floor in a pool of violence and I seem to have fallen into the valley through the shower which makes no sense cause it was glass. I would easily have been dead in the real world. There's something with me, what it is feels so alien my skin crawls. It feels like something from the stars. I have no word for it other then a lovecratian horror.

    That is my reacquiring dream and honestly the more sense I try to make of it the less sense it makes. More a nightmare then a dream.

    I've always explained other people's dreams through Tarot, yet I dare not touch this one.

    I like what I underlined. Due to this: People believe that some animals have a zen factor. Able to perceive things in slower motion then humans thus they are able to act and process information so much faster then humans. It makes me think.
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  8. I have had several reoccurring dreams with a character that I like with either myself or one of my original characters (mostly my original character) since I was 16-almost 17. I mean, sure, they're pretty much in different situations or settings every time, but I kind of secretly hope that I dream about them again every night. I even write them down when I do dream about them because some of them might give me an idea for some of my stories.
  9. Well-- since Melanie here forgets almost all of her dreams-- yet does in fact have a recurring dream-- (that she obviously can't remember)

    Oh-- sorry, I was talking in third person XD

    I forget almost all of my dreams, however I do have a recurring one-- I remember having it when I was reeeeeally little too.

    I just-- can't seem to put my finger on it >n<

    It was something about human interaction-- like communication...
    It was between my dad and I-- if I remember correctly. And that's all I remember besides my sister and two brothers being in it as well.

    //yawns// Speaking of dreams, I literally got this wave of drowsiness. Hm...
    I'll probably continue chatting in forums and doing creative challenges until I crash XDD
  10. Huh talk about coincidences. You posted that around the same time I was pondering over why i've never had a recurring dream be lucid, while a lot of my other ones are.
  11. I have a strange dream nearly every night. While they're most all of them different, I have had a couple of recurring dreams.

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    I had a dream once that I was walking home through a neighborhood that I don't live in, but my dream self knew very well where I was going. I could hear a truck driving behind me, and I turned to look over my shoulder - though for some reason I did a full 360 and was looking in the direction I was walking when I saw the truck. It was a big semi, like what delivers furniture. The truck stopped in front of a house, in the middle of the street, and a guy got out to go around the back. I kept walking, thinking little of it, but I was suddenly kidnapped, stuffed into a big cardboard box and stuffed in the back of a truck. It was dark and I was cramped and the box slid about in the back of the truck. It was like riding a school bus, I could feel every bump on the road and it hurt going over big bumps. I guess my dream self was falling in and out of sleep because I felt like I was floating and then the truck stopped - I could tell because the box slid and slammed into the doors, which I know because I heard the metal clang. Then I could sense movement and the box opened. Standing over me was a man dressed like a ninja. All black with a mask.

    He pointed to a door across what appeared to be the living room of a crummy apartment and I went. It was a dark room with no lights, but a small window. It was dark outside and the window was partly broken, letting in cold air. He took my clothes and gave me only an oversize white t-shirt to wear. He locked me in the room and I found my way through the dark to a pile of blankets - presumably towels because of their texture, but I curled up in them cause I was freezing and fell asleep. I woke to the door opening and he grabbed me up by the arm and dragged me out of the room. He dropped me on the floor at the coffee table where there sat a box of pizza. He pointed at it and my dream self realized that I was hungry and I ate. It surprisingly to me had nothing wrong with it. I asked him who he was, for a name, and he said in a muffled, gruff voice: "Pi."

    So, he took me along on his ninja adventures, things like theft and such. I remember hiding from a helicopter that might have been a police chopper under a bridge and I fell in the water. It was cold. And I spent the rest of the trip wet.. and cold.. in a white t-shirt with nothing else on. I remember then suddenly we were running down my street, from the police. He told me to run ahead of him and then I lost sight of him, but I saw my house. So I ran home. Everyone was asleep. I went to my room and was looking around at things. When I turned, I saw him the doorway and there was an evil feeling about him. I though for sure he would kill me, but he simply dragged me along with him and we left. Then, it came to the end of my dream, and I was in a cemetery at the foot of an angel statue. It had its hands over its chest and it was like it was looking down at me, smiling. Well, I realized then that Pi was on top of me.. having sex with me.

    I had this dream a few different times, and most often it was the same except for the way I got wet and the end. Instead of a happy-looking angel, it was angry and pointing down seemingly at me, as if lightning would strike me dead while Pi was on top of me. It was weird and I have no idea where it came from.
  12. I don't have recurring dreams often, the most recurring thing that happens in them though involves phones. I always pick up the phone in the dream and try to dial a number then half way through I can't for the life of me finish or remember what I was dialing.

    lol, boring dreams I know.
  13. I was in a town of sorts, the lighting was strange - blue and purple where they shouldn't be. The buildings loomed over, the streets led me to an apartment on the ground level with an open door. Inside is dark, moonlight shone through the white laced curtains as the breeze rustled it. There was a lone piano in the middle of it, I played it - ....I tried to. Then I could not move my fingers, they had become sharp, stubby and dark. Then I found myself shorter than the piano, because I could not stand.

    I had to prowl down the corridors and then I pounce on something that moved (kind of like what my avatar is doing) .

    Then I wake up. I tried to discover what happens next but these things are tricky.
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