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  1. My goal is stated in the title. I'm looking for 3 talented writers to help me write an original story. I have the plot points done, the only thing I need is others to flesh them out. By that I mean I'll assign certain things that need to happen in your chapters (Example: *Your character* searches attic for clues and finds an old book) and you bring them to life. This ensures the plot stays on course, but that you still have creative freedom. If you want to add something in, I'm a pretty easy-going guy. The overall tone I'm shooting for is H.P. Lovecraft meets High School.

    As for the storyline, it goes as follows:



    Ever wonder if the creature you thought lived in your closest as a child really exists? Or if when it's dark out at night, is there something moving out there amongst the shadows? Well, you're right, there is, and they have their own world living right next to ours. Every creature of lore (Witches, Vampires, the Undead, Werewolves...etc.) is real. You probably know them, too. They could be your co-workers on the night shift, or your next door neighbor whose house's basement you hear strange noises from every full moon. Truth is, a lot of them are just like the rest us, trying not to wreck their lives by giving into their vices or impulses. That's where the Grimoire Institute comes in...

    It's an academy hidden deep in the mountains of the old country of Europe, built for all species of the monstrous variety. It is a sanctuary for those wishing to hone their supernatural abilities, as well as tame any 'cravings' or 'hunger' that may plague others. Yes, Grimoire Institute is a truly wonderful luxury to have. Or at least it was...murders have taken residence in the barren halls recently. Students, among others, have been falling victim to a ravenous force. When the life of one person in particular is claimed, four diverse students become united in a common goal of finding and stopping the evil presence once and for all. It's a task that will not only take them into the mysterious origins of their own kind, but to what may've come before them...


    While you will create your own character's gender, race, name, appearance and overall personality, I am, however, in need of certain archetypes in order to present the diversity needed for character development between the members of the group.

    1. Popular/Asshole, who may not be as bad as others think.
    2. Artsy Female (Goth, Hippie, you choose.) and girlfriend to one of the victims.
    3. This one is really up for grabs, but slightly nerdy would help.

    Here is a sample of the prologue.​

    House of Grim
    The evening was still in the countryside. Leaves of towering trees brushed gently against the nightly breeze that combed the thick darkness, some joining in its endless, whistling tread. The drumming roar of thunder boasted dominance from the starry gloom above, sparsely gifting bursts of light that overpowered the moon. The hour was late, as many of the residents in neighboring towns had long journeyed to their beds awaiting the next day.

    Though, not all would find peaceful sleep this night. A bellowing cry of pain rang out over the grand space of shadowed bluffs, carried longer by echo. An older plump man rushed over a sloping grass hill, his heavy frame flopping wildly as he desperately fled. Claw lacerations decorated his wrinkled forehead to just right of his brow, deep and bleeding a wet layer of crimson down his round face, smearing his cheek like paint. He was known locally as Demetri Buscan, a pig farmer and family man to most, but now an unfortunate witness to something immeasurably sinister.

    Demetri huffed out hard breaths as if they were his last, barely taking time to inhale fresh ones. He raced down the steepened hillside in a furious hurry, his short legs trucking until his hefty weight pulled him faster than his balance would allow. Demetri’s footing soon fumbled at the base of the hill, leaving him to crash hard to the dirt with a heavy thud. It was then that he heard it.

    A clacking sounded in the distance, similar to the hoofs of a horse, but more guttural. Demetri froze in nervous terror, not daring to move for fear of alerting his pursuer. He lay paralyzed in place, trying to be as quiet as possible, but unaware that his own tired squeals were giving away his position. The thunder now rumbled louder than ever as lightning slashed the evening sky above, and the clacking turned to a horrid shriek.
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  2. While I am not entirely certain how this will all work out, its a very interesting idea and I'd be more than happy to assist in this undertaking if I meet your approval. :]
    While the artsy/goth girl will never be up my alley, I can pull off a popular asshole with no problem or I could do the last with or without some nerdism. Whatever you really need.

    Like I said, not entirely sure how this will go down--like, do our characters ever meet and blend together or other people writing for our characters sometimes, etc?--but I think those are minor details so consider me fascinated. -offers hand-
    Jackalope, at your service.

    Oh, and let me know if you'd like a sample of my work. I'd be happy to give one. ;D