Recruiting: Worldbuilders, Wordsmiths, and Storytellers

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  1. I need some brilliant minds to join me. I really want to make a roleplay. but I'm really only good for rough ideas and such. I need a team. So Anyone willing to help bring something about from the ground up, please respond.

    I need you.
  2. It's not going to take place in Japan. It will be a signup-group roleplay, likely adventure>Dynamic character building>Goal oriented.

    Key Ideas to keep in mind as we begin construction would be:

    >Unique character environment. Where do the players start their lives and how are they involved in the plot?

    >Definitive goal and/or antagonism. What is the driving factor that the players need to accomplish in telling the story?

    >Unique and enveloping plot/world. What is this blank emptiness to become? What kind of rules does our universe operate under? What is the unique setting that the story takes place in?
  3. I'm bad at pretty much all of those, but I'm sure it'd turn out great if we work together.
  4. Ever had any ideas? I've been feeling like something modern time setting, but I dont have much beyond that. maybe a good setting would be one where THE PEOPLE IN THE APARTMENT ABOVE ME WOULD STOP PLAYING BASKETBALL AT GODDAMN NEAR MIDNIGHT. but aside from that nothing really comes to mind.

    I had a neat idea for a setting once based on a large train. roughly 150ft wide and 165ft tall. 3 cars, 1500 passenger capacity per car.

    The train travels a distance of about 3200 miles every 3.5 hours or so. going about 1055mph.

    It switches out with a second train every night at midnight at the large station in the major city.

    The train passes through 4 distinct locations.

    Starting from the large city, no name yet. then through a small town, Greenwich, then a medium city, unnamed. and finally ending its route at a small volcano island roughly 4 miles across called Fortune.

    The Fortune line of one of three train lines that leave the mainland on which the large city is located.

    Plot is almost nonexistant. but will probably involve various characters from Fortune and the other areas involved in some conflict or something, and ending up in the maintenence bay area for the train where it switches out, either on accident or on purpose, something something, have to get out, have to do something there. i dunno.

    I really only have a rough setting atm.

    but i thought it sounded cool.
  5. I'm probably best at the world building aspect of roleplays, so I offer you my services! I recommend making a group PM for the development. I already came up with a few miscellaneous ideas as I was reading your train thingy (as well as a few criticisms and questions) which I'll ask later. I'll point out one thing though: This train moves at 3 times the speed of sound. Passengers would need to be military airforce standard trained to withstand G forces. Meaning that I'm assuming it's some kind of magical setting where there's an enchantment of some kind on the train to prevent the need for this?
  6. I too, share interest in world building. I wish to help as it will also help me to build skills in plot and creation.
  7. how do i make a group pm??

    Also, Given the scale of the area that the train travels, I *thought* i'd worked out that proper acceleration could take place, like most vehicles, I would hope that the train doesn't simply accelerate from travel speed to null in 6 seconds at each stop. as well Dampeners would be used to aide in the comfort of passengers.
  8. If you give me a rough idea I'm confident that I can build a world around it. Whatever you'd need I'm sure I can think up something for it and make it enriching, interesting, etc. I'm good at what I do, basically.

    To give an example, I've thought up and fleshed out a world based off of Simon and Garfunkel's 'The Sound of Silence' and only that song alone complete with history, countries, events leading up to the story itself, main characters, antagonists, government factions, religions etc.

    What I'm saying is, I'd like to help.
  9. To make a group PM, make a new PM then in the participants box, put the names with a comma and space after each so like Participants: Karakui, Steve, Jane, GenericName3
  10. I would love to help, I offer services for world building, and I even have a race and country I can offer to help lean towards a plot. That also includes their culture and religion and things.
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