Recreational Pot Legal in WA...

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  1. well as one other state, forget which. Am I the only one that disagrees with this? People are making comparisons to the Abolition days, but I don't view it as the same. First off, Alcohol had been legal, then was made illegal. Weed has always been illegal. Two, I think the effects of Marijuana use is still not fully understood. The effects are known to be longer lasting than alcohol, and can slow your reaction speed as much, if not more. This is now going to create a problem of "High Driving". I just can't see this ending well. I feel that this is more detrimental to society and not only offers no benefit, but is a freedom that isn't necessary for society to progress.

    Ok, my mini-rant is done. What do you all think?
  2. The other state is Colorado, as far as I have heard. And I'm sort of glad it is legal. It will keep people from risking legal action to do it anyway and from abusing the medicinal system. It may even bolster job markets. What I am wondering, though, is this. How are neighboring states going to take it? This seems like it is going to cause the same dynamic as wet and dry counties for alcohol. But then, I don't know.
  3. Legal in Colorado, yup! Mile high indeed.
    I agree with it.
    First of all: it just became taxable. That money is now, like cigarettes, helping to fund things like Aurora's public education system.
    It's now regulated in sale, like alcohol. A huge problem with non legal marijuana (let's face it, lots of people smoke it even still) is that it isn't regulated and here at least, you can very often find shady dealers lacing it.
    High driving, like drunk driving, will now be subject to DUIs. You are ALSO not allowed to drink and drive. Marijuana will not be different.
  4. Hello from WA. I did vote for the initiative. Marijuana was made illegal because the tobacco industry did not like the competition. They created scare tactics like false reports of high people doing mass murder. Now here's the thing, I hate pot! It stinks and I've met more people with issues that smoke pot then not, but it's the chicken and the egg, are people self medicating cause they already have issues or does it cause people to become unmotivated slackers? Don't know! What I do know is that most the "facts" out there are not proven or scientific. In fact science is discouraged when it comes to pot. Wonder why that is? Could it be because it does have benefits!

    DUI & DWI has already been in place and if anything the standards are going to be more strict for people driving high and the medical marijuana people are crying foul over it. I say too bad, you shouldn't be driving high, or drunk or in any medication that impairs judgement. Driving is a privilege not a right.

    The end result is no matter what the state decided the federal government still considers it a schedule I drug. Federal agencies can and sill still arrest people for possessing pot. It is though the voice of the people and maybe the people's voice will prevale at the end of the day.
  5. I don't like smoking it, just like I am not a fan of drinking. I dun like the way it makes me feel or how people often abuse it.

    HOWEVER. I 100% support it being legal. People have the natural right to do anything they want to their own bodies. As long as they aren't hurting another person, it's none of our damn business what they eat, drink, ingest, or enjoy.

    It would be regulated, taxed, produced and sold safely. There are SO SO SO MANY problems with drugs simply because they are illegal. Crimelords make a lot of money and hurt a lot of people to do business. And then there's all the perfectly innocent and responsible people who end up in jail and prison when they don't even belong there and have never been a harm to society.

    I don't think that just because it's legal we'll have more abuse and intoxication problems. People driving high/drunk are still gonna get shit. People going to work like that will still get shit.
  6. I'm a pothead, so I'm all excited about this stuff. One of the main reasons it's illegal is because it would put big corporate businesses....well, out of business. We can use the plant to produce cheaper, better quality goods. Big businesses don't like that, obviously. Otherwise, it's a harmless drug. There are few cases in which it's a bad idea for someone to have weed.

    I don't see why it shouldn't be decriminalized. Unlike alcohol, it doesn't cause deaths and you can't have too much of it. There's really no "OD-ing" for pot... You can smoke yourself to some level sickness, yes, but the symptoms pass fairly quick. The worst that happens is you get dizzy, you maybe throw up, and then you feel just fine. You don't have to deal with hangovers.

    It's necessary medicine, too. I can honestly say that it's been one of the biggest positive changes in my life. It has made it so I need an inhaler less often for my asthma. It has made me more social, because being high keeps me from having anxiety attacks and I'm less depressed. I have a list of things it's helped me "fix". When stoners say "It's a miracle drug, duuude" they aren't lying.

    Anyway, I'm done being a weird nerd about cannabis.
  7. "Always remember that one day all this drug monkey business will be legal. They won't leave it to people like me... not when they finally figure out how much money is to be made - not millions, fucking billions. Recreational drugs PLC - giving the people what they want... Good times today, Stupor tomorrow. But this is now, so until prohibition ends make hay whilst the sun shines."
    - Layer Cake​
  8. I'm interested to see what effect the legalization of marijuana has on the hemp industry. It's my hope that they'll make it far less difficult to get a licence for growing plants for the purposes of manufacturing paper products. From what I've heard its a far more sustainable than cutting down trees.
  9. Yeah, I am in total support of legalizing marijuana, as well as all drugs. Diana pretty much summed up what my views are.

    Me personally? I don't smoke it, but I am sick and tired of my tax dollars being wasted on the police arresting people for growing it, using it and selling it.
  10. Quoted from a man far funnier than I, Jello Biafra:

    According to none other than the U.S. Department of Agriculture you can make four times as much paper from one acre of hemp plants as you can from an acre of trees. And instead of chopping down all the redwoods in Humboldt County and turning Northern California, Oregon and Washington and Appalachia into the Sahara Desert, if you do it with hemp plants, you can just grow another crop a few months later and make more paper! At one-quarter the cost of making paper from wood pulp and only one-fifth the pollution. The ancient Romans knew this and grew it, Henry VIII made each farmer in old England grow their share, because they knew if you want the strongest natural fiber there is, you all have gotta do your part for the King and grow more pot!

    And we did, too! Guess what Levi jeans were originally made out of? And guess what American flags used to be made out of? And guess what the early drafts of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were written on? And if that's too un-Christian for you, guess what they made Guttenberg and King James Bibles out of? Guess what you can use to power a car? You can get at least four times as much cellulose to make gasohol or methanol from hemp stems as you can from a corn stalk. Which along with solar energy would be a great way to avoid dying for oil in Saudi Arabia.

    In the 1920s and 1930s most American cars and farm machinery had the option of running on gas or on methanol; most racing cars still do run on methanol. And George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew cannabis on their plantations and smoked it, too!

    In the 1760s in the American colonies you could even be jailed for not growing pot! Because that was part of the key to becoming economically independent from Britain. Hemp was legal tender in the Americas, a substitute for money, from 1630 clear up to the early 1800s. And hemp seeds are a great source of protein, better than soybeans, and it's cheaper than soybeans, too. Or so says the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

    Marijuana is legal for medical use in 34 states used to treat glaucoma and pain caused by cancer, and you can digest more protein from a hemp seed than a soybean seed. It's even shown some signs at being able to combat herpes. And, guess what kind of a parachute Mr. Drug War Junta-Man himself George Bush used when he bailed out of that bomber in World War II?

    Hemp was illegal by then, but farmers were briefly ordered to grow it again in this country for the war effort and all, and the U.S. Army had their own stash all along in the colonies in the Philippines.

    So, how did everything get turned around so damn bad? Doesn't it strike you as a little dumb that we burn oil and choke ourselves and chop down all our trees and ruin innocent people's lives by branding them criminals and throwing them in jails, or sending them off to drug camps, or taking all their property and selling it before they're brought to trial? In the process, making crack and heroin cheaper and easier to get than pot? Why do we do this when we don't have to?

    Meanwhile the Police Chief of L.A., Darryl Gates gets front page approval for telling a U.S. Senate committee that pot smokers should be shot on sight. Because smoking pot is treason because, after all, it's illegal.

    Why was marijuana cracked down on? And why was it done so violently? Well ... Ready?!

    In 1936 Popular Mechanics magazine hailed the invention of a new machine to process hemp, predicting that marijuana/hemp would once again become the world's largest cash crop. This did not at all sit well with people like Hearst Paper Manufacturing or Kimberly-Clark or other cutthroat multinationals who happen to have large timber holdings. It didn't sit to well with tobacco barons for obvious reasons, and it sure as hell didn't sit too well with old buddies DuPont. Hemp processing uses only one-fifth the chemicals need to process wood pulp, and DuPont had just patented a new wood pulp sulfide process, and DuPont's patented plastic fibers had just passed up hemp as the No. 2 fiber, next to cotton, and they wanted to keep it that way!

    And the last thing the big drug companies wanted was to lose their share of the ever lucrative disease industry market, to more affordable medicine made from marijuana or other natural ingredients because, check this out, you can't own and make money off a patent for medicine in this country, unless the medicine has chemicals in it.

    <iframe src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>

    Yeah, some of his stuff isn't entirely accurate, but the medical findings, the fact that you can make so many products from hemp and the fact that it was legally grown in the US and all over the world until as recent as 1920 is true facts.