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    Many people usually know that one person that they can't get mad at, and for most people, Elyse is that person. A generally innocent person, Elyse tends to see everything in black in white, good things and bad things. Due to this, there is no grey area. Making her revolt at the sight of unfavorable deeds, even if it will ultimately help in the future. In turn, this gave Elyse a protective personality, even if she isn't strong herself. Infatuated with "doing the right thing", jumping into things bigger than herself isn't unusual for Elyse, and some would even go as far to say that she has an indomitable will. In a normal situation on the other hand, most would see her as a different person.

    In a normal conversation, or anything that isn't a high-stakes situation, most would treat Elyse like a child and a liability. This is mostly due to her soft-spoken nature and nigh shy-like approach. Some who have known her for an extended period of time would assume that her shy nature is simply a guise, however Elyse herself never notices what she's doing until someone tells her. If no one close to her were to tell her of this "second personality", she would continue to talk and act as if she's intimidated by everything. This dual personality often consists of her stumbling on various words, having introverted body language, and a deadpan sense of practically anything. When Elyse is talking to an acute amount of people in a private space however, or if she's talking to someone she knows, her personality changes even further.

    When one of the aforementioned conditions are met, Elyse turns into a very irritable and borderline motherly person. Most would say that this doesn't seem the least bit threatening, but the kind of irritable that you would smile at and antagonize further. There are many things that would set her off. Bad deeds, people continuing to treat her like a child, and people commenting on her height to name a few. Even though in some ways Elyse has two personalities, certain traits are still carried off into both of them.

    A very intelligible and strategic person, when in the midst of a battle or a confrontation, everything Elyse does has a reason. Whether it is luring, retreating, or hiding, Elyse often knows what to do, and how to deal with certain things. In spite of all this, Elyse still holds a pinch of childhood nativity. Often attributed to the fact that she had only regained her childhood memories so far, Elyse often questions things her adult self would have known wholeheartedly.
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    *All text within these brackets are translated from French: <>
    Elyse's life began on July 8th, 1994 within the city of Honfleur, France to two rich individuals: Marceline and Augustin Dubois. The first four years of Elyse's life seemed relatively standard: learn to talk, have the average childish personality, and create generally disgusting situations for all parties involved. Reaching even to kindergarten, however, seemed to give her parents the impression that it was time to pressure Elyse's academic achievements.

    Her parents, more specifically her mother, essentially planned most of Elyse's life ahead. They set up the stereotypical actions to supposedly equal future success (or a violent trainwreck): paying large sums of money for prep school tuition, teaching Elyse themselves, and essentially blocking off most social interactions after school. This did, in fact, presumably raise the initial bar for her grades - all of them remaining consistently high. The sacrifice, on the other hand, seemed to be Elyse's social habits. "Work before friends" was an ideal Elyse lived by when she was younger, and this paradigm still existed within her in small amounts as she progressed into adulthood. With this quote being constantly repeated by herself and her family, it set the foundation to Elyse's childhood personality. It was one of heightened maturity (or in reality, mere introvertism), a calm outlook, and an analytic approach. In a general sense, this produced a natural revulsion to "normal" things kids engaged in - even if she secretly longed for such activities. Even if Elyse were to approach and speak to her potential friends, she would merely be forgotten due to her quiet nature.

    To replace friends, Elyse focused her free time on various other activities. Her favorite, even in adulthood seemed to be novels, fantastical action books of heroism to be exact. Elyse's 'childhood spirit' seemed to be funneled into the books rather than playing with other kids. These books built up her general need to help others, even if this behaviour would only show itself later in her life. Life seemed to be rather calm. Just Elyse, her homework, and her books. In hindsight, Elyse wished it had stayed that simple - a time when she didn't have the one of the most common potentially long-term illnesses within children.

    It was Grade 4 within track and field. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it felt as though everything was normal. Elyse was running a 300m dash, just as everyone else. The only difference, unlike the hundreds of other times, was the heavy panging within her chest whenever she breathed. A relatively simple task turned into one that had nearly cost her her life. Even after the sprint, the wheezing lingered. Elyse felt as though she could collapse any second, and a minute later, she did. Most individuals were rather distressed at the site, questioning, "<Elyse, are you okay!?>"

    "<I...I am->," Elyse cut herself off, her breaths growing progressively heavier with each second passing. An ambulance was soon driven to the scene, picking her up before taking her to the hospital. This, for good reason, was a moment Elyse firmly remembers.

    She awoke later in the day on a hospital bed, her parents sitting beside her. Her mother was sniffling after a long period of crying, and her father merely sat there somberly. "<Your daughter has asthma. Obviously, if handled correctly, Elyse could live a normal life - as with most other individuals>," a doctor explained rather simply. Those words gave a wave of relief within the room, and Elyse would see herself outside of the dreaded building in a day's time.

    Life seemed the play normally once again, the only difference was the occasional use of a puffer when Elyse's asthma began to work-up. Five years passed with relative peace - life was as normal as it could ever be for her. For her parents, on the other hand, disaster seemed to strike relatively easily. Her mother, during Elyse's freshman year, was ill. Elyse thought nothing of it in the beginning, no one did. The gravity of the situation seemed to be contained within her mother for the past few years - a secret only known by her doctors and herself. The only time Elyse knew of this, was when her mother was in the hospital one day.

    There was...something wrong with her mother's lungs that required a transplant. Elyse, ten years after the fact, would often morbidly joke, "I guess lung problems run within the family!" Nonetheless, her mother sadly passed due to complications during the procedure.

    To say this was a tragedy to her family was an understatement. Elyse became a mute for the following few days, unable to talk due to her pure sadness. Her father, on the other hand, seemed to take it harder. He began to do what most men would stereotypically do when faced with sadness: he drank. There was never a moment when he inflicted harm upon Elyse, though she was usually watch him slowly fall from grace. His father...didn't know what to do after this point. He was just a mere widower with a child and ludicrous amounts of money. Nearly as fast as a snap of his fingers, he sent Elyse to the USA as an exchange student, disguising it as a way for Elyse to improve upon her English. This, quite obviously, was false. His main motives seemed to be rather selfish, as he refused to let family members see himself in this state - even his daughter. Thus, began Elyse's international studies.

    Elyse lived with the Baker family for the rest of her highschool years. They were nice individuals, owning a cute little coffee shop that seemed to be relatively popular within their town. Elyse worked there during breaks, honing both her linguistic and social skills in the process. Within a year, Elyse was practically part of the family already, and her attitude towards them furthered this impression. Her personality seemed to go through its third 'shift' with the Bakers. Elyse gave a friendlier demeanor towards individuals, no longer a stone-cold kuudere-type.

    Elyse later furthered her studies within US, pursuing her post-secondary education. She passed with flying colors within the field of psychology, now completely ready to face the real world. Her father, back within France, seemed to get his act together as well, reverting to his old self. The two of them decided to trip throughout Europe, catching up all the missed time they had missed. Everything felt wonderful...until old curses came back to haunt her.

    "<What's wrong? Hey, hey look-!>"

    Strangely enough, the humidity within Milan at the time alone seemed to trigger Elyse's previously dormant asthma. With her puffer nowhere in sight, Elyse had nothing to stall her attack. Her father frantically moved around, calling for help as her daughter laid there, gripping onto any amount of life she could get. Elyse felt the hands of paramedics lift her then she was already gone.

    Elyse opened her eyes, finding herself in her fourteen year-old body once again. She thought nothing of this, as she had no recollection of the rest of her life. In front of her was a man in his mid-twenties - the death god who had guided her soul. He explained to Elyse the gravity of the situation, and how she...was somehow a death god as well. Elyse herself, was quite confused by this. She already had the necessary prove of her death but...her being eligible to become a death god even confused the death god in front of her himself. He questioned, "Do you have any regrets? Anything that keeps a rough mark on your heart?"

    " life in solitude I suppose. For years I've dreamt of playing in parks with my friends rather than studying, the 'normal' life..."

    He gave a swift nod, accepting the potential reason. The man further explained her situation, how she had to essentially earn her memories back into her head. Elyse agreed to these ancient rules, and the death god left her alone. Alone on a journey past her lifetime.
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