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  1. What website or app do you personally think everyone should know about? It can be because you think it's really fun, super useful, or some other mystery reason.
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    Oh, and everyone who watches anime should use MyAnimeList. Trust me, it's worth. So worth.
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  3. Awesomeness o_o Thankies.
  4. This seems to be the perfect opportunity to mention the best hosting company in the world! Signing up supports Iwaku! Atabyte Hosting Great for hosting personal sites, blogs, portfolios, wikis, and a... *runs from the angry mob*

    LastPass is an easy to use tool that helps you make all your random accounts more secure as long as you use it correctly.

    Authy is a phone app/browser extension that makes the two factor authentication security features of various sites a little easier to manage. It syncs between devices rather than having to do it manually.

    I use Resilio (previously Bittorrent Sync). It works like dropbox and similar services except everything is stored on your own devices.

    If you have a lot of downloaded videos Plex is pretty awesome. You can share stuff from your desktop to web browsers, streaming boxes, phones, etc.

    The stack exchange network is pretty nice. They are mostly known for computer/networking stuff but they have sub sites for RPG's and other games. All Sites - Stack Exchange

    Other random software:
    Image editor: GIMP
    Word/Excel Alternative: Libreoffice
    Video/Music Player: VLC
    Basic Audio recorder/editor: Audacity
    Advanced audio recorder/editor: Reaper (Paid but fairly cheap)
    Text Editor: Notepad++
    Code IDE: Netbeans
    FTP/SFTP Tool: WinSCP
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  5. I discovered Lunapic at one point and I think it's swell. It is one of the better online editing sites I've seen (for those times you can't download GIMP, etc.). It even has the transparent background creation tool (but works far and above better for simpler lines, its aliasing is not its strongest point).

    Blender to make fancy art things, too. Even though if you like that kind of thing, you probably already know about it or have something you like better, oh well!

    If I think of more that I think would have broad usefulness, I might toss them up too.
  6. Oh man....I have a few, but they're mostly Windows 8/10 apps.

    • Animehub- Tons of animes, subbed and dubbed. Allows you do download them as well as stream.
    • Cinebox movies and TV series- Lots of movies, including some that are still in theaters.
    • Free movie box- Also has a decent selection of movies.
    I've been spending the past two days on Cinebox binge watching Friends.
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  7. Is illegal in some countries. Arguably, most countries. (One can "argue" that it's the host that has the issues, but you are downloading a copy of the files in question to play them on your end via. So ehhhhh' legality. Pretty grey. Unless they have explicit permission to host those files, they will go down one day. You personally will probably be protected by viewership laws though, since it's rare to be able to hold someone criminally responsible for merely seeing dubiously copyrighted materials.)
    Definitely illegal.


    Also may have viruses on it that track where your browser goes. Neat.
    You realize this is also most definitely illegal, right? This is literally piracy. I mean, this is pretty much harmless piracy, and I engage in it too, but you probably should at least tell people that it is, you know, technically illegal.
    Same story as "watchcartoononline." Dubious legality. Grey area. Probably fine for you to use, but don't be surprised if it vanishes one day.

    Gosh I hate being "that guy" that does this sort of thing, but, I kinda have to. Especially after one of those links set off my antivirus several times. >.<
  8. Definitely questionable legal status, but the fact that it's hosted as a popular Microsoft App says that the viewer is completely safe.
    Viewer is safe, service may not be. Unsure at a glance.
    Sourced from their FAQ area, legality question is safe. This service is perfectly fine, so long as YouTube-type guidelines specify the content is fine, which means both the service and the end users are perfectly safe from legal recourse.
  9. Oh, yeah, also.

    This blog is great, in my opinion. There are a lot of cooking blogs out there, but I am quite keen on this one. She has a whole slew of copycat recipes (particularly Panda Express) and I've tried a few of her things and they were tasty indeed. So a recommendation, especially for those who want Panda Express but cannot have it (too bad it's still not good for you).
  10. For those who need help with color palettes like I do: Pictaculous
    Poor man's Microsoft Office: LibreOffice
  11. Pornhub for its wholesome family values.
  12. I made a pretty thing :o

  13. I think... I'm in love.
  14. Accidentally made a Touhou game :|

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  15. [​IMG]

    Click the picture, and it'll come to life in front of your eyes. Used this before, it's quite neat, in an abstract sort of way.
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  16. This is awesome XD To think I used to sit down and make this stuff on PS XD

    I made this. Dunno what it is but... it's purty. That's all that matters o_o

    silky colours.png

    Apologies for thread derailment :P
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