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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Animals and Furries, Human or Not please take the a moment away from your RolePlay to come and recognize some of the members around you. Some of these members around you have put their heart and souls into their piece of writing or art but have had little to no views let alone any praise. I hope together as a community we can come together and just take a moment to recognize some of their work. Some of these pieces date back to 2009 and some of these wonderful artists are no longer here on the site unfortunately but does not mean we can't still comment positively or admire their work.
    Now please refrain from any negative statements as we all have feelings and there are some people who are still with us till this day. Thank you!

    The Unseen Museum 2009, Violet

    Back in November 8th 2009 one of our lovely Administrators @Diana has posted "Lyrics, Lyrics, Lyrics by Miss Notacat". With 157 reviews she did not receive any recognition for some of her deepest lyrics. Diana I think they are quiet lovely and I am sure there will be people who agree.

    November 7th 2009, a member who recently went MIA in January known as @Pirogeth posted "Shintaion Rebirth". Despite the fact that it was left unfinished, it was a well structured and a very good read. Shockingly it had my name it. I hope one day Pirogeth comes back to finish it or posts more of their story.

    @Jack Shade who is now a Community Volunteer posted "Skip: A short story" in November 12th 2009. Posting a very interesting story indeed as a member commented a few months later "Interesting little creation{...}" I hope you post some more in the future Jack.

    The Unseen Museum 2010, Cyan
    June 12th 2010, Our most dominate and beautiful dark princess @Vay has posted "Last record". Though it was very short, it packed a punch. Her post started out as "I don't know if anyone will ever read this{...} and indeed no one really did as she only had 64 views! That piece deserved more than that. Give her some recognition for some of her old work.

    Another post created on June 12th 2010 was "Nevermore". A poem written in Acrostic style by @Anglkate . It was well written and a delightful read. They never got any recognition.

    Do I dare say is name? @Blind Hemingway -Hides From View- drew up a small book/comic on his DA called "A Little Patch of Blue" on July 8th 2010. I read this about three times because I really enjoyed it and wanted to really feel the emotion behind it. Beautiful!

    December 5th 2010 @Spammy posted "Where All Roads Lead" Where such great chapters were left unfinished due to schooling, I was left in "awe" as I hope more will arise one day. Writing a story based on a day of your gaming is such an amazing thing. Great idea Spammy!

    The Unseen Museum 2011, Red

    All in a day, @Asmodeus posted three parts to a play known as "Silent Matrix", "Reloaded", and "Revolutions"
    A play I would wish to see in real life and again someone has used my name. I must of been popular before I reached Iwaku, Joking. Great job Asmodeus. Plan to be a director one day? Let me know, I'll buy myself some tickets!

    The Unseen Museum 2012, Yellow
    @Becca Malik posted "A Night of Horror and Romance" on March 27th 2012. She had little views and no comments as she was seeking feedback. Well it may be late Becca but this was my kind of story and I loved it.

    @Fate posted "Prologue to a Story I'm Writing"
    on May 22nd 2012. I nice prologue that has the possibility to blossom into a whole story. Very nice.

    @EquinoxSol posted "Piratetalia, my contribution to pirate month!"on August 12th 2012. Dang it there was a pirate month and I missed it. Either way a nice read with a few hidden comical views. Can yer spot them matey?

    Despite my "Go Home, You're Drunk" View from him (Sorry) Mr. @Ozzie Chanter posted "PENUMBRA- A Beacon in the Dark" was seeking feedback and may or may have not received it. It appeared to be an RP that would certainly been a joy to join. Unfortunatly we may never know if it got the attention it needed it. Either way, fantastic start.

    Iwaku Members, there are many more posts out there that have not been touched or recognized. Let this encourage you to take a step back in time in the Writing & Art Museum and take the time to read some of them. Not only should the past get a second chance but people today who are posting things should be recognized. Don't let them fall into a dark abyss to never be seen again. Share the love!

    (This is still a slight work in progress as I have yet to still read everything. My eyes are burning and about to disappear.)
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  2. Oh wow. Thank you for the mention, Zsafine!

    I never did get any feedback on that. It's good to know that someone has read and enjoyed it. :]
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  3. You are most certainly welcome Ozzie.

    Ye Know, I was sitting at the Writing and Art Museum for the past couple of days looking over a few things and realized, "Look at all these people who never got noticed."
    So I decided to do something special for them along with trying to encourage people to give positive reviews to others and their time. What is a better start then jumping to the past?

    I hope the love spreads! <3

    See I'm not that bad sober! ;)
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  4. mmmmmm mmmm Penumbraaaaaaa
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