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    The Centre

    Everyone gets sad sometimes. Everyone has punched a wall in anger. Everyone has cried themselves to sleep. Everyone has had good days. Everyone has had bad days. It's about how you deal with the bad days that gets you through. But the truth is, there are very few people who can get through the difficult days. Some turn to drink, drugs, food; anything that stops the pain. And who can blame them? Life is an endless pit of venom and agony.

    We all have our wicked ways.

    Islington's Rehabilitation Centre for Young People is a place for people who deal with their problems in ways that they feel they have no control over. It's for people who feel they have no option but to take a razor blade to their skin, or for people who think that they can't stop drowning their sorrows in alcohol. And who's to say they can be cured? Islington's isn't a place where they want to shove pills down your neck or force pointless counselling sessions on you. It's a place where you can try to be understood, or at least have someone else to talk to. Here, you'll find comfort in the therapists who talk to you on your terms and hopefully, you'll find solace in the quiet of the place.

    Islington's was founded by a British millionaire in 1992 and was originally a place for mentally ill children to fine respite. Since then, it has expanded, and has started to take in all types of people who want to be redeemed. Islington's has taken in drug users, people battling mild personality disorders, alcoholics and people suffering from eating disorders. The Centre will accept people aged 18-26 into their doors and aims to gently restore happiness into their life.Although you will have to take prescribed medication and participate in some therapy sessions, Islington's tries to be open with it's patients. They can stay up until 11pm. Cinema nights are often put on for entertainment. There's even a coffee shop on one side of the Centre. It's a place for young people, and so no substitutes can be accepted.

    One thing that has made Islington's so successful is its Partner-Therapy Programme. This Programme was designed to help patients spend some quality time with each other, to help them to stop feeling so lonely or to help them to share their stories. The PTP was set up by Elizabeth Hemingway, the current manager of the Centre. She wants the patients to feel happy at Islington's. She want's them to have a home there.
    The Centre Rules

    The Centre is an accepting place, but there are a few rules to abide by here.

    Rule 1.) Clothing must be lightly coloured and loose fitting. Most of your outfits will be provided by the centre.

    Rule 2.) Violence of any sort will not go unpunished. Verbal or physical violence towards a member of staff, yourself or another patient will result in a day or longer without access to the wider campus.

    Rule 3.) Our campus is large and well facilitated, but you must know the correct hours of when to use it. The Main Dormitory building opens at 6am, so for the early birds, you can go for a stroll. But, the coffee shop and leisure areas will not be open until 8am. You must be back in the dorm at 10pm or consequences will ensue.

    Rule 4.) Possession of objects that could be used for self harm or harm to others will be confiscated if found and any holders will be confined to their room for at least a day.

    Rule 5.) While walking through the campus, make sure to keep your voices quiet. Do not shout or scream. If you wish to do this, there are anger rooms in the North Wing in which you are free to scream.

    Rule 6.) Venturing off of the campus without verification will result in punishment. Authorized visits outside are allowed, depending on the circumstances of your admittance.
    Roleplay Rules

    Before you sign up, please read over the rules thoroughly as they're highly applicable to the roleplay.

    1. Be active, post at least twice a week and with a minimum of 2+ paragraphs.

    2. Romance is allowed as always, but fade to black when it gets too steamy.

    3. Characters of every race, sexuality and gender are very much welcomed. Any discrimination against said characters because of their racial/sexual background will result in your immediate removal from this roleplay.

    4. Be diverse, we want characters of all ages and variety, not just 5'6 shy white girls with depression and 6'5 jocky guys with anger management issues.

    5. This is VERY IMPORTANT; As this is a roleplay centered around mental illness, we expect you to be mature about the subject, realistic (as in, don't make a character with 8 mental illnesses that have nothing to do with one another) and well informed. Whatever illness/problem you decide to give your character, make sure you know about the subject and treat it carefully.

    6. It's not a big deal if we have 5 boys and 6 girls, but if you see that a lot of females are signing up, make a male or vice versa.

    7. Realistic photos only.

    8. Max 2. characters
    The Map

    A1 Ward: This is where patients who have been sectioned(Admitted without the will of the patient) go. They are not allowed off of the ward and it is heavy with security.

    Coffee Shop: Here you can buy decaf tea and coffee.

    Library: Come and read a book!

    General Store: Here you can buy Centre regulated clothes, toothbrushes, makeup ect.

    Patient Dormitories: This is where patients who have come to the Centre voluntarily. Each patient has their own room.

    Day Room: This is where you can watch tv, sit and read ect. There is also a special room in the back where you can let of steam (scream, cry, break things).

    Security Block: This is where Officer Wilson monitors the place. He can have twenty officers at the Centre with the push of a button.

    Park Area: Here you can sit on a bench, roll on the grass, climb a tree.
    The Staff

    Dr Elizabeth Hemingway
    Elizabeth-or Liz as she insists you call her- is the current manager of the Centre. She isn't there very often, but she tries to pop in at least once a week. She is a direct descendent of Doctor Islington, the founder of the Centre. She is kind and forgiving. If you need to tell someone something; tell her. She's a registered psychologist and business woman. However, she mostly tends to her managerial duties and doesn't do much therapy within the Centre.

    Dr Antony Greene
    Dr Greene is the main therapist within the centre. He'll be yours, too. He's there to listen to your problems, offer solutions, but mostly, he's there to be a friend. After all, The Centre is a place where people voluntarily go, so he's just there to understand why you need help. He's very friendly and very trustworthy.

    Nurse Olivia Wood
    Olivia is there to see if you are physically okay. Although there are more nurses/doctors around the Centre, they are mostly there for calming people down and caring for people. Olivia is there to see if you're in need of a hospital or not, and if not, she can patch you up pretty damn well.

    William Borin
    Bill is the groundskeeper, if there's something going wrong, he'll fix it. He can mend any roof, fix any pipe and he's even good at decorating.

    Colt Wilson
    Officer Wilson is the security guard for the Centre. Though there are more security personnel on the A1 Ward, Wislon is the only officer monitoring the Centre, because it's a place that the residents should feel free and not constantly guarded. Withing five minutes, though, he can have another 20 officers at the Centre, literally with the push of a button.

    Elena Bosworth
    Elena is the Site Supervisor. She, along with Elizabeth, supervise the halls, rooms and other areas to make sure everything is running smoothly. She is mostly based on the A1 ward but will pop in occasionally to see the residents at the centre.

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