Reclaiming The World (Supernatural Apocolyptic RP)

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  1. The year is 2076 and the world is on the brink of destruction. You are part of the S.H.B. (Supernatural Hunter Branch) in the fight to keep balance in the world. The human race is slowly dwindling down in numbers as the supernatural army gains more power. You will be fighting in the frontlines, as a medic, an engineer or a sharpshooter as you progress and aid cities taken by the supernatural forces. (Vampires, Demons, Undead, Werewolves ect.) The main city our characters are from is called Haven.

    CS (open)

    Age: 16+
    Looks: (prefer real, anime is ok if realistic, or a good description.)
    Trained in: (frontline, medic, engineering, sharpshooter, or a balance of two.)
    Weapons of choice: (primary and secondary)
    Bio and background:
    Other: (anything you'd like to add.)

    Trained Classes (open)

    Frontliner: Trained in melee weaponry, close range guns, projectiles, and grenades. Attacks and does most of the fighting up close.

    Medic: Trained with any weapon, knows about medical supplies and how to diagnose and heal wounds, and various ailments. Tells a supernatural's weakness to allies.

    Engineer: Trained with any weapon, uses tools and parts to build or fix technology and/or mechanical problems.

    Sharpshooter: Trained in ranged weaponry. Communication expert and scopes out the area for allies.

    Weapon Types (open)

    Melee weapons: Bladed weaponry like Swords, knives, spears, axes ect. Blunt weaponry like hammers, bats, poles ect.

    Throwing projectiles: Knives, shurikan, chains, grenades ect.

    Ranged weaponry: Guns, bows, ect.

    Teams (open)
    Teams will consist of three or four people.
    Alpha: Ella, Elizabeth, Joseph, Justin
    Bravo: Jacob, Jex, Cas, Sani
    I will assign teams.

    Rules (open)
    -No overpowered characters.
    -Respect others. Take fighting to PM please.
    -I expect decent grammar and spelling. We all make mistakes and I know that but make your posts readable.
    -Character's must be human or humanoid.
    -Two characters max for each RPer.

    Example Character (open)
    Name: Karen Brunelle
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Trained in: Frontliner
    Weapons of choice: Katana and a Glock
    Bio and background: Karen was born just as the world began to shift. Her whole life was full of running from city to city seeking shelter from many supernatural forces. At the age of 16 her and her older brother Mac made it to Haven and the two trained to fight against the forces that were slowly taking over the world. At the age of 18 she finally passed all her training programs. Soon after her and Mac joined the same team. One mission was rough for the two and she watched her brother die to the hands of a demon causing her to fight even more. She wants the humans to reclaim the world and keep balance for the sake of the fallen and her family, which left her here alone.
    Other: Karen has a secret stash of chocolate in her room. No one knows about it and she doesn't tell a soul. Her favorite color is pink but she swears she isn't a girly girl so she lies telling people it's red.
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  2. My Character

    Name: Axella "Ella" Fay
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance (open)

    Trained in: Frontliner and Medic
    Weapons of choice: Short sword and Flashbangs
    Bio and background: Axella was brought to Haven at the age of 15. Her mother and father fought to get her there, dying on the way. Once there she trained to fight for her parent, not wanting to let them down even after death. She trained vigorously as a Frontliner but also wanted to have some medical training just so no one else would die. Her city was taken over by vampires thus she loathes them and kills them without mercy. She may be young but she packs a punch. Axella is a kind girl and tries her best not to let the world get her down. Her positive attitude helps bring the spirit in the other's up and her smile can make anyone's day. Although she can be pretty bad when she is upset, throwing anything nearby at the person or thing that upset her. Thus why she uses flashbangs as her secondary weapon choice.
    Other: She once had a dog named Fuji but one night he went missing. They never saw him since. Her favorite food is Mexican and she loves cinnamon flavored candies. She believes that wishes do come true and that hers will be granted one day, to bring balance to the world.
  3. Elizabeth, crimson
    ~ Name Elizabeth Celista Hurane
    ~ Gender Female
    ~ Age 20
    ~ Trained In Sharpshooter/Frontliner

    ~ Bio and Background Elizabeth grew up without her parents. They were ... well, she never knew much about them anyway. Growing up on the streets, rebelliously outside the walls of Haven, as an orphan, her eyes were naturally open to the many dark things that spread in society and humanity - and that was excluding the Supernaturals that roamed free.

    At least that was until she was picked up by someone in the Hunter Branch. It was a female soldier who took Elizabeth under her wing and taught her many things. Other than shaping her into the perfect sharpshooter, the soldier taught Elizabeth to socialize, to open her mind and to look past hate.

    However, Elizabeth hasn't seen her in 3 years. The soldier had been deployed elsewhere. In the beginning, it was hard. The soldiers presence had been like a breeze of fresh air. Being around her had been like someone who had been drowning taking their first gulp of air again. Without her, Elizabeth had been suffocating in confusion. In that period of time, she had took bigger risks, bringing her rifle up to the frontlines, littering grenades left and right with no care. The brunette had no idea where, but she knows that whether the soldier was dead or alive, the soldier would be her acting Guardian Angel of sorts, thus controlled the urge to throw herself into line of fire.

    ~ Other ~

    + Her right arm (shoulder to elbow only) is full of tattoos
    + She's got a soft spot for romantic novels
    + Lesbian
    + Owns a Cat Plushie
    + Always looks to customize and upgrade her weapons
    + Knows how to Cook simple dishes
    + Loves to stargaze

    ~ Weapons of Choice Rifle and Grenade

    Rifle (open)

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  4. Accepted. Since we are the only ones so far we will be in the same team.
  5. Still looking, hope this can live and prosper.
  6. I would like to join, can I have a character that is cybernetic, due to the time frame this rp is in
  7. Yes that is fine with me.
  8. Alright thanks, I will have a cs up soon
  9. Sure thing. No rush.
  10. Name: Joseph Steelman
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Joseph (open)

    This was when Joseph was 17, he was in a severe accident, that lost him his left arm and left leg. The rest of his body was severely injured and paralyzed. So now all that's left to see is his head, neck and torso, everything else is cybernetically attached to his body. The circuits are melded to his nerves, on the inside, on the outside is tough, black, metallic armor. He holds a small weapons armory inside of his left arm. It contains a mini machine gun, a mini shotgun, and a couple grenades, he added all of this in on his own. He holds ammo belts across his chest and wears military green camo pants with a black muscle shirt. His left eye is a cybernetic eye that was placed to replace the original, because of the accident, his original eye was damaged.

    Trained in: Frontliner and Engineer

    Weapons of choice: His mini weapon armory on his cybernetic left arm, and a heavy two hand sword he can carry with his cybernetic right arm.

    Bio and background: As a kid Joseph always loved to play video games, draw, and build things. As he got older he got more into things like weapons, guns, and even vehicles. He would always go to a gun range with his parents when he had free time then.

    But one day, at the age of 17 he was in a horrible car accident. A semi hit his car, as he wasn't using auto pilot on the car. It hit the left side of the car, causing him to be put in the hospital. His left limbs had to be amputated, and his left eye taken out from damage. The rest of his body was paralyzed and weak.

    Then, on his birthday, which was just months after the wreck, his parents had enough money to give him his life back. They sent him to a hospital to be cybernetically engineered. Then after he was completely fixed, then the new SHB came around after the supernatural apocalypse began. It was the start of Joseph's new life.
    Other: He is very creative.
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  11. Accepted. Will add him to the team.
  12. Most appreciated, when will we start
  13. We could start but I would like at least one more person. If no one shows interest soon then I can get the IC up.
  14. Alright then, just lemme know when you are ready to start it up
  15. I am going to add another character if possible, a sharpshooter probably
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  16. That is fine. I am probably going to add another.

    @White -- Chocolate
    Are you still a part of this?
  17. Name: Jacob Steelman

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Looks: Jacob is Joseph's identical twin brother, the only difference is that Jacob has dark blue eyes and is not cybernetic.

    Trained in: Sharpshooter

    Weapons of choice: MHC-197
    MHC-197 (open)

    Knife for close combat
    Knife (open)

    Fully Automatic Handgun (open)

    Bio and background: Jacob is Joseph's identical twin brother. He was always there for his twin when he needed it most. Then when Joseph had a wreck, Jacob was extremely depressed, and helped his brother every day. He even decided to graduate early just to help his brother out. He and his brother were apart of a wealthy gun building family though, and were able to help Joseph by getting him cybernetically engineered.

    Jacob did the most though, paying for a majority of the payments with money that came from selling his gun patents to private military companies. Jacob was the major gun enthusiast of the family though. He even bought guns from other private military companies as well to enhance them and make their range and accuracies even better.

    Then the supernatural apocalypse happened, and he was automatically enlisted in the SHB with his knowledge of guns. He became a Sharpshooter, and feels his role is just as important as others.
    Other: He also creates his own bullets, and tech to increase his own skills.
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  18. Yeah I'm still here. Do you really plan to start this with 3 people? It'll definitely go faster ... well, it'll be a first for me, a small group XD.
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