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  1. Ella looked at the sergeant. Her as well as others who finished training were standing in line. The older male walked past each giving them a look up and down. He stood back and looked down the line. So far eight had finished and he could form two teams. "Miss Fay, Miss Hurane, Mr. Steelman and Mr. Jones." The man noticed two of the candidates were twins. "Joseph Steelman I mean. You three will be team Alpha. You will be going with team Bravo, who will consist of Jacob Steelman, Mr. Myer, Miss Langley, and Miss O'Mally to the area of Bozman. It is housed in the city Patron between the Triad and Faimer areas. We currently hold control over Triad and Faimer but Bozman still is under the vampire's clutches. You will need to head to conference room C3 for further details on your mission." The sergeant saluted them and walked off. Ella looked down the line to see the other's.
    Cas listened to the man's words and saluted back. The small group was lead to the conference room and they each took a seat at a long table. A woman was standing up directing their attention to the projection. "Team Alpha you will be going in from the front, while Team Bravo you will come in from a flank. You will all group up here in this area here." The screen showed a red line indicating Team Alpha and a blue indicating Team Bravo. The area the two teams would meet at was highlighted in green. "The area is bound to have vampires and the such. Be cautious and stay alert. We do not need anymore casualties. You will only have basic supplies for this mission and you are to scout the area. Do not try to take on the leader here." An area turned black and a skull was in the middle. "He is most likely expecting us so it would be best to catch him off guard. Now unlike popular beliefs garlic, sunlight and wooden stakes do not kill vampires. I hope you take the weapons your specialize in because these freaks of nature can take a few powerful blows before dying."
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  2. Joseph-

    The cybernetic 19 year old listened to what the sergeant stated, and saluted back as soon as he did, making sure he didn't hit himself in the face with his robotic hand. He followed the group down to conference room C3. He made sure while he walked, that the two handed sword he usually carries was still on his back. Its kind of hard to know where things are if you can't feel like a normal person could. His sword was still there.

    Then he checked the battery on his limbs through the cybernetic eye's lense. "Still going good" he stated about the batteries. When he walked into the conference room, he decided to stay standing.he understood where and which way he had to go, and what not to do unless necessary.


    Jacob listened to the sergeants words as well, as clear as day. When the sergeant saluted, Jacob sluted back and walked with the group towards C3. Unlike his cyborg twin, Jacob was of a smaller frame due to no cybernetics. So when he sat down in one of the chairs, he was perfectly fine, unlike his brother who would break the chair.

    Jacob, pulled out his knife and inspected it while listening to the woman who was giving directions. When Jacob had heard the last section, he spoke out, "So what you are saying is, the flashbang grenades my brother has, and the special stake bullets I made, won't work for this operation? Am I correct on that ma'am?"
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  3. ~Sani
    The onyx haired girl with front blue tipped hair stared at her Sargent pursing her lips in thought before speaking after Jacob, "So what about Silver bullets and holy water?" She reached into her pocket pulling out the vial of holy water she always carried with her in case of demons and vampires. She has witnessed first hand how these objects effected other vampires, burned and corroded their skin and the silver bullet turned them to dust. She spun the vial around in her hand and looked at her teammates; they were not a bad bunch though two medics should be interesting but its a good thing they had both double specialized. She generally got along with her team and knew that this was going to be a testing mission on all 7 of the rookies.
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  4. Elizabeth H., crimson

    Standing at attention, though the brunette wished for nothing but to hurry up and end the unnecessary team match up process, she kept her tongue still as the initial instructions were given out. Discreetly, she turned her eyes left and right, taking a look at the others who would be her teammates. While being put through some of the training, the brunette might've been able to put face to name, but those details never stuck. No, when they had started out the training process, there had been at least 50 of them. Now, there were only 6 of them. Surely, there had a few more that had passed, but right now, standing among the ones who made it through, Elizabeth didn't know anything about them.

    It was a problem. To work strangers, people who were a complete mystery, a variable ... or even a mistake. Elizabeth silently scoffed at herself as she saluted before following the rest into another room, where the mission brief dragged out. Details were sorted out, plans were given out, and the limits were painted out clearly. Secure the area, drive them away - kill them. Standard mission, and while vampires were definitely dangerous, they've been handed the recommendations and warning signs. Perfect.

    As some them voiced questions, Elizabeth bit her tongue once more, nearly drawing blood as her right eye twitched. Good god. The level of disrespect ... Their briefer, clearly their superior, hadn't even given the 'you may now ask questions' ... or maybe the woman wouldn't? This type of 'teamwork' and 'teams' was different for Elizabeth, she had been stuck with in a tag team previously, and the lines between mentor and pupil had almost been painfully clear. These ones though ... while they weren't wet behind the ears, they did not seem to have an extensive training, or been on the field for long enough.

    Elizabeth wouldn't assume though. Everything always went to hell when you assumed things. Not only did it make you an asshole, it would most likely take you off guard in the middle of the operation. Always expect the unexpected. It had been an important lesson she received, and so, Elizabeth knew from looking at some of the members, young as they were, whose eyes held determination and the ones who ran their concerns by the woman in charge, that nobody on this team was a complete green horn. They might be inexperienced, first time working on the field rather than behind a screen or inside a specific area, but no one on this team would fuck things up too severely. That much was certain.

    So would this be a test then? To see how the Alpha and Beta teams would work? To see if anyone needed to drop out?

    "Don't be stupid," a familiar voice resounded in her head, "A test? You really think that the HUNTER's would put civilians lives on the line to test a bunch of wet behind the ear brats on the field? No, we're sending you all straight into the maelstrom. If you die, you can be replaced, if you live, you don't get a god damn gold star. If you want a 'test' they'll just send you into the smaller areas, there's still a chance that you'll die. There will always be a chance of death. Don't ever bring up something stupid like 'testing' again," her superior had lashed out. "If you need to call the first mission anything, think of it as jumping straight into the deep end and learning how to swim through the fires. Learn, don't just succeed. You're a soldier now, act like one."

    Kill the vampires, get information on her teammates. That's all there was to it.

    She might've wanted to see the equipment the others had, but it wouldn't be too hard for this operation. No, everything could/would die (eventually). Some were just harder to kill, like the vampires. One good shot through the head, or a couple, would do the trick. The disintegrating effect of even a normal grenade would probably do the trick as well.

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  5. Jex Myer

    Like everyone else, Jex stood at attention as the officer before him briefed them ... briefly on the situation and most importantly who they would be teamed with. Jex saluted with everyone else, quickly glancing between the people who had graduated training around the same time he had. Though he had worked with them for several minutes, their names, their faces were those of strangers. He could still make out one of his teammates, the less robotic of the twins jacob. He like the rest of these people did impress him at first glance. Still a valuable lesson Jex had learned was to never judge a book by its cover. He himself left much to be expected. The only gear on his body was his short sword, edged in silver and iron, it hung off his right hip a dark leather straps belting it to his waist. It carried no other obvious weapons yet held himself with confidence.

    He followed the others of the group up several flights of stairs, toward the room they were all ordered to go. They arrived quickly and was met with another officer who took the time to brief Jex and the rest on their actual mission. Pointing out key spots and objectives on the map laid out on the long wooden table that dominated the room. While many had taken seat at the table, Jex remained standing in the corner of the room glancing at the map from his spot.

    While others began to question their superior which to much of Jex amusement brought on a twitch from one of Alphas members. He aloud himself a small smile to surface. On the inside however he was grimacing at the plan of action. Though the two teams would be going their seperate ways they would both be needed if the mission was to be a success.

    "Great.." He couldn't help but mumble in the corner. He hated being pinned to a team in the first place. He had lived just fine when he was on his own. The more people the harder it would be. They would get in Jex's way, get themselves hurt of worse yet, get Jex killed. That and the fact they were meant to only scout the area means that this was the beginning of a boring mission indeed.
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  6. XX=Justin T. Jones=XX

    Justin was getting prepared for the mission. When he found out that he was going to be on the Alpha Team, he was even more pumped up. His team had a medic, an engineer and two sharpshooters. Including Justin as one sharpshooter. The other great thing was, that they were all practiced in front lining also. Team Alpha was really the Alphas in this situation. Luckily no one on his team asked any dumb questions. Team Bravo must of been very inexperienced. If she said that it wouldn't work, it wouldn't work! Justin loaded his dual guns, Silver & Steel. He strapped up his rifle, Sneaker to his back. "Let's Do This!"
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  7. The instructor listened to the questions and grinned. "Flashbangs will work but just like it would to any human. Those special bullets will be just like any other. Though as for holy water, all that is, is blessed water. You might as well stick a cross in them. It will be effective but this isn't like the movies. They won't explode into ash, just some acid burns. This is where most mess up." She began to pace. "The movies have made children, adolescents and even young adult believe that supernatural beings are different, well they are but most have no weaknesses. Demon's can enter a church, werewolves can shift any time, and vampires don't have one hit kill weaknesses. Miss Elizabeth you are awfully quiet. Are you use to more experienced individuals?" The woman asked and crossed her arms. "You all need to treat these beings like you would a human, except you show no mercy. You kill them quickly or you will be killed. Especially when facing demons, vampires, and werewolves. The movies do have some truth, werewolves are strong and fast but they lack intelligence, well most. Vampires are quick and strategic but they lack strength, and demons well depending on the demon you may just want to run. Though these may be a fresh batch of vampires they will be trained. Get in, scout, kill if needed. You will need to work with your team and with the second one. This is not training and they won't go easy." She sighed and shook her head. "I thought they stopped teaching those myths years ago."

    Axella looked at the woman and listened. She looked down the line at the others. When she looked back up she spoke. "Ma'am so you are saying that what I was taught when I first came is just wrong? If these things are just like us why are we hearing this now?" The instructor looked at Ella. "We use to think that the movies were right but in more recent years we found that they have human DNA. Well you'd expect the more humanoid ones to at least but even demons and fallen angels have some human like DNA. We had researched and even dissected some, experiments were finally done and we got answers. They probably tell you those lies so you feel like you have an upper hand. To boost confidence but in the end it is only a lie." Axella looks down at the table. "So now I have to rethink my tactics? Are you saying that they says these things to..." "To make you fearless. They don't want hunters who fear death or supernaturals. That causes the tide to flow in the opposite favor." Ella fiddled with her hands. "That is all, you will be leaving in 4 hours, when the time comes go to the south exit and a truck will take you to the rendezvous point. You are dismissed." Axella stood up and headed out of the door. She now was regretting doing this. Her whole training had been a lie? If these things didn't have weaknesses then how would they kill them.

    Cassidy headed out after the briefing and she looked at Axella. "Hey chin up, we can do this." She said as she walked past. The woman looked at the sky, the sun was just now rising a bit higher. They would be leaving at noon. Cas headed to the small tent that had been set up for the two teams to relax in. Though it wasn't much, just a few places to sit and some food. She sat on a chair and got lost in thought. The woman wasn't afraid or upset, just rethinking her plans and actions. She knew one thing and that was to never underestimate who you are fighting.
  8. Elizabeth H., crimson

    As the woman at the front of the room began to pace, Elizabeth stood awfully still and listened in. Special bullets were effective, crosses and holy water would only graze the blood suckers. The woman continued, pointing out the stark differences between reality and fantasy, how the two were completely different. How the information that they received countered against the movies made with pure entertainment as the motivator. Anyone working in their field would instantly understand the difference. Even the ones who just took a step inside the building, even if they weren't handed statistics, history lessons, or the report notes from fallen comrades, would be able to separate reality and fantasy upon walking through the doors here.

    Suddenly being addressed though, and completely out of context to boot, Elizabeth only shifted her eyes, focusing back to reality as she was pulled away from her thoughts.

    "Miss Elizabeth you are awfully quiet. Are you use to more experienced individuals?"

    Almost raising an eyebrow at the woman's bold and uncalled for remark, Elizabeth held her tongue. Even bit down on it as she did her best to hold off on the sneer that just begged to be painted across her face. What kind of question was that? How on Earth could someone draw themselves to such a conclusion, and all because she hadn't slipped a single pep in this entire conference - which by end, hadn't even ended yet, as far as she knew. Had her body language been giving off some sort of signal? Some aura of over abundant confidence? No, she had simply held her tongue and stewed her thoughts as information was being poured into her.

    Was it so horrible that she simply had some class? Some respect to actually hold her god damn silence while the briefing was still continuing? Granted, the questions were completely valid, but some of the other comments flying around were questionably uncalled for. Had the woman even been listening to the other comments? How some were perhaps too overconfident, or maybe more "uncomfortable" than Elizabeth at the idea of being "pinned" with a team?

    Gods, why the hell did she choose to live with humans again, the constant reminders that they were as ugly as the monsters out there were way too often. Even the woman confirmed that the things out there were could be likened to humans, the reverse was probably more spot on.

    "I am simply storing away the given information," she gritted out, as calmly as she could to the woman who continued her pacing and explanations. Honestly, as she woman shook her head and gave the disapproving, disappointing line to them. As if it would make them feel ashamed. If they wanted future trainees to know the difference, it was a mystery as to why they just didn't bring up live footage of their soldiers getting mauled or torn apart ruthlessly. It might be an overkill, but hey ... the higher ups were the ones complaining here at the moment.

    Her attention lazily turned from her seething onto the girl who spoke her concerns. Instead of pity or getting angry, she only felt a deep sympathy reach out to the girl. One of the hopefuls, naive ones hoping they could change the world perhaps? No, maybe just simply hopeful. Misinformed, tricked by their entire population ... everyone had been there at one point. To be learning about that this late into the proverbial game though. It was just a tragedy for the young girl.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    Elizabeth couldn't rush out of the meeting room fast enough as they were dismissed. Her team mates seemed competent, all except for one seemed to have some sort of experience, on the field, off the field, didn't matter.

    4 hours to prepare. 4 hours of sleep, eating, handling equipment. Did they think they were fucking superheros?

    She followed behind one of her new teammates, from the Beta team, to their tents. It was quite spacious, no one would probably be complaining about lack of space, or invasion of personal space anytime soon. Hopefully. Ducking into the tent and to her space that she had set up in their earlier days, Elizabeth was quick to retrieve a rectangular case as well as a large rounded glass tube that held small spheres inside. Without breaking her stride, she carried both items out of the tent and headed for the main building.

    She would need a few extra things tapped into her weapons for this case. She had last used these for target practice, and no sane person wasted precious silver bullets, or anything of the like, for target practice of all things. She'd need to make a visit to the engineer or inventory bay to get what she needed. Both for her rifle and grenades.
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  9. Joseph-

    Noting what the woman had said he took his flashbang grenades into consideration, the most it would do would blind them for a short period of time is all. And bullets that have a wooden stake at the end might not work either. He went along with it none the less.

    As the meeting progressed, Joseph took a look around the room, and saw he was the only one with a technical edge. Though he did take that he was helped by his brother mainly to get this new life into consideration, a part of him still felt paralyzed. When training went on he blacked out a couple of times only to have himself woken up by being held by multiple people. This was another thing he took into consideration, the change of his limbs was a big change for him.

    When the meeting was over he walked out of the room, his metallic feet clomping heavily onto the ground underneath him. He followed the group out to the tents and decided to get loaded up on ammo. He loaded up his ammo, and a rail inside of his arm that when using the weapon split his arm horizontally, and shot the bullets and shotgun shells through a belt fed system. Joseph had an ammo pack that fit on his back and loaded different types of bullets and shells into the belt fed system. It was a large pack with different sections of ammo. Most importantly though there was a slot that held his sword when he was in close combat.

    The sword had to be sharpened though, and was only slightly sharp. So he went picked up a whetstone that was nearby, and slid it over his swords edges over and over. He looked around him, the teams consisted of him and his brother plus others, but they seemed either too ignorant of other peoples skills, cocky of their own, disappointed in the remarks made in the meeting, and more. It made Joseph frown slightly. When he and his brother had to train, they were connected very easily, and could move through any thing together almost. But the fact that they were split up, it was difficult. They were twins for Christ's sake, but if they had to do this for now, then they had to. So after a while of sharpening the sword he went to the main building to get in some target practice.


    Jacob was quite dissapointed that he couldn't use those special bullets he had made for the vampires, he was really hoping to try those out. So he tsked and continued on with the meeting. He felt slightly like a lightweight because of his training mainly in sniper rifles, but that didn't mean he wasn't proud of his close quarters combat capabilities. The guy knew how to fight, he was almost as good as his twin, Joseph, but he wouldn't ever get there because of humanity sitting on him like a rock. His twin had cybernetic limbs, and what did Jacob have, a sniper, knife, and auto pistol. His brother had a machine gun and shotgun in his arm, and even had a two handed sword he could use with just his cybernetic left arm. But Joseph wasn't completely human so it made sense.

    As the meeting ended, everyone was heading toward the tents. So Jacob followed along, ready to loaf up his ammo and pack his gear. There was a prototype lense that Jacob had made called the Cats Eye. It is to be able to see how a cat scan was designed to see. And that meant that Jacob could use some time to work on it last minute in one of the labs in the main building. So he gathered his gear up rather quickly, ammo cartridges, ammo, scopes, not to mention the weapons and tech themselves. After about thirty minutes of loading and testing gear, he headed towards the main building for his lab work.
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  10. Jex Myer

    Holding his spot in the corner, Jex watched with amusement as the insructer quickly and efficiently explained the differences between myths and reality. She had a point, you couldn't really believe the ones without actual hands on experience with the monsters to know what was really going on. Still while many would scoff and look down upon these less knowledgeable souls like he himself did not moments, she had taken it in stride. After that she had quickly dismissed himself and the others to prepare their upcoming mission. Jex waited for most of the other people within the room to start to exit before shooting the instructor a winning smile then exiting himself.

    Jex walked out of the building at a leisurely past, the 4 hour deadline to be at the south most exit didn't bother him in the least. Unlike some of the others, there was not much he could do to prepare for their outing. Picking the direction of his tent, he walked toward it, pulling out a pair of headphones and an older Ipod. Putting on his playlist on shuffle he put the headphones in and tuned out the world as he walked. Head in the clouds and hands in the front pockets of his jeans. It was random times like this, as he pushed the fabric opening of his tent wider to allow him through, that he thanked this new military for allowing him to wear what he wanted. Looking quickly around the room for a long wooden box. He quickly found it under his mattress, pulling it out and for a moment, just holding the hard mahogany wood. Jex held it in his hands for several minutes before opening the box up and pulling out two long knifes, one made of silver, the other a light carbon fiber. He held them both in a single hand as he set the box back were he had found it. Exiting the tent, he took a seat at the base of a tree about 30 feet from his tent. Slipping off his ever present backpack, and unbuckling his sword sheath, he laid both next to him. Getting himself comfortable since he was going to spend the remainder of his time in this spot. Finally he pulled out a small whetstone, a very old way of sharpening a blade, and began to work on the silver knife. Relaxing into rhythm as time began to pass him by.

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  11. ~Sani
    When the meeting finished Sani left without any hurry to where the tents were set up for them. She walked into an empty one and sat on a cot; she pulled off her sniper riffle setting it next to her on the cot. Her left hand wondered behind her grabbing the hilt of her short blade and pulled it from its sheath. Sani brought it up to her blue eyes and inspected the sharpness of the weapon. Nodding her head to herself she sheathed it and picked up her sniper riffle inspecting making sure it its clean and free of debris. When she was satisfied she laid it under the cot in reach of her right hand as she then laid back. "Soon," She mused to herself.
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  12. [​IMG]
    XX=Justin T. Jones=XX

    After the meeting was over, Justin went to find the team tent. He saw how everyone was getting their personal weapons ready. Justin always had back up ammo on him. If the team ran low, he might share some. For now Justin sat down his weapons, in the tent. He then went back outside to work on his endurance. Justin started to do some push ups and shadow boxing. You can get your guns ready, for all you like but if your body can't handle this, then your dead on arrival. "1, 2, 3, 4,!" He was getting ready for this.
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  13. Like normal, Alison stood in the corner of the room, her blank stare sweeping over and taking in the details. She had just finished training, a little later than she had planned. It wouldn't do. Not for her. And though she was very bored indeed, the embarrassment she felt for not finishing in the time she had aimed prevented her from speaking to anyone. Even if it was most likely that they had no clue. They probably didn't/ It wasn't like she had told anyone. Sighing, she closed her eyes and shook her head. She needed to focus. One what, she didn't know. she just had to focus on something before she decided to murder the next person who looked at her.

    Sevin grinned, proud that he had finished his training without being thrown out of the program. For once in his life, he had actually finished something without breaking it. He was hardly able to hold back his excitement as he bounced on the spot. What was there next. When would he fight? He just wanted to fight, to rip the heads off of demons. He couldn't wait to blow the brains out of a werewolf or to stab away at the heart of a vampire. The excitement was practically killing him, it seemed.
  14. (So sorry for the wait.)

    After a few minutes lost in thought Cassidy snapped back into reality. Now was not the time to be daydreaming. She needed to prepare for the mission. She checked he pouches before she carefully filled them with Micro Marbles. She wrapped her whip in a loop and she stood up. Stretching some before she wrapped the belt around her waist. Now she would go to her teammates and get to know them more. It was always good to know who would help be a factor in your chances of life and death. She found the two twins and figured get to know two at once. "So you two are twins huh? What's that like? I heard some say its great and other's dislike having a twin."
    Axelle made it to the tent. Her sword attached to her hip and her flash bangs on the other side. She noticed Sani was in the tent and wasn't sure if she should leave or stay. Some preferred privacy and she didn't want to piss off one of the other's. "Mind if I come in here? If not I can go to another tent." Ella said softly. At this moment she had nothing to do. She didn't need to stock up on ammo. Her sword was razor sharp, and her belt full of flash bangs.
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