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  1. Most teenagers now days just want to be noticed. Especially when they go to a large high school in California. The thing on everyone's mind is friends, popularity and love. They dye their hair and change their clothes to get the attention, the popularity they crave. But one student takes it further than all the other's and honestly, it works. This guy takes dares very seriously, tests his strengths and limits on a daily basis and does everything possible to get adrenaline pumping through his veins. Everyone knows that eventually the stunts will go too far and this dare devil will end up badly injured or worse but no one seems to be stopping him. No one cares really, they just want a show. But what happens when someone starts to care?

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    Personality (Doesn't have to be elaborate):
    History (Doesn't have to be elaborate):
    Looks (Real photo/gif):
    Other (Opt.):

    My character:

    Damian Robinson
    17 (Junior)
    Personality: Damian is a carefree guy, never backing down from a dare. He's stubborn and will fight his way to the top no matter what. He's composed, and usually knows what he's doing, but even when he doesn't, he wouldn't let anyone know it. He cares too much about how other's see him, and so he'll easily change who he appears to be in order to keep fitting in. This makes it difficult to get close to Damian because just when you think you know him he'll change into a different person. Damian can be quite arrogant and he's always loud. Almost everybody seems to like him, or at least they like what he does. Deep down Damian is aware that no one really cares about him, they just think he's another attention junkie. It sort of hurts him and he wishes he had someone who would pay attention to him for reasons other than his antics.
    History: Ever since he was little, Damian was the outsider. He didn't have any friends, and most kids just made fun of him. When he moved to a new town when he was 14, he decided that everything would be great. And it was. From then on, he was the popular guy, and he doesn't ever plan on going back to the loser he used to be. His parents don't seem to mind how much he's changed given that they never really cared about him either. As long as he was not bothering them, they hardly payed notice to him. This is definitely a reason why he turned out the way he did.
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  2. Name: Ken Miller
    Age: 17 (Senior)
    Personality: Ken is a good-natured young man. He acts like a big brother to most people he meets. This means he's fun-loving, until the fun goes too far that is, then he enters lecture mode. He hates when people break laws, especially when breaking that law could cause others harm, not just the person doing it. However, despite this serious side to him, Ken loves having a good time and cracking jokes. His favorite pastime is basketball, with his second being swimming.

    History: Ken was born in California. He didn't have a hard time making friends, and was usually roaming around the park until late playing. As he grew older, his family grew as well. With the inclusion of two sisters and a brother, Ken strived to be a big brother that his siblings could rely on. Thus far, he has been rather successful. His siblings come to him for advice often, and his achievements in his studies has set a fine example. He does have his weaknesses though, mainly in the fine arts. He can't sing or dance at all, and his drawing skills are nonexistent. Ken takes comfort in knowing that though he can't perform, he's at least good at sports. He will be graduating soon, and despite how successful he is in school, Ken has no idea what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He is hoping he'll reach an epiphany during his last year of school, but he's worried that he'll never know what he truly wants in life.

    (I hope a realistic drawing will be sufficient)

    Ken is 5'6" with black hair and brown eyes. Though he is only half Japanese, many Americans think he is full Japanese until they meet his father.

    Other (Opt.):
    -Ken wears contacts, and will only wear his glasses as a last resort.

    -Ken hates anything involving alcohol. He believes that a person can have a good time without resorting to something that dulls the mind. And what fun is it to do something that you may not remember the next day? Not to mention it is illegal for 99% of his friends, and therefore they'd be breaking a law. ​
  3. ((Awesome! I hope he still goes to parties even though there's alcohol... I've been trying to write a starter all day (literally since I woke up) but I'm so brain dead I can't think of anything so I'll wait til tomorrow to start. I'll have more creativity and a better post.))
  4. Damian looked over his shoulder and grinned. His friends nodded in encouragement, clapped there hands, a few even whistled and taunted. Damian knew he had this dare in the bag- it was about as simple as it gets. Walk in, get the book, talk to a complete stranger about the book, check the book out, he repeated that sequence in his head a few times before pushing open the doors of the library. The whole point of this dare was to be embarrassed but Damian had long since worried about something as silly as embarrassment.

    This was the first time Damian had been in the library on his own will. Every other time was for a class research project when the teacher made you use the library computers, or even worse, get the information the old fashioned way. Even so, Damian had never done much or paid much attention to what was going on around him. Now that he was walking through the room he realized the sheer size of it, the library was almost the size of the gym. Damian figured that for a school this size it would be sad not to have a large Library.

    It didn't take long to find the book he needed to complete the dare: Pregnancy In Detail. What a stupid book choice, thought Damian as he tucked the book under his arm. The boy looked around, trying to find someone he didn't know. It also didn't take too long to decide on a student to talk to. He walked towards an attractive Asian student sitting at a round table and sat in the seat beside him.
  5. Ken exhaled loudly, his breath lifting upwards and ruffling his black bangs lightly. He had spent the past two hours typing out his latest history essay about the Revolutionary War. Ken ran a hand through his hair as he thought aloud. "I swear, history classes just can't seem to get past the Civil War. Maybe if they'd stop starting at the Revolutionary War, we might be able to get somewhere." His eyes skimmed the screen before him, proofreading to ensure there were no mistakes. However, no matter how many times he rewrote it, his essay didn't have the kind of oomph he was looking for. At this rate I'll only get a B...and what kind of example would that set? I can't slack off just because I'm a senior. Ken rubbed his eyes, then closed his laptop. But maybe a small break wouldn't hurt. New ideas could come to me if I let my mind wander...

    This thought drifted off as a boy his age took a seat next to him. Ken cocked an eyebrow as he gazed at his new table buddy. Though he didn't quite know the boy's name, he did recognize him. The Daredevil. At least that's what Ken had heard from his classmates. A boy who would take any dare. No doubt this visit would be a part of his usual antics. However, Ken didn't like to wrongfully judge others, so he pushed the accusations to the back of his brain before speaking. "May I help you?" Ken gave a small smile of hospitality as he stared the spiky-haired boy in the face.
  6. Damian nodded, setting the pregnancy book down on the table. "I'm looking for some light reading and I stumbled upon this fine piece of literature but I don't know whether it's good or not," he paused to look up at the library's door where a few of his friends were looking through the window. "I really hate getting books where you think it's gonna be good but then it's not what you were expecting."

    This dare was a piece of cake to Damian but he wasn't sure how long he was supposed to continue talking. "I think this'll be educational and all, basically I was just wondering if you knew anything about the author or something. You look like the kind of person to know these things." Damian finished his sentence with a charming smile and friendly eye contact. For a split second his cool attitude dropped as he really looked at the student in front of him but he quickly recovered. No one in school knew his secret and it certainly wouldn't help his popularity- or maybe it would, Damian really didn't know.
  7. Ken's eyes fell to the book as the newcomer placed it on the table, Pregnancy in Detail. Confusion was quite evident on the Asian boy's face as his mind processed the event. Light reading? A book on pregnancy? He doesn't know whether it will be good or not? Whaaaaaat? Ken shook his head, trying to concentrate on the next part of the conversation. This time, his thoughts were made vocal. "You think I would be the kind to know?" Ken looked the lad in the face where a charismatic smile shown. A joke. This has all GOT to be a joke. Though usually more on the serious side, Ken did know how to have fun. Alright, I'll play along.

    Lifting the book from the table, Ken twisted his wrist to examine it. "What, is there some new Asian stereotype I haven't heard of yet?" Ken gave the boy a quick grin before his face scrunched in fake contemplation. "Well, I'm afraid the author and book are mostly unknown to me. I have had the fortune of being born intelligent enough not to get into such a situation without being prepared." Ken opened the book and flipped through the pages. "As for the ending, well, that all depends. Do you like children or not? Because spoiler alert, it ends in having a baby." Ken let the cover fall closed and pushed the book over to his table buddy. "If that knowledge ruins the experience for you, I'm sure you could find some riveting information in the sequel, Menopause Already?. I won't spoil the ending, but believe me, it is a rollercoaster of emotion!" Ken gave the boy another smile before chuckling lightly at his own jokes.
  8. Now it was Damian's turn to stare in confusion. Finally it clicked in his mind that this guy was going along with the dare. No one had ever done such a thing, most people just ignored Damian's antics and waited for him to get bored. Unfortunately Damian didn't recover fast enough so he was certain this strange student had seen him confused.

    Damian panicked and said whatever came to mind, "Uh huh, okay well how about you read it and then get back to me." He rose from his seat and started walking away. Looking over his shoulder with his hand pressed to his ear like a phone he said, "Call me when you're done." He hurried out the library.
  9. A smirk of amusement played on Ken's lips as he realized just how flustered he'd made his new acquaintance. However, his expression slowly turned to a frown as the boy abruptly ended their conversation and left. Ken placed his elbow on the table and stared after the boy. "What a shame. He didn't even leave his name and number." Returning his attention back to his laptop, Ken sighed. "Another shame, I have to get back to my essay." Ken placed his fingers on the keyboard and stared at the screen, his eyes lightly glazing over as he thought back on that odd meeting. That was...a nice distraction, to say the least. A hint of a blush formed on Ken's cheeks as his mind briefly imagined the scenario going a different route. Ken shook his head and grinned to himself. Maybe next time Ken. Maybe next time.
  10. ((I don't know why but I can't seem to write anything. I read your post two days after it was posted yet here I am struggling to write an response... Writer's block sucks.))

    Damian cast one more glance over his shoulder before stumbling through the doors. His friends jumped on him and slapped his back, making enough noise that one of the teachers stuck her head out the door and hushed them. The teacher's warning barely calmed the small riot of teenage boys who all spoke simultaneously.

    Damian was not too interested in what the other's were saying, he was too curious as to who the other student had been. Luckily a voice drifted into his thoughts, "That was Ken Miller, man. I'm surprised he didn't... what's the word? Uh, hate on you, for fooling around in the library." The name bobbed around Damian's mind.

    After school Damian stood outside the front doors, waiting patiently as student after student filed out the doors. He was searching the crowd for Ken. As usual, Damian didn't plan on going home until late but he figured that today he could at least have some company.
  11. As the bell rang, signifying that school had come to an end for the day, Ken flinch slightly. The teacher had finished lecturing early, leaving the students to their own devices for the rest of the class period. Ken had spent the time letting his mind drift, thinking about school, his siblings, and ending on the odd boy he'd met earlier. The bell had jostled him out of his thoughts, and he glanced at the other students to make sure no one saw. After most of the teenagers had filed out of the classroom, Ken finally rose from his seat and made his way to his locker. Said locker was neat and organized, and it took the Asian youth no time to collect his things and place them in his black backpack. Closing his locker and giving the lock a quick turn, Ken slung the backpack onto his shoulder and followed a small group of girls on their way out. They noticed Ken and gave a giggle, waving goodbye to him as they rushed off out the door. He returned their wave and broke from the crowd as he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

    Flipping open the outdated cell phone, Ken smiled as he read the text. 'Big Bro! Got an A on history test! Thxs 4 ur help!' Ken stared at the screen as he contemplated a response. Should I remark on his text speak? Or should I just congratulate him? Ken would have done the earlier if the sender of the text really was his sibling. However, it was actually a young boy Ken tutored, who gave him the nickname Big Bro after hearing Ken's actual siblings say it. In the end, Ken decided to stay positive and made a note to jokingly pick on the boy later. 'That's great! I'm proud of you! It's always refreshing seeing your hard work pay off. Keep up the good work! I'll see you later.' After hitting send, Ken closed the phone, but continued to gaze at it. Should I get him something as a reward? Hmm...but his parents should probably handle that...but he did do a great job considering he was getting a D...but would that be teaching him that he will always get rewarded for success? Ken continued this back and forth in his head, and would continue to unless someone interrupted his train of thought.
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