Recipe of Sweet Love

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  1. (I don't have a thought out plot for this. I just want to see how it would develop as more people gets involve with it. You can be a costumer, the new employee or just some random person. You don't need a CS for this. Just Jump-In and enjoy it. ^_^)

    Lea ran around the small bakery trying to get everything in order. It was the re-opening day and she expected to at least have some full tables. The shop was very popular when her mother owned it. However, due to her mother passing away it was her turn to keep the legacy going. Yet, Lea was a bit scared since she was the only one working at the moment. She is having a couple of interviews in a few minutes, yet she needed to have everything ready for ten o'clock sharp.

    The shop used to have a few employees but due to her mother passing away and the shop closing for a year, they had to look for another job. Lea was twenty at the time and was coursing her last year in college. But, when she got the news she was devastated and decided to move in with her aunt. Her studies, something forgotten like other things in her life.

    At first her aunt wanted to sell the place and Lea agreed with her due to the many memories it held, but in the end she couldn't bring herself to let it happen. That was a year ago and now twenty-one years old, she was the one in charge of the shop. Remembering how much her mother enjoy making sweets for others and how Lea used to help her, she decided to re-open the shop and start selling those wonderful sweet recipes of her mother. Yet, she had not imagined how much work that would bring to her life and more so, when she left everything for the last minute.

    The shop wasn't in a very popular area of the city, yet everyone would try and get there to buy the deliciously creations; even if it meant risking their lives or property. However, the couldn't understand how the shop kept running, except for Lea. She remembers how her mother used to help the young boys running around and how she would give away, at the end of the day, the leftover pastries to random people she would meet on her walk home. She would also help random homeless people she would pass by on the streets by giving them a bit of money or some of the sweets, so they could at least eat something. Yeah, that was Lea's mother, a sweet and kind person, yet life decided to take her away.

    With a groan, she kept running here and there to make sure everything was set, making sure to stop remembering thing that would make her cry. Her light brown hair bounced with each step she took, the white apron covered in different pastry mixes. Her green eyes darted from one thing to the other so fast, that she could not believe that she was not dizzy, yet. 'Ugh!! What did I get myself into!!' Suddenly, she heard the ring of a bell, and she quickly look towards the door of the small bakery.

    Lea (open)

    Looks: As the picture but with green eyes.


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  2. John Foresman opened the door to the little bakery. He had decided to buy a donut on his way to work. Well, technically his work is at his house; he works for an indie video game company as the lead programmer. Since it's such a small company he's able to work at home due to the lack of a proper office.

    John walked up to the counter. "Hey there, could I get a maple bar please?" When the person behind the counter turned around, John saw that she was possibly the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen!
  3. "Hey, Unpo! Buy me one from that bakery as well!"

    "Yeah, me too here."

    "Me three!"

    Unpo grunts loudly, loud enough for his friends to hear him despite the ten feet distance and indeed they all bursted out laughing upon hearing it. But when Unpo threatened them that he will vow to not buy any from the bakery ever again, they began begging for him and promised him rewards.

    He journeyed down the path with full of glee thus he hummed and mumbled a song that he himself couldn't figure where he had heard it before.

    The breeze passed him so quickly and his hair flowed from the fast wind. This almost blew away his crocheted trapper hat.

    He parked his skateboard nearby the entrance and after glancing here and there - trying to assure himself that no one will try kidnapping his only darling - he entered the bakery and oh dear, his nose was raised in the air and sniffs the delicious air.

    The smell of fresh-baked coffee buns, the sugary fragrance that the cake wore, the alluring aroma of a mushroom pie.... He wished to buy it all for him alone.

    "Ugh.. Damn! This long queue is annoying!" and that's what his mind is complaining over currently.

    Unpo (open)
  4. (The GM deleted her account it seems, so I'll just hijack her character I guess.)

    "Yes sir! Coming right up!" she said to the first man in line, her brown hair whipping around as she did. Fortunately she had already set those up and quickly grabbed one for the man. "Here you go, sir!" she smiled warmly. Despite her panic to set-up the shop, she had to remain friendly towards the customers.

    As the queue grew, the young baker started to get overwhelmed. "Phew, I really need to hire someone," she said to herself as a customer moved up to the counter. It was a man wearing a beanie with medium length hair. "Hello, sir, what would you like?" she asked, tilting her head and giving the same warm smile she'd worn for the day.
  5. (Seriously--?! The time I posted it, she was still alive ughhhh)

    When he is finally fronting the counter, he went speechless. His mind was numbed from the many craving of delicacies that was served behind the glass or that is decorating the vintage tables.

    His eyes narrowed through the provided menu but it seemed not a word was able to read by him and when people behind him was hinting that he has grown impatience by his actions, Unpo grew more nervous.

    "Um.. Ah! French fries?" He blurted out and after saying it, his cheeks reddened from his mistake.
  6. (Yeah :/)

    Lea was surprised. They didn't serve french fries, it was a bakery! But she did her best to keep a kind face.

    "Um, sorry sir, but this is a bakery. We don't serve french fries. Is there anything else you'd like?" she asked. Now that she looked at him, he seemed pretty flustered. It was kind of cute.
  7. "Oh. Um. Yeah. Sorry."

    His head was lowered due to the embarassment earlier and mentally prayed that the person behind him didn't hear it. He then squeezed his brain thoroughly to think at least one name of the cake that was presented on the tray.

    In the end, Unpo said: "Just give me whatever best here."
  8. "It's no problem, sir. Okay, how many vanilla cakes with strawberries would you like?" she asked, doing her best to hide a snicker. The man looked quite hungry, which made her happy to be doing her job.

    She started to punch numbers into the cash register, then stopped as she waited for his answer.
  9. "Uh.. That.." He paused and counted his few friends using his fingers - stretching one finger after another as he mumbled his pals' name, "Saya, Xavier, Lee, Valwyn... Four. Including me, that will be five. Of whatever it is."

    (I imagined the girl would call him the french fries guy and omg that's sooooooo cute)
  10. at that moment the bakery door opened and a young lad entered the building and nervously approached the counter, his heart beating faster, sweat began flowing his fore head, slowly he finally reached the counter and stared at lea for at least 10 seconds while gathering his courage to speak. asking "is the bakeshop owner here? i would like to apply as a baker" the young man looked like a 15 year old boy but his true age was actually 20 years old and politely hands over his resume to lea

    looks exactly like asuma but with crimson hair
  11. (Haha well she has to at least try to be nice to the customer :p)

    "F-five, sir? Are you sure about that, Mr. French Fries?" she asked, with emphasis on his new title, given that she didn't know his name. "One cake is enough for a few people, so unless you're throwing a party..."

    Suddenly, a young boy had made his way to the counter. "Um si-" she was cut short by his sudden application. She looked him over, he couldn't be older than 15, at best. "Sir, are you old enough to-eh?!"

    Looking at the resume, the boy, or man, was 20 years old. "S-s-sorry!" she apologized, bowing to the potential employee. "Just, give me a moment if you please. I'm serving a customer right now," she pointed to Unpo.
  12. (Screeeeeeech. SHE CALLED HIM THAT AND I-- breaths heavily)

    "'Mi- Mister French Fries'?! Did she just said that?" He turns to look at the people queueing behind him to confirm what his ears just heard earlier but they only answered him with a blank expression and only cared for their upcoming turn.

    He exhaled a long breath after witnessing their grumpy faces, "Ugh. Then give one for this Mr. French Fri-" and his sentence was abruptly cut when a man - or presumably a boy, seeing from the look of it - rushed forward and easily stole the spot in front of the counter.

    The brat seemed to have an urgent business with the bakery but Unpo was nearly done buying.. whatever it is and he already estimated that he could finally laze on the plump couch at home while enjoying it.

    He tapped the male's (@Beat ) left shoulder and fake a loud cough to attract his attention.
  13. At the customer's uproar, Lea realized her mistake, her face reddening. "Ah! I'm sorry sir!" she apologizing and bowing again.

    "I'm really out of it today," she berated herself, muttering so it was barely audible.

    "One cake...coming right up," she said with a pause, trying to collect herself. She turned around and hurriedly tried to grab a cake.


    In her rush and embarrassment, she tripped over her own feet, about to fall to the floor.
  14. at that moment he realized that he had interrupted a customer buying and immediately faced the customer politely bowing his head to apologize for his interruption then headed quietly into a corner and wait for lea to finish her task.
  15. His fist was actually itching on punching someone because he hasn't does that for a while now but after the humble actions from the male earlier, he was soothened and he saw no reason in picking a fight in such place.

    Upon hearing that his order is in making, he was delighted and waited by the counter but when the girl twirled 'round, she lose her balance.

    On reflex, his foot advanced forward abruptly to prevent the girl from falling, "Watch out!" He warned. But the counter was a solid obstacle in front of him and he thrusted his lower body towards it.

    His knee received a great impact thus groaning out of pain and Unpo is now crouching while holding tight on his kneecap. He bites hard on his lower lip to suppress his groans.
  16. Thanks to the shout, she jolted herself more awake and managed to catch her balance. "Phew," she sighed, wiping her forehead with her hand. "I'm sorry, sir?" her apology turned into a question as she saw the man groaning. He was clutching his knee and moaning.

    "Are you alright, sir?" she asked, concerned for the man who appeared to be in pain.
  17. ( a community of clumsy people laugh and ohdear, too much drama at the counter )

    "..No, no. I'm just fine. Just get my cake ready." He assured her and pushed himself into a standing position although he limped slightly from the pain. He does not want to delay more of her progress.
  18. (Clumsy people and drama-inducing counters. Oh boy.)

    "Um, of course, sir," she mumbled, turning more carefully to pack up the cake for the man.

    "Sir?" she called at the potential employee(@Beat), "Would you mind starting to bake the next few cakes for me? This is the last one we have. Instructions are in the book over there," she pointed at a small, open book. It was already on the right page.

    After asking the man for help, she finished packing the cake and handed it to the man with a friendly smile. "Thank you very much, sir, have a good day!" she said cheerfully, before leaning in and whispering, "Really, Mr. French fries, take care of that." She handed him some pain medication. "Be sure to return it, okay?"
  19. huh, suzaku was startled when she called out to him and replied yy-yes?, bake a fresh batch of cakes! he wasn't expecting that he was to bake right on the bat but soon came back to reality and took the book and asked lea which cakes she wanted and where the kitchen was
  20. Lea pointed at a door that lead to the back. "Your resume seemed good enough to at least follow the first few instructions, I'll help after you get the materials," she told him."Prepare the stuff for the vanilla and chocolate cakes for now, thanks," she instructed, smiling all the while.