Recently Escaped from a Mausoleum

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Am I a Candle?

  1. LOL, like, yeah! ;)

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  3. ...Sure >_>

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  4. What is a "candle"? (?o_o)

  1. Greetings, my new compadres. I have recently quit my job as a light source to pursue a career in RP-ing. (And by 'quit', I mean 'fired' because water-candles do not make very efficient light sources. They had trouble firing me too, since I can't hold a flame for very long.)

    In any case, I broke free of the rusty chains that bound me to my post on a chandelier, and have some how managed, through frenzied hopping and rolling, to escape from my stone prison. As the proverbial sun sets in the horizon of a romantic beach conveniently placed next to the graveyard, I stand on the golden shores and dream of how I shall use this profound sense of freedom to do good in the world. *a majestic, orchestral arrangement soars in the background*

    ...And sometimes, as I deeply ponder the state of my existence, I wonder: How the hell am I typing any of this? I have no arms, or fingers, or any appendages that could assist in my textual experience. For cripes' sake, HOW AM I DOING THIS???

    Magic. (.-.)
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  2. I agree. Magic.

    Also, welcome to Iwaku. :D
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  3. *bows* Your Majesty's words are much too kind for a paltry waxwork like me.

    I thank you for the welcome. ^_^
  4. *Appears Hanging upside down* Hello! I am Hiroki Shoma *smiles at you kindly showing sharp fangs* Welcome to Iwaku. You will enjoy it here very much. *Hands you a card that contains my name and info* If you need a friend let me know. *vanishes*
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  5. *hops back a few times* Oh my...what sharp teeth you have. *takes card* Um, thanks? And if you don't mind, may I ask just how...with the

    *strange man vanishes*

    Okay then. o_o
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  6. So very magical. O__O Welcome to the site mystic candle Trignome!
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  7. Thank you, my fine-feathered friend! /(OvO)\

    May your 'muse'ical greeting bless me with inspirational prose...

    *executes bad pun, gets executed* :T
  8. In the beginning, there was Wax.
    Sensing the great power that had been bestowed unto Its form, It created the universe and all its inhabitants.
    However, It had underestimated Its capabilities, leading to a rather overwhelming amount of life to overlook.
    Thus, the great waxy being divided itself such that The Mother Wax could overlook the various worlds It had created.

    When this wax descended upon the earth, the devious humans had already been plotting to trap It in a prison much unsuited for our own benevolent Water Candle spirit, and It soon forgot Itself after such a wick-breaking betrayal.
    Thus It remained, watering away in a lonely world of fire candles.
    However, The Water Candle is a free spirit, and such confinements are too restrictive upon on It.
    So bidding the life It knew, It set out upon the world to achieve the greater purpose It was meant to fulfill.

    Not the hero we deserved, but the one we needed.
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  9. *cries* :'D I have no words that can aptly describe how utterly moving that story was.

    *tries to like, love and cookie the post, but can only pick one* Love it is, then!

    *thinks* But...cookies are better than love... (P_P) *ends up taking a bite out of said cookie to relieve emotional distress*
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    That's fine, I needed food anyway. ;w;
    /nibbles on
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  11. It's such a shame that I can't give you more than one cookie, hmmm? *proceeds to tightly hug the rest of the platter*

    Such a shame...a real shmmgurhph *cookie eating sounds*
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