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Lunatic AI

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Whoever's idea this was, whoever programmed/coded/whatever this:


Seriously. It used to take me almost all the time I could sneak on the computer to just check my rps for replies. While sneaking net isn't a problem for me anymore it is so nice to see that last few updated threads at a glance.

I don't know why I feel so compelled to mention this, but it struck me this morning, shivering in my tent trying to make my thumbs work in the cold, how heavily I rely on that thing.
Why thank you. XD I'm REALLY glad that it's been useful for people. o_____o I think it's one of my fav features of the this forum update.
It seems to me that it has its flaws, since some threads have posts dating a week back yet are named recent. Unless it's only for threads you're subscribed to?
No, it's not just subscribe threads. o___o

It shows threads that has new posts. Is it possible that you're clicking the "go to first unread post" and haven't been marking threads as read?
Well, I guess I should ask: What is it supposed to show you? Just the overall most recent posts for that section? or...
Five Threads with the most recent posts. But it's cached sometimes, so it refreshes once an hour, I think. >>