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So, why is it that with some members, when you click their name, it tells you what they were "last seen doing" and when, whereas with others, it only says when they were last seen?


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High fantasy is my personal favorite, followed closely by modern fantasy and post-apocalyptic, but I can happily play in any genre if the plot is good enough.
That is an option under each member's preferences. People have the ability to show or hide their current/last activity, and what threads they were viewing, from other members.
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In addition to Peregrine's response: it's pretty much person currently on versus person not on. So if the person is on you'll see their latest activity - if their privacy settings allow it, but if they're logged off you'll see what they've done last (which clears after a certain amount of time (an hour perhaps) and gets replaced by the time/date they were last on) :)
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