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  1. Has anyone seen/heard about this game? It's pretty fun, but to get on to the main point of this thread, does anyone want this game for free?

    Here's the Steam store page if you need more info about it.

    Suppose I should explain first of all. Thanks to a recent promotional event, I have come into possession of 2 Steam activation keys for the game Receiver. However, being an intrepid Steam user means I already own it. So I've decided to hand the codes out to whoever wants a copy. At no cost. I'm still new here so I know I don't really know any of you, but I figured posting about this here would be better than one or two alternatives.

    At first I tried posting about it on Facebook, but so far I haven't had any responses. The reason I want to be rid of these codes so quickly is because they'll expire and become useless on the 29th of September. So if you want a copy, just let me know and I'll send a key link to you through the PM system. Simple as that.

    If you're worried about legitimacy, these codes were provided by Humble Bundle, Inc. and are redeemed through their website when you use the link. You then enter your name and email, and they send you an activation code.

    Personally I really enjoy Receiver, and have actually managed to win after a lot of attempts. If you want some more details, here's my own review of the game on Steam.

    (Wow, this is my longest post on this website so far.)
  2. 10 days left before the codes expire. No rush then.

    But really, it would be nice to find someone who wants this game so the free copies can be redeemed.
  3. This kind of game isn't really my thing

    I think people are just a little suspicious whenever anything is offered them for free on the internet lol
  4. One of the codes has been claimed, only one left now. Just let me know if anyone wants it.
  5. Last copy given away now. Can someone close/delete this thread?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.